God-level Bodyguard in the city – Chapter 26 School’s Princess

Chapter 26: School’s Princess

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“You’ve really got good experience, graduated from a professional police academy, passed the CET-6, isn’t it such a waste for you to be a PE teacher, miss Xiao?” the director of the guidance office who was a beer-bellied, bald old man gazed at Xiao Yi and leered.

”What about this, I’m currently in need of a secretary, moreover, the salary is higher than that of a normal substitute teacher. If you work well, then you can be my formal secretary after 3 months and you won’t have to be a temporary worker anymore.”

“Oh? thank you so much, Mr. director.” Xiao Yi smiled, turned around and suddenly kicked the tea table, the tough tea table broke into half. The lecherous director stared with wide eyes.

“I think I’ll do better as a PE teacher, it seems like I’m really not qualified for secretarial stuff.” Xiao Yi kept a wide smile and said. The director begun trembling and gave her back her files while he wiped sweat from the tip of his eyebrows.

Xiao Yi was Xiao Jing now as her files stated. She grabbed the files and left the director’s office. Shen Ming was still clumsily waiting outside.

“Hello, are you a new substitute teacher too? my name is Shen San, nice to meet you.” Shen Ming looked at Xiao Yi and flashed an innocent smile as if it was the first time they had met each other.

“Oh come on… stop acting! There’s no one around.” Xiao Yi said, obviously despised by Shen Ming’s acting. “Just be careful, there’s a old lecherous geezer inside, just remember to keep your anus far away from that sick molester.”

“Oh my god, don’t talk about such stuff! this is the first time we’re meeting each other! I’m still a virgin, I don’t know how to answer you at all…” Shen Ming acted like a shy little boy, he was really qualified to win an Oscar for his acting skills.

“Good actor, let me just ignore you.” Xiao Yi felt it was really gonna be a nightmare.

Shen Ming smiled and opened office door “hello, Mr…”

“Get the fuck out!” This meant Shen Ming had already finished his interview.

The Polaris noble school was as big as a middle sized town, they even needed a tram instead of walking.

The school had a primary section, middle school, high school and college. The biggest section was the high school’s section. Because the high school of the Polaris Institution had cooperated with almost all the famous foreign universities, students from grade 12 will take the entrance exam from specified universities then go abroad.

The whole grade 12 had 8 classes and 400 students. The percentage of those who took ordinary college entrance exams were less than 10%. Some people felt that these rich students were scumbags, they enjoyed bullying, and learnt virtually nothing, but upon meeting these people, you would discover that, they started to learn mathematical theories when they were 3 years old, learned to play the piano when they turned 6 years old, and were all kids who had no childhood, because of this, the Polaris Institute’s score was always at the top, no matter how low level the teachers were, because virtually all the students had university level professors to help them with their tutorials when they returned home from school everyday.

Xiao Yi was the PE teacher of class 1, grade 12, the students from grade 12 received no pressure of the university entrance exams, so the PE classes would always start on time.

Shen Ming became the physics teacher of class 1, this made Xiao Yi a little worried , because everything he told the director was all fake, he’d only been taught the most effective ways to kill people on the battle field for the past ten years, how could he be a qualified physics teacher?

They were to protect Fang Yuan who was studying in class 1 this time. She was very quiet, had few friends, and just dozed off most of the time on her desk.

The bell rang at 8:30 am, Shen Ming smiled and walked into the classroom of class 1 grade 12, there were 50 seats in the class , 49 students were self studying, gossiping or doing their own things but as for Fang Yuan…she hadn’t even arrived yet.

Some of them were applying makeup, some of them were playing basketball, some of them were gossiping; the bell was a useless vegetable to them.

Shen Ming stood on the platform awkwardly.
“Everybody, go back to your seat please, class is about to begin.”

No one even acknowledged him , Shen Ming had to raise his voice to announce again. Suddenly, a basketball flew through the classroom and hit Shen Ming’s head, he fell and broke his glasses.

