God-level Bodyguard in the city – Chapter 27: The Queen of Boxing

Chapter 27: The queen of boxing

“Such an interesting teacher.” Was the impression the students from class one had of Shen Ming by the next half of class. Although he taught students standard curriculum from the textbook most of time, but he loved to input military-type examples and his questions were always strange.

A Sniper’s headshot needed how many cm of correction? or how far will a pressure landmine blow man up when he touches it?… his questions were weird, but very interesting, it incited a lot of the bad nuts in the class start to listen to him and since his questions demanded a lot of thinking.
The class became quite active , Shen Ming discussed the reality of the blocking problems in the competitive games.
“You guys are really having god damn fun, seems like you really think you all became good students?” Huo Gang put crossed his arms against his chest and said unhappily, it cause the active atmosphere to suddenly dissipate.

At this time, the bell rang, the first class Shen Ming had overseen, in his entire life was over, it did not begin very well but the climax could be considered as not very bad, the only downside was that the communication between Fang Yuan and Shen Ming was just a middle finger.
They had a ten-minute break, the students either go to the toilet or buy snacks, there was even a butler at the toilet, in charge of sending in paper, the snacks shop hired 30 employees in charge of delivery.
Shen Ming brought his breakfast to the rooftop of the opposite building, he sat in front of the barbed wire, looking at class I grade 12’s  classroom 100 miles away while eating bread, the students were still out on break with a few playing around in the classroom block, Fang Yuan was still sleeping on the desk, she was just a sleeping beauty under the sunlight, the noise around her didn’t seem to affect her at all.
“You’re here, how’s the feeling of being a teacher?”. Xiao Yi, wore a tight sports vest, shorts and a pair of sports shoes, she was dressed for the her class.
“Oh, teacher Xiao Jing, did you eat breakfast?” Shen Ming smiled and gives Xiao Yi a bread,
“ Hey, enough! Is this fun?” Xiao Yi looks around, and the rooftop was empty and the two of them were the only existences on the rooftop.
“I heard that you graduated from the police academy, which department were you in?”
“I was in a department called ‘beating up idiots’, do you want to try?” Xiao Yi sat next to Shen Ming and gazed towards Fang Yuan’s direction.
“This school has an exclusive hospital , I went there to check the archives for detailed info on Fang Yuan, the psychological doctor’s assessment of her was, ‘a pessimist outlined with violent, mild autism; Patient doesn’t communicate with anyone around her, including the psychological doctor. Upon my investigations the teachers of class 1, concluded she has virtually no friends, and never listens in on classes neither does she answer questions, yet, patient remains in the top 10 when the exam results are exposed. Her IQ test results is 140.”
“It may be a probable assumption she is a genius, likely inherited from her father.” Shen Ming said with a bite of bread.
“She has a strange hobby, Muay Thai, she begun to practice when she was ten, now, she’s in Muay Thai study club , but hasn’t been there for a long time.” Xiao Yi had already done all the investigations while Shen Ming was teaching last class.
“Girls who love to hit stuff are usually good girls, they have the ability to protect themselves, I learnt the next class is PE?” Shen Ming looked at Xiao Yi and a smiled.
“Yeah… what?” Xiao Yi had a hunch, not good.
“Just conduct a free combat exercise next class, help the students stretch their muscles.” Shen Ming wore a dirty smile.
“But Fang Yuan doesn’t look like a student who listens to any teacher.”
“She’s human, humans always possess weakness, the information we have says that she moved out from home when her mom died, seems like she really loved her mom…” Shen Ming stopped here on purpose
“So you’re asking me to be the villain?” Xiao Yi already got the gist of what Shen Ming was thinking about.
“Good medicine always tastes bitter, I have to know how strong she is in order to gauge her self-protection ability.” Shen Ming finishes eating his bread.
“It’s time for the PE class, all students must wear sports clothes, and gather at the gym.” The PA system announced.
“alright, let’s this get straight, I am your teacher, my name is Xiao Jing, I already know your names after going through the attendance list, today, I will teach you the offensive and defensive skills of free combat.” Xiao Yi announced in a straight forward manner.
“Miss, I’m very good at defense.” Huo Gang said with a horny smile
“okay, you can come and try, boys, take out the mat.”
After 5 minutes, the students sat around the mat, Huo Gang who was good at defensive moves was staring with his small eyes, looking at the upside down view in his eyes: “what the hell…”
He hit the mat heavily before he finished his words, Huo gang weighed 200 pounds with a height of 200 cm and he was the first one who went up  to challenge the new teacher in free combat, his hands went straight to grope that pair of 32c boobs, but before he touched it, his wrist was suddenly got caught by Xiao Yi, his foot was lifted off the ground, as his whole body was flew over Xiao Yi ’s shoulder and hit the mat heavily.
“Well, looks like you are not as good as you claimed, want to grab my boobs? Aren’t you just weaning?” Xiao Yi’s words made the students laugh.

