God of Cooking – Chapter 42: The role of a head chef (4)

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Only after he had finished speaking did he realize that it was something a 30 year old man would say. But Kaya wasn’t particularly bothered by it. She was a girl that grew in the market. She was already accustomed to those kinds of jokes. Looking at Jo Minjoon’s face being unable to beat the embarrassment and getting more awkward, Kaya glared at him.

“Although there aren’t cameras in the halls, there are in the rooms. Don’t forget that.”
“Ahem. Anyways, what did you want to ask me?”
“Although I want to ask you something, I don’t even know the basics. Just think like you are teaching a newbie.”

Jo Minjoon let out a groan. Although he did say that he was going to teach her, he wasn’t well versed in that luxurious meal, in that full course. The things he knew right now were few things he had acquired through the internet or through real experience.

He started to slowly explain in a rather low voice. Kaya put a dumbfounded face at times, and at others, frowned. Excluding common words like ‘yes ; I understand’ the only time she opened her mouth was when she was being explained about the ‘gueridon service’.

“So, I could see it as cart service, right?”
“Yes. You can think of it as bringing an almost completed dish and finishing it in front of the customer.”
“But wouldn’t man power lack, then?”
“We need someone to do the serving anyways. We will have to make the main dish completely from the start, but for desserts or soup, you can prepare it beforehand.”

The conversation continued that way. Of course, they couldn’t make it long. Because they couldn’t say that they were going to the toilet and be there forever. But just because of that, it wasn’t that they ended it in a short time. When ten or so minutes passed, Kaya and Jo Minjoon went back to their teammates.

“Did you go well to the toilet?”
“Fortunately, i’m safe.”

At Chloe’s question, Jo Minjoon replied while laughing without strength. Some of their teammates looked at the two and laughed. They could guess that Kaya used the toiled as an excuse and went to receive a lesson. However, there was no need to point that out and bother her. Because only looking at the two of them acting like this was fun enough.

Joanne rolled her blond hair in her finger and opened her mouth.

“While you were in the toilet we organized our thoughts a bit. The main dishes are going to be sea bass, turkey and ossobuco.”
“Aside from ossobuco, they are all familiar ingredients.”
“We can’t cook with unfamiliar ones. And it’s not that an epicurean is coming, but customers from various social standings, so I don’t think that it would be good to present unfamiliar dishes. But well, the final decision is the head chef’s.”
“I don’t have any objections. Because all of you decided this, right?”

Kaya talked like that and rolled her eyes to the top right. It seemed like she thought of something, and she opened her mouth after pausing for a bit.

“Deridong…. No, gueridon service. I think that it would be good doing that. If there are forty people, then it would be at least ten tables…… Ah, but are all forty people customers of the blue and red team?”

Kaya frowned. Chloe clapped her hands as if she remembered something.

“Now that I think about it, I already asked that to the PD. Listening to him, it seems that they are going to eat both of the course cookings.”
“…….It seems that they will be eating a considerably huge amount of food.”
“Ah, that’s not it. They are going to split in half and in the afternoon, they are going to eat one team’s lunch and when it becomes night, they are going to eat the other team’s dishes.”
“You should have explained it earlier.”

Kaya grumbled. But Jo Minjoon could understand. Because in the end, it was a broadcast. They couldn’t explain all the small details in camera.

It was at that moment. Hugo lent a piece of paper to Kaya. She flinched a moment and received that piece of paper with a nervous face. Hugo said.

“It’s a recipe we made by ourselves. Take a look.”

Jo Minjoon also reached his neck next to Kaya to check the recipe. It wasn’t that outstanding because it was designed in a short time, but it did have a structure. The moment he read the lined recipe, in front of him appeared the average cooking score along with the composition score just like before. And Jo Minjoon’s face became rather dark. The cooking score was 6. And the composition score was 5.

“It’s not good.”

The one who spoke wasn’t Jo Minjoon, but Kaya. She continued talking while frowning.

“Putting aside the positioning of the dishes, the recipe of all of the dishes are not good enough. Honestly speaking, just by looking at the recipe makes me lose my appetite. Do you want your dishes to be returned by the customers?”

If it was like usual, Jo Minjoon could have stopped Kaya, but Jo Minjoon agreed at her words. Although it was composed hurriedly, it was a low quality recipe. Kaya opened her mouth.

“First, it gets strange since the main dish. Roasted turkey with handmade mustard? Do you think that the customers would want to come here to eat a luxurious three minute dish? God. Oh my god. Who thought of this?”

At Kaya’s question, a short sized guy raised his hand slowly. Peter Gray. He was indian american. Kaya was looking at him sharply.

“What do you want us to do? Do you think that you would be able to achieve something with this simple dish? If you are going to come out like this then back off from the main dish. Just……”

Kaya’s voice started to get higher. Chloe that was next to her, was filled with worry and was about to stop her. Peter’s low voice interrupted her.

“Aren’t these things better compared to what you used to eat?”
“……..What did you say?”
“They say that you come from the ghetto. No, that you are from the ghetto. You didn’t even properly go to middle school and dropped out. Don’t you think that it’s funny acting like an excellent epicurean or a chef when you have lived that kind of life?”

The atmosphere got cold in an instant. Kaya looked at Peter expressionlessly. No, it seemed expressionless but the muscles in her face twitched so hard it seemed to explode any moment. Kaya’s unique husky voice flowed out from her mouth.

