God-level Bodyguard in the City – Chapter 19: Big Bad Bodyguard

Chapter 19 – Big Bad Bodyguard[6]

CPU: ummm well this is embarrassing but apparently I misread ming(冥) as min and a couple days back I found out that when used in a name, 沈 is read as shen as opposed to chen(also 沈; means heavy) so the MC is gonna have his name changed ^_^” OTZ all previous chaps have been changed and xxw should be reuploading theirs too. That said, this is just a name change and will not affect the plot.

Shen Ming could see golden stars before his eyes. The blow was like someone fiercely smashing down a nail hammer. Blood flowed along the corner of his eyebrow. Wu Neng didn’t control his power at all. So, when he headbutted Shen Ming, his head ended up splitting like a gourd cut from the inside. However, he, who couldn’t feel pain due to the adrenaline, gave out a hideous laugh like a pervert[1].

“See, I was able to injure you.” Wu Neng raised his right hand which had been impaled, bit the knife with his teeth, then ripped it out.

“While adrenaline is a method of swiftly increasing your body’s strength, it will also increase the intensity of your blood loss. With your stamina, you can at most still be able to hold on for 3 minutes. You think you’ll be able to kill me in 3 minutes?” Shen Ming wiped the blood at the corner of his brow as he got up again.

“That’s true, but it should be enough to kill her.” Wu Neng’s hyperemic eyes gazed at Dream Jade who was in the corner, “Come, come to uncle!”

Taking a step, Wu Neng directly dashed towards Dream Jade, making her scream in fear. Shen Ming quickly rushed in front of Wu Neng, but the movement trajectory had already been read by the opponent. Shen Ming clearly saw the grin on Wu Neng’s scheming face. The tri-dagger launched upwards, tearing his shirt open like a knife cuts paper and left a hideous cut on his upper body.

Shen Ming’s legs sank downwards with a bang, and the laminated floor under his feet shattered as he darted forward and rammed Wu Neng’s stomach with his shoulder.

Wu Neng, who was a lot stockier than Shen Ming, was unexpectedly sent flying and got lodged into wooden stairs 2m away. Blood gushed out of the wound on his chest and was instantly turned scarlet by his tattered clothes.

“Shen Ming!” Dream Jade was anxious to the point of wanting to step forward.

“Don’t come over, it’s not over yet.” Shen Ming stood in front of the entrance and blocked Dream Jade behind the locked door behind. The passage was no wider than 3 people and was just barely narrow enough for him to guard.

“Hahahaha! I’ll die from laughing too much!” Wu Neng stood up again from within the stair ruins, pointing towards Shen Ming, he laughed off, saying, “we are originally soldiers from the battlefield who treat human lives like grass, hiding our tracks is our innate skill and selecting the most suitable opportunity to murder is our instinct. Take a look at the current you, you let your movement paths get seen through for a woman and even don’t dare to move away from in front of her. You already aren’t a hunter but rather prey!”

“You really love to talk,” Shen Ming looked around and spotted a photo frame on the wall. He punched it, making the glass of photo frame turn into a spider web shape. Shen Ming took a 20 cm long fragment from it and held it in his hand, “Even if I’m the prey, you’re not enough to hunt me.”

“Really? Let’s try it then!” Wu Neng grabbed a fistful of wood shavings and threw them at Shen Ming, who instinctively closed his eyes.

The jagdkommando-tri-dagger ripped through the air as it stabbed towards Shen Ming’s heart so quickly that it couldn’t be blocked. However, at the moment the tri-dagger was going to pierce his chest, Shen Ming’s body moved 10 cm to the side. The sharp army tri-dagger closely passed through his underarm. The wrist was gripped firmly by Shen Ming from either sides, like catching an animal from either sides, giving it no chance to struggle free.

“How……” before Wu Neng finished speaking, a cold light flashed past and he had already lost the ability to speak.

Shen Ming’s hand moved too quickly, to the point where the glass fragment which had slashed Wu Neng’s windpipe didn’t even have a single drop of blood on top of it. Wu Neng, who was unable to breathe, fell to the floor as he retreated. The adrenaline made him bleed more quickly through the wound. An ordinary person may perhaps have survived for 10 minutes before dying but he died in only 3 minutes.

