God of Cooking – Chapter 136: What a kitchen is (1)

“Anderson, until when are you planning to act like a child? Grow up please, grow up.”

‘……It’s not something I would like to hear from someone who dates in the middle of a broadcast.’ Anderson looked at Kaya with a weird face but he just shut his mouth and turned around. He didn’t want to get caught in the same weird screen as her.

As Anderson didn’t answer back, Kaya put on a proud face thinking that she had won. And Jo minjoon looked at that Kaya and laughed silently. For Anderson, she would be detestable, but in his eyes she was just pretty. Jo Minjoon unconsciously extended his arm and tangled Kaya’s hair. Kaya frowned and glared at him.

“Ah, what is it. Don’t touch my hair.”
“It was weird. I fixed it for you.”
“Weird my! Wha, it got disheveled. …..And he was the one that told me to not keep my hair disheveled.”

Kaya grumbled and checked her hair. It was certainly a look that was difficult to see in the past. It wasn’t that she didn’t care for her looks, but even so compared to the girls at her age she certainly decorated less. Indeed, why would she keep doing that weird smokey makeup every day? But of course, by now that became her character.

“What if customers wish for you to have your smokey makeup in the kitchen?”
“They won’t even be able to see me in the kitchen anyways.”
“Nowadays, an open kitchen is the trend. Ah, right. Teacher Rachel, is the main Rose Island an open kitchen?”
“Yes. Daniel wished to see the faces of the customers even while on the kitchen. Eating and enjoying it, and at times complaining, he wanted to see all of that. He dreamt of becoming a chef that didn’t want to only manage the kitchen, but also the hall.”

He felt that he knew what Rachel was talking about. Jo Minjoon turned to look back at Kaya. Kaya had her back bent and fixing her hair on the reflection of the camera lens and then turned her head.

“No, I was just curious. Do you like an open kitchen? Or do you prefer not being seen from the hall?”

‘……..He always asks her.’ Anderson grumbled inwardly. If they were still broadcasting, the chat would probably say this. [Are they wondering what kind of restaurant they should make together?]. It was when he was trying to erase those words that seemed to be floating in front of his eyes. Kaya thought for a moment and then let out a groan as if it was difficult.

“Mm…….I don’t know. I think that it would be fun looking at customers eating but, maybe I will get tired of it after looking at them everyday. And I think that it’s also burdensome having all eyes on me.”
“I think that’s reasonable. Just looking over there……”

Jo Minjoon pointed one side. Kaya saw the direction Jo Minjoon pointed at and then put a stifled expression. On a side of the hall, an open kitchen was showing itself. It wasn’t particularly busy. Most of the chefs were on their places, and only the people who seemed to be the juniors were moving busily here and there and giving them ingredients.

If I get to stand on that place…… Honestly speaking, I would be able to endure one or two times but I think that the mental exhaustion would be great. There weren’t many customers looking at them, and most of them just looked at them for a moment and then concentrated again on the food. But even so, the chefs standing on the kitchen could only be wary of the sights that weren’t even on them and get nervous.

Kaya shook her head. Maybe she was really taking treatment, but her waving hair seemed to be that of an egypt princess.

“Oh, I certainly am not fit to be exposed at the sights of people.”
“There won’t be a day that people won’t look at you.”
“…..And you?”

At that moment, Jo Minjoon could only get confused at that short question. If you are also going to keep looking at me, or if you will also have that many sights in you. It seemed simple, but it was actually a problem you couldn’t answer easily.

But fortunately, he didn’t need to answer that question. Alan coughed and opened his mouth.

“Let’s go to the kitchen now. You said you wanted to eat more pasta before, right?”
“Ah, yes.”
“Actually, I was dying to know what would get the best score, but as it became just like I expected I feel relief and sorrow at the same time. I thought that I had to gain some points with pasta because it is Italy, but if you are a chef you also have the greed to get out of the prejudice of a country.”
“If making an excellent pasta is a prejudice, then that is a good one.”
“I know. I was just saying.”

Alan replied with a soft voice. When he was a judge he always acted strict, so you felt some kind of distance with him. But as you met him as a chef and a customer it became more comfortable as a person.

As they entered the kitchen, a girl chef that had a childish face came running towards Alan and stood in front of him. Alan shook his head. A rough Italian came out of his mouth.

“Berta. Don’t come and stay in your place. I will take care of here.”
“Ah…..May I bring you something?”
“Didn’t you listen that I was going to take care of here?”

Alan said with a cold voice. Kaya whispered in Jo Minjoon’s ear. “It makes me remember the old times.” Jo Minjoon shook his head and said. “I think it’s worse.” Maybe it was because they were people from his kitchen that his attitude on treating them was fiercer and scarier. But even so the young girl chef didn’t move easily. Was she the same age as Kaya. Berta, that had a dense brown hair, glanced at Kaya. It was when Alan frowned. Emily placed her hand on Alan’s shoulder and said.

“It seems like she has something to say to Kaya? Give her some time, Alan.”
“……..Berta. If you have something you want to say, do it quickly and go back.”
“Ye, yes!”

Berta nodded with a really nervous face. Even if she had almost the same age as Kaya, her spirit was certainly weaker. First, she was half a head shorter than Kaya. Maybe it was because she was shorter than Chloe. She trembling seemed to be just like a bunny. She opened her mouth. Her english wasn’t that fluent, but there was no problem on understanding her.

“I also, uh……just graduated from secondary school. Although I don’t have a talent that’s as amazing as yours, uh…..even so, I want to become like you. You are my…… you know. Ah, role model. You are my role model.”
“……Uh, thanks.”
“You two suit each other well! Excuse me.”

