God of Cooking – Chapter 116: Hunger trip (1)

Sara Bloom : Ah, I knew that it will end someday, but when it really ended it feels really null.
JIF VS GIF : When will the next season come?
Sara Bloom : @JIF VS GIF For now it’s certain that it won’t come this year.

Roy Sherfan : I feel good about my wife winning, but I feel bad about weird guys flocking.
Randle Klopers : For me you are one of those weird guys.

SKELIX : So what’s the conclusion? The ending to make Kaya big was just ‘She became an excellent chef?’
Denizz Onenn : What other ending did you expect from a cooking program?
Tricia Peanut : @Denizz Onenn It seems like he had hoped for an explosive kiss scene.

Rachel Catherine : It’s vague being a continuing program, but the broadcast that would get out after Grand Chef would be about a ‘tasting travelling program’. What was the title? Hunger Trip? I think that was it.
Beth Liebermann : Adding to that, they say that it’s true that Emily Potter and Jo Minjoon will participate in it.
Rachel Catherine: @Beth Liebermann Oh, really? I didn’t really see that they suited each other.
Beth Liebermann: @Rachel Catherine Aside of suiting each other and not, first their characters are certain. A genius with an absolute sense of taste, and a talented heiress. It would be good if other famous chefs also participate…….. Anyways, they will be busy with their restaurants, right?

“………It seems like they also are quite interested on the hunger trip.”

Jo Minjoon said with an amazed voice while reading the mentions. Hunger Trip. It was the title of the tasting travelling program he would be doing with Emily. But of course he wouldn’t be doing it alone with Emily, but there would be other participants added.

‘Perhaps, they would have already been added.’

Martin avoided replying about things related to the participants. He couldn’t know the reason, but even if he did nothing would change. Because whoever came they would be people he didn’t know about.

“How envioussss. I also want to go.”

Chloe’s voice was so low just like her lying face down on the sofa. Her arms that were on the air were directed to the chocolates on the table, but her arms were too short to reach it. Jo Minjoon extended his arm and put one chocolate on Chloe’s hand. Chloe checked the chocolate he gave her and pouted.

“…….You hate me, right?”
“What are you saying so suddenly?”
“Is there someone that doesn’t hate you but gives you a cocktail flavored chocolate?”
“I could have given you to lose appetite and get slimmer.”

A playful smile appeared on Jo Minjoon’s face. Chloe raised her body from the sofa and after she put down the cocktail chocolate she grabbed a milk chocolate. Then said while assuming a prim air.

“Leave it. I’m going to become a pig.”
“Then you also won’t be able to put on that dress because it fits tightly.”
“What? It’s the last day but you will act like this?”

Chloe glared at Jo Minjoon with a sulky face and then hesitated and put down the chocolate. The competition and the party ended. Now, what remained was returning. Chloe kept having these thoughts. Will we really be able to see each other? The worlds we live in is so different, but will we be able to cross paths?

Her anxiousness melted down again on her smile. Jo Minjoon looked at the snacks on the table and said.

“What will you do when you return?”
“I have to think about it. For now, the certain thing is that I will run a cooking blog. And……Actually some proposals came to me too. Broadcasts. But of course, it’s not a genuine broadcast like Hunger Trip which you are going to, It’s like a few minutes recipe show…….”
“What? Why didn’t you say it until now?”
“……It’s too pathetic to be proud of.”

Chloe said with an embarrassed face.

“Kaya won, and you participate on a continued broadcast…….I wonder what am I. I’m sorry. You don’t like girls who stink inwardly, right?”
“If you stink with only that I won’t be able to open my mouth because of the rotten smell.”
“As you speak like that, do I have to say thank you?”

She clenched her fists.

“I will also succeed. The path I chose now, I will walk until I can. And my dream……”

Her fists fell. A vivid smile appeared on her face, and her eyes that shone in green and in brown directed to Jo Minjoon.

