God of Cooking – Chapter 132: Their live broadcast (1)

When introductions about Kaya ended, Martin opened his mouth.

“I already told you but I will repeat it once more. Today you won’t simply be having a meal at Olive Island. The screens of all the cameras will be broadcasted alive in all the world and many people will look you.”
“Is there something we have to be aware of, more than usual?”
“It should be badmouthing. It’s good if you make it more funny, but that can’t be done by being aware of that. Just show your true look like usual.”

The brief introduction ended, and they all entered Olive Island. Rachel didn’t finish seating on her chair and then put a dim expression after looking at the pictures hanged on the wall. There was a picture with the young Alan in the middle and a man and a woman smiling towards the lens. Although the quality was bad compared to the cellphone cameras nowadays, even that messy definition was enough to make him remember some memories.

Jeremy glanced and looked at Rachel. He got astounded and said.

“Until when are you planning to live tied at the shadows of that guy?”
“……..What about that? He’s my husband.”
“You suffered so much when you were alive, and are still like that even after he dies. I told you right? That your life will become tiresome after you marry Daniel.”
“Just like it was tiring, it was fun and happy. It’s enough with that.”

Rachel replied with a composed voice and then slowly took her eyes off the picture. Although the regret in her eyes didn’t get completely erased, the smile that appeared after she sat was really fine.

“It’s been a while, Kaya. Now that I see I couldn’t even properly congratulate you. Congratulations.”
“Thank you.”

Kaya smiled brightly and replied. Jo Minjoon looked at that Kaya in a new light. It hasn’t been that long since he didn’t see her, but there were many things that had changed. Could you say that most of her recklessness and disobeying side had disappeared? She felt more adult like……And more lady like.

Sera cleared her throat and said.

“It’s the first time meeting you. You are as pretty as when I saw you in TV. Is it because you are young?”
“………If you bring out the age what do I become?”

Emily, that was next to her, mumbled in a depressed voice. Jeremy said in his pretentious voice like usual.

“But they said they were together all night……Didn’t you know you were meeting today?”
“We didn’t. Our agent is also bad tempered.”

Kaya replied like that and glared at her agent for a moment. When she said she was going to meet Jo Minjoon for a moment, the agent put on a smile you couldn’t know the meaning of and just asked ‘will you be fine?’. Jo Minjoon looked at her compassionately.

“You are suffering a lot.”
“You too.”

The two of them clinked their cup of water sniffed with the same posture. Anderson, that looked at that, shook his head. Sera smirked and looked at Anderson.

“Are they always like that?”
“You said you saw the broadcast. Just think of it like that.”
“……I thought that it was directed.”

It felt like watching a springtime drama. But even so, as they basically played in a fresh and new way, it consoled them that it didn’t exhaust them looking at them……..but they couldn’t do anything about their side hurting. Sera smiled and looked at Anderson.

“Anderson. Do you want us to imitate them?”
“I’m a celibate.”
“Who told you to do it for real? It’s only an imitation.”

It was when Sera pouted with a sad face. Martin approached them and said.

“Just like I told you, today’s lunch will be broadcasted live on the internet. There are already 120.000 viewers in wait. Are you all ready?”
“A moment please. I’m checking my make up.”

Sera raised her mirror and said. Kaya just looked at Jo Minjoon instead of a mirror.

“Is my make up okay?”
“Okay then.”

Kaya nodded with a firm expression. And then, some time flowed and Martin yelled.

“The live broadcast is starting. In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!”
“Hello. It is Hunger Trip.”

Because there was no audience, things like cheers was obviously not heard. However, on the screen Martin spread, chatting lines flowed.

[Oh, it’s starting.]
[It’s really been a while since I saw Rachel Rose.]
[Huh? But why is Lotus over there?]
[As I read an article, they say she’s a special guest?]
[I did see some of her activities outside, but it’s marvelous looking that she’s together with Jo Minjoon.]

At the same time the contents of the chat flowed, the servers approached and brought appetizer bread and ciabatta. And at the same time, Alan came in front of them and said in a confident voice.