“Good shot! Perfect three points!” several boys started to laugh strangely, the boy who stood in the middle of the hooligans with a face like Takenori Akagi was responsible for the flying basketball and was still sitting comfortably like a King.

This guy was Huo Gang, he was on the school’s basketball team, his parents were about 160 cm in height but he was easily over 200 cm. He liked to play basketball as well, with well developed muscles, his structure was akin to a monster, hence, he became the bully of class 1 grade 12, there were always a bunch of boot-lickers around him.

“It’s not allowed to play basketball in classroom, Mr. Huo.” Shen Ming stood up and smiled amiably.

“Sorry sir, it’s just that your head is too similar to the basketball frame and I just couldn’t help myself.” Huo Gang said sarcastically.

“It’s fine, just pay more attention next time.” Shen Ming still smiled amiably and hurled the basketball back with one hand, the basketball flew in straight line back into Huo Gang’s hands with an immeasurable force. This really shocked the students and they ceased talking and quickly went back to their seats. The class was finally able to start.

“Hello everyone, my name is Shen San, and I’m going to be your new Physics teacher, I hope we can get along with each other.” when Shen Ming ended his introduction, all the students frowned with disdain on their faces.

“Alright, so let’s call the roll.” Shen Ming looked at the roster in his hand “Fang Yuan?”

No one responded, Fang Yuan’s seat was in the corner of the classroom beside the window.
“Hey you, mummy’s pet, Fang Yuan is always late and plays the truant a lot , call up the next name.” Huo Gang shouted

“Mr.Huo, my name is Shen San, not Mummy’s pet, you can call me teacher Shen or Teacher Shen San, don’t be wrong next time.” Shen Ming reminded him with smiles all over his face.

At this time, the roar of a motorcycle resounded into the classroom; the students who were sitting next to the window covered their ears with their hands and looked out to see what was causing such an annoying ruckus. Shen Ming looked out of the window and noticed a black EB1190 street racing motorcycle pull into the parking lot. A girl in school uniform smartly took off the helmet.

It seemed like Fang Yuan was born frowning, no matter if it was a photo or the real person , they were all sworn enemies with the verb “smile”.

Without knocking, Fang Yuan kicked the back door of class room and walked straight to her seat. She threw her school bag onto the floor, took out her pillow begun to sleep on the desk.

“She is really another difficult problem…such a lazy bum” Shen Ming sighed quietly, but he had to keep teaching so as to avert any suspicions

“Alright, we’ve already reviewed problems concerning gravitation, specifically, the earth’s gravitational force, so I’ll just set some questions for you.”

“Assuming commando A, uses an M200 remote sniper rifle, his target is 2000 meters away, the rifle contains 408 rounds of ammunition, the deviation is 1MOA, the MOA is the unit of firing accuracy, its full name is ‘minute of angle’, in Chinese it is the ‘sub-angle’ which is 1/60 of the 360 degrees in 1 degree. If we ignore the wind speed, the temperature, the earth’s rotation and the psychological quality of the sniper, only assuming the existence of the earth’s gravitational pull, if he wants to hit the target’s head, how many centimeters does the commando need to place crosshairs, away from the target’s head to make a headshot?

The students were all shocked as their mouths formed large O’s. This was the first time that they encountered such a bullshit question like this.
“damn it, what the f*ck is this? CF??” a male student asked.

“F*ck! CF doesn’t have ballistic correction at all!” another male student yelled

“Is this so hard to answer?” Shen Ming asked, it should be clear that he used to answer these sort of questions while assembling a gun and at the same time mentally calculating all sorts of parameters. The rule was simple, get it wrong, you get an ass whooping. Shen Ming looked at Fang Yuan, “Student Fang Yuan answer this please?”

Fang Yuan flashed her middle finger without look at Shen Ming.

“Fang Yuan is really smart, the answer is right, correct 1 cm.”

The students begun to wonder “what kind of teaching is this?”

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