God of Crime – Chapter 4 : Doesn’t seem to be a dream at all. #4

‘It doesn’t seem that just touching each other makes it a skill to learn.’

Tae Hyuk touched Yoo Cheol Ho’s hand when he received the money.
But there was no reaction from the mirror. 

‘Then just what is the condition?’

Is there only [The Robbery] as a skill?
There were too much unknowns.

‘First, let’s only think about Yoo Cheol Ho.’

It’s unreasonable to catch him alone.
It would be a suicidal act to try to fight him trusting only on The Robbery that he didn’t even know how much success rate it had.

Then there’s only one thing left.

The Prosecutor’s Office talks big that they would catch Yoo Cheol Ho right away be it tomorrow. But according to Tae Hyuk’s memory, Yoo Cheol Ho will be escaping across the whole country for more than a month from now on.

And meanwhile, he will kill 3 more innocent civilians.

The most important for Tae Hyuk was to get out from the decided “future”.

If Yoo Cheol Ho is caught today, the 3 victims who were supposed to die will be saved.

There’s a hope of being able to change the future.
Tae Hyuk hasted.

‘Yeah. Let’s call a trustworthy police detective.’

Tae Hyuk searched in his pocket while thinking of who he could call.
he took the handphone out to make a call.

“⋯⋯the battery is out.’

It was an old model folder phone he received from his older sister. It’s a junk that has the battery instantly depleted even if you charge it everyday.
Tae Hyuk went to a nearby convenience store and charged his phone. A few minutes were enough since he only needed to make one single call.

News about Yoo Cheol Ho were continuously diffused on the shop’s TV.

– And finally, there’s even a bounty of 50,000,000 Won on his head but his whereabout is still unknown.

‘The bounty!’

Tae Hyuk almost fell back at that word.

‘Why didn’t I think about it? An escaping convict like him would of course have a bounty!’

Thinking about it, it seems his little brother said the same thing this morning.
At the beginning, it was just to check what he saw was just a dream or not.

And then during the process, he learned a strange thing called crime skill but that wasn’t that a very important thing.

‘If it’s 50 million Won⋯⋯.’

It was an amount that would allow not only to buy a cloth for his hard working sister but even get out from the monthly rent semi-basement one room.
Now one, the one he’ll call will be considered as “having rendered a greatly distinguished service”. If so, he wanted to give this rather to someone he knew.

‘Right. Let’s call Jo Kang Suk-hyung’

He was a serious crime squad detective so Tae Hyuk has met him several times for interrogations. He was one of the very few people who treated Tae Hyuk as a human and not as a death sentenced convict.

His promotion luck was as bad as his overflowing sense of justice so he was still on the field although being in the late 40’s.

‘He should be roughly in the 30’s as of now.’

Tae Hyuk pressed the number after he checked the battery was charged a little.
– Yes, this is Jo Kang Suk from the 2nd serious crime squad of the Guangdong police station.
“Do you really receive a reward if we catch Yoo Cheol Ho?”

Tae Hyuk said it direct and straightforward.

– If you catch him personally or give decisive information for his arrestation⋯⋯. Hey, you are a high schooler, right? Where are you trying to make a prank call?! If I get you, you’ll pay dearly for this!”

A reaction that was as expected of Jo Kang Suk.
Feeling that he’s more like a neighbourhood older brother than a detective.

“It’s real. But do you give in cash? How much is the tax rate?”
–Big bro is busy, I’m hanging up.
“It’s really Yoo Cheol Ho. Anyway, aren’t you in situation that you have to find even a grain of rice he dropped? What about going together and check first?”
– Okay but if it’s a prank, know that I’ll make you pay for it.
– How have you seen him?
“Delivering chinese food.”
– Well, even an escaped convict has to eat.

Tae Hyuk smiled gloatingly.

Even if he talks lightly, detective Jo Kang Suk’s personality was thorough. He check himself, going to the field for any petty clue there can be.

Tae Hyuk informed Kang Suk on the blighters position.




“Damn. It was true. So he was hiding in that kind of place, that son of a bitch.”

Kang Suk took the radio and asked for reinforcement to the investigation headquarters.

“We found where the blighter is hiding. The position is⋯⋯.”

Kang Suk patted Tae Hyuk’s head.

“Sorry for doubting you.”
“It’s alright. Just make sure to catch him, please.”
“Yeah. Just watch this big bro catching the guy.”

Tae Hyuk watched the progression of the arrestation while licking the ice cream Kang Suk bought him.

The rest went like a dashing flow of torrents.

The investigation was in difficulties because there were no traces and not even a single witness. But then they got the exact place where he was hiding.
Jo Kang Suk reacted quickly.

Maybe it was reported to the Special Investigation HQ, dozens of police cars swarmed in no time.
Tae Hyuk watched them breaking the building’s door and entered in.

Yoo Cheol Ho took off his clothes and tried to quickly escape.
Jo Kang Suk jumped and forced Yoo Cheol Ho down. It was a movement like a hawk attacking his prey.

Yoo Cheol Ho yelled while he was being taken handcuffed.

“Fuck! Who is the son of a bitch who denounced me I was here?! Say it! I’ll fucking chew him to the bones!”

Yoo Cheol Ho was arrested and taken by 5 policemen.
Tae Hyuk watched that and put the last piece of the ice cream in his mouth.

“Ah, it’s refreshing!”

So sweet, so tasty.
Policemen were continuously going in and out of the church as if there were more evidences inside after Yoo Cheol Ho was taken away.

Jo Kang Suk continued to turn around to check if there would be any more threat to Tae Hyuk, the witness.
Tae Hyuk thought it was a good idea that he reported to him.

‘Wow, detective. You’ve rejuvenated. No potbelly there.’

It was a whole different image from the Jo Kang Suk he had in his memory so he giggled. But the eyes burning with the sense of Justice were the same.

“Detective Jo Kang Suk, I guess you’ll get a promotion now.”
“Haha. If there’s anybody bullying you in class, contact this big brother.⋯⋯but you don’t look like the type who’d be bullied. Ah, right. Have you already eaten lunch? Want a bowl of Jajangmyeon?”
“Wah, I made you the ace today for catching this wanted convict and you are only buying me a jajangmyeon?”
“Mm. Then Tangsuyuk as well?”
“Nah, in fact, I already ate. I wouldn’t say this is an ‘instead’ but help me get the bounty money, please because this is a first time.”

Jo Kang Suk laughed. He seems to like the bold Tae Hyuk.

“Boy, you are saying like you’ll get another time again, you know?”
“Pf Haha. What is that kind of face? Anyway, you said your name was Tae Hyuk, right? Thanks a lot. Yoo Cheol Ho, that bastard, is a really dangerous guy. For sure he would have committed more murders in his run. We could catch him without any casualties thanks to your report.”

At the moment, Tae Hyuk felt something hot overflowing in his heart.
He didn’t think about because his mind was occupied by the bounty reward but,

Tae Hyuk saved the life of the 3 victims of the murders that were to happen later.

The tragic future has changed.


The mirror vibrated.

‘Huh? I didn’t bump in anything.’

The crime skill The Robbery activates regardless of Tae Hyuk’s will.
But there’s a condition that he has to be in direct contact with the other party.

When he took the mirror and check, there were several words on it.

[You have earned 3 relation points.]

[You can use the relation points to either enhance a crime skill or activate a hidden ability.]

“What is this again?”

Translator’s note

Have changed the previously “The pickpocketing” to “The Robbery”

Anybody who’s interested in translating novels?


Jajangmyeon (자장면; 짜장면; jjajangmyeon), a Korean Chinese cuisine, is a noodle dish topped with a thick sauce made of chunjang (a salty black soybean paste when unheated), diced pork and vegetables, and sometimes also seafood.

Tangsuyuk (Korean: 탕수육, Chinese: 糖醋肉), the Koreanized version of sweet and sour pork or orange chicken. Unlike the Americanized Chinese dish of the same name, tangsuyuk can be made with either pork or beef.

Hyung : Big/older brother. Kind of an equivalent to the japanese “onii-san” but only used between male (male to male).

Translator : KobatoChanDaiSuki

Proofreader : Zenneth

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  1. Robbini

    Maybe it’s 3 relation points because he saved 3 people, or because he stopped 3 crimes, either one could be true. Bit curious as to if we’ll see a skill list to choose from

    1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

      1. I’ve put “pickpocketing” first as I thought it went better with the English terms

      2. the original word was 강탈, translated as Robbery.

      3. The author revealed the official English names of the few skills (will come later) and the said skill was “The Robbery”.

      4. (wikipedia) Robbery is the crime of taking or attempting to take anything of value by force (etc…)
      basically, the MC has to bump into someone and he takes a possession BY FORCE. somehow legit. (well, sure we would have another image of robbery with all the armed robberies and stuffs, etc)

      So yeah, anyway thank you for your kind attention.

      1. khoukharev

        NP, lLegal matters are my job, so yeah, I have to know these kinds of things 🙂

        Force in legalese would mean violence, threat to use violence would also qualify the action as robbery. From legal standpoint there is no way around it, it’s more or less the same whatever legal system you would choose.

        Well, from your explanation it seems that author is unaware of the difference 🙂 Probably TL note would help some readers to understand that in this text robbery doesn’t mean that he would be using force.

        1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

          Thanks a lot for your explanation 🙂
          I’m just a humble translator, slave of readers starving for more novels to read haha
          But I guess there’s no real need for any TL note (I’d put TL notes everywhere then haha), readers will just…understand.
          Thank you again!

          Oh, by the way, there’s this very interesting novel with a lawyer as MC. Maybe going to translate it myself or recruit someone to do so. I hope to see your comments again at that time! 😀

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