God of Cooking – Chapter 135: Their live broadcast (4)

Saying to bring a digestive wasn’t simply a joke. When Alan brought a digestive, Anderson didn’t hesitate even a moment and brought it to his mouth.

As Rachel patted Anderson’s back with a pitiful face, Anderson put a smile as if he was happy and perplexed at the same time. Rachel opened her mouth.

“Even an elder that has already sent away her husband is fine, can you already be like this?”
“…..I won’t put any excuses.”
“Will you be able to eat?”
“I have to. There’s the broadcast, and most of all, each and every one of the plates are too charming to not eat it.”

Anderson was also a chef anyway. And at the same time an epicurean. He wasn’t the type to be able to ignore a delicacy when it was in front of him. No. Precisely speaking, it may be right to say that he didn’t want to show that side to Rachel. He wanted to show Rachel a more perfect side of him. Anderson glanced at Jo Minjoon.

  • I would like it if you were in my kitchen.

The words Rachel said still roamed in his ears. But what was unfortunate was that those words weren’t meant for him, but for Jo Minjoon. He also wanted to hear those words. He wanted to get recognized by Rachel. And also hoped for a place for him in the kitchen.

‘…….I’m not even a girl that fell in love. What am I doing right now.’

Anderson smiled bitterly while putting the pasta in his mouth. The funny thing was that even in this situation, the pasta had a really simple and delicate flavor. It was delicious. To the point it made him forget his headache and stomachache. But of course, it wasn’t that just because of that his complicated feelings got washed away, but even so, he felt a bit better.

[Anderson. Cheer up. We also understand how you feel.]
[But Anderson said that he was a celibate in the last broadcast. Do celibates don’t want to see those kind of things?]
[People at his age saying that they are celibates put it up just for the concept. Don’t trust him.]

“……Why are you attacking me so suddenly. I am indeed a celibate.”

He was getting some comfort while reading the chat, but in an instant even his identity was being doubt. He now decided not to look at the chat and eat the pasta, but Sera that was next to him brought the subject.

“But why are you a celibate?”
“……Must there be a reason?”
“Is there something in the world that doesn’t have? I’m an epicurean because I like eating, and you are a cook because you like cooking. There’s even a reason for that, but will there not be a reason only for the celibate thing?”
“I understand. I understood, so stop speaking that long. It’s the first time I see someone speaking longer than my mom.”

Anderson shook his head as if he was tired of it. Emily looked at Anderson and put an expression as if she understood how he felt, and soon Sera turned her head and rolled the pasta in her fork naturally. Anderson said.

“I have never felt the need of a relationship. Even if others do, I don’t have any thoughts of wanting to marry, and that’s why i’m a celibate.”
“Ei, those are different things. Celibates live with the thought that they  must stay single for life. And you just don’t have any thoughts of marrying.”
“Isn’t the results the same?”
“Are people that only eat vegetables because they can’t find the flavor of meat, and people that are vegans and don’t eat meat because of their religions, etc?”
“……It is not.”
“Then, you also aren’t a celibate.”

As he kept listening to her, he seemed to get convinced by her. Anderson chewed the pasta and thought. Is that really it? Sera had nailed that doubt in Anderson. She whispered in a low voice in his ear. But of course, it was completely hearable to the audience because of the mic.

“If you are a celibate, there’s no need to feel ill at Minjoon and Kaya. …..No, actually, if they act like a pure hearted drama even if a grandfather celibate comes he will feel ill. But even so………. It’s like that?”
“I understand. But why is me being a celibate or not important? Why are you trying to convince me this earnestly?”
“It’s unfortunate that a charming man like Anderson lives on while thinking that he’s a celibate. I’m releasing a good fish from it’s captivity for the girls around the world.”

Anderson just opened and closed his mouth trying to say something but in the end, he started to blush and turned his head. Even he was defenseless at this kind of direct compliment. Kaya saw that and clicked her tongue.

“Anderson. Concentrate. We are broadcasting right now. Try having a relationship when the cameras are off.”

At Kaya’s pitiful eyes, Anderson looked at her with a stupefied face. And he looked at Jo Minjoon asking if he also thought like that. But Jo Minjoon chose to look at Alan rather than answer Anderson’s sight.

“Alan. Just who made this pasta? The oil was good and the combination of squid and bok choy was also good, but I think that the most important thing are the noodles. Not exaggerating at all, this is the best pasta I tried until now.”
“Your evaluation is good. You make me expect for nothing. Can I ask you the score of it?”
“If it was normal I would have felt sorry answering it……. But I will be able to answer for this one without even a bit of hesitation. It’s a 10. It’s perfect.”
“Ku, I did it!”

Emily couldn’t hide his smile and clenched his fists. Although epicureans with more experience and years than him have complimented him, but Jo Minjoon’s compliment had a different meaning than theirs. It meant that his dish was perfectly balanced. For a chef, he could only feel proud.

[10 points…….Who did Jo Minjoon give a 10 until now.]
[For what was broadcasted until now, it may be on Rose Island of Chicago. Was it calf cheek meat with fried anchovies? It would probably be that.]
[Calf cheek… The explanation is kind of terrible.]
[But this composition is fun. At Grand Chef Alan was the one judging and Minjoon getting evaluated. But now, their roles shifted.]
[It would also be fun if Minjoon becomes a judge for Grand Chef.]

“For the pasta…..Actually, it wasn’t made by me. There’s someone providing us noodles for our restaurant. He’s someone that has made noodles every day for tens of years. So compared to the industrial noodles, the quality can only be different.”
“It certainly is like that.”
“Just like you have to be connected to a good patissier if you want to run a restaurant in France, in Italy there’s no strongest weapon as the relationship with an excellent noodle maker. There will at least be one master making pasta themselves every day in each town, and that’s the reason this country makes it a pasta suzerain state. And I state positively about the pasta maker. He’s one of the best masters in Italy. ANd so that means that he’s also one of the best in the world.”

Those were words that made you think of a lot of things. The relationship with a good pasta maker and a patissier is important. The more you knew, a restaurant was something you needed quite a lot of people. Thinking about finding those relations, it became an adventurer going on a long journey. Fear and curiousness inside of that. Those things made Jo Minjoon feel flustered.

He sensed that he was alive. He could place down everything and participate in Grand Chef because he wanted to walk this road. And this path that felt to be so far away from him was in front of Jo Minjoon’s feet. No, Behind his feet. Because he was already walking in it. The path to become a chef.

The dishes kept coming out. It started with a risotto and roasted moon fish, T-bone steak cooked in medium rare with 5 kinds of dressing sauces and 6 kinds of salt. Pizza and followed by cherry jelly covered with white chocolate.

The risotto and moon fish were 9 points, and the rest were 8 but…… was it because of the shock of the pasta? The only thing that remained in his head was that smooth and elastic pasta. And that also seemed to be the case for Kaya. She looked at Alan and urged.

“Can’t you give us some more of that linguine we ate?”
“……But you finished your meal?”
“Even so. Honestly, does it make sense giving us only a little bit of something that delicious and tell us to stop?”
“Fine. Come to the kitchen after the broadcast ends.”
“……Can I also go?”
“Minjoon too….. Everyone who wants to come can do it. I will specially make it myself.”

[A rule breaker with several meanings.]
[But I do agree with those words. When you go to a restaurant they always give you a lot of the non delicious things, and only a pinch of the delicious thing.]
[I also want to eat pasta in Italy. Restaurants nowadays are just too salty. And there are even cases where I feel a bitter flavor on a tomato spaghetti. For cream spaghetti, the noodle is always sticky and I can’t differentiate if it’s pasta dough………]

Martin just watched the viewers chat among themselves. The number of viewers started to increase and now it approached 310.000. It was quite a fine level. No, a really good one. But of course, compared to a live sports in internet it isn’t much, but wasn’t this a simple tasting broadcast?

The important point was that the viewers didn’t get out easily. And Martin thought that the biggest reason was in Kaya.

‘No, precisely speaking is it Minjoon and Kaya?’

The two had quite an interesting fandom. Of course, the two separately have their own fans, but when they were together, the reactions of the viewers changed drastically.

It was what he felt in Grand Chef. When Jo Minjoon and Kaya were separated but they still appeared on the screen the number of viewers didn’t increase, but when they were together speaking or doing something else the number of viewers increased to at least tens of thousands, and even hundred thousands.

‘If only Kaya hadn’t won, I would have brought the two of them.’

Martin smacked his lips as if it was regrettable. And at that moment, Rachel was also feeling some regret. Precisely speaking, saying that it was closer to greed was right. Kaya’s genius side was so strong she felt regret on why she hadn’t seen it until now. To the point that if Jo Minjoon didn’t exist, her eyes would only go over her.

‘If I can take the two of them…..’

But Kaya was more picky than Jo Minjoon. Rather than she herself was like that, the situation was like that. Because for now Kaya had to work for Grand Chef for a few more months. Jeremy coughed with an ahem.

“Your eyes are full of ambition. If you aged, isn’t it time to feel more relaxed?”
“It seems like you did age. I didn’t yet.”
“How much of a difference do we have…..Anyways, I will say it as you don’t seem able to. Kaya. It seems like this friend wants you a lot. Do you have any thoughts?”

It was an unexpected offer, but at that moment Kaya thought seriously. It was clear what Jeremy was talking about. The first thing she thought was ‘if I go  there I will be able to see Minjoon everyday’. She herself felt dumbfounded for thinking about that first, but what would you do? But after a while, Kaya’s expression contorted. The chat inside the screen was getting on her nerves.

“Ah, i’m not pretending to think! To obviously go because of Minjoon, I’m not that stupid!”
“……Let’s listen to your answer later.”

Rachel smiled embarrassedly and turned the subject. Kaya glared at the screen while breathing hard and then sat on her seat with a sulky face. Sera whispered in Emily’s voice in a low voice.

“I think that Kaya’s temperament is hotter than mine.”
“…….May be.”

The live broadcast was soon coming to an end. As the meal had ended, the broadcast could only do so as well. It was the moment the broadcast ended with a simple announcement. The last chat clearly remained above the screen.


“……..Why are people so childish?”

Kaya said with a trembling voice. Although even she hadn’t lived maturely, the people in the internet seemed more childish than what she thought. Jo Minjoon smiled bitterly. For the last thing to remain to be that strange thing. Well, the contents about the chat were mostly about them to the point it was unavoidable. Anderson said while stroking his belly as if he was still feeling sick.

“You can just start dating you stupid people.”

< Their live broadcast (4) > End

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