Forest of Funerals – Chapter 4: Your heart isn’t a single bit white

“What did you say? New Demon King.” The massive Demon King withdrew his faked smile, because the chap before him didn’t seem like a guest that would come by occasionally.

And towards the enemy with only one option, he could only use his original expression to counter attack.

“Did you not understand?”

The white Demon King used a sound that almost only she could hear to mumble a few words, but the King who had surpassed the limits of demons could use the vibrations within sounds to eavesdrop on whispers thousands of miles away.

As a result, even if the girl before him only lipped the words, he could still hear it clearly.

“That’s right, I certainly didn’t understand, new Demon King. This place is my, Blaze Demon King’s den. If you want to live here temporarily, improve your former attitude, then maybe I could accept it with pleasure.”

“There’s no need, Blaze Demon King. From now on, this place is my home.” White Demon King pressed on her long skirt that passed her knees, and slowly stood up from the ground. She looked straight ahead, but not once did she even glance at Blaze Demon King.

“Oh? Your home? New Demon King, do you want to request a piece of land from me? If it’s like this, become my subordinate or my concubine, then here shall be yours.” The massive Demon King was still carefully calculating loss and gain, but, the Demon King that stood beside Weiss only sighed. She seemed to realize that there was a difference in intelligence between Demon Kings, so she regretted wasting her breath talking to him just then.

“Blaze Demon King, what I mean is, you guys all have to piss off out of this area, and I want to build my own den here.”


This time, Blaze Demon King didn’t say anything.

That’s right, because he could clearly feel this woman’s determination.

“Very well, you want to carry out a selection of Kings? You will regret what you just said.”

Blaze Demon King exuded fire-red Demonic Aura from his whole body, and the surround temperature gradually started to rise, even Weiss who was quite a bit away felt his mouth drying up. The little weasel who was standing beside him stuck to Weiss’ thigh, while uncontrollably trembling.

“B-Boss, let’s take this opportunity and go. Otherwise, we’ll be seen as the companions of the Demon King and be mistakenly killed!”

“Not yet! I have to go and discuss a few things with that women.”

“But, within the Demonkind, it’s the law of the jungle. If she’s stronger than Boss, then Boss should protect your life by listening to her orders.”

“He, hahahahaha. You’ve underestimated your Boss Weiss a bit too much.” Even though Weiss’ whole body was wet with sweat, and the smiled he leaked also looked very forced, but he certainly had an indescribably confidence. But the origin of this kind of confidence wasn’t strength, but a type of faith.

“A real Demon Lord won’t cower from these little threats. Look, I shall witness her life and death! Little one, you should first find a place to hid, after all, you’re not a Demon Lord.”

“No! I won’t leave Boss!”

“Little weasel! Oh, you really are the guy I like the most!”

“I also like Boss!”

“Although I don’t know why you guys would suddenly be so dramatic.” White Demon King glanced at Weiss and the little weasel, then finally put her eyes upon Blaze Demon King again, yet this long white haired girl only lifted a single hand.

At this moment, the whole world was quiet.

Like a ray of light appearing in an infinite darkness, her voice resound out.

“All, can have a swift end.”

Then, it was a crushing from the defiance. Any and all Demonic Aura, strength, matter, and elements were absolutely destroyed. All living beings didn’t even have the chance to shriek in pain, only leaving behind emptiness and a small-sized Demon that was shrivelled up.

The radiance dissipated, Weiss put down the arm that covered his face, but the forest before his eyes completely disappeared, and the vast and mighty Demon King’s team from before only left behind a single Blaze Demon King.

Even this Blaze Demon King, who also had his body shrivel up, only leaving a meter or so, fell upon the ground tattered.

“Let me go!” Blaze Demon King now clearly knew why White Demon King was so confident, but now his fate seemed to be a lesson written in blood.

“Let me go! This place is yours!”

“Let you go?” White Demon King’s words seemed like she was confused, but the coldness within her eyes didn’t lessen a sliver.

“No! If you’re worried that I will seek other Demon Kings to have revenge on you, then let me become your servant! Let me never be able to leave you side! Let me become your dog! How about it! Let me live! I’m a Demon King!”

“Although you’re a Demon King.” The girl once again extended her slender right hand, but merely this action, already let Blaze Demon King feel despair.

“Although you’re a Demon King, but your heart, isn’t a single bit white. I’m very sorry, but you cannot become my companion.”

“No, NO!!!”

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