God-level Bodyguard in the city – Chapter 29: A treat

Chapter 29 : A treat

After work, Xiao Yi came to her temporary apartment, the photos of the apartment owner were still on the wall, kids’ toys were everywhere. Xiao Yi didn’t want to move any of these things with the hope that everything will still stay the same.
She only bought a few clothes and toiletries, which had already arrived in the morning, along with the most important equipment, a high magnification optical telescope, it was diligently placed in front of the window of living room.
Today’s dinner was simply bread and a glass of milk, Xiao Yi decided to work while she ate her dinner. the telescope  was placed directly opposite to the balcony of Fang Yuan’s apartment 500 miles away.
“I’m in position, what do you have for dinner?” Xiao Yi observed Shen Ming who was washing vegetables and asked a tiny communication gear in her ear.
“Just a simple meal, the ‘guest’ is almost here.” Shen Ming smiled, he also had a tiny communication gear in his ear.
“You are too bold, you think she will come just because you spouted a few words? That little girl is such a wild horse, she won’t listen to anybody.” Xiao Yi said sarcastically.
“But I have working shower in my apartment, rest easy, those rich girls need to take these showers all the time.” Shen Ming said while preparing the dinner.
“Alright, you win, open the door, the wild horse is there.” Xiao Yi begun to eat her dinner.
“rat rat rat” a strong voice resonated through the door, it sounded like an angry landlord had come for rent. Shen Ming wiped his hands and opened the door with a surprised face, he was indeed a qualified oscar nominee. Fang Yuan wrapped a bath towel to cover her figure and a pair of pink slippers, she also took a basin with clean clothes and simple toiletries.
“Miss Fang, what are you…”Shen Ming wondered.
“The faucet is broken, I want to use your bathroom, I’ll pay you.” Before Shen Ming replied, Fang Yuan already walked into the bathroom and throw a bunch of bills at Shen Ming, it was obviously too expensive for just taking shower.
“Miss Fang, you don’t have to be so polite, it’s just a shower, you don’t have to pay…” Shen Ming wanted to give the bills back to Fang Yuan. But Fang Yuan had already closed the bathroom door.
“I don’t take back money once I give them out, you already touched them. it’s dirty now.” Fang Yuan checked out the wound on her face in front of the dresser, “Xiao Yi is really malicious, it will probably leave a scar…”
Girls were always very slow when they taking a simple shower, Fang Yuan spent almost an hour. She came out in a loose T-shirt.
She was just about to leave, when a tasty smell invaded her nostrils. There was a steaming hotpot on the table in the living room.
“I can’t take those money, have you had your dinner? let’s eat together, I already cleaned up so the tableware are all clean.” Shen Ming sat in front of the table and stirred the soup.
“I’m…” Fang Yuan was about to reply with a “not hungry”, but she really didn’t have dinner so she was hungry indeed.
Fang Yuan sighed, put down the basin, and sat in front of the table.
Fang Yuan obviously was not a sociable person hence, she just kept silence while eating with her teacher. “You are an adult now right?” Shen Ming smiled and gave her a bottle of beer.

“If you are trying to do anything illegal to me, I’ll kill you.” Fang Yuan said warily, “Don’t worry, I have no interests in little girls like you, or you can say I have no interests in women.”
“So you are gay? I know a few gays too, do you want me to introduce them to you?” Fang Yuan gulped down the beer while eating hotpot.
“I’m not gay, there’s just not any feelings left over. This apartment is very expensive for me, I sold my family house to be able to pay the down payment, I was planning on making it the wedding house for my girl friend and I…but she told me she would never marry me unless I buy a magnificent house in centre of the city, by the time I bought here, she had already married an ugly, rich old man…life is so funny.” Shen Ming was really a good actor.
“People who sell their body just for money are all stupid, you don’t have to keep wasting your time with an idiot.” Fang Yuan said while eating.
“People are unequal from birth, just like you, I read through your files, you are the daughter of the richest man in Shang Hai, you don’t have to worry about anything, how would you understand the pains of ordinary people?” Shen Ming says ironically.
“My mom once told me God is fair, he is takes and gives, yeah you are right, money makes me worry about nothing, but I’ve never known the warmth of a Family. When I was little, my dad was busy all the time, he was always on the phone, or sighing when reading the papers, when I was 7 years old, I showed him my drawing, he took the drawing and signed his name on it, he thought it was some business contract. Fang Yuan hadn’t talked about her family with others before, but once she starts talking, she just can’t stop anymore.“ All these years, he was too busy to go home, except the occasional allowances from him, we have almost no contact, I always begged my mom to just divorce him, a man like this was just a useless ATM, but my silly mom always smiled and told me it was fine because she didn’t want me to be harassed by some step father.
“I started to learn Muay Thai at the age of 10, no more piano, no more dacing, I just wanted to tell my mom she could marry anyone she loves and I will protect her…”
“but she didn’t never came over that day then…” Fang Yuan’s tear fell into the food “The hotpot is too spicy! You must have put too much pepper!” Fang Yuan lifted her head in an attempt to stop the tears.
“I’m sorry, I’m not good at cooking… won’t put pepper next time, just keep eating.” Shen Ming smiled.
“beer! I want more beer!” Fang Yuan shouted loudly.
They ate for 2 hours, Fang Yuan was totally drunk, she had taken in too much beer, she hadn’t vented like this before, no matter how cold her heart was, she was still just a human, maybe a strange teacher, a delicious hotpot and beer had played the role of the psychological doctor for her.
“ you guys are having fun, just let me eat such a simple dinner…” Xiao Yi said to Shen Ming and threw the left over bread into the trash can.
“I’ll cook for you next time, how are those rogues in the trunk doing?” Shen Ming took out the blanket from the bedroom.
“They were taken to the police station,  the police confirmed that the  leader’s arms and legs were all broken, he won’t be able to stand up unless he recuperates in bed for at least 3 months.”

“They are still looking into their identity.”
“Don’t worry, they are just a bunch of rogues, they have nothing to do with Xin Liang Sheng, in fact I’m pretty curious, Fang Yuan is so lonely, who is the undercover around her?”
“Just survey for a few days, anyway this is a good start, I’m going to sleep now.” Xiao Yi said and took off her communication device and walked into the bathroom.
Shen Ming cover Fang Yuan with blanket gently. “Your fragile nature makes you strong like this? Sleep well, today, you are safe.” Fang Yuan smiled involuntary.
6 am in the morning, Fang Yuan woke up from the dream land. She looked at Shen Ming who was still sleeping on the floor then left 10000 yuan with a piece of paper: “For your treat”
It seemed like this girl really liked to solve problems with money, including other’s treat.
Shen Ming didn’t sleep at all, he contacted Xiao Yi as soon as Fang Yuan left “Time for work now.”
“You really should give me the overtime pay.” Xiao Yi complained.

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