God of Crime – Chapter 2 : Doesn’t seem to be a dream at all. #2

After his accomplice was caught, Yoo Cheol Ho’s behavior was simple. It’s like fox hunting. Even if the fox’s burrow catches fire, you’ll only get the hunter’s prey when you run outside.

If there’s a sure hideout, it’s better to continuously hide in it.

‘Where Yoo Cheol Ho is is about 20 stations far on bus.’

The serial killer that troubled the whole country was that kind of a very close place.
Tae Hyuk took out his wallet from the pocket and checked the content.

‘Mm. 3,000 won (*1000 won is about 0.86 dollar) in total.’

It was said men have at least 3,000 in mind but he didn’t know that would be all.
It just make enough for going and returning by bus. And if he uses it all, he would have no choice but to skip lunch.

‘I should have taken some more breakfast if I knew.’

He couldn’t eat even half of a bowl due to thinking about Yoo Cheol Ho.
As well as with the army, with the prison and also the last supper coming in mind.

‘Fuck. I really look like a criminal with this.’

It’s a distance he could walk but Tae Hyuk decided to take the bus instead. A school student in a uniform walking in the street during the school hour is easy to come into notice. Also, because he has a delinquent appearance, he occasionally gets caught by the patrolling police and get a lecture.

And every time Ha Ran is contacted and he has to see her to be close to tears.

‘I guess I have to take the bus.’

What is he planning to do meet after meeting Yoo Cheol Ho.
Tae Hyuk’s thoughts became confused.

If Yoo Cheol Ho was really where he is going now, then it becomes a proof that what he thought was a dream wasn’t a dream.


Does it mean that getting a false charge and get into prison 5 years from now becomes reality as well?

And the result is Seo Ha Ran, his noona, and Seo Tae Min, his little brother, will also be ruined.

‘Fuck. It’s like I’m going to be announced for a terminal illness or whatever⋯⋯.’

But isn’t it better to know and to prepare, then to not know and to be struck.
Tae Hyuk too the bus going towards the destination.

He pulled his baseball cap deeper in case he would come across an acquaintance.

‘Mm. Maybe the rush hour is over so there isn’t a lot of people.’

There was only an old lady and a man with a deeply pulled cap like Tae Hyuk.

It was the man he bumped a little when he was taking the bus.

But there was something strange.

‘It’s so empty and why is he sitting in the next?”

Tae Hyuk who sat on an empty sit turned his eyes towards the two and observed.
At that moment,


Something vibrated between his crotch.
Tae Hyuk was surprised and looked around.

‘Fuck⋯⋯. Someone would think of me as a pervert if he saw.’

Something was in the uniform’s pocket. It seem it was that which vibrated.

‘Huh, it’s the mirror? Why is this in my uniform’s pocket?’

It was the mirror he used the last time to look at himself. The devil inscribed on it really looked ominous even on the outside.
Tae Hyuk squinted at the mirror and watched.
It was reflecting his own face and still, some strange things were written on it.

[Crime skill : You’ve learned The Robbery.]

– You can acquire a random possession by bumping into the other party.

– The success rate depends on the dexterity.

Those words came and then disappeared.
Tae Hyuk’s lips trembled.

‘What’s this⋯⋯.’

And at the same time, among the words written above his head, a new thing appeared.


[Seo Tae Hyuk]

– Title : God of Crime

– Rank : Plebeian (Insufficient promoting condition)

– Possessing skills : The Robbery (lvl 1)


‘Why have I learned this “Robbery” skill now? Why? WHY?!’

Tae Hyuk knew this devil mirror wasn’t a common item.
To begin with, he put on Tae Min’s desk for sure.
But it was in the pocket before he was aware of it.

He thought the devil really looked like shit but it was a really shitty item.
Anyway, if the words on the devil mirror were real, it means he learnt the said crime skill.

Tae Hyuk looked around in case.
And he could easily discover it.

‘As I thought, when there’s an effect, there’s a cause.’

The old lady who was starting to doze off when Tae Hyuk took the bus has already fallen asleep.
Then the man sat next to her showed his true colors.

‘A pickpocket!’

The man used his hand skill carefully as to not to wake up the old lady. He easily opened the firmly closed handbag with a single razor and only took the wallet from it.

If you didn’t pay attention, you would have thought his body just moved because the bus shaked.
The man’s skill was just perfect.

If he didn’t see the word “The Robbery” beforehand on the devil mirror, he wouldn’t have caught him at all.

‘Just what is this mirror?’

Tae Hyuk chewed his lips.
So this really is a devil indwelled mirror?

Before he could calm his confused mind down, the pickpocketing man was trying to get out of the bus.


The pickpocket was hurrying up as if he recognized the gaze.
Then he bumped Tae Hyuk’s body a little.

And the devil mirror vibrated again.


Tae Hyuk looked at the mirror with a vacant look.

[You used The Robbery.]

– You succeed in stealing the opponent’s possession!




The pickpocket was already gone from the bus.

‘The Robbery?’

From the message on the mirror, it meant he stole something from the pickpocket.
Tae Hyuk bit his lips.

‘Let’s check first what I stole.’
Tae Hyuk fumbled in his own pocket and a long wallet he didn’t know came.

‘Oh god!’

It was as he thought. He stole back the old lady’s wallet stolen by the pickpocket.
Staying like this, he was sure to get accused to be the culprit.
Tae Hyuk hurriedly came out from the bus.
Then the old lady’s scream resounded in the bus.

“Oh my God! My wallet disappeared!”

Tae Hyuk’s eye pupil shaked.
There was no time. Tae Hyuk ran through the side street.

‘Fucking crazy⋯⋯.’

The pickpocket stole the old lady’s wallet.
And he stole back that wallet from the pickpocket.
If he went outside the bus a little later, he would have been caught by the dispatched police,

‘What? God of Crime? You are just making a normal person a criminal!’

Tae Hyuk, angry, threw the devil mirror with all his strength to the ground.



But instead of breaking the mirror, it was the cement ground that cracked.
He trampled with his feet this time.


It hurt as much as if he trampled a stone pillar.
Tae Hyuk threw the devil mirror in a waste bin while continuously spitting curses.

And then he turned back and left the place.



Tae Hyuk fell in thought on how to deal with the old lady’s wallet.
He felt like he was becoming a criminal for sure if he was to keep this.

‘Like those bastards.’

Tae Hyuk was custodied in the prison for more than 10 years in his dream. Without being in a jail, there’s no way to meet other criminals.

And there was only serious criminals you could really call villains.

Yoo Cheol Ho was one of them as well.

They were monsters in human appearance.
Now, there was no certitude that was a dream but anyway, he was a falsely charged death condemned criminal in his dream.

And he fought his way during 10 years to escape from that place.
It was a really torturing and long time experience.
If he knew before his stay of execution was 10 years, would he have felt a little better?

However, if he became a culprit now, it was like denying his own existence.

‘I should give it back to its owner.’

But how?

If he went to police station and gave the wallet, they would say “Oh, thank you for delivering yourself.” and handcuff him.

‘Well. I guess putting in the mailbox is the utmost I can do.’

There was 20 checks of 100,000 Won (*86.47 US dollars) and ten 50,000 Won notes in the wallet. 2,500,000 Won (*2161 US dollars) in total.

And there’s an ID card too. If he puts it in the mailbox, it’ll go back to its owner for sure.

‘Richer than I expected.’

His heart shaked that moment at the huge sum. He would be able to buy a cloth for his hard working noona with this much.

‘⋯⋯Seo Tae Hyuk, what are you thinking about? There’s no way noona (*older sis) would be happy after receiving that kind of thing.’

Tae Hyuk took a single note of 50,000 Won (*43.23 US dollars) from the wallet.
So to call it, this is lost property. And since he’s giving it back to the owner, the 10% is his.
And he puts the wallet as whole inside the mailbox.

‘I should buy 1 Geun(*斤 = 600g) of Samgyeopsal (*pork belly/belly bacon, often used for Korean BBQ) to grill and eat with noona.’

Thinking so, he put the money in his pocket.

And then he frightened.

‘What the⋯⋯.’

The devil mirror he certainly threw was in.

Translator’s note

More Korean terms! Suprise, mothafathagentleman!

Proofreader’s note

wahaha, I’d love to get a devil mirror like that (lol). But it’s cold here, real cold. I’m tired. I want hot chocolate, I want sweets~

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Proofreader : Zenneth

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