“It’s the first boastful thing of my restaurant. It’s a ciabatta cooked by a patissier with 30 years of experience by regulating the temperature and humidity everyday. The green butter over here was made by mixing finely ground basil and butter, and the right one is goat cheese garlic butter we made ourselves by mixing goat milk and garlic. The thing in the plate is a sauce we made by mixing olive oil, balsamic, and vinegar.”
“The shape of the butter……..It’s really pretty.”

Kaya said with an amazed expression. Just like she had said, the butters that came out with the appetizer bread had quite a marvelous look. Although you didn’t know if it was handmade or shaped by a mold, but in the case of goat milk it had the shape of a baby goat, and the basil butter had the shape of leaves.

It was then. Sera extended her knife without hesitation and sliced the butter. And the exact part of the goat was the neck. Kaya, that was appreciating the butter with sweet eyes, looked at Sera with shocked eyes. Sera, that was smearing the goat butter in the ciabatta, flinched and looked at Kaya.

“Uh…..Did I do something wrong?”
“………It’s nothing.”

Kaya hesitated for a moment and then, she also raised her knife and smeared the goat butter  on the ciabatta. The depressed expression was also for a moment. Soon, the hesitation that was in Kaya’s face melted softly, and it became a smile. She mumbled in a happy voice.

“The bread and the butter is really good.”

Jo Minjoon mumbled in a calm voice. The score of the ciabatta was 7, the and the score of the butter was also 7. However when he smeared the butter on the bread, the contents of the window changed.

[Ciabatta smeared with goat cheese garlic butter]
Freshness : 98%
Origins : (Too many ingredients to show)
Quality : High
Cooking Score : 8/10

Just by smearing butter the cooking score increased. And that meant the combination of the two was that perfect. And in the case of basil butter, it wasn’t as different as goat butter. While the sommelier approached them and filled their cups with red wine, Alan looked at Alan and asked him.

“Minjoon. How is it? This butter. Do you think you know how it was made and with what ingredients?”
“Alan, have mercy. Nowadays i’m suffering because of that question.”
“With great power comes great responsibility. Spiderman’s uncle said that. As god has given you an ability that makes others want to follow your back just by imagining it, you have to put up with that much annoyance. I’m also putting up with the danger of my recipe being exposed because of you.”
“……..For now I will only tell the ratio of the ingredients. The ratio of goat cheese and refined butter is 1-1. There’s about one clove of garlic for one tablespoon of butter. It seems like you roasted it, grounded it, and put some grounded white pepper. Is there something wrong?”

Rather than Jo Minjoon, the others looked at Alan with a more nervous face. Alan shook his head and smiled as if he couldn’t fall for it.

“Today, I will really have to be prepared for my recipe to get exposed.”
“Don’t worry. If it’s too difficult, it’s even hard for me to read it.”

It wasn’t a lie. The things in which he could acquire the recipes of was on the dishes that had the same cooking level as his tasting level. The speed in which the chat got down quickened.

[Wow, certainly absolute sense of taste!]
[I also want to have that sense.]
[Look at Rachel’s eyes, she’s so proud she seems to die.]
[Kaya’s eyes aren’t also normal. It really looks like they are dating.]

Jo Minjoon glanced at Alan. The eyes that looked at him calmly soon shook as if he was surprised.

[Alan Craig]
Cooking Level : 9
Baking Level : 6
Tasting Level : 9
Decoration Level : 7

‘……..The level increased in that while.’

Originally, Alan’s cooking level was 8. But of course,  thinking that the skills of a chef that was expected to soon receive a three star stopped was weirder, but even so he couldn’t think that he had crossed over already.

Expectation appeared between envy and admiration. Perhaps, there would be  10 points dish among what Alan cooked. Just by thinking of that, saliva gathered in his mouth.

He wetted his mouth with wine. Perhaps because it was a before meal wine, the alcohol percentage wasn’t that high and the flavor was soft and sweet. You could clearly know that it was a high quality article as you almost didn’t feel thickness and tastelessness. He looked at Kaya and said.

“Now that I think about it, there are many things for a restaurant to have a perfect composition. The chefs and the servers are the basic things, and you also need a sommelier, patissier and on top of that a food coordinator.”
“Do you even need a food coordinator?”
“I also thought like that at first, but recently I changed my mind after looking at teacher Rachel sculpting with the potato. The feeling in the dish changed in an instant with one kniving.”
“How was it that you are like that?”
“Ah, wait. I have a picture I took.”

