God-level Bodyguard in the city – Chapter 23

Until the boss of Wu Dou faction Dong Chuan, became the head of Xin Lian Sheng, these things had all settled down. Under Dong Chuan’s leadership, Xin Lian Sheng became more aggressive, the thugs’ group, saw an unprecedented development, but he didn’t really know how to handle business, so he portrayed the Xin Sheng Lian as an Entertainment company, then listed it in the Hong Kong stock market based on an economic manager’s words.
How could he have imagined Fang Shi Quan had really coveted that place for a long time. When the Xin Sheng Lian group listed, Fang Shi Quan started engaging in stock rights acquisition quickly and quietly. The value of the Shares rose everyday, those bosses didn’t feel any danger at all, they were relaxed while joking about the rise in value. By the time they realized it and became suspicious, it was too late, the Fang Tian group had already acquired more than half of the stocks under Xin Sheng Lian. The group activated the Acquisition program, and easily took over Xin Sheng Lian’s bar street.

Those bosses lost a lot of benefits from the sudden event, so they all left, only Dong Chuan stayed, and led the biggest rogue group, to issue an order to hunt down Fang Shi Quan. He said “You plunder my love, then I will make you drown in the feeling of losing the love of your life!”

“I now know how you have such an awesome car…have you ever being attacked?” Sheng Ming asked softly.

“Approximately, once every two days, but I’ve got Li Chang Xiu around me so it is not a big deal, I’m not into Social activities so in fact, they don’t have many chances to kill me. You, are not here for protecting me, but for my daughter, her name is Fang Yuan.” while Fang Shi Quan was taking, Li Chang Xiu took out an envelope and handed it to Shen Ming
It contained a photo of Fang Shi Quan’s daughter, Fang Yuan. Fang yuan was wearing a uniform of the Noble School, the photograph was taken in front of an arch made of roses, she wore a cold expression on her pretty face like an iceberg.

Fang Yuan was an 18 year old teenager, she had the same height as Xiao Yi, but thinner. Her black short hair was decorated with a solid jaw just like her father, her eyes were so pretty that, she didn’t need any make up to beautify it. She was like a character from “The Caricature.”

“I don’t understand…you rich people usually have a lot of bodyguards, Li Chang Xiu is probably not your only bodyguard, why do you need me to do this job?” Shen Ming asked while analyzing the photo.

“Well, that’s because Fang Yuan and I had a little conflict, and well…she is living alone for the moment, I can’t arrange usual bodyguards for her. My daughter is very stubborn, she will escape as soon as she finds out she is under protection.
“That would only put her into a much more dangerous situation, so I had to ask you for help.” Fang Shi Quan said helplessly. “You will guard her for only half a month, she has already registered for an examination in a British School, hence, she will go abroad after half a month, then she won’t have to worry about any threat from those rogues.”

“But as you described, your daughter hates being protected, if Shen Ming and I show up, won’t it result in the opposite effect?” Xiao Yi wondered.

“Latent protection.” Shen Ming stated. He took out two work permits with a photo of them. “Teacher of Senior Grade Three, Polaris Private school.” The status showed.

“Mr.Shen is really a professional, as expected, yes, I just hope that you can keep your identity hidden. Follow my daughter, and protect her quietly from the shadows. The reward is 50 ten thousand yuan, if you get hurt while protecting her, the treatment of your injury will be free, all your personal, reasonable consumptions will be catered for, any thing else you would need?” Fang Shi Quan let Li Chang Xiu placed a Metal box, which contained security contracts and 20 ten thousand advance payment on the table.

“I have only one requirement,” Sheng Ming took out the contracts as he spoke.

“This is a latent protection, so I hope before my identity gets exposed, never let your daughter know about our cooperative relationship, I mean, do not tell her about this prior to my exposure.”

“Of course, if I tell her, she will bicker with me again.” Fang Shi Quan watched Shen Ming sign the contracts and smiled.
“Let’s cooperate well.”

The second transaction of Chen Family’s Security Service was done easily. Shen Ming didn’t even count the money and handed it to Xiao Yi.
Li Chang Xiu drove them home. The contract’s time limit would commence tomorrow, so today was the only holiday Xiao Yi and Shen Ming would have for half a month.

“So…what are we going to do now?” Xiao Yi sat on the sofa, facing the money. She felt the money was so easily acquired, it was simply unbelievable.

“Of course, ‘enjoy what you have today’, or what’s the reason for working so hard to make money? come on, I’ll let you experience the feeling of being a wealthy person!” A dirty smile appeared on Shen Ming’s face again, he grabbed a lot of money and scattered them in the air, money was raining in the house.

“If Fang Shi Quan was to see this, he would probably regret he hired you, but nobody’s stupid to refuse a treat.” Xiao Yi also grabbed a lot of money and scattered them in the air. she had to admit, the feeling was too damn good.

After half an hour, a worn-out jeep appeared in the parking basement of Lin Hai International Square, Shen Ming was holding Xiao Yi’s hand while he pulled out a box of money and begun shopping insanely. They required a lot of basic necessities. Since the villa was an abandoned one, it was not properly furnished, so they desired to transform it into a comfortable place to live in.

Shen Ming had bought everything this time, even those cooking stuff are all high-grade he bought an European style bathtub with just as Xiao Yi liked.
They kept shopping till night came, the floor manager even paid for their lunch. When they finally came out of the International Square, Shen Ming and Xiao Yi had a strong feeling of throwing up…

Xiao Yi looked at that empty box and said.
“Why is money so easy to wipe out? Twenty thousand gone! More than five years of my salary…all gone in half a day.”

“Don’t be sad, if we don’t wipe out the money, then we won’t have the driving force to make money anymore. I’ve got 200 left, why don’t we just enjoy our meal somewhere fantastic? my treat.” Shen Ming threw the box into a corner dustbin and grabbed the 200 left with a mysterious, wide smile.
“Firstly, I don’t want to eat hotpot.” Xiao Yi explained.

“sure, then I will find somewhere stylish.”

9 o’clock at night, Xiao Yi sat in the biggest club of Lin Hai city with resentment, while holding a bottle of Heineken beer that cost 80 yuan, she didn’t feel like drinking it at all; the air was full of the smell of cheap perfume and cigarettes, the lights were so dusky it was too hard to see faces from ten meters away clearly. She would have already thrown up if six commodes in the bathroom weren’t already filled with vomit by those drunkards.

“You call this a stylish place?” Xiao Yi shouted into Shen Ming’s ear because the music was playing too loudly.

“They have a cool background music like this, aren’t they stylish?” Shen Min said unconcernedly.

“But you told me we were gonna have a meal, what can we…” before Xiao Yi finished her words, Shen Min put a plant of peanut on the table.

“I’m not hungry, so I only ate two grains of them, you can eat the peanuts remaining, Hehe.” the expression on Shen Ming’s face really gave Xiao Yi the urge to kick him.

“you won this time!”Xiao Yi started to eat peanut with beer, she was indeed really hungry.

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ED: Fr34kz

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