God-level Bodyguard in the city – Chapter 25: Loser Teacher

Chapter 25: Loser Teacher

Bald Jesus had the worst dream in his life when he was in a comatose state. He dreamt he suddenly traversed into the movie “Saw”-that classic horror movie. He was having sex with somebody, there was no team, no lucky break over and no tasks, all he saw was a little puppet climb slowly onto his knee, and it opened its big wooden mouth and devoured his head, then the puppet turned into a zombie in {plants vs zombies}

A dream is just a dream, but the pain is real. When bald Jesus woke up because of the pain, he discovered that blood was flowing down his eyelashes from his head. Shen Ming wearing a puppet mask, stood in front of him while fiddling with a tattoo gun in his hand.

“What are you doing?” bald Jesus suppressed the pain and asked.

“Don’t move, alright, here we go! I put the word ‘eunuch’ on your forehead, it’s considerably beautiful though.” Shen Ming deliberately presses harder it was so painful that bald Jesus was trembling.

“Just kill me! don’t play me like this anymore, please! I’m not an eunuch! how can I face my boss with this?” bald Jesus shouted.

“Hey, don’t worry, you will be content with this soon.” after Shen Ming finished the tattoo, he ripped off bald Jesus ‘s pants quickly, it was useless for bald Jesus to revolt.

Xiao Yi closed her eyes when she saw Shen Min’s action.

“Is this necessary? make me die faster if you want me to die, I’ll thank you so much…” bald Jesus cried so hard.

“Have you ever watched the movie {007}?” Shen Ming asked while he picked a thick hemp rope then tied the end of the rope into a large knot.

“Which one are you talking about?”

“{007} the casino royale, the first one of the new 007 movies, the protagonist got tied up naked and his balls got smacked with this kind of rope, but in fact I think it’s pretty fake, he was still able to have sex with that chick, that’s not reality, because that force is enough to make his balls totally shatter. And now let me prove this to you.” Shen Ming waved the rope in front of bald Jesus

“Here we go, one, two…”
“Alright! alright! I will tell you! Stay away from my balls! I will tell you everything!” bald Jesus totally broke down, his rational already consumed by fear.

He persevered through the torture for about 27 minutes, that’s a good grade, an ordinary person would probably fail to persevere for less than 10 minutes, even if it was a soldier who went through tortures over and over again, he would probably just persist for about only 40 minutes.

Bald Jesus really deserved to be called the No.2 thug of Dong Chuan, he knew almost everything about Xian Sheng Lian, and they were a lot of things that the police spent 10 years to unearth, of course two police undercover agents died for this cause.

“Any big business recently?” Shen Ming moved a chair and sat in front of bald Jesus.

“A ton of drugs will arrive from Vietnam by boat very soon.” Bald Jesus hung his head and answered the questions questions like he SIRI.
“Any raunchy business?”

“Boss found a batch of hookers from Ukraine, they will being their service in a few days days.”

“I heard that you guys are now enemies with Fang Shi Quan, are you going to kidnap his daughter or something?”

“I really don’t know…Dong Chuan didn’t mention that before, we didn’t plan to ask for ransom at all, we just wanted to kill that girl, Fang Shi Quan cheated us and took away our company and the bar street, the bar street is the foundation of Xin Sheng

He took away Xin Sheng Lian, so we were going to take away his most precious thing-his daughter, this is what Dong Chuan said.”

“Fang Shi Quan is a famous person too, he’s also got a lot of bodyguards around him, how will you kill his daughter?” Shen Ming asked.

“Dong Chuan has already planned on it, we already put an undercover around Fang Yuan, who’s ready to kill her at any time.”

“Then do you know who is that undercover?” Xiao Yi asks.

“I don’t know, we all listen to Dong Chuan, we are all just his goons.”

“Good job, you’re a great respondent, alright, now, you can think about how to leave by yourself.” Shen Ming threw the key in front of bald Jesus smiled, and disappeared with the nurse.

On the way back, Xiao Yi wondered,
“why you let bald Jesus go? He could become a witness for the police then Xian Sheng Lian would probably be demolished at once.”

“I am a bodyguard, not a police man, if bald Jesus is controlled by police, then Dong Chuan won’t follow his old plan anymore, that’s more dangerous for our employer, then this information will become meaningless.” Shen Ming sat very relaxed in the back seat.

“You let him go, aren’t you afraid he will tell Dong Chuan everything?” Xiao Yi didn’t like Shen Ming’s attitude.

“Well, he won’t, because he doesn’t have enough courage, he betrayed his boss, and doesn’t want to play the game again. Those rogues are smart, they are live in an environment that is ruled by the law of the jungle. Stupid people will never survival.”
From this point, Shen Ming bullied bald Jesus, bald Jesus is that kind of rogue who is smart.

“Then at least let Fang Shi Quan know about the plight of his daughter?” Xiao Yi is still a police woman in her heart, she just uncovered a real murder plan.

“so what? Let Fang Shi Quan send his daughter away in advance? or let police men protect his daughter? both means that we are unemployed! do not forget we spent 20 ten thousand advance payment together! How do I repay that money? Sell my anus?” Shen Ming’s words made Xiao Yi really speechless

“You…you are such an asshole! You only think about money and the mission! lives are just worthless paper for you?” Xiao Yi was very angry.

“life is not worthless on its own, only living is worth everything, calm down, Fang Shi Quan hired me to become the bodyguard of his daughter, then I won’t let anybody hurt her.” Shen Ming‘s smile was just like a passed judgement for Xian Sheng Lian.

On the next day, their task officially begun. The latent protection was a type of model that wouldn’t let protégé feel the pressure from being protected at all and involved protecting the target properly when the danger is incoming.

This was more harder than usual bodyguards, defense flaws and mistakes appear easily because it was not possible to reveal their identity, meanwhile, the bodyguard needed to build a social relationship with the protégé, this means the body guard must have good communication skills, or at least, just don’t make the protégé hate you.

The Polaris Noble School was for the children of elites, it didn’t really care about grades, it only needed a piece of proof of assets from parents.

Well it’s not really because the school despised the ordinary kids, it’s only its tuition fees were so high that ordinary families couldn’t afford it.
The Lin Hai city had a beautiful view, so the kids of rich people from other places came here to go to school, it was just like they were on holidays.

As the chairman of the school, Fang Shi Quan arranged Shen Ming and Xiao Yi’s positions easily. but as the data stated, they don’t know each other, so they have to go to work respectively.
Xiao Yi wore a professional outfit and a gold-rimmed glasses, the expression on her face was very cold.

Shen Ming wore weird black glasses, an old, wrinkled shirt ,cheap pants and shoes, and carried a briefcase, just like those sloppy professor from college.

Shen Ming didn’t have a car anymore from now, so he had to leave home at 6:00 am in the morning and travel by bus.

As he stood in front of the school’s gate, Shen Ming knew, he had become a loser teacher from now on.

TL: SherryWuu
ED: Fr34kz

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