Forest of Funerals – Chapter 8: Violent Elf

“He-hey…… what the hell is this? How’d that that elf turn into a giant!?”

“H-how should I know!?” the demons started panicking when they saw the elf suddenly grow. Their minds were simple. They’d instinctively feel fear when met with something bigger than them.

“Chirae[1] isn’t an ironing board……” the giant elf loudly muttered to herself with her eyes rolled up. She had clearly lost her mind.


Following that roar, the elf that called herself Chirae lifted up her fist and struck the boss of the demons. It flew very very high. And when it came back down, it became an unmoving pancake.

The rest of the demons immediately started running when they saw that. Unfortunately for them, the giant elf wasn’t slow. She chased them around the whole forest. And when she caught them…… A gory scene that even demons were disgusted by unfolded.

Weiss and the little ferret who were still hiding in the bush gaped at the sight. Then, they exchanged glances and once more gazed at Chirae. She was currently returning to where they were. With every step she took, the ground shook.

“Little brother, do you think that this elf is what we’re looking for?”

“Bi-big brother, do you mean to make her one of that lord demon king’s subordinates?


“But she’d probably be eaten by lord demon king.”

“Relax. Demons that attain a human form aren’t hungry for the flesh of humanlike creatures.”

“Oh… wait, big brother! You aren’t telling me to go ask her right?”

“Of course I am. What’s the problem?”

“I don’t want to! Big brother, she’s so scary! My tiny body will get crushed by one of her giant hands!”

“Didn’t you say you’d eat her like you gnaw on corn just now?”

“Big brother, don’t toy with me! I still want to eat more corn in this life!”

“Even if you say so, not even I dare to approach such a terrifying elf.”

“Wait, big brother, it looks like she’s turning back!”

The little ferret pointed a the young lady Chirae who was currently returning back to normal. When he saw that, Weiss let out a sigh of relief.

“I see. So that was one of the elves’ forbidden spells. She’s definitely very weak right now. As long as we ask nicely, she’s sure to obediently follow us.”

“OHHHH! Big brother is brilliant!”

Under the little ferret’s praise, Weiss walked out of the bush with a confident smile on his face and walked towards Chirae who was currently sitting on the ground.

Chirae, who was feeling drowsy, immediately felt an exceptional demonic aura. She lifted her head and looked at its source. She immediately grew deathly pale.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! De-de-de-demon lord!”

Weiss, who was currently being feared, felt extremely happy. He stared at the elf with the gaze he gave insects.

…Didn’t she just turn giant? How come her clothes are completely fine? Could it be that she’s used to that transformation and wore extra stretchy clothes?

Weiss, who was currently distracted, spoke to the little elf in a dignified voice.

“I am, the demon lord Weiss!”

“Waaaaaaahhhh! I’m going to be eaten by a demon lord!”

“The great demon……”

“Wuahh!!! So scary!!!!!”

“The great demon king……”

“Mother in heaven, your daughter is coming to join you! Wuwuwu”

“The great……”

“But I don’t want to die yet……”

“Fuck! Will you die if you stop talking!? I haven’t even finished my lines yet! What the fuck are you bitching about!?”

“O-oh,” upon hearing Weiss’s violent outburst, Chirae quieted down.

“Ahem,” Weiss coughed a bit before continuing.

“I am the demon lord Weiss! The great demon king has ordered me to search for talents in this forest. I have set my eye on you. To be one of the great demon king’s claws. To be my colleague. To have tens of millions of demons at your beck and call. To bask in endless glory. Are you willing!?”

“……” Chirae blankly looked at Weiss with a tilted head.

“Lord demon lord, what did you just say? I’m an idiot and I don’t understand.”

“Aiya~ How troublesome.” Weiss rubbed his head and sat down facing Chirae.

“Basically my boss is looking for another worker. The salary is good and the job comes with a place to stay and food to eat. Are you in?”

[1]: If you haven’t tried the eggs of a steamed mud crab, you should. They’re delicious.

Translator : H0RR1BL3CPU
Proofreader : Uptime

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