“I will make it.”

Her face flushing could have been because of the embarrassment or it could simply be her makeup. The wrinkles that appeared between her cheeks when she smiled was quite charming. Jo Minjoon couldn’t reply anything. When he was just smacking his lips, a saviour appeared. It was Hugo. He came out pulling a carrier and massaged his neck.

“Ugh, how stiff. I brought a lot of luggage for nothing. Did you take everything?”
“Yeah. We got everything.”
“Ah, there’s chocolate. Give me one of that.”

Jo Minjoon gave him the chocolate he gave to Chloe before. Hugo chewed with expectant eyes and soon frowned. At first he could feel the flavor of chocolate, but next to that the creamy alcohol melted down in his mouth as if it exploded. He said with a trembling voice as if he didn’t understand what he had eaten.

“Wha, what is this? Is this chocolate?”
“Yeah. Cocktail chocolate.”
“Just what….. Did they take all the nondelicious things and put it in it? Really, why did you give this to me? Did I do something wrong?”

At Hugo’s reaction, Chloe looked at Jo Minjoon with shining eyes. You could clearly feel that she was thinking ‘Look look. Right? I was right, huh?’ Jo Minjoon burst out of laughter. Hugo gulped down the chocolate in his mouth with a displeased face.

“……If I just had a bin near I would have certainly spit it.”
“There’s a saying in my country that medicines that are good for your body are bitter.”
“If that’s right everything bitter would turn out good for your body.”
“You don’t know. If it will be good.”

Jo Minjoon smirked. Hugo sat down on the sofa with a thud and a face as if he had eaten a powder medicine. After that, as soon as Kaya came out, he raised the chocolate with shining eyes as if this was the chance.

“Kaya. Do you want to eat chocolate?”
“No. I don’t want to.”
“I brushed my teeth.”

Hugo put down the chocolate with a depressed face. Kaya glanced slightly at the lobby and sat on the arm of the sofa that Jo Minjoon was seated. She lapped her slightly curved black hair and smiled.

“Isn’t my hair good nowadays?”
“I prefer your hair of before.”

Chloe said as if it was sad. Taking into account that she prefered disheveled hair, it was understandable. Because the hair of Kaya right now was as smooth as a shampoo model.

“Are you using some conditioner?”
“Before, I didn’t use it because it was bothersome and expensive, but nowadays I can.”
“Now that you earned $300,000, that much should be nothing.”
“That’s what I mean.”

Kaya broadened her chest in a dignified way and smirked. Honestly speaking, $300,000 wasn’t that big of a money to change the life of someone but at least it had plenty of meaning for Kaya. Because it helped her leave her past market life. In the first place, she lived a life where she couldn’t even spend 30 dollars leisurely. For her, she could only feel proud and praiseworthy for having earned that big of a money.

Outside the window of the car, Anderson was looking at the half-sun-tanned window with his usual blunt face. As the scenery got farther, Anderson, too, got farther. Grand Chef’s house also got farther. Compared to before, this was really farewell without promises.

Kaya sticked her face to the window and looked at the building and the garden until the end. But when she couldn’t even see the shadow of it, Kaya said with a stifled expression.

“Even so, as we are going together it’s a bit more comfortable. I think that I would have been quite depressed if I left alone.”
“Depressed……Well, yeah.”

Chloe looked on her memories and nodded. The day when she left on the quarter finals as the eliminated one, she was certainly depressed because quite many things had happened.

“Next time…..When will we be able to meet?”

Nobody could reply to that question and nobody refuted it. That Kaya was speaking as if she would obviously meet with them again.

“Is it regretful because you couldn’t leave with them?”

Martin approached and asked towards Anderson that was standing for quite a while even after the bus had disappeared from the horizon. Anderson slowly turned his head. He said with a voice full of displeasure even when he saw it.

