God of Crime – Chapter 6: All thanks to the good neighbor. #2

“You’re here to get the bounty?”
“Yes. I’m the person who caught Yu Chul Ho, and this is the person who reported his location.”

A person in an aloha shirt, and a person in a school uniform came to say that they caught Yu Chul Ho.
The receptionist at the front desk made a confused face.

“I haven’t heard anything from the higher-ups about any of this…”
“Kuhm, really?”

When Kang Suk made a troubled face, Tae Hyuk jumped into the conversation.

“Director Jo Un Hil of the Personnel Administration team… I mean, team leader Jo Hun Il should know. After all, he was the person who requested the man to be caught.”
“Team leader Jo Hun Il…? Ah, yes! Understood. I’ll confirm it right now.”

When the name of the team leader came up, the receptionist became quite surprised, and immediately began to call someone.
Kang Suk opened his eyes widely when he saw this.

“Woah, how’d you know about all that?”
“You know I deliver for a Chinese restaurant, right?”
“I heard about it while delivering food.”
“These guys order food from your store as well?”
“Mhm, the place I work at is quite famous.”
“I see!”

Kang Suk’s eyes sparkled.
Just how tasty would the food be, to even make the people from a large company like this to order?

The relation between an investigator and a bowl of Jajangmyun was extremely deep. Kang Suk quietly decided that he would someday order food at the place Tae Hyuk worked at.

“I, I’m sorry for making you wait!”

The attitude of the receptionist flipped a complete 180 degrees. The person respectfully led the two of them into the VIP room.
The one waiting for them inside was not Jo Hun Il.
An extremely beautiful woman, one who could be said to be worthy of even being on the television, was sitting on a chair in the room.

“Nice to meet you.”

The woman greeted the two of them while sitting in her chair.
Her short, well-trimmed hair splashed about atop her shoulders.

“I apologize for having to greet you while sitting down.”

The woman pointed at the wheelchair next to her chair.

‘So she’s disabled.’

She was a person who couldn’t walk.
In that case, it was obvious for her to greet them in her seat.

“My name is Jung Yuri. I ‘ve been told that you two were the people who caught Yu Chul Ho.”

Perhaps it was because of being a little nervous in front of a pale, disabled woman, Kang Suk was unable to respond for a moment.
When Tae Hyuk nudged the man on the side, Kang Suk managed to come back to his senses, and spoke hurriedly.

“Ah! To be more specific, this high schooler here… I mean, thanks to Suh Tae Hyuk’s report, we were able to catch the criminal. I’m Jo Kang Suk, from the Gangdong 2nd police division.”

Kang Suk took out his identity card, and handed it over.
The woman tilted her head. Even doing that made her seem beautiful.

“I thought investigators would’ve been more stiff than this.”
“Haha! Well, I am quite unique.”
‘He totally fell for her. But Hyung, you know marrying her would be a crime against humanity, right?’

Jung Yuri seemed to be a college student at best. The age difference between her and Kang Suk was more than a decade.

‘But who is she?’

She was a woman who used the VIP room of the biggest corporation in Korea as if it was her own room. She was definitely not normal.

She was probably… not the CEO’s secretary.

Her mysterious aura made it seem like she was part of the high class society.
Yuri bowed down to them.

“Yu Chul Ho……. Thank you for catching him. I hope he gets the punishment he deserves.”

Kang Suk smiled when he heard the word punishment.
Although she was speaking calmly, Yuri’s eyes held a strange mix of emotions in it.



And the surprise that she even had such an emotion inside her.

Although he was just assigned here, Tae Hyuk had worked in this place for about two years in the past. But this was the first time he saw a woman like Jung Yuri.
Either she was unrelated to the company, or she was a super VIP Tae Hyuk never saw before.

Tae Hyuk thought about the woman’s identity.
Perhaps he could find some sort of connection.

‘If it’s to the point of having even a large corporation put up a bounty, either he let out some top-secret info, or he attacked some important person. But there’s no way that bastard would have leaked some info.’

Then one of his victims was related to the Sungjin group.

Normally, the victim’s identity in a crime does not get disclosed to the public. Especially if this person was from a big company. But Tae Hyuk happened to be someone who knew Yu Chul Ho very well.

‘Right, the guy said he killed the daughter of a really important guy. The name was…’

Right then, Tae Hyuk remembered someone he heard of before. The person who was the president of one of the main branches of the Sungjin Group. The person who eventually became the vice-president of the company.

‘Vice-president Jung Gwan Mok!’

Come to think of it, the last names of both Jung Yuri and Jung Gwan Mok was the same. Could it be…

“Do you happen to be Mr. Jung Gwan Mok’s daughter?”

Jung Yuri widened her eyes when she heard this.

“H, