God of Cooking – Chapter 137: What a kitchen is (2)

A sense of corruption after stealing from someone had surged up, but it was quite an enjoyable one.Of course, there may be some flaws because of that, but what could he do? He had that kind of ability. Alfredo trusted that he wouldn’t be able to grasp the recipe even if he ate it, and he was just wrong about that. It was more comfortable thinking like that.

But of course, it wasn’t that he could perfectly reproduce everything just because he knew the recipe. Because Alfredo’s pasta making wasn’t something that could be copied just by getting the right temperature and the ratio. The strength you use on pressing the dough, times, and angle… if you could copy all of those things, then you would be at the level that it became your own recipe.

“How is it Minjoon. Do you think you know?”
“I think that saying that I know and I don’t will be uncomfortable.”
“Haha, looking that you are speaking for longer it seems like you couldn’t grasp the recipe.”
“Well, I can tell you the ratio of the dough…….. But I think that, that by itself is not anything special.”
“You got it right immediately. The basics are the best path. Think about climbing a mountain. You have a mountain road fixed, but is there a need to choose another road? But anyways, you are still impressive. People normally think that there was something special in it.”

Jo Minjoon just answered with a smile. Kaya swept off Jo Minjoon’s shoulders and said with a proud face.

“You did well.”
“That was the basics.”

It seemed that now everyone else were tired to even react. Anderson looked at Alfredo and said.

“But how many noodles do you make per day? As I’ve seen, it doesn’t look like you only make linguine.”
“I do make many kinds, but the most popular one is certainly the linguine. Followed by that, there are the spaghetti, fettuccine, tagliatelle, etc…….and I get a bit behind on pasta like fusilli, short lasagna, and stuffed pasta. Ah but just because of that it doesn’t mean that it’s not delicious or unpopular. Just that the long pasta in our house is the most recognized globally…….. There were quite a few customers that think about stupid things like ordering pasta that’s not the long kind in our restaurant.”

Alfredo even released information they didn’t ask about. Looking at his arrogant expression and high shoulders, Jo Minjoon laughed. He thought that a master talked less and had a lot of weight in their words, but he rather felt that this look was kind of fresh. He opened his mouth.

“Will it be fine if I copy your recipe just like it is?”
“Ha, if you can do it, do so. To make a good pasta, you have to first have good wrists. Can a man have that thickness? Your girlfriend next to you is unfortunate.” (Looool)
“Ah, wasn’t the person next to you your girlfriend? I thought that you were as you were too close to each other.”

Alfredo said with a natural face. Kaya coughed and moved one step away from Jo Minjoon after taking her shoulder away from Jo Minjoon’s.  Jo Minjoon opened his mouth.

“Anyways, the linguine was delicious. It was the most delicious one I ate until now. Thank you for making me feel that I really came to Italy.”
“Why the thanks?”

In Jo Minjoon’s position, he was really grateful. It was the first perfect pasta he ate in his life. But of course, Alan that cooked that or precisely speaking the role of his kitchen had a big role……but Jo Minjoon thought that the biggest participant in this was Alfredo. Because it would have been impossible without his pasta.

‘Will I be able to copy it?’

He had perfectly grasped the conditions. In what situation he had to massage the pasta, the system told him everything. The problem was if he was able to copy it or not. He didn’t think about doing it right now at all. But won’t he be able to do it after years of constant practice…..He thought like that. Although it was quite an optimistic thought, what could he do that he felt fluttered.

From one step behind him, Sera was looking at Jo Minjoon with soft eyes. Honestly speaking, she also felt that the pasta was really delicious and perfect….. But was it because she wasn’t a chef? She didn’t expect that it was so amazing to be a 10-point dish.

On top of that, it was also obvious that she couldn’t guess the basic ingredients that was put in the dough. She thought that there would be something special in it, and if that wasn’t the case it would be impossible to bring that flavor. When she thought that that was the difference of the tongues you were born with and was a wall you couldn’t overcome, she felt poor regardless of Emily’s advice. Sera opened her mouth.

“Emily. You really are amazing.”
“Why are you suddenly like this? It’s scary.”
“You would have guessed all of these situations the first time you saw Minjoon’s absolute taste. And understood the meaning it had immediately. I’m barely starting to get a grasp on what that was……. This is much more amazing than what I have thought.”
“The amount of viewers didn’t increase for nothing when his absolute taste got exposed. Although the reason he’s more famous than previous winners may be because of the romance with Kaya, but his tongue is the biggest reason. Just like I said……..”
“I know. If you are greedy on what you can’t have, only your stomach hurts, and our tasting world has a meaning of our own.”

Emily looked at Sera that had her mouth open and then shut her mouth and rolled her eyes upwards. Sera slightly looked at Anderson.

“Anderson will also feel his chest burning. It’s difficult for a friend that’s next to him to be that outstanding.”
“Is it……….?”
“Yeah. That’s right. Just by thinking of chasing him, your shoulders get heavy.”

Sera talked like that and glanced at Emily. But Emily was busy looking at Anderson, so she couldn’t notice her gaze. Perhaps, the cameraman would have recorded all of that, but it would be a while when Emily sees that scene on the broadcast.

But Rachel listened to their conversation. And what picked on her ear the most was the thing about Anderson. Thinking about that, Rachel had just told Jo Minjoon that she would like him on her kitchen, but she had never said something like that to Anderson, who always expressed his goodwill towards her.
What she had picked up mostly was the thing about Anderson.

‘Am I too emotionless?’

She couldn’t treat everyone that expressed her goodwill with goodwill. Because there were countless people in the world that showed a smile to her. The only thing she could pay them back with was only a smile.

But she did feel bitter when she saw that back of Anderson. There was the thing that he was the son of her acquaintances, and that the goodwill Anderson expressed was quite transparent compared to the others also made her heart boil. While she was looking at Anderson thinking like that, Jeremy smiled slyly and said.

“Why. Are you thinking of changing horses?”
“……..How many more times do I have to tell you about speaking a language that’s suitable to your age?”
“I wonder. Until you get exhausted of doing that?”
“Even when you are about to die, you aren’t saying anything about fixing it. They are still children. Stop speaking of them as if they are kitchen tools.”
“Kitchen tools? I’m not even a chef now, so why will I do that? Rather, you would be the one to do that. I still don’t know what kind of greed you want to satiate with having Minjoon, that friend. Is it simply the resurrection of Rose Island’s main store? No, is that really your true objective?”
“What are you trying to say.”
“I do have something I want to say, but I don’t think I should say it in front of the camera.”

Rachel glared at Jeremy for a moment and then opened her mouth. However, she didn’t curse him or badmouth him. Maybe Anderson felt the atmosphere between them that he approached and said.

“Mister Jeremy. Are you bullying my teacher again?”
“Hoho, I’m not even a mischievous primary school kid so why would I do that?”
“I wonder. Even if you aren’t a kid, you still are mischievous.”
“Damn it. Busted.”

Jeremy put on an excessive surprised face. And Anderson let out a sigh at that. While they were like this, Jo Minjoon kept looking every corner on the kitchen. Was it because of Alan and the camera that the chefs were grabbing their pans with more nervous expressions? Alan said with a calm voice.

“Just like I told you before, I really wanted to bring you to this kitchen. Do you remember the day your absolute taste got exposed?”
“It was a day difficult to forget. For me and for other people.”
“Then, Emily proposed you to become an epicurean. And I told you not to get shaken at that seduction.”

Emily turned her head as if she felt her name being called. Alan lowered his voice with a flinched expression. He said as if he was almost whispering. It was a voice so low only Jo Minjoon and Kaya, that was next to him, could listen to.

“Back then you told me that you wouldn’t get shaken because of the happiness cooking gives. And I told you that the rough path of a chef would make you tired.”
“You did.”
“Yet……. I hope that you haven’t changed your opinion about that yet. This program. Even if it’s hard, it will still be sweet compared to a kitchen. If you worked under teacher Rachel, you wouldn’t have difficult days because you don’t have customers……..But just because of that, it won’t be as sweet as now. It won’t be a sweet time, but a salty time. I hope that even if a saltier food enters your mouth……You don’t spit it.”

At Alan’s long speech, Kaya butted in. She said with an expression as if she had chewed on a sour grape.

“Just why are you ignoring Minjoon like this?”
“I’m not ignoring him. Kaya. I’m trying to block him from crumbling because of the distance from reality and his fantasy……”
“That’s why you are saying he’s going to lose because of that distance. That won’t be happening. Minjoon will never leave the kitchen.”
“…….Just why do you think like that?”
“Minjoon also withstood me.”

Kaya said with a voice that seemed as if she was a bit angry. No, she was actually angry. SHe knew that Alan was saying this for Minjoon’s sake, but even so she didn’t like that he was being treated as if he was even a bit weak.

“He even withstood a complex and spoiled girl like me, but do you think he won’t be able to withstand a mere kitchen? Minjoon will never do that. He has more determination than what you think, more patience, and looks more manly. He won’t flee on the path he chose himself.”

Alan cut her words with a calm voice. He smacked his lips as if he was hesitating for a moment and then said with a low voice.

“I escaped. Once. From the kitchen.”

Normally, the weight in his words would make you able to listen to it. But Kaya seemed to prove that Jo Minjoon wasn’t weak at all. She looked at Minjoon with unfair eyes as if she was about to cry.

“Hey, why aren’t you saying anything.”
“Alan can worry about me. Don’t act like that.”
“……Does he mean that, you can stop cooking?”
“It doesn’t mean that. He’s like that to tell me not to stop even if it’s difficult.”
“You aren’t like that.”

Kaya said stubbornly. While she was pouting, the wrinkles in her lips shone, perhaps because of the lip gloss or because it was originally moist.

“You didn’t lie to me. Not even once.”
“…….There’s no reason to lie.”
“And you told me that you wanted to run a restaurant. That you wanted to cook forever, you told me like that.”

Kaya took in a deep breath as if she was sniveling.

“Those words, don’t make it a lie.”

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