Jo Minjoon took out his cellphone and started to touch it. Kaya sticked close to his shoulders to the point they almost touched. Emily said with a strict voice.

“Kaya, Minjoon! The viewers are saying not to play and whisper with each other!”
“Ah, this was a live broadcast. I’m sorry.”

[ lol those two are so cute i’m getting crazy.]
[It would be good if they marry. And if it was a drama I would wait for an ending.]
[Who’s more pretty between Sera, Emily and Kaya? Kaya for me.]
[Just by looking at the face Emily. Also looking at the body Sera. Looking at the feeling Kaya.]

It felt like the eyes of the viewers that were smiling beyond the screen was right in front of them. Sera said with an indisposed face.

“It’s really awkward as I see it for real.”

She wasn’t talking about the chat. Because the place her two eyes directed to wasn’t on the chat but on Kaya and Jo Minjoon. She knew that Jo Minjoon had a good relationship with Kaya, but is it because the look Kaya showed in front of her was quite polite and courteous? The attitude of Kaya right now was felt quite freshly.

“You will get accustomed to it.”

Emily said with a calm expression. Actually, Rachel and Anderson weren’t even bothered about them and were enjoying the bread. In the case of Jeremy, perhaps because his nature  was really natural, he was drinking some wine while looking at them.

“I’m the only strange one.”

Why did she suddenly feel the fine ciabatta in her mouth, sour? But fortunately, the dish that came out was enough to console her feelings. Over a long stone pan made with marble, seven spoons shining in silver were placed. Maybe because they focused on decoration rather than actual use, that the handle of the spoon was curved like a high heel.

On the wide and deeply carved spoon cheek, there was caramelized kumquat, beet, and orange simmered in sugar placed over, and below that there was a pink cream.

Jo Minjoon put the amuse bouche in his mouth. The alarm window of the system popped up like a firework, and the flavor of it also spread like an explosion. The cooking score was 8. And the flavor wasn’t that disappointing.

On the beet and the kumquash, the juices of the orange overflowed and covered the slightly bitter flavor, and on the cream that was below that a faint aroma of lemon and flavorful taste of tomato was slightly felt. The pieces of kumquash that got crushed between his teeth harmonizing with the other ingredients like a spice seemed just like stealing a meal of dwarves in one bite.

That profound flavor twitched on the muscles of Jo Minjoon’s face. The eyes and mouth that tremble, and the wrinkles between his carved nose and eyes. The cameraman recorded all of that clearly.

[Wow…….Look at that expression.]
[I think that he’s the best in expressing a flavor with his expressions, better than any chefs or celebrities I saw until now.]
[He can only do so. The level in which he feels flavor is different from the others.]

Jo Minjoon didn’t look at the chat. He suddenly got a thought. That just like the one that appreciates the worth of food is someone dying of hunger, that he, who grew by eating the non delicious food of his mother could become more sensitive in flavor. Although for the others it would be a ‘wow, it’s fine.’…….For him it could only become an emotion that couldn’t be expressed to others.

But although his tongue was sensitive, the preciseness of his tongue fell compared to Kaya. But at the same time he thought. That he didn’t fall at all with her when it came to eating things deliciously. He was self confident.

He put a nice to see smile and turned to look at Kaya. Kaya also put the spoon in her mouth and started to chew the food, and soon she was putting a similar expression as him.

“It’s delicious.”
“Now that I see Kaya, did you go to a Michelin restaurant after Grand Chef?”
“No, it’s the first. That’s why i’m this flustered. Can’t you see?”
“I can. That’s why i’m asking you. It would have been good if you came with me when I went to the three star restaurant.”
“That time, I didn’t show it, but I was really envious. But even so, I still haven’t gone to a three star. Someday……..I will certainly go.”
“You said it last time. To not only go to one, but to also make one. You can do it.”
“Right. You can also do it.”

Kaya smiled calmly. The wrinkles that was slightly seen below her dense smoky make up was pretty. Jo Minjoon, that was admiring at her face slowly realized that the surroundings was weirdly quiet. He looked at his surroundings. All the others were looking at the two with weird eyes.

And the chat showed their feelings instead of them

[ Why are they doing this to us? ]

< Their live broadcast (1) > End

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