Forest of Funerals – Chapter 6: Partners

“Sarah.” Weiss repeated what the white demon king said. This was simple to pronounce and easily entered his mind.

“Uh, isn’t directly calling lord demon king’s name a bit too disrespectful?” the little ferret said as it pulled Weiss’s leg and trembled.

Sarah shook her head. Her white hair flowed along with it. In this open expanse, the wind brushed by her, blowing her hair.

“It’s fine if it’s Weiss.”


“So, are you willing to be my partner?”

“What happens if I say no?”

“Why do you always want to hear the worst possible ending?”

“Alright….. If it’s partners, then I’m willing.”

“That’s great! My communications general Weiss, please help this helpless Sarah get some formidable subordinates!”

“Okay…… Wait, isn’t this job exactly the same as when we first met!? How’d it end up with me looking for people again!?”

Weiss couldn’t resist complaining. This demon king is clearly messing with me! She hasn’t even removed the curse!

“Look at this way, I helped you chase away that scary demon king, so even if it’s just returning a favour you should help me out.”

“That guy was clearly looking for you! Plus, you didn’t chase him away, you killed him!”

“Uh~ then as a partner, you should help me out a little~”

“It’s not like you’re paying me! Why should I help you?”

“Oh? So you want me to hire you?

“What do you mean by hire?”

“You work for me and I pay you. Something like that.”

“Hmm… that might work.” Weiss stupidly nodded his head. Sarah put her hands at her waist and confidently looked at Weiss.

Then she said, “Then go help me find people and I’ll give you a place to stay! How does that sound?”



“What’s that supposed to mean!?” Sarah couldn’t stand Weiss’s cold expression and silence. So, she pointed at his nose and shouted.

“Family[1] means a nest of demons. But our nest will be different! Everyone is one! We’ll happily live together and we’ll advance and retreat together!”

“What’s the goal?”

“The goal is to start a family! Everyone’ll be like one big family!” Sarah’s words were something that Weiss didn’t expect. …She isn’t joking…

Even several years in the future, Weiss would always be filled with disbelief on this day.

“If that’s what you’re aiming for, then I don’t have the ability to accompany you.” Weiss shook his head, deeply puzzling the demon king.

“Why not? It’s clearly an alluring dream.”

“Because I don’t get anything out of it!”

“You’re really stupid. When our nest takes off, I’ll be the boss, but doesn’t that mean you’re second in command? Doesn’t that mean you’ll have plenty of authority? You can do whatever you want then!”



“Hmm that is true……”

“Right? Right!?”

Weiss, who was previously terrified of the white demon king was stuck in a wonderful dream. If I really become second in command in that nest, I’ll have plenty of others under my command. That would be amazing! The profits will definitely exceed what I can get on my own. Most importantly, this super monstrous demon king that can instantly kill other demon kings seems to have taken a liking to me. This would be pretty useful for my future.

He had completely forgotten that he refused to be Sarah’s first subordinate. And yet, he was still thinking about how to serve her well.

The little ferret, who had noticed this, felt terror towards Sarah.


“Hahaha, looks like Sarah isn’t all that bad.” The great demon lord Weiss chuckled after walking far far away from Sarah. The little ferret behind him sighed. Even though it felt guilty about not telling Weiss the truth, it also thought it was a good idea not to tell Weiss. After all, at the very least, this way, Weiss wouldn’t valiantly court death.

Even clay figures would get angry under repeated provocation, not to mention that good natured demon king. If she got pissed off, Weiss would simply disappear.

Upon thinking of this, the little ferret sighed once more. Then, it looked towards Weiss and asked, “What are we going to do now?”
“Obviously we’re going to recruit powerful subordinates. To be honest, this is going to be a troublesome job. Remember those guys that got murdered by Sarah? Which one of them wasn’t strong? But she didn’t want a single one of them. This means that what she’s looking for isn’t brute force but moral character! Just like mine~” Weiss smugly brushed up his fringe with his left hand and put his right hand on his waist. The little ferret could practically see a gold light emanating from his body.

“Born with city-destroying beauty; possessing both gorgeous looks and terrifying strength, clearly favoured by the heavens. Ah~” While our communications general Weiss was indulging in his fantasies, a female scream sounded out.

[1]: In chinese, the word 家means both family and house. Sarah used 家 each time.
[2]: According to the author, this is to separate different scenes

Translator : H0RR1BL3CPU
Proofreader : Uptime

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