God-level Bodyguard in the city – Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Another version of {saw}


“Shen Shi” stood in the middle of Lin Hai bar street, even though the Fang Shi Quan group had already acquired the place half a month ago, but every organization knew Xin Sheng Lian was the real owner of the place.
Each shop had its own local gang leader, some local gang leaders already left after they sold their stock, but the new leader, Dong Chuan, acquired the place and appointed the new local gang leader quickly. Shen Shi is a place like this, its owner was called “bald Jesus”, he was Dong Chuan’s No.2 thug, in fact he caused a lot of mayhem and destruction but his goons got into jail instead of him. Dong Chuan knew clearly that he was not as smart as Hua Zi Qiang, so he always told his goons, “it’s hard to be smart all the time, but you must never lose a fight.”

“bald Jesus” was a hybrid of malice and lewdness, just a look at his rules for Shen Shi bar and his nature can be understood, you can go to that bar totally for free and won’t have to wait in line as long as you are a pretty girl, or you bring a pretty girl.

The bar had two stories, the ground floor was a public area and the second floor was all VIP rooms. Those places belonging to Xin Sheng Lian was famous because of its security, everyone here was professional rascal and had no fear for the Police at all, so the bar was in fact, very influential, but those rooms in the VIP area were pretty expensive, 20 thousand was the basic fee. With no safety flaws, the security only came out with money sometimes.

Xiao Yi hadn’t been to a club like this before, she’s only being to KTV several times with colleagues when she was an intern. She presumed only stupid people would go to places like this. In her eyes, the crowed dancing on the floor, the deafening music, bitches with heavy make-up, lecherous rogues, was exactly what this place should be like.
But, this was Xian Sheng Lian, and she knew why Shen Ming brought her here, it wasn’t just for drinking and eating peanut.

“I haven’t being here for 10 years so far, tell me, what’s Xin Sheng Lian like in your eyes?” Shen Ming n asked Xiao Yi

“Xin Sheng Lian is the biggest gang in Lin Hai city, they are very bold and usually engage in drug trafficking, prostitution organizing, gunrunning, gambling…anything illegal, they are involved, but Hua Zi Qiang’s got lot of money, goons and tactics, all his major crimes already had others in his stead serving his punishment as scapegoats. Xin Sheng Lian even has a group of men who are terminally ill, specially for playing scapegoats. Fang Shi Quan is totally messing with the wrong person this time…if that gang starts their revenge, then they won’t stop until their target dies in thousand pieces. They are very heinous” Xiao Yi had already checked and verified the data on this gang long ago.

“Are they?” Shen Ming is still wore “don’t give a damn” expression. He’d killed 104 rogues on his own when he was sixteen years younger. It was truly hard to find anyone more malicious and heinous than him.

“Well, I saw a guy over there, he was about 180 centimeters tall, he was a baldy with a crucifix tattoo behind his head, does he work for Xin Sheng Lian?” Shen Ming nodded gently to the beat of music and asked.

“Bald Jesus? he is the No.2 thug that works for new leader of Xin Sheng Lian, Dong Chuan, he’s very malicious and lewd, don’t dare to mess with him.” Xiao Yi knew Shen Ming feared nothing, but this is another’s place, if they were gonna fight, unless Shen Ming became the butcher again, it would be very hard for them to protect themselves.

“No, no, I won’t mess with him, you are thinking too much, he’s a nice person, he asked how my mother was doing and I also patted his face as a friendly greeting.” Shen Ming smiled

“Damn it, what did you do? I thought you went to the toilet!”Xiao Yi started to feel nervous after hearing what Shen Ming said.

“Have you finished eating yet? time to go, too loud in here.” Shen Ming put the beer he’d sipped a little of on the bar table.

“For god’s sake, I knew you were going to do something else! no matter how, you better leave here as soon as you can.” Xiao Yi followed Shen Ming through the crowed and left the Shen Shi Bar, Shen Shi is crowded to the peak at this time, but it’s pretty cheerless now as people had already gone home or gone to others’ bars.

They came to the parking lot behind the Shen Shi bar, Xiao Yi wanted to question Shen Ming about what happened immediately they got into the car, but she found out there was a squirming occupied sack.

“what the hell is that?” Xiao Yi said apparently very shocked.

“bald Jesus.” Shen Ming smiled, started the engine, and headed straight towards an abandoned ceramics factory.

This “bald Jesus” didn’t know what happened either, he was f**king a bitch in the toilet when a black shadow suddenly jumped off the wall and executed the cross lock move that almost killed him.

