God of Cooking on Indefinite Hiatus

To my favorite epicureans,

It is with a bitter heart that I must inform you of my decision to step down from translating God of Cooking. This was a difficult decision, but with life priorities and other commitments I need to keep up with, it has come time for me to step out of the kitchen.
Personally, I really enjoy the novel. However, the cooking terms and ingredient names etc take time to research and address properly, making this a difficult novel to translate.

Kobato will be seeking to find a new translator for the series, however, we do not know if or when that will happen.

I’ve enjoyed this journey with Minjun, Kaya, Anderson and crew, especially our new little princess Ella. I hope that one day, someone will be able to pick up the mantle and lead Minjun and crew to culinary success. This novel is also very long, with 735 chapters, and would have taken over 10 years for me to complete at my current pace.

Thank you all for your support until now!


8 Replies to “God of Cooking on Indefinite Hiatus”

  1. Hikarichan_LOL

    This is so sad!!
    However I understand..
    Thank you for your hardwork till now n introducing min jun’s world of cooking to us..

  2. exqalph03

    It is unfortunate…
    It will probably take a long time until someone take this up again since as you’ve said, the difficulty and time needed. sigh.

    Anyway, thank you for all you’ve done, the efforts and time spent.
    I hope that you’ll fare well in your life ^_^ Good Luck.! Best Wishes!!

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