God-level Bodyguard in the City – Chapter 18: That Era’s King of Scouts

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Chapter 18 – That Era’s King of Scouts

There will always be as much corruption as there is brilliance.The entertainment industry had always been a place filled with troubles. But although the entertainment industry is deplorable, a vicious and ruthless man like Wu Neng was really rare. Drowning in the obscenity of the entertainment circle for 20 years, Wu Neng had already seen too many ugly things and evolved into an even uglier monster.

Dream Jade didn’t dare believe that the man she had been calling ‘uncle’ for the past 3 years, the only man she ever trusted before meeting Shen Ming, would actually want her life for money. At this doleful moment, she remembered the countering techniques Shen Ming taught her at the beach.

She braced the tips of her toes against the floor, then suddenly jumped backwards and heavily smashed Wu Neng’s nose, causing blood to flow from his nostrils. As soon as Wu Neng loosened his grip, Dream Jade immediately fell into Shen Ming’s bosom.

“It’s alright . . . it’s alright.” Shen Ming embraced the girl tightly as he whispered in her ears. As for Dream Jade, her body shivered uncontrollably for a long time as tears flowed out of her eyes.

“Fuck! When did you learn this technique? Did that damned bodyguard teach you this? You cannot escape death today!” Wu Neng, who was in so much pain that tears started flowing, promptly took out a handkerchief to cover his nose.

“Can you escape by yourself?” Shen Ming asked her.

Dream Jade hesitated for a moment before nodding.

“Escape? Do you really believe I will let you go?” Wu Neng fished out the villa’s remote control and crushed it with his bare hands. The villa’s anti-theft system was installed by Wu Neng. All the exits were fitted with electronic locks and the windows were made out of bulletproof glass. Since the remote control was already broken, no one would be able to leave the villa without his fingerprint.

“Give up. you are no match for me.” Shen Ming persuaded him kindly.

“Is that so?” Wu Neng sneered as he took off the suit and tore off the Versace shirt, exposing his strong steel-like muscles. Those dark muscles were covered with scars, some of which were clearly from rifle bullet wounds. “Don’t think that returning to the city and being a bodyguard after being a soldier for a few years makes you some sort of badass. When this uncle was serving in the army, you weren’t even born!”

Wu Neng took a black jagdkommando tri-dagger from behind his back and held it in his hand. The characters “National Defense[1] —— 301st Scout Platoon” were still engraved on one of its blood groove.

“The platoon leader of the special self-defense and counterattack 301st Scout Platoon — Gao Neng[2], once honored with the ‘Second class war hero medal’, ‘Team First class outstanding military service’ and ‘Individual First class outstanding military service’. Called the ‘Battlefield’s Dagger’ by the enemy, that era’s best king of scouts……” Shen Ming moved Dream Jade behind him as he explained Wu Neng’s background.

“Hehe, As expected, you’re not a simple bodyguard. Even the data I had already destroyed was investigated so in-depth. So, do you know about the war I once fought in?” Wu Neng couldn’t help but laugh, “Our single platoon penetrated 20 kilometers deep inside the enemy territory in order to gather intelligence on the warzone topography. My platoon members and I were all good people, never giving a second thought about sacrificing ourselves.

However, during the execution of the final mission, we were ambushed by a battalion of enemy soldiers and after losing over half our members, we were captured.

I patiently told everyone that reinforcements would definitely come and save as, but the fucking battle had already ended and the war had entered into the peace talk phase.

While the top brass were haggling with the enemy inside the tent, my soldiers died one by one due to the inhuman torture.”

Actually, Shen Ming also knew about all of this. He also knew that after being tortured for an entire year, Wu Neng broke the guard’s neck by biting it and using only a single jagdkommando tri-dagger, killed over 30 men as well as pass through minefields and a jungle before finally returning back to the country.

After that, he was honorably discharged from the army and requested the army material regarding him to be destroyed. Then, he changed his name from Gao Neng to Wu Neng as a form of repentance towards his late brothers.