Berta looked at Jo Minjoon and Kaya and after speaking like that she escaped to the kitchen as if she was embarrassed. Jo Minjoon and Kaya looked at each other with awkward smiles. Kaya opened her mouth.

“If it was a live broadcast they would have teased us again, right?”
“Even if it isn’t, in the end we will still get teased when it gets broadcasted. Martin. Are you going to edit this?”
“I have to.”

At the unexpected answer, Jo Minjoon opened his eyes roundly and looked at him. Martin soon said with a simmering smile.

“With more impact.”
“See. He’s like that.”
“……That slave for viewers.”
“My bonus depends on the number of viewers.”
“Martin always said that he felt grateful that thanks to us the number of viewers increased. If you received a bonus with those viewers, why don’t you buy us something delicious?”
“Martin always said that he felt grateful since the number of viewers increased because of us.”
“Aren’t I buying you now?”
“……You are buying this with the production fees!”

Martin didn’t answer and just feigned ignorance. Jo Minjoon patted Kaya’s shoulders and said.

“Don’t throw a tantrum. If I think you became an adult, you act like a child and vice versa. Why are you like this?”
“Girls have times when they want to become kids. And times when they want to be adults.”
“You are also going to act as a woman in front of Martin?”
“Why? You want me to only do it to you?”

At that moment, Jo Minjoon got at a loss for words. It seems like Kaya also knew that the level of what she said was quite high. Jo Minjoon turned his head, and Kaya also flushed and just looked at the floor. Alan, that just finished the pasta, saw them and nodded as if he understood.

“It seems like they filmed a movie once again. What’s the genre?”
“I wonder. Passionate melo?”
“I hope for the day they film an action movie.”
“You don’t know. They may film an adult drama first.”

Emily smiled brightly and said. Jo Minjoon thought that Emily felt better than usual. But of course, she always had a clear temperament, but today it was even more. ‘Is it because of Alan?’ He couldn’t help but think like that. Because every time she looked at Alan, Emily forced to put on a prettier smile than usual. Jo Minjoon said.

“Sera. Doesn’t Emily seem happier than usual?”
“Uh……Ah, certainly seems so. What would be the reason?”

Sera put on a confused face for a moment and then said while laughing as if she noticed Jo Minjoon’s look. Emily flushed. Alan served the pasta on a dish as if he was pretending not to care the words of Sera.

“It’s the ideal al dente state Italian residents think of. It will be more delicious than what you ate on the table. Because I made it myself.”
“…….Alan. Do you know that your image from Grand Chef crumbled quite a lot?”
“Because this isn’t Grand Chef.”

As Kaya spoke as she couldn’t get accustomed, Alan replied with a calm voice. Jo Minjoon chose to put the pasta on his mouth rather than pay attention to their conversation. Normally, if it was the same dish, even if you ate it after some weeks you had to feel less moved.

But amazingly enough, he didn’t feel that at all. Although oil pasta was originally a dish you didn’t get tired of, was it because of the charm only 10-point dishes had? However much he ate, the deliciousness of the noodles didn’t lessen at all. As even Rachel and Jeremy were just eating the pasta like that, how would the flavor be. Rachel smiled with a proud face.

“Alan. You grew a lot. And you also found a really good noodle maker.”
“Ah, that….. It’s someone teacher also knows.”
“Yes. It’s been a while.”

The answer came from the back of the staff. And the staff also turned to look back as if they were surprised at the sudden voice. An old man with gray hair and trained wrists was looking at Rachel. Rachel, that frowned a bit to take focus, soon said with a surprised voice.

“You also aged quite a bit.”
“You were living here?”
“I’m the one who should do the questions. The one that retired for 10 years isn’t me, but you.”
“……..That’s also right.”

The old man wasn’t speaking in Italian but in English, and in a natural english you could find from a native at that. Because of that, there were no problems listening to their conversation. Obviously, eyes filled with doubts were directed at her, and Rachel turned back to those sights and spoke with a voice that was wet in memories.
The old man wasn’t speaking in Italian but in English, in a way a native speaker would speak English.

“Alfredo is the noodle maker that provided us with pasta when we first opened a restaurant in Venice.”
“And the noodle you are eating right now was also made by me.”

Alfredo spoke with a voice filled with confidence. Jo Minjoon looked at the old man with a surprised look.

[Alfredo Argento.]
Cooking Level : 6
Baking Level : 6
Tasting Level : 8
Decoration Level : 4

The levels weren’t that amazing for making noodles. But of course, making noodles was also a technique that couldn’t be measured with cooking or baking. Jo Minjoon looked at Alan.

“Alan, may I be able to look at the uncooked state of the pasta?”
“Ah, it’s here.”

Alan immediately took out some pasta in the cupboard. Jo Minjoon just looked at that linguine. There was the aroma of the linguine on the side of it, and the texture of it was also quite soft. The cooking score was 7. Just the noodle itself, that wasn’t anything had 7 points. Jo Minjoon knew really well what meaning that had.

Jo Minjoon ate on the noodle without any hesitation. And at that moment, Alan smirked and said to Alfredo.

“Be careful. That friend got famous for having an absolute sense of taste. Perhaps, he may grasp of the know hows of Mr. Alfredo.”
“Huhu, my life isn’t that light to be able to be grasped in just a few bites. They are noodles I have put my entire life on. I made it by checking the temperature, humidity, the temperature of my own body and salt. Even if his taste is sensitive, he won’t be able to read off that hard work.”

Alfredo was confident. Jo Minjoon, that just gulped down the noodle without any words, slightly rolled his eyes. And at the end of it he saw a familiar window.

[You have grasped the noodle(linguine) making recipe of Alfredo!]

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