God-level Bodyguard in the city – Chapter 33: Invincible Marksmanship

What kind of idiot does it take to spend 19,800 RMB to buy a crystalline photo frame? Shen Ming would understand what it feels like to be an idiot today.
“Mother, I’m sorry but I could only buy such a cheap photo frame like this for you, I will change it for a better one some day .” Fang Yuan sitting on the bench in the hall, placed the photo of her and her mother inside the photo frame.
“I’m hungry, let’s find something to eat.” Shen Ming suggested.
“I’ll call the AoGuanHai restaurant to reserve seats.” Fang Yuan took out her phone.
“No, it’s too far from here, let’s just find somewhere nearby.” Shen Ming snatched the phone.
“Nearby?” Fang Yuan looked at the fast food restaurants opposite of them, they were all places where you order the food yourself, “ Oh no… We’re probably going to die if we eat there…”
“We won’t die so easily.” Shen Ming pushed Fang Yuan straight into a beef noodle restaurant.
The noodles here sell for 20 RMB each, a lot of people were eating here, so the servers seemed very busy. Shen Ming found a table in the corner, but when they started to read the menu, a young couple came by.
“Excuse me, is there anybody sitting next to you?” The man said.
Fang Yuan really hated eating at the same table with others, but she saw that the woman was pregnant. She had basic courtesy so she didn’t say anything,
“ Order what you want to eat from the bar over there, my treat.” Shen Ming gave Fang Yuan 100 RMB.
“I’ve never done these things before, also, 100 RMB for two people? That’s too cheap!” It seemed like Fang Yuan’s social common sense was already broken.
“Okay, we’ve talked about it before, go learn how ordinary people live their lives, girl.” Shen Ming sighed.
“Take back your money, I don’t use other people’s dirty money.” Fang Yuan left sticking up her middle finger.
That young couple was talking with each other in the chairs, the man was sitting next to Shen Ming and the woman was sitting opposite of him.
Shen Ming took off his glasses and smiled: “I don’t discriminate against hitmen, but please at least be dedicated to your work. Just take a look at your wife’s stomach, it seems like she’s six months pregnant, but she wears 10 cm tall high heels, what the hell are you doing? Are you stupid or are you looking to die”
The young couple blanked for a second, their goal was Fang Yuan, but it seems like this gut must be killed. The husband took out a dagger, the wife took out the glock 18 with a silencer from her fake stomach the next second.
“Look, here comes Meng Qi!” Shen Ming shouted out suddenly and all of the guest and servers turned their heads and looked out the windows. Shen Ming grabbed the man’s face and pushed it hard towards the wall. it makes his back of the head crashed the wall and went faint. The back of the man’s head crashed into the wall and he fainted.
At the same time, Shen Ming, under the table, kicked the wife’s stomach and her gun fell onto ground. When she was about to scream, Shen Ming grabbed her head and smashed it into the table, the whole fight ended in two seconds. We could only use slow motion to see what did Shen Ming do.
“Xiao Yin, where are you now?” Shen Ming asked into the tiny headset seriously.
“I’m on the 4th floor, the shower nozzles here are wonderful, it’s great for our bath tub.” Xiao Yin said happily.
“We’ll buy it next time, something is about to happen here, some hitmen are in this mall, get ready to leave, now.” Shen Ming said while he picked up the gun on the ground, at this time, Fang Yuan walked backed unhappily.
“They’re so cheap, a bowl of beef noodle only cost 20 RMB? Can you imagine it? The last time I went to eat kobe beef, a plate of beef needed 3000 RMB.” Fang Yuan frowned and said: “This beef must be came from the cow who have BSE.” (E/N: Mad cow disease)
“Every cow doesn’t grow up listening to classical music, well since you think these noodles have problems, then let’s change places.” Shen Ming said quickly.
“Oh…okay let’s go then, what’s wrong with this couple?” Fang Yuan looked at the young couple, she remembered they were active just now, but they seemed to have fallen into deep sleep now.
“They’re probably just tired from their stroll, just don’t bother them anymore.” Shen Ming pushed Fang Yuan to the door.
When they were walking by a hall, an old man, who was reading a newspaper, put his hand into his suit.
“ Fang Yuan, look who‘s that?” Shen Ming said surprised, when Fang Yuan turned around, Shen Ming kicked that hitman’s face, the people didn’t find out what happened because it just happened so quickly, all they saw was just an old man sleeping in the chair.
“Miss Xiao, what brings you here?” Fang Yuan looked at Xiao Yi.
