God-level Bodyguard in the city – Chapter 32: Shopping Like Others

When Fang Yuan was crying alone, the door opened and Shen Ming walked in with a big bag of breakfast.
“You’re awake? You were drink too much last night, so I called Teacher Xiao Jing to help you. You were drink too fast so you had alcohol poisoning. It really freaked me out. Fortunately Miss Xiao knew how to do first aid. You truly needed to thank her, do not fight with her anymore.
Alright, I bought some breakfast for you, just eat some. And this is the spare key of your apartment. I’ll put it here. Today is Saturday, so just take rest.” Shen Ming nagged like a housewife while placed the breakfast on the table. He turned around and ready to leave.
“Wait.” Fang Yuan dried out the tears, walked fast into the bedroom, and took out a school bag. “This is for you .”
Shen Ming opened the school bag, confused. Holy shi*t, the whole bag was full of money, at least 300,000 yuan.
“Why are you giving me money?” Shen Ming asked.
“Because you helped me yesterday.” This is such a normal thing for Fang Yuan. “That’s not enough? I have another bag, lot heavier than this one.”
As a child that grew up in the sea of money, she only knew to thanks others with money. She has no idea about the number but only the weight of money. Shen Ming suddenly had compassion for this girl.
Fang Yuan turned around and wanted to take another bag of money, but Shen Ming grabbed her hand..
“Fang Yuan, if you want to thank others, you don’t have pay.” Shen Ming tells her.
“What should I do then?”
“Just say thank you, or give them a warm hug.” Shen Ming smiled.
“Thank…” Fang Yuan tried hard to say that word, but it was just too hard for her. She only used this word in kindergarten when she was a child. She had never used this word in her life anymore when she grew up. She had servants in her home, all she had to do was pay them. Her friends were happy enough as long as she sent them money or gifts. When she went to high school, she almost refused everyone. There was no need for her to say thank you to anybody…
Fang Yuan held Shen Ming’s waist headlong suddenly, that posture was exactly the embrace attack method in Muay Thai.
“Hey, what are you doing?” Shen Ming smiled awkwardly.
“What? I’m just giving you a hug like you said.” Fang Yuan said unhappily.
“what I said is to give a friendly and thankful hug, not ready to kick me. Your posture is not thankful at all, it seemed like you hate and wanted to attack me…” Shen Ming thought he was one that out of society, but it seemed like the girl in front of him was more like the ET who came to Earth first time.
“Why are you so annoying? Thank you, thank you, thank you… enough?” Fang Yuan finally finished her first time to say thank you to others.
“Alright, just rest after you finish your breakfast.” Shen Ming sighed.
“How can I rest in such a disgusting room?”
“Disgusting? I already fixed all the broken things with glue and thrown out those things which can’t be fixed at all.” Shen Ming truly spent the whole night on it.
“Yeah, the glue you used smells so disgusting! I can’t sleep here anymore!” Fang Yuan asked: “Is your place available?”
“What do you want to do?”
“I want to go to Ceccotti stores and buy some furniture and decorations. More importantly, buy a better photo frame for my mom.” Fang Yuan looked at the broken photo frame and said gently.
“what’s Ceccotti?” Shen Ming truly never heard of it before.
“It’s a furniture store from Italy, the things there were very beautiful and cheap. A chair only sells for 30,000 yuan.” When Fang Yuan told him about it, Shen Ming only felt heartache.
“Oh my god… my dear, I can go with you. Can we go to somewhere ordinary?”
“Have you ever heard about the IKEA?”
“Things there have been tried out by hundreds of people everyday, we can’t buy them. It probably has a lot of virus.” The expression on Fang Yuan’s face was like she ate something dirty. “Listen to me, we just go choose the furniture we need, and they will send us new furniture. You have always want to leave your father’s money and have an ordinary life, so let’s start with buying your furniture from ordinary stores.” Shen Ming’s attitude was similar to someone speaking to babies.
“Make sense, but can you make sure that the furniture they send to us are new?” Fang Yuan still felt uncomfortable.
“Yes I can. We will tell them to return them if those furniture aren’t new. Let’s go after you finish your breakfast.” Shen Ming already done the first step, letting Fang Yuan go back to normal city life.
“Shen Ming, you don’t need me to tell you how many people are shopping in IKEA right now, don’t you? I don’t think it’s suitable for Fang Yuan to go to a place like that.” Xiao Yi said to Shen Ming through the tiny headset.
