Forest of Funerals – Chapter 5: Name

Following the Blaze Demon King’s hopeless screams, everything went quiet.

As for the once lustrous forest, it was now nothing more than flatland.

Weiss stood at his original position and blankly stared at the scene before him. His gaze towards the white demon king was now filled with an inexplicable terror.

He could’ve been killed by her earlier. But after seeing her power, he felt an even deeper fear.

“I’m waiting for your answer.”

With neither prologue nor epilogue, the white demon king simply left behind this sentence.

The person she asked was Weiss. The person she expected to answer was likely him as well.

“I……” Weiss opened his mouth, but the words refused to exit.

However, he had crawled his way to becoming a demon lord. How could he forsake his pride?

So what if I die!?

“I refuse! I refuse to serve you!”

“Even my terrifying strength is insufficient to make you bow your head?” the White Demon Lord confusedly asked Weiss. In the demon world, the strong were venerated. If one had strength, they’d naturally have numerous followers. With the white demon king’s strength, it shouldn’t be hard to get a mere demon lord to serve her.

But Weiss was different from normal demons……

He had his own beliefs.

The little ferret standing next to Weiss didn’t run away either. Even though it so scared it was about to faint, it still firmly looked at the white demon lord with the determination to die.

“Ah~” the demon king sighed, feeling like she had lost a valued subordinate.

With a heavy heart, Weiss clenched his fists. In the face of death, he’d fight back with all his might.

But, the young lady put her hands in her pockets and answered with a helpless expression on her face.

“Since that’s the case, let’s be partners.”


“Partners. Partners. What part of that word do you not understand? It means to work together.”

“No, that’s not what I meant.” I just find your train of thought a bit strange… Very strange.

“Don’t people that defy a demon king’s command get executed? Just like that guy just now.”

“Those guys’ hearts were all grey. Not white in the least.” The white demon king waved her hands and pushed back her white hair. Then, she seductively looked at Weiss.

“But you’re different.”


“Yup. Your heart is white. The type of white that shows you value your partners. The same goes for your ferret friend over there.”

“Of course! Little brother ferret is my most valued friend!” as Weiss spoke, the ferret grabbed Weiss’s leg and spoke as if he was going to cry.

“Uah! I like big brother Weiss the most!”

“Hehehe, I guess I was too heavy handed at the start, but there should still be time to apologize, so…” the white demon lord slightly bowed to Weiss. Her white hair fell forwards. “If it was slightly longer, it would’ve been dirtied by the ground.” thought the surprised Weiss.

“So, my partner, I apologize.”

“Ah…..” Weiss was stunned speechless. But the demon king didn’t give him any time to think.

“So, my partner, what is your name?”

“Weiss.” Weiss felt as if there was a mountain on top of him as he answered. Then, he pulled himself together and weakly asked, “Then what about you? As a demon king you should have a name too right!?”

“Me? That’s right……” the white demon king was silent for a while before smiling.

“Call me Sarah.”

Translator : H0RR1BL3CPU
Proofreader : Uptime

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