“The showerhead in my home is broken, I’m here to buy a new one, what brings you here then? Rich girls like you are always spending their time in some luxury shops.” Xiao Yi said while shaking the new showerhead in her hand.
“I like experiencing the life of an ordinary person, it’s none of your business.” Although they weren’t hostile towards each other anymore, they were still a little against each other.
“Alright, alright, stop it, let’s find somewhere to eat, my treat today.” Shen Ming grabbed the two girls’ hands and walk ahead.
“Excuse me, do you know where the bathtub is …” an old man took out a pamphlet, gave a friendly smile, and asked Fang Yuan.
“Are you looking for anything? I know, I’ll show you.” Shen Ming held the old man‘s shoulder, warmly led him to a place behind the wall, and came back 5 seconds later.
“That old man is really myopic, let’s just keep going.” Shen Ming clapped his hands and as he said this. As for the old man that had fallen on the ground unconscious, and although the nearby customer noticed him, he tacitly walked around the body, afraid of going up to check on him.
On their way to the restaurant, Shen Ming always weirdly disappeared, it made Fang Yuan wonder what was going on. And there were always some people passed out for some reason. Shen Ming just like a eagle, no matter how those killers were dressed, could always identify them.
In the car of Xin Sheng Lian, the commander of this killing plan was the No.1 thug of Dong Chuan, Wang Zhong. People called him “the king of murder”, he was different from the bald Jesus, he had thick curly hair and cunning like a fox. He was tall and thin, and although he was the thug of Melee combat, he was well-versed in guns as well. He hung a real bullet in front of his chest and he told others that this was his lucky charm, it could kill the most dangerous enemy.
This time he picked 60 thugs, each and every one of them were brutal guys. Killing for them was just as easy as cutting vegetables.
But he didn’t know that these brutal guys were all killed by Shen Ming.
“What the f**k is with these guys! Talk! Anyone alive?” Wang Zhong shouted into his intercom, ever since No.3 and No.4, the couple killer , all the killers stopped contact.
Wang Zhong issued this assassination without permission because he wants steal praise from the assassin organization, but he didn’t expect it would turn out like this, he was so nervous that he was sweating through his Armani suit.
“Boss, I see that bitch, they are going to…” a huge crash, like the sound of impact from an iron plate, stopped the voice of thug No.40, then, Wang Zhong heard the sound of a trash can lid close.
Not long after, Fang Yuan and Xiao Yi came out from the door of the parking lot and Shen Ming followed behind them.
“Do you want to sit in my car?” Shen Ming smiled and asked.
“Do you want me to die?” Fang Yuan complained. Shen Ming’s car didn’t even have air conditioning, it really was like a sauna room in hot weather like today.
“You can sit in mine. My air conditioning also isn’t that good but my car is a convertible, the wind of nature is free.” Xiao Yi started the engine of her jeep.
“Okay, see you at the place I told you about.” Shen Ming waved goodbye and the jeep already rushed out of the parking lot. Fang Yuan thought that this violent female teacher must be really hungry.
But Shen Ming didn’t start the engine of his car, he smiled and stood in the most visible spot in the parking lot. Wang Zhong was really angry when he found out that his target was running away, he took 5 cars and a truck full of killers and rushed into the parking lot.
“Boss, the person over there is the guy who killed our thugs.” The driver of the truck, in fact, ran from the mall, he was lucky that he saw what Shen Ming looked like but wasn’t killed by him.
“Hit him!” Wang Zhong said and smiled ferociously.
With the boss’s order, the driver drove his truck 60 yards.
Shen Ming smiled and took out the gun suddenly when the truck almost hit him.
“Poof!” with a soft sound, the flying bullet hit the front right wheel of the truck, the whole truck lost direction and overturned. The next second later, the left rear wheel of the truck exploded.
The truck overturned and hit the ground heavily and flew 2 meters over Shen Ming’s head.
Wang Zhong sat in the passenger seat surprised with a wide-open mouth, but Shen Ming still kept his shooting posture. He kept shooting for 15 times until the cartridge was empty.
The five cars behind the truck hit each other and started to fiercely burn. The fire protection system opened and the parking lot started to rain from the sprinkler system.

TL: SherryWuu
TLC: st8_lupe (special thanks to FBT and Deceptioning for their help)
ED: st8_lupe

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