“Some dangers are worth the risk…” Shen Ming smiled and cut off the contact.
Today, Fang Yuan changed to a dress with floral pattern. Fang Yuan used to hate wearing dress because it is so inconvenient to play Kung Fu in dress. She even wore leggings when she put on the uniform skirt.
“Is… is it good?” Fang Yuan asked Shen Ming shyly.
“Yes it’s very pretty. I never thought you have ordinary clothes.” Shen Ming praised.
“Of course, this is already the old design of Chanel, so it is ordinary for sure. I just spent 20,000 yuan on it. It’s my cheapest dress.” Fang Yuan says happily.
“Um… just forget what I said…” Shen Ming smiled awkwardly.
This was the first day to go back to ordinary life, so Fang Yuan can’t ride her expensive Motorcycle. Shen Ming would drive his old Alto car. When Fang Yuan saw the car, she thought that was a kind of garbage truck…
Fang Yuan kept wondering why the car was so small, why the windows of the car needed to be manually shake, why there was no air conditioning, why the seat was so uncomfortable… Shen Ming already parked the car into the parking lot of IKEA.
The IKEA, just like Fang Yuan said, was the Wal-Mart of household items. It was famous because of its variety, complete goods and try out freely. It’s the most popular place that the people spend their weekend at because there were also a lot of delicious snacks. People could shop while tasting food, so it was very crowed all day long.
This was the place where the elderly liked to take their grandchildren. If it was special days, like the National Day, then you needed to wait in line for an hour so that you could walk in the store. Today, it was not that crowed, but it still had many people inside.
“Don’t get lost. Follow me.” Shen Ming grabbed Fang Yuan’s hand naturally.
“What are you doing? I’m not here to date with you. I’ll kick you if you do that next time.” Fang Yuan took back her hand warily.
When Shen Ming felt a little awkward, Fang Yuan hold his arm naturally, “Let’s go.”
“Why we can’t hold hand but arm?” Shen Ming really wondered..
“If you hold my hand, that meant we are lovers. But we are not, so if I hold your arm like this, it means I’m shopping with my grandpa.”
“Do I look that old?” Shen Ming laughed.
It’s such a long time since Fang Yuan shopped with someone, about two years ago. She found out that it’s really annoying to shop with others…
Shen Ming told her if fit or not, for example, they can’t buy the sofa which was wider than 1 meters no matter how beautiful it was, because the door was only wide 90 centimeters. He also told her not to buy the tea table made of glass anymore, because once Fang Yuan is on rage, she would hurt herself if she kicked it.
“Why are you talking so much! Why don’t we just pay and go?” Fang Yuan complained.
“Of course not. The furniture would be used for many years once you bought it, so we must pick the most comfortable one.” Shen Ming said while checking a sofa pillow..
“Who will use the furniture for years?” Fang yuan wondered.
“Everyone.” Shen Ming smiles and asked the salesman, “Is this at a discount?”
“Yes, it’s on sale, 30% off.” The salesman answered warmly.
“I don’t want to buy it, let’s go.” Fang Yuan pushed Shen Ming out of the store.
“Why? I remember you said you like it.”
“Did you hear what that salesman said? It’s at discount! It probably has some problems, or they can’t sell it. I don’t want to buy anything at discount.” Fang Yuan said seriously.
“Okay…” Shen Ming just wanted to bang his head to the table 20 times.
The IKEA in Lin Hai City had 5 floor, and was as big as 3/4 of a football field. On the center square, there were many little stores that sell food. It’s very crowed here. There were also some gourmet restaurant on the fifth floor.
Fang Yuan and Shen Ming kept shopping from 9AM till 12 noon , they finally went to a store that sold upscale crystal. This was the most expensive store in IKEA. Nobody shopped here, since a small decoration was worth almost thousands of Yuan.
“This frame is made of Swarovski crystals, every cap has 72 standard sections. It’s very pretty.” The salesman saaid very warmly.
“There’s no designer’s name on it and it looks very ordinary…how much?”
“19,800 yuan…”
“Too cheap… just go to Ceccotti.” Fang Yuan sighed.
“I’d like to take this one. Just take it as the gift I send to your mother.” Shen Ming took out the money that Fang Yuan gave him a few days ago.

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