He used that injured right hand to instinctively cover his throat and made strenuous effort to stand up. However, he fell down to the ground each time. The floor and wall was covered with his blood, resembling a chicken whose throat had been cut within a food market. He flopped down to the ground, unable to escape his fate to die.

Shen Ming threw away the glass chip in his hand, picked up the jagdkommando-tri-dagger Wu Neng dropped, and walked over towards the struggling Wu Neng. He didn’t have any bad feelings about killing a person whatsoever, and his breathing wasn’t chaotic at all. Shen Ming at this moment could be said to have become his truest self, the killing machine which had risen from the nirvana of the 10 years.

He decided to give Wu Neng a break, his hand would be swift and precise, and let Wu Neng die before feeling any pain. This could be considered a method of returning a favour.

But right at that moment, Meng Qi, who had was all along scared to the point of crying, rushed past Shen Ming to the cupboard in the living room and began panickedly rummaging through it. By the time Shen Ming understood what was happening, she was heading to Wu Neng’s side while hugging a medkit.

“Uncle! Hang on! Don’t die on me!” Dream Jade flusteredly took out gauze and began bandaging Wu Neng. However, she was just too unskilled, and wept tears of sorrow as opposed to those of fear.

“He wanted to kill you, why do you want to save him?” Shen Ming couldn’t understand. Not even the dying Wu Neng comprehended her actions.

“Because everyone has moments when their especially bastardy, family members shouldn’t care that much! Once……once I was also that bastardy, capricious, selfish and unreasonable[2], but uncle…… uncle has never abandoned me, he was always by my side protecting me. I only have this one uncle,I don’t want him to die a dog’s death!” Dream Jade was anxiously grabbing the gauze as she cried until no sound came out.

All along, Wu Neng felt that the entertainment industry only had profit and lacked emotions. At one point in time, he had also been with quite a few celebrities. All of them were too faced garbage without exception. They were one person in front of people and another person behind everyone’s backs. Wasn’t the world like this? Why would she be crying so painfully? It was obviously him who wanted to kill her……

“Let me do it.” Shen Ming half squatted next to Wu Neng, took out surgical suture needles from the medkit stitched up the wounds on Wu Neng’s neck and hand. Dressing skills used by professional soldiers were a lot more effective than Dream Jade’s messy bandaging.

“He’s lost too much blood and needs a hanging bottle[3] I need an empty bottle, a rubber tube and some sugar water. Hurry up,” Shen Ming ordered. Dream Jade hurriedly ran to the kitchen. After the wound on Wu Neng’s neck was stitched up, Wu Neng regained the ability to speak.

“He’s lost too much blood and needs an IV Drip[3] I need an empty bottle, a rubber tube and some sugar water. Hurry up,” Shen Ming ordered. Dream Jade hurriedly ran to the kitchen. After the wound on Wu Neng’s neck was stitched up, Wu Neng regained the ability to speak.

“Help me……take good care of her…… otherwise, when I get out, you’re dead meat……” Wu Neng said as he took out Xiao Yi’s gun from behind him and placed on the floor beside him.

This crafty reconnaissance king had constantly been waiting for Shen Ming to come closer so he could finish him. The hunter’s nature let him have the resolution to never give up killing his enemy, even when he was dying.

“Stop constantly putting on the guise of an adult and planning out her future for her. The kid’s already grown up, even without us she can still properly take care of herself. You can head to prison to serve your sentence with peace of mind.” Shen Ming stood up as he was talking.

Tonight was a noisy night, the luxury villa community had never had so many police cars and ambulances entering before. Because Wu Neng was suspected of the crimes of kidnapping and endangering public safety, he was taken into custody. Dream Jade was also questioned by ten over officers one after another and had her statement taken. Although practically every police uncle wanted an autograph, and also asked some personal questions along the lines of “do you have a boyfriend?”, but Dream Jade still cooperated with them.