As a professional rogue, it was such a shame to fall for a sneak attack this way, so he struggled very hard and asked the attacker how his mother was doing to confuse him, then he got knocked out and packed in a sack, although he woke up as soon as he fell into the trash can on the ground.

Usually that’s how the bald Jesus carried out his kidnappings, he felt it was totally bull crap that he got kidnapped himself.

When the sack was lifted, bald Jesus was already tied to a lavatory chair, with a hole in the middle of the chair.

There were dazzling, Incandescent lights everywhere, there was a man wearing only a leather shorts and a rubber apron, standing in front of him checking out the tools on the workbench, the man’s face was covered with a scary puppet mask just like the classic character in movie.

There were a lot of scalpels, vices and cutters on that workbench, like a doctor, mechanic and a carpenter mixed together’

“My friend, can you tell me who you are? if I offended you for some reasons, then I will offer you ten tables of cate and Kowtow as long as you let me out of this place. if you just caught the wrong person…well, I’m not a narrow-minded person, you let me go, then I won’t dispute this.” This bald Jesus was trying to beg for mercy calmly.

“Nurse, help him check his skin toughness.” Shen Ming asks softly with voice from the voice changer. Xiao Yi wearing a nurse cap bent over and inserted the needle into bald Jesus’s hand abruptly.

“Damn it! It’s so painful!” bald Jesus shouted loudly because Xiao Yi was not proficient in inserting needles. The needle’s contents was not ordinary either.

“Do not shout, you will be fine in just a second.” Xiao Yi begun to help Shen Ming wipe the tools, what was used for wiping it wasn’t alcohol, it was chili oil…

“Hey, this is not ‘fine’! see? it just keeps bleeding!” bald Jesus’ left hand swelled up.

“Oh well, it seems like you are allergic to this sensitization agent.” Shen Min took a look at his hand.

“yeah, I am allergic to this stuff, that’s why I don’t even touch drugs!” bald Jesus said sincerely.

“That’s fine, the side effect to this allergic reaction is you just feel a bit more pain.” Shen Ming injected bald Jesus with a full needle of the weird content.

“Ahhhhhh….” this was probably the first time that bald Jesus cried due to such pain.

“You mother f**k! you better not let me leave here alive! or you will be torn into pieces if I catch you!”

“I’m not sure if you’re gonna leave here alive or not, the efficacy of the sensitization agent is only 3 hours, and that efficacy makes your nervous system become very sensitive, even if I just slap you in your face, you will feel like you got hit by a heavy hammer, and if I hit you with that heavy hammer…congratulations, the pain will be like a woman giving birth.” Shen Ming explained very amiably

“Who the hell are you? what do you want from me? Money? or revenge? At least just let me know why I should die?” bald Jesus said while shivering.

“We have no enemies, I don’t want your money, I just want to know everything about Xin Sheng Lian, how may people do you guys have?, where are all your strongholds? what business are you doing recently?…oh, and if you know the size of Dong Chuan’s anus, please tell me.”

This was really out of Xiao Yi’s expectation, she never thought Shen Ming would catch the sub-chief, he called it “doing some homework”. Beware the enemy is targeted like this, “know the enemy and know yourself, then you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat.”

Although Shen Ming was right, he was really go too far asking Xiao Yi to wear this sexy and lecherous nurse outfit.”

“Please, let me go! I became a sub-chief just a few days ago! I totally don’t know anything about what you asked!” bald Jesus begged with tears.

“Uh-um. you answer is wrong, seriously, you are very bad at acting.” Shen Ming sighed and picked the heavy hammer, and begun to hit Jesus’ feet.

“Mommy! Mommy! I’m going to die!” bald Jesus shouts loudly.

“You better think clearly first, we will play tooth extraction next time, oh, you know what, I’ll tell you a secret, I’m good at it.” Shen Ming stood up and switched his weapon to a vise.

“I can’t tell you, if Dong Chuan knows that I betrayed him, he will kill me…” bald Jesus exhaled weakly.

“it seems like you still haven’t gotten it yet, first, I’m not sure you will be alive till tomorrow, second, I don’t know who Dong Chuan, but his methods used to kill people are probably not as cool as mine.” Shen Ming held bald Jesus‘s jaw and forced him to open his mouth and clamped a molar inside, then plucked it out.
Bald Jesus didn’t shout this time, the strong pain instantly put him into coma.

TL: SherryWuu
ED: Fr34kz

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