“Just what is it? Why did you tell only me to remain?”
“Mm, I’m sorry for having lessened the time to be with your friends. But I don’t think that this should be talked here…..Should we move places?”
“……Let’s go to the lobby of the 4th floor.”
“Oh my, climbing stairs isn’t my hobby.”

Martin put on a teary face, but Anderson didn’t change his words. In the end he could only climb the stairs to the 4th floor. Martin sat on the sofa while taking some breaths.

Anderson just looked at the table while sitting on his place. Looking at the opened chocolates, candies, etc. he would have gotten annoyed. But he didn’t know why felt as joyful as he missed his friends. Looking at Anderson tying the plastic bags again to take the shape of candies, Martin opened his mouth.

“Why do you think I only told you to remain?”
“It would be a business proposal. And if it’s that there would be two reasons. Looking that you only called me and not the others, it would be related to my parents…….Or you need something from me. Maybe.”

Anderson asked with a calm voice.

“Tasting travel…….. So is it related to that Hunger Trip?”
“… … …”

Martin looked at Anderson absentmindedly as if he had taken a blow. He didn’t know that his intentions would get exposed this easily. ‘I wanted to surprise him the most.’ Martin said with a disappointed voice.

“You catch on really fast. Then, are you also expecting what kind of proposal I will make you?”
“There would also be two things. First, ask my parents to let you broadcast on their restaurant. But this isn’t something I can promise you. First, you would know if you saw my parents, but my words don’t have much strength. And if maybe, it’s about me participating in it……..”

Anderson’s eyes sharpened.

“Do you want me?”
“……Yes. Actually that’s the case.”

Even while thinking ‘It kinda feels like i’m getting discouraged.’ Martin could only reply honestly. Martin calmly continued saying.

“Originally I was planning to only take professional people, but as we took into account Jo Minjoon’s participation, the direction changed a bit. Altogether, what difference would there be on a professional and on a nonprofessional when tasting the same food? We also considered that point. And of course, the people will be able to immerse more on the point of view of a nonprofessional person.”
“But why me? In the case of Chloe, she also looks like a star, and it would be better to raise the rating. Kaya well….As she won, she wouldn’t have the time.”
“Actually we also considered Chloe. However when I was about to make the proposal, I learned that she got appointed to another broadcast. And even if that wasn’t the case, the probabilities of us taking in Chloe would have been low. Although she suits well with Jo Minjoon, the viewers prefer clashes rather than soft atmospheres. Just like you and Kaya. And we judged that if you appeared along with Jo Minjoon, you would be able to get the balance for that soft and rough atmosphere.”

Anderson slowly played with the candies. He rolled it, and then unrolled it. After that he said.

“In the end it means that I should be Minjoon’s groomsman, right? I think that I already experienced plenty of it with being Kaya’s groomsman. It’s not that charming of a proposal for me. It would be helpful on Minjoon on letting him experience worldwide cultures…… But I have already experienced plenty of it.”
“The advantages aren’t simply on the tasting experience. The broadcast fees are quite famous as you can see, and most of all it will be able to raise your reputation. A reputation that’s hard to acquire even after many years behind the kitchen’s walls.”

The reply didn’t come for a long while. Anderson shut his eyes and organized his thoughts, and after that he said in a low voice.

“I’m sorry. I don’t think it’s related to me. Honestly speaking, I think that the little bit of reputation I have right now is enough, and the broadcasting fees……. As I know, I’m not a son that’s longing for money.”
“One thing.”

Martin opened his mouth. He said with an expression of a general that took out his final weapon.

“There’s one more thing that will make you feel it’s charm.”
“…….What’s that?”

At Anderson’s question, Martin searched on the documents he had on his chest instead of replying. He took out one picture among those documents. Anderson, who was looking at it with casual eyes, got shocked to the point his eyes got larger. He said with a surprised voice.

“Yes. It’s just that perhaps.”

Martin smiled confidently.

“Have you changed minds now?”

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