God-level Bodyguard in the city – Chapter 28: An unlucky day

Chapter 28: An unlucky day

“That’s a good move, even my teeth hurts.” Xiao Yi rubbed her chin and spat out a mouthful of blood, her cheek seemed a little swollen.

“I haven’t finished the move yet, teacher. I want to learn more from you!” Upon a single glance, Fang Yuan, looked battered as compared to Xiao Yi.
Although Fang Yuan started learning Muay Thai at age 10 from her dad, she still couldn’t rival Xiao Yi.
“I exerted too much energy to fight a little girl like you.“ Xiao Yi sighed  “Alright, alright let’s all take a step back, just stop fight.”
All the students around agreed in unison, nobody expected such a little game would become a serious fight.
“Apologize to my mom first!” Fang Yuan wanted to rush up to Xiao Yi again, but her right leg was already hit in vital places by Xiao Yi three times, hence, her mobility was brought down a notch.
“Well, I guess you should probably go to a hospital.” Xiao Yi tightened her leg and prepared to launch out like a shell which was loaded.
Right at this moment, the fire alarm rang and the emergency water faucets begun to spill out cold water, the students shouted in panic and run towards the exit. Fang Yuan was pushed towards the exit too, she didn’t  forget to yell
“You owe my mom an apology! I will get it back someday!”

“Oh my god, these kids nowdays…” Xiao Yi stood under the artificial water for awhile and left through the back door of gym.

Shen Ming who was the cause of this situation was waiting in the woods, which was in front of the back door of the gym with a wide innocent smile.

“Here, wipe yourself, it’s pretty cold here.” Shen Ming gave Xiao Yi a towel.

“You must be fucking kidding me, it would get wet every time as long as I listen to your words… did I owe you anything?” Xiao Yi said unhappily.

“That’s not my fault, you are too serious sometimes, do not forget we are bodyguards, not killers.” Shen Ming remind her.

“Did you see how that little girl fought with me? She used her Elbow to kick my face and used my knee to kick my crotch… those were all fierce moves! But I have to admit she is very good, her melee combat would be awarded full marks if she takes the test from police training school, a few rogues can’t resist her at all.” Xiao Yi said while wiping her wet hair.

“Those only makes her gets into more danger, it’s like the saying ‘people who drown, are always are people swim well’. She knows she has strength so she will be more numb about the in coming danger. You did a good job, go take a shower and rest.”
The night came quietly, Fang Yuan treated her wounds at the school hospital and ignited the engine of her motorbike and headed back to her apartment quickly.

Fang Yuan moved out of her home two years ago, she bought a single apartment near the school, she didn’t have any interaction with her dad unless involving her pocket money every month.
Fang Yuan came to her apartment like always, when she was about to park her Motorcycle, a Honda car beside her suddenly revved and back up a few meters, causing the rear wheel of Fang Yuan’s motorcycle to hit the car’s bumper, the bumper caved in due to the collision.

Four car doors open at the same time, five men wearing floral shirts and big gold necklaces walked out.
“Oh my god! Boss, Look at your car!” one of them shouted in an exaggerated manner.
“Hey, our boss spent 40 thousand to buy this car, and you broke it, how do you intend to compensate us?” another man says.
“Do not scare the little girl, let me check it out first.” A young rogue checked out the dented bumper and sneered, “It’s seriously broken,I don’t want to make you feel awkward, what about just give us 8000 yuan as remuneration, then we can consider letting you go.”

“Well…I’d love to solve problems with money.” Fang Yuan took off her helmet. “But that’s only an option for normal people… for people like you, I like to break your legs first then pay for your medical bills.”

“Oh? sounds interesting, let’s see how you are going to break our legs, little girl.” The leader laughed maliciously.

When Fang Yuan was going to rush up to them, a person suddenly showed up. This guy was carrying a briefcase, he speed was inconceivably fast.

“Please stop, she’s just a little girl, she doesn’t understand, come at me, I’m her teacher…” Shen Ming raised his hands to stop the rogues and pushed Fang Yuan into the front door of the apartment clipping.

“Are you fucking stupid? nobody wants your help! these are lowlife scums! You don’t have to talk about principles with them!” Fang Yuan said frowning.

“Who are you calling scum? I dare you say that again?” One of the rogues took out a pocket knife angrily.

“Stop talking! Go home, I will handle this!” Shen Ming pushed Fang Yuan into the elevator quickly.

“Such a stupid teacher…if you like to show up, just wait to be kicked, I’m not going to help you anymore.” Fang Yuan left angrily.

“hey, freak, you are really like to be a good person don’t you?” the leader looked at Shen Ming sarcastically.

“Do you know how many words that little bitch abuse us with? plus the cost of repairing the car, give us the money, if you can’t, I will kill you.”

“Although my student is not very good at communication, at least she was right about one thing.” Shen Ming smiled in a relaxed manner.
“I have nothing to talk about with the scum like you.”

“fuck! Kill him!” the leader shouted, four rogues rushed up to Shen Ming at the same time.

Fang Yuan went back to her apartment, and decided to call the police
“Hello, there are a bunch of rogues trying to rob, please come…”
Before Fang Yuan finished her words, Shen Ming wearing a broken glasses walked towards 16th floor.

“Miss, how many rogues can you see?” the police asked.

“oh, it’s fine now, I was just sleepwalking, sorry.” Fang Yuan hung up the phone and looked at Shen Ming from his head to toe
“You come back so fast? where are those scumbags?”
“Gone.” Shen Ming smiled.

“You gave them the money?”

“I don’t have any money to give them, I just told them them robbing is not right and illegal, so they realized their faults then they left on their own.”

Shen Ming says very insipid.
“No way, they are rogues! Who do you think you are? Buddha? Aright, cool if only you are okay. now you gonna leave or what?”
Fang Yuan opened the door.

“Oh my God, you don’t know? We are neighbors! I bought some food from supermarket, what about…” Shen Ming said happily.

“Not interested.” Fang Yuan closed the door before Shen Ming finished his words. Shen Ming went back to 1602 awkwardly.

Fang Yuan looked through the eye of door and discovered out that the stupid teacher really was her neighbor, Fang Yuan felt that she possessed some sort of bad luck, on top of the poor security in the neighborhood she had a stupid teacher for a neighbor, nothing was sicker than this.

But luckily she just needed to stand all of these for only half a month, or she would probably kill herself.

Fang Yuan took off her clothes tiredly, and  walked towards the refrigerator when she found out there  was nothing left in the refrigerator.

“No way, I remember there was one bento left…” Fang Yuan said confused, she decided to take a shower to relax, soon, she also found out no water came out of the shower nozzle.

“Damn it! What day is it today?” Fang Yuan said in a depressed manner.

At this time, Li Chang Xiu walked out through the back door of the apartment with a bento and a water valve. He called out to Shen Ming.
“This is all I can do for you, handle the rest on your own.”

When Li Chang xiu walked into the parking lot, he found out a car was shaking haphazardly,
“Ugh…people nowadays…” He discovered that there was no one in the car but the car was still shaking,
“what the hell…” A groan could be heard from the trunk of the car.

He opened the trunk warily, there were five rogues badly battered in that small trunk, god knows how Shen Ming managed to put them into this small trunk.
“You guys totally messed with the wrong man, bad luck for you.” Li Chang xiu sighed and closed the trunk, “Let it just keep shaking anyway.”

TL: SherryWuu
ED: Fr34kz

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