“So, you are telling me not to touch your poor like recipe?”
“Poor like recipe? I wonder. I don’t know well what it means to be poor. But it seems that you do? Well, you are poor, so…”
“This son of a bitch……!”

Kaya stood up while cursing. Chloe that was next to her that didn’t know what to do, got surprised and grabbed Kaya’s waist. It was a good decision. Because if she was late by even a second, she would run and fix her fist in Peter’s face. Looking at Kaya that was being held by Chloe, peter kept speaking.

“Even if you are poor it seems that you don’t want to hear such words. I’m sorry. I will apologize.”
“Hey, you are overdoing it.”
“Do it appropriately.”

The teammates that couldn’t keep watching, tried to stop Peter. Kaya’s face seemed to be possessed by the devil and was pouring all kinds of curses you couldn’t even understand. Peter was looking at that Kaya and was putting a relaxed face. It was at that moment.

“Fucking shit.”

A low voice flowed naturally from all that commotion. At first, everybody followed that voice without thinking much, but soon, they doubted what they had heard and turned their heads. It was Jo Minjoon. He, who was usually calm and composed, cursed with his own mouth.

Even Kaya, that was cursing at Peter, stopped and looked at Jo Minjoon. It was that much. Jo Minjoon didn’t panic at receiving that sudden attention. But rather, looked at the two of them with his eyes twitching.

“What are you trying to do? No, what did you come here for? You came to cook. But why are you saying nonsense with that mouth you use to taste food?”
“It’s not that i’m saying nonse, he’s saying that i’m poor and……”
“It’s true that Peter talked dirtily. But how clean did you talk? Why do you always talk in an attacking way? You clearly know that you are going to clash. Even after that scandal you made when you teamed up with Anderson, you still haven’t got ahold of yourself?”

Kaya didn’t know what to say and looked at Jo Minjoon with her eyes shaking. For her, Jo Minjoon’s words were more shocking than Peter’s. Since when did it become like that? That she thought that Jo Minjoon would obviously stand up for her.

Peter, that was slightly looking at the situation, opened his mouth.

“Yeah. My words were harsh, but honestly if she didn’t pick a fight with me……”
“You too, don’t point things out like that. You aren’t a victim. What the hell is with you attacking her self just because you took a blow? How old are you? Twenty three? Four? You are older than me. But what the hell are you doing to someone that isn’t even in her twenties? Poor? Is that even something to say?”

His words weren’t particularly mixed with curses, but his voice seemed to contain all kinds of curses and bad words. Peter seemed like he wanted to refute something, but there was particularly nothing he could say. Because Jo Minjoon’s words were right. He also saw the sights of the other teammates.

And Kaya too, couldn’t find any words to say. It wasn’t that she only did immature and stubborn things. She understood why Jo Minjoon got angry, and she, that had too many things to owe to him wasn’t in a situation where she could refute something.
But she couldn’t do nothing about her sorrowful feelings. Perhaps, if Chloe wasn’t hugging Kaya’s shoulders tightly, she would probably have cried. Although, because Kaya was a hand bigger than Chloe, it seemed that it wasn’t Kaya but Chloe that was being held…….

Jo Minjoon let out a deep sigh. And said in a lower tone of voice.

“Let’s get your act together guys. You are old enough. You are not children. Do I, no, do we have to act to the point that we have to change your diapers?”

Those were some harsh words to listen to, but at least for Kaya and Peter, they couldn’t say that it was harsh. Because they didn’t have the right to. Jo Minjoon continued speaking.

“And even in my opinion, the recipe is lacking. Didn’t you make the recipe sloppily because you don’t have to focus on a single individual? I don’t think that the combination of mustard and roasted turkey is bad. But it’s a bit weak to present in a luxurious meal. Maybe Kaya’s words were excessive, but she did point out the bad things.”

No reply came back. Under the awkward atmosphere, Jo Minjoon let out a sigh inwardly. Honestly, he didn’t want to act like this. But he thought that if he let those two alone, the team would crumble. And the only one who could intervene was Jo Minjoon. Because if it was anyone else than him, Kaya wouldn’t accept it obediently. Still, it was through the shining Jo Minjoon that he could control Kaya.

“Let’s not make emotional problems between ourselves. We came here to cook. And tomorrow, we are going to welcome the customers. It’s my first time as a chef that i’m treating a customer. I’m expecting it, i’m flustered by it. And I think that my heart is the same as yours. Isn’t that right? So at least, we should prevent from presenting a dish that’s filled with annoyance.”

Jo Minjoon talked up to that point and took a breath. Kaya and Peter seemed to calm down a little, and were sitting on their places while pouting.

Jo Minjoon glanced at the camera that was installed in a corner. He thought that Martin would really like this scene.

‘Whatever happens, that old man is the one who profits the most.’

Thinking about Martin laughing and grinning made him all the more detestable. Jo Minjoon let out a sigh and leaned on the sofa. Chloe glanced at her teammates and whispered to Jo Minjoon in a low voice.

“What are you going to do? I think i’m going to die from awkwardness.”
“I, don’t, know.”

Jo Minjoon spoke word by word in Chloe’s ear. Chloe trembled as if it tickled her and stood up from that place. And yelled in a loud voice.
“First, let’s eat dinner!”
“………But it’s only 3:30?”
“It’s okay. We can make something that takes long to make, and can eat dinner a bit earlier.”

Chloe laughed and looked at them.

“Did someone die from an illness for eating dinner?”

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