God of Crime – Chapter 3 : Doesn’t seem to be a dream at all. #3

In the end, Tae Hyuk gave up on throwing the mirror away. What could he do when it returns in his pocket before he knows like a cursed puppet.

It seems it just report the situation through messages and vibration. It doesn’t seem like it will cause any harm.

‘I should maybe go look for an exorcist later.’

Let the mirror aside, he chose to only think about Yoo Cheol Ho first.

‘Yoo Cheol Ho was definitely hiding in an empty church, right?’

If he had a smartphone, he would have searched with a map application but what Tae Hyuk had was noona’s old folder phone she gave to him.

He had no choice but to search for it online in a nearby PC room.
The PC room was full even though it was right in the midst of school hours.
A few students in their uniforms could be seen as well.

‘They’re also skipping school’

Tae Hyuk paid the fee in advance at the counter, and took a seat and turned on the computer.

‘Where’s the church⋯⋯. The fuck. How could there be more than 20?’

The good thing was that he knew the church was empty.
Tae Hyuk had to check by calling all the churches one by one.
And then he had the information he wanted in a few minutes.

‘There’s only two places that didn’t answer the phone. He must be in one of the two!’

Tae Hyuk moved quickly.
The first place he went to was in vain. That must mean the guy is at the second place for sure.


The curtains were firmly drawn on every window. But a subtle sign of a life could be felt from the inside.
Half of the whole alley was empty because of redevelopment. The church Yoo Cheol Ho was in must be ruined because of that.

‘Certainly nobody would have thought that an escaped prisoner would be hiding in a church.’

First he had to see if it was Yoo Cheol Ho that was inside.

‘How should I do this…’

It’s not like he could knock on the door and ask “Is Mr. Yoo Cheol Ho there?”.

Suddenly, a good idea came.

Tae Hyuk got the church’s address by searching the mailbox and went toward a chinese restaurant a little away from here.
It was where he often worked part-time as a deliveryman, skipping school.

Luckily, it was lunch time rush hour. The phone was continuously ringing but the delivery motorcycle wasn’t there.

‘Like I thought, the orders are piled up.’

Tae Hyuk called the chinese restaurant.
He ordered a double portion of Jajangmyeon to be sent to the church’s address that he found earlier.
He made sure to sound irritated when they said that the delivery would be delayed due to the piled up orders as a plus.

The boss gladly welcomed Tae Hyuk when he entered the chinese restaurant.

“Oh, if it isn’t Tae Hyuk? Did you come to work part-time again? You came at the right time, there was a lot of orders piled up.”

“No, I just came to eat Jajangmyeon.”
“Hey, don’t be so cold, we’re really busy now. Just 10 deliveries, please. I’ll give you 10,000 won for an hour.”

Tae Hyuk smiled complacently.

“Just for an hour then.”

Tae Hyuk changed into the work uniform and took the iron box.
‘Let’s do some tests before, just in case.’

He decided to use the crime skill The Robbery he learnt just before to check if it would also work on a common person.
Passing by the boss sat on the counter, he bumped lightly his body.
Then the crime skill activated normally.

[You used The Robbery.]

− You succeeded in stealing the other party’s possession!

‘Let’s see what I stole.’

Tae Hyuk put his hand into his pocket and his hand caught onto a strange ball of hair.

‘What is this?’

When he looked at the boss, the abundant hair the boss had was nowhere.

‘The boss⋯⋯. He was in his 30s, right?’

Tears came to Tae Hyuk’s eyes.

“You dropped this.”

“Uwah! When did this come off again!? T-Tae Hyuk⋯⋯. Tell this to nobody, okay? I’ll give you 5,000 more Won.”

The two shared warm look of eyes.





Tae Hyuk knocked on the firmly locked door and shouted.
There was no reaction at all from the inside of the church. And the more and more he knocked strongly on the door.
As there was no reaction even so, Tae Hyuk started to yell loudly as hell.

“Yo man! You ordered this! Get out quickly, please!”

Was he not able to bear it anymore?
The closed curtain moved a little. Maybe he was checking if it was really a delivery man from a chinese restaurant outside.
The iron door opened and the shadow of a man in a clergy dress could be seen.

“⋯⋯We didn’t order any Jajangmyeon here.”
“Man, this is the right address.”
“Mm. Come to think of it, I’m starving. How much is it?”

The man slowly opened the door and came out.
Tae Hyuk almost dropped the iron box.

“Yoo Cheol Ho⋯⋯!”

The murderer of 7 people.
It was him in person.

‘He has a beard and a clergy dress on but this is him for sure!’

He shed cold sweats and his cloth got damp.
Yoo Cheol Ho being here was a proof that what Tae Hyuk saw wasn’t just a simple dream.

‘What the hell. Then that means I’ll really go to prison in 5 years after a false charge of murder? What the fucking fuck!’


Something came in his mind. The situation now was different from that time he got falsely charged without knowing anything.

Tae Hyuk knows what will happen in the next 15 years to come.


‘I don’t know what kind of power this is exactly, but there’s also the mirror and…’

He learnt The Robbery skill from the pickpocket with the mirror’s ability.
Then won’t it be able to do other things as well?

Perhaps it can change the fatality he remembers that is waiting for him.

‘First, I’ve got to know how I can get those skills.’

Tae Hyuk remembered the moment when he learned The Robbery.
He bumped into the pickpocket that was going to go inside the bus and he got The Robbery skill.

Then right after, he witnessed the pickpocket stealing the old lady’s wallet.

The condition must be in one of these events.

“I’m indisposed so could you please enter and put the plates on the floor inside?”

Yoo Cheol Ho said with a smile.
Tae Hyuk looked at Yoo Cheol Ho’s eyes. Eyes of a beast ready to murder somebody.

‘I must not let my guard down!’

If he does anything suspicious even a little, he would be murdered by Yoo Cheol Ho.

Tae Hyo remembered about the 3 cases of murder Yoo Cheol Ho did after he broke out from the prison.
He chopped his victims dozens of times with his knife, when he suspected them of being aware of his identity

Yoo Cheol Ho is quick.
You can’t get away from him even if you try to escape.


It means he must look perfectly like a chinese restaurant delivery man!
Tae Hyuk spoke in an indifferent way.

“It’ll be 5,000 won.”
“A second, the money is⋯⋯.”

Yoo Chel Ho doesn’t seem to be suspecting Tae Hyuk’s identity.
Tae Hyuk smiled complacently.

‘I did good in disguising myself as a delivery man.’

People tend to let their guard down when they’re facing people like deliverymen.
The Yoo Cheol Ho in his memory was also caught after a pizza deliveryman’s report.

“Ah, here’s the money.”

Yoo Cheol Ho took a bill of 10,000 won from his pocket and gave to Tae Hyuk.
Tae Hyuk took it and gave the change back.

“There’s a lot of orders piled up so I’ll be back in a hour to get back the bowl.”

And then the door closed.
Tae Hyuk sighed in relief.
He got away safely from the crazy murderer.

“This will be your last dinner in the outer world so enjoy it.”
Tae Hyuk giggled.
He should also have ordered a Tangsuyuk as well if so.




Translator’s note

Need slaves to translate novels.


Glossary (From Wikipedia)

Jajangmyeon (자장면; 짜장면; jjajangmyeon), a Korean Chinese cuisine, is a noodle dish topped with a thick sauce made of chunjang (a salty black soybean paste when unheated), diced pork and vegetables, and sometimes also seafood.

Tangsuyuk (Korean: 탕수육, Chinese: 糖醋肉), the Koreanized version of sweet and sour pork or orange chicken. Unlike the Americanized Chinese dish of the same name, tangsuyuk can be made with either pork or beef.


Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Proofreader : Anhrefn, Ter4005

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