“Since you have seen so much life and death, why are still obsessed with such false fame and profit?” Shen Ming sighed.

“It’s because I feel unreconciled! I didn’t even have the money to raise two small pigs after I was discharged back home, moreover, I was actually assigned as a nightclub’s bouncer! Do you know what I saw there? Those greasy-faced guys who were as ugly as pigs squandered money like dirt, drank the most expensive alcohol with the most beautiful women[3] and reveled in pleasure. Did I and my brothers shed blood to protect these kinds of beasts?

It’s better to oppress others than be oppressed by others. Is this not a fitting business?” Wu Neng laughed malevolently.

“You’re already rotten beyond redemption. let me reunite you with your teammates.” Shen Ming looked around, and then picked up a stainless steel table knife used to cut steak from the dining table beside him.

“Hey, hey, hey! Don’t kid with me, a steak knife? Are you planning on killing me or eating me?” Wu Neng covered his nose with one of his hand as he uncontrollably gave a twisted laugh.

One must know that the jagdkommando tri-dagger in his hand was double the length of the steak knife and had three blood grooves. Also, the wounds caused by being stabbed by its three blood grooves were all square in shape. It was simply impossible to give emergency treatment. It only needed to pierce 8cm inside a body to take away a person’s life. It was so cruel that many international organizations had banned its use……

“I can also eat a person’s flesh if and when the battlefield demands it.” Shen Ming’s eyes turned cold. His legs exploded with strength as he dashed forward, almost instantly appearing in front of Wu Neng. He held the steak knife in a reverse hold and sliced towards Wu Neng’s neck. His quick movements even left behind a silver streak[4].

However, Wu Neng’s reaction was also quite fast. He moved back half a step practically synchronising with Shen Ming’s movements. He raised the jagdkommando tri-dagger to block Shen Ming’s knife but Shen Ming didn’t stop his offence and forcefully pulled the blade across the dagger, giving rise to a series of sparks.

The stainless steel knife’s edge was almost instantly deformed, but it still managed to leave a nick on top of Wu Neng’s dagger.

Although Wu Neng laughed before the first bout, he couldn’t do so anymore. His expression tensed up as if he was facing a huge enemy. Although it has been already 30 years since he was discharged, he hadn’t stopped tempering himself, whether it was his physical capability, skill or the battlefield intuition, he hadn’t lost any of them. Originally, when Wu Neng had first seen Shen Ming, he thought that he was a discharged army ruffian but after seeing him use a single fist to deal with Monster Bear, he changed his evaluation of Shen Ming to an elite Special Forces soldier.

Only after genuinely exchanging blows with him did Wu Neng realize that he absolutely wasn’t a green commando who had gone through a step-by-step training but rather a genuine soldier who had been on the battlefield, killed people and seen blood.

After that, a silent close combat battle took place inside the villa. The jagdkommando tri-dagger in Wu Neng’s hand fluttered about like a magic wand. Despite being half a head taller than Shen Ming, he was unusually agile and used his strength to suppress Shen Ming.

Shen Ming fought at close range. Moving around like a nimble boxer, he continuously circled Wu Neng, alternating between the left and right combat environments, his steak knife scouring for every opportunity to stab, slash, hack and slice.

Metal frequently clashed, producing dazzling sparks and issuing Dong! Dong! sounds each time. The terrified Dream Jade withdrew back to a corner of the room, not daring to look. But at the same time, she couldn’t bare to not look. She was so anxious that she was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

The sofa was kicked aside and the glass coffee table was kicked apart as those two men attacked each other relentlessly. Barely 5 minutes had passed by and Wu Neng’s chest and Shen Ming’s shirt were drenched in sweat. Backing off for what seemed like a long time, Shen Ming’s first breath in awhile was a long one; keeping his nerves on edge was more tiring than fighting with his hands and feet.

“Stinky brat, which unit are you from?” Wu Neng roared angrily.

“It’s classified.” Shen Ming started attacking again after replying.

“ Then what about your rank?” Wu Neng’s jagdkommando tri-dagger knocked away the table knife in Shen Ming’s hand and stabbed towards him.

“It’s classified.” Shen Ming dodged the jagdkommando tri-dagger which passed close to his neck and stabbed the table knife in his hand towards the side of Wu Neng’s waist.

“You should be able to tell me the type of weapon you used right?” Wu Neng dodged sideways and changed the hold on the jagdkommando tri-dagger that stabbed past Shen Ming’s shoulder to a reverse grip. He pulled it backwards as if he was harvesting wheat and slashed it towards back of Shen Ming’s neck.

“Sniper.” Shen Ming crouched to dodge the approaching dagger as he spoke and
did a spinning back kick towards Wu Neng. However, it hit the fist that Wu Neng was brandishing.

Wu Neng flew out 2 meters back whereas Shen Ming hopped back on a single leg as his body slid for half a meter before stopping.

“Fuck your mother’s pussy, a sniper?! How is it possible for a sniper to know such good close combat techniques?!” Wu Neng cursed while leaning his back against the wall. He felt as if the finger bones of his right fist were broken into two, swelling up with a purple color, his right fist could no longer be used.

“I really am a sniper, and close quarters combat is the worst among all of my combat techniques…… However, at the place I stayed at, even if it was a sniper’s combat assessment criteria, killing a wild black bear with your bare hands was one of them.” Shen Ming drew back his leg, “like I said, you can’t beat me. It isn’t due to a gap in experience or skill but rather the difference in age and stamina. I am at the prime of my life, whereas you’ve already become old.”

“Surrender, this is your last chance.”

“Hehe, I really want to experience the skill of a troop from a unit where the entry requirement is being able to kill a black bear with bare hands. Brat, you’ve let me relive that kind of high BPM feeling from the battlefield. I really have to thank you for that. So, let me show you what my demonic incarnation looks like!” Wu Neng suddenly took a syringe out and injected it into his carotid artery, without sterilization or trying to find a vein. He roughly injected all the yellow liquid into his body.

The drug’s reaction was extremely quick and violent. Veins directly bulged out of his muscles surface, his eyes became bloodshot and even the veins on his forehead popped out.

“Military use adrenaline?” Shen Ming instinctively moved sideways and raised the table knife in his hand cautiously while adopting a prepared stance.

Like Shen Ming said, Wu Neng also knew that he had become old, whether it was stamina or reaction speed, they had been nibbled away bit by bit due to the ruthless passage of time. This was something he was unable to reverse no matter how he tempered himself. However, with the help of drugs, he could be like he was in his youth for a short period of time, perhaps even stronger and crazier!

“Die!” Wu Neng, whose body was red, widened his pupils. Stepping on the wall, he burst out and stabbed towards Shen Ming.

Shen Ming dodged to the side a bit and used only one of hand to detain Wu Neng’s wrist which was holding the jagdkommando tri-dagger and pulled it aside as he stabbed the table knife in his other hand towards Wu Neng’s neck again.

But who could have anticipated that the crazed Wu Neng directly let the knife pierce through his right palm and grab Shen Ming’s fist. Both sides were unable to budge their hands.

“I’m more a lot more dangerous than a bear!” Wu Neng roared as he headbutted Shen Ming’s forehead, sending him flying.

[1] 保家卫国 actually means “protect our homes and defend our country” Cut it short to National Defense since it’s too long
[2] 高能 means highly capable as opposed to 吴(read same as 无)能 which is a pun meaning incapable/impotent
[3] refers to the kind work at and/or for nightclubs who accompany men to stuff like KTV. In this case, XXX stuff is optional.
[4] The actual word used here is 刀光 meaning knife/blade/sabre light. The xianxia/xuanhuan kind.

Translator: Immortal Dreamer
Translation Checker: H0RR1BL3CPU

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