“stop laughing!” Huo Gang stood up angrily, but he couldn’t do anything to this new teacher since she was so professional.

“free combat is not about weight or height; experience, reaction speed, skills are all very important, especially for girls, when you are attacked by a big man, do not retreat, just reasonably utilize the environment, then you can probably stand a chance, it’s kind of hard to throw him out, but it’s easy to trip him over.” Xiao Yi ‘s teaching made the girls begin to admire her.
“so can someone demonstrate for us please? alright, you, I remember your name is Fang Yuan right?” everybody looking at Fang Yuan in the corner of the gym, she was sleeping on the floor.
A student reminded her in a friendly manner, “hey, the teacher is calling you!”
“Not interested. Just call someone else.” Fang Yuan didn’t even open her eyes..”
“it seems like you are not very gregarious, just be careful your brain will be degenerate because of sleeping a lot. Come on, just do some exercise.” Xiao Yi ‘s hands rested on her hips while saying.
“Miss Xiao, do not mess with her, she…” a girl said very carefully.
“okay then, such an impolite kid, your mother probably didn’t discipline you well at home.” Xiao Yi smiled, although Fang Yuan opened her eyes with wrath filled in them
“You really want to fight with somebody don’t you?” Fang Yuan stood up from the floor walked towards Xiao Yi directly.
“This is not a fight, this is called teaching, but if you think so that’s okay.” Xiao Yi can felt the hostility coming from Fang Yuan.
“If you apologize to my mom now, then I’ll pretend nothing happened.” Fang Yuan angrily looked into Xiao Yi’s eyes and stood in a Muay Thai stance.
“I will apologize as long as you win, or you are an impolite kid lacking. mommy’s discipline.” Xiao Yi stood very relaxed
“You will pay for what you said.” Fang Yuan had the same height as Xiao Yi but a little slimmer, the speed of her attack was so fast. Xiao Yi was a little surprised, seems like Fang Yuan is already reached level four of professional Muay Thai, it’s very hard to imagine in respect to Fang Yuan’s real age.

Fang Yuan jumped in front of Xiao Yi with her right elbow flying towards Xiao Yi’s shoulder heavily, Xiao Yi guarded against it successfully with arm, but it made her knee hurt a little.
Muay Thai is the traditional quintessence of Thailand, it took a killing position, and incorporated a lot of flexible movements, a human’s elbow is harder than the fist, the lever of force is shorter and the speed is faster.
Xiao Yi pushed Fang Yuan back with one hand, but Fang Yuan turn around and kick out towards Xiao Yi with a leg , Xiao Yi was unharmed, but she took two steps backwards
“The queen of boxing woke up again…” Huo Gang trembled. He offended Fang Yuan two years ago, the result was, he got beaten up so badly he had to recuperate on his bed for a week, hence, everybody called Fang Yuan “The Queen of boxing”.
“You really have no mercy, girl, I would have being wasted if I was not a professional.” This made Xiao Yi a little angry, such a shame that she lost the game with a little girl.
“So what? My father is rich. You will get compensation after I broke your legs, you should be thankful to me.” Fang Yuan sneered at Xiao Yi.
“Well, come on, break my legs, do you dare?” Xiao Yi forgot that she was a teacher, she tightened her muscles and stood in a free combat stance.
“You’re the teacher, I’ll do what you asked.” Fang Yuan rushed up towards Xiao Yi.

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