Forest of Funerals – Chapter 7: A delicious pair of breasts

“A human’s scream?” Weiss uncertainly guessed. The little ferret behind him nodded its head, confirming Weiss’s guess. Then, he continued.

“Big brother, there isn’t a any terrifying demon aura around, so it should be a human. Moreover, demon lords wouldn’t scream like that.”

That’s true. Demon lords have their own pride. Making others scream is one thing, but screaming like that? Not possible.

“Let’s go take a look.”

“Alright!” the little ferret followed behind Weiss. After walking for awhile in the forest, the two of them reached the source of the sound. They hid in the bushes, not wanting to alert any possible enemies. Then, they slowly peered past the bush, and caught sight of a cute young lady with blonde hair. She also had a pair of long ears, showing that she was an elf.

In front of the elf, was a bunch of demons that were looking at her with ravenous eyes.

“Big brother, big brother, what should we do with such a delicious looking elf?”

“If we barbeque, it’d be easy for the meat to burn. But if we steam her, her meat would get wrinkly. Ugh, my head hurts just thinking about it.”

“That’s true, that’s true. And there’s no need to consider eating her raw. What kind of barbarian eats raw meat nowadays anyway? Disgusting.”

“Ai~ Such a headache……”

The group of demons sighed, causing Weiss to silently laugh.

“Big brother, what’s with that strange expression on your face?”

“Little brother ferret, if that elf was yours, how would you deal with her?”

”Ah, I’d gnaw on her like corn and eat her just like that!”

“My foolish little brother, that’s extremely uncivilised. As a high-class, refined, demon, one must pay attention to how one eats. If we get this kind of high class ingredients, we should strip off its clothes, put it on the dining table and feast on the other dishes.”

“Why can’t we eat elves?”

“We can. But we’d get much more use out of just admiring and inhaling. This is what humans call, ‘a feast for the eyes”. Sometimes, we should learn to exercise restraint. And if you really can’t bear it, no more than tasting without consuming. This is the only way to survive with dignity in the Forest of Funerals.

“Oh~! Even though I don’t really understand, big brother is amazing!”

“Of course!” While Weiss was indulging in narcissism, a surprising change to the situation occurred.

“Mister demons, please, please don’t eat me okay? I’m very skinny, you won’t feel full at all,” the young elf said with a pitiful look in her teary eyes. Unfortunately for her, those guys didn’t plan on letting her go at all. Instead, they started laughing at her.

“Hahaha, she even knows how to beg for mercy! How funny. Let me tell you this, even though you don’t have much meat on you and your breasts are pitifully small, you’re still enough to be an appetizer,” one of the demons chuckled.

“Yup yup! Even though I can’t eat my favourite, “fatty breasts”, your butt still looks delectable!” another demon added.

When Weiss heard that, he nodded his head in agreement. This elf really is too flat. To demons, breasts are the best part of females. But no matter what, there’ll always be some malnourished people that can’t grow any.

“Ai~ Such a shame~ She’s obviously such a cute elf. If only she had a pair of breasts.”

Then, the elf that was constantly be insulted went silent for awhile before speaking up for herself.

“No breasts……. Hehe, how, how could that be possible!? I’ve been properly drinking my milk! My breasts will definitely develop well!”

When the demons heard that, they helplessly shrugged.

“Even if you say that, it’s obvious from what we can see that you’re one of those…… What was it called again?”

“Ironing board!”

“Oh right! Ironing board! Ai~ to use demons, ironing boards are as pitiful as female crabs without eggs[1]. I really hope we can find one with a better figure next time.”

“Ironing board?” the elf looked at the demons with disbelief.

“I’m an ironing board? How’s that possible? How’s that possible!?”

“Hey hey hey, what’re you doing!?” the demons sensed that something bad was happening. But they were too late to do anything about it. The female elf’s body suddenly expanded. The originally giant demons, now looked tiny in front of the elf’s bulging muscles after her transformation.

[1]: If you haven’t tried the eggs of a steamed mud crab, you should. They’re delicious.

Translator : H0RR1BL3CPU
Proofreader : Uptime

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