As for Shen Ming, he sat next to an ambulance and showed his stitching skills to the medical personnel in the same car. The doctors were dumbfounded and questioned why they, who graduated from med school, couldn’t make such beautiful and excellent stitches. Shen Ming used bandages and disinfectants to deal with his wounds; his life force was as vigorous as a U.M.A[4]

When the site was still chaotic, Xiao Yi walked to the side of the car and gave Shen Ming a bottle of mineral water, as she pressed an ice pack against her head. Wu Neng’s attack was really ruthless, to the point where there was a big lump on the back of Xiao Yi’s head.
“I thought you would kill him……” Xiao Yi softly said as she looked at the far away Wu Neng who was being carried into an ambulance.

“I was. But I changed my mind, he isn’t completely rotten yet and can still be saved.” Shen Ming said with a smile.

“Was it changed because of Dream Jade?” Xiao Yi already knew the whole story.

“Nope, towards the end, I remembered that I am a bodyguard and not a soldier that kills people anymore. This isn’t the battlefield, and he isn’t an enemy soldier. There’s another kind of choice apart from you die I live.” Shen Ming took a deep breath as he stood up.

“Looks like you’re already starting to adapt to city life, planet Earth welcomes you.[5]” Xiao Yi rejoiced.

Right at that moment, Dream Jade who finished giving a statement briskly came over and Xiao Yi tactfully stepped aside, leaving Shen Ming to Dream Jade.

“Does it hurt?” Dream Jade said with worry when she saw the bandage on Shen Ming’s chest.

“Wouldn’t it be strange if it didn’t hurt? But I’m already used to it, so it’s nothing much.” Shen Ming patted his chest.

“Sorry, if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have ended up like this.” Dream Jade was filled with guilted.

“Stop saying foolish things, you’re my client, protecting you is my duty.”

“In the future can you always be my bodyguard?”

“No way, there is no unending feast under heaven, Shen Family’s Bodyguard Service has never done business with past clients. But even though our contract has ended, we can still be friends. After all, who wouldn’t want to be friends with a superstar like you?” With his job done, Shen Ming returned to his “ruffian mode”

“What if I beg you?” Dream Jade tried to sell her cuteness for the last time.

“Knock it off.” Shen Ming finger flicked Dream Jade’s forehead to get her to stop, “in the future we’ll all be very busy, apart from the occasional XXX stuff, being together isn’t realistic.”

“XXX stuff? You wish!” Dream Jade covered her forehead, and returned a finger flick to Shen Ming; the pair started laughing

“Alright, in the future I’ll recommend you to my close friends, because you’re the best bodyguard I’ve ever seen. Let you get some more big business.” Dream Jade compromised.

“Then, thanks a lot.” Shen Ming smiled like a flower, his plan had finally succeeded.

“But what should I do to thank you for saving me this time? To begin with you’re free of charge and I can’t give a salary…” Dream Jade said with distress.

“Actually, I can accept rewards……” before Shen Ming could finish speaking, Dream Jade wrapped her arms around his neck, tiptoed and gave him a deep kiss. The surrounding police and medical personnel were dumbstruck, to the point where they forgot to take out their phones and take a picture.

“Goodbye, my big bad bodyguard[6],” Dream Jade gave Shen Ming a tight hug.

“Goodbye, my wayward superstar.” Shen Ming whispered into Dream jade’s ear.

[1] Pervert here is 变态 meaning abnormal etc as opposed to 色狼 which is the usual meaning
[2] Unreasonable here is actually 无理取闹 which means to make trouble out of nothing, find faults with someone for no reason, deliberately provocative(not the sexual kind, the picking a fight kind) etc and not JUST unreasonable I just don’t know a word which could fit in.
[3] http://photocdn.sohu.com/20121229/Img362014261.jpg
[4] 怪物 strange creature could be TLed as monster or freak I guess but I feel that unidentified mysterious animal fits the meaning better
[5] 地球欢迎你 that’s exactly what it says. Basically calling Shen Ming an alien
[6] 坏坏的大保镖 lit very evil great bodyguard. but 大 can also be big so I used big bad bodyguard instead.

Translators: Immortal Dreamer & H0RR1BL3CPU
Proofreader: Kuhaku

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