God of Cooking – Chapter 21: Comprehension towards the broadcast (3)

“…..Uh, hm. Those were some unconventional words.”

Marco whispered in a low voice. What Marco said was what all the other participants agreed with. Because saying that Kaya was going to win was the same as saying that all the others were going to get disqualified.

Jo Minjoon let out a sigh. He felt as if he had just said something he shouldn’t, and he thought that if there was any need to insert a scene like that. However he could also understand. Making that kind of genius more popular in that way, in the perspective of the viewers, it was funnier and more serious.

Probably, Martin didn’t even take into account that what Jo Minjoon had just said, could bother the other participants that watched the broadcast. No, there was a high probability that he couldn’t think about it.

Either way, there was no point in discuss it, now that the situation turned out like this. The really important thing was the stares directed at him. Not everyone was looking at him but, most of them that had a light attitude, sent not too amiable gazes.

He felt sour. Jo Minjoon averted his sight to not make eye contact with anyone. But from all of the places he could look, he had to look at Kaya. She was glaring at him as if she didn’t like him. Jo Minjoon felt all the more depressed. If he had a sin, it was just that he praised her, but for even her to be like that…

But he wasn’t in a situation where he could question that. With Jo Minjoon’s sentence, the first episode ended. It was an ending that showed Kaya’s genius skills, but in the hall, only a quiet atmosphere remained.

‘Am I going to get bullied?’

For a foreigner to say that early on, there was no way they would view him favorably. At least Marco, who was next to him, wouldn’t hate him but……

The participants that were gathered in the hall started to get up and leave the place. And Jo Minjoon could hear some discontent voices from those who had left. Jo Minjoon was letting a sigh when someone got in front of him. Jo Minjoon lifted his head. He was handsome and had noble blond hair. It was Anderson. He said with a displeased voice.

“I’m curious. If you have the skills to judge all of us.”

As Jo Minjoon couldn’t reply anything back and was just looking at him, Anderson whispered to Jo Minjoon’s ear.

“I’m begging you, but please don’t make something trashy. Because I’m going to get angry.”

After saying that, Anderson left. Marco didn’t know what to do and just patted Jo Minjoon’s shoulders.

“Don, don’t mind. They will soon forget it.”
“I wonder. I don’t think I’m going to.”

The one who replied to Marco wasn’t Jo Minjoon. It was Kaya. She was glaring at Jo Minjoon with her displeased face. Kaya opened her mouth.

“What are you?”
“……What do you mean? I’m a participant.”
“No, I’m not talking about that. Why are you suddenly using another’s name and claiming that I’ll win? Because of you only I got bad mouthed.”

It was understandable for her to say that. They all admitted Kaya’s ability, but they didn’t publicize it. However, Jo Minjoon’s interview became that switch. The winner candidate that possesses frightening abilities, Kaya Lotus. That concept became established in just a moment.

Kaya couldn’t help but feel bothered. It wasn’t even her mistake while talking, but she became like that with another’s interview. Jo Minjoon, usually treated her favorably, but that was that and this was this. Facing Kaya’s ferocious glare, Jo Minjoon opened his mouth.

“I’m sorry.”
“…..Why don’t you just act presumptuously with a hard face? That way I can curse you all I want.”
“If you want to curse me, you can. Because today I put you in a really bad situation.”

At what he said, Kaya looked at Jo Minjoon for a long while, and in the end let out a deep sigh.

“Enough. Even if I did that, I would only become the bad girl. Now I can’t even get angry in this situation.”
“……..Aside from that, I’m saying this right now, but what I said at the interview was the truth. You are going to win this season. If there aren’t any upsets.”

Jo Minjoon’s words were filled with affirmation. Because he wasn’t predicting but, already knew the truth, it was obvious. Jo Minjoon knew the future. The future where all the participants get disqualified. That none of the participants right now can beat Kaya.


“And I plan to become that upset.”

However Jo Minjoon didn’t lose to her yet. His cooking level wasn’t a problem. There wasn’t a need for him to be afraid of her. Because they didn’t face each other yet.

Because it was like that, Jo Minjoon was the only participant who could face Kaya. He believed that. He wanted to believe like that. He didn’t want to cook already thinking that he was going to lose in the upcoming fights. He wanted to hold the hope that it was all for the sake of winning, and fought believing in his cooking. Jo Minjoon wanted to do so. No, he had to.

“Do as you wish. Be an upset or not.”

Kaya talked like that, and left the hall grumbling. Jo Minjoon just looked at the back of Kaya leaving. Looking at those two arguing like that, Marco went towards Jo Minjoon and poked him with his index finger and asked.

“Lovers quarrel?”
“………It’s nothing like that.”

TinyJung : Did you see Grand Chef? I think I saw that girl Kaya somewhere.
Abdul N : They say she works in the market. Maybe you saw her once while on the market. Also, she looks like there was at least one girl in college similar to her. Isn’t that right?

Cersei Lannister : I don’t like Tirion from the participants. He looks like I want to pick on him.
George Margin : He looked fine to me.
Eve rose : Talking about not liking someone. There was also that girl Kaya. When I kept looking at the screen I got more and more scared.
Devy Jones : @Eve Rose She must just be wary of her surroundings. Won’t you get nervous getting on air at a young age?

Golden Rosemary : I’m not that interested in cooking so I can’t say much, but in my opinion, that korean did the best. I wonder why people just talk about that Kaya.
Christine R : Just looking at the appearance seems like Minjoon made the best dish. The one who made the most difficult dish was Kaya with her grilled eel. I didn’t know there would be a teen cooking with a grill on that level.
Evil Empire : Shout! Kaya! That guy Minjoon said something good. I will also say some words. Anyways, the winner is Kaya.
Troll Trull : You can’t know that on a short period of time… But only this once I’ll agree. Aside from her skills,I want to see Kaya winning. I want to become her fan. No, maybe I already am?

Taylor Love : Minjoon’s bream is certainly charming. Chloe’s kuobarou was also good. But I wonder about the eel…. Because I haven’t eaten it even once. I’m not attracted to it. What I want to eat the most is Minjoon’s cooking. Aside from cooking, he’s sexy.

Jo Minjoon read all the articles left on the SNS(Social Network Service). As soon as the broadcast ended, many articles related to Grand Chef were being posted. At times, a smile could be seen from him, but at others, he frowned. But after some time, Jo Minjoon’s face became expressionless.

To react at each one, there were just too many to do so. There were just too many for him to get happy or sad. At times, there were criticisms without reason, no, they were curses. And there were viewers that showed unexpected affection.  At times korean-americans, and at times, native koreans referred to him.

Erina Choi: Personally, saying that Kaya is already the winner was rushing it. Her dish was excellent, but to already conclude like that was not good. Is he saying that he is not confident or doesn’t have the courage to win?
Helena Vodianova : I agree. It may be the work of the editing, but he didn’t look confident.

At this point, Jo Minjoon couldn’t help but to accept it. That what he said at that time was a mistake. Was it because he already knew the future and said that? No, perhaps that was merely boasting. Just as someone who boasts about his great father, was it that he wanted to boast about Kaya winning as her fan? Because Jo Minjoon was a fan of the chef Kaya. Because he wanted to become like her. It could be said that he was pleased by her skills and accomplishments. However.

This was a time he couldn’t let it end by just being pleased. He couldn’t misunderstand Kaya’s greatness as his. Because he was also standing in the same stage as her. To not fall behind, he had to have the resolution to surpass her. He couldn’t just become part of the audience who just looked at her abilities and her cooking. He wanted to grab pens in the same field as her. He wanted to do so.

To claim that Kaya was going to win was indeed rushing things. He couldn’t think it through. It could be said that he was thinking things through but, the end result was this. And only then, could Jo Minjoon realize that this wasn’t a school, nor the kitchen the thirty years old Jo Minjoon used to work. This was Grand Chef. A broadcast. It was a place where everybody would remember a word he said.

It wasn’t that the strength had left him. It was regret for saying something like that at that time. If he was a participant he couldn’t just casually say that the winner was already decided. That was something only the audience could say. And Jo Minjoon wasn’t a viewer right now.

There could no longer be defeats. Jo Minjoon’s gaze grew sharp. Jo Minjoon wrote an article. Of course, through a nickname.

Cooking Man: A chef should only talk through with his dishes.

< Comprehension towards the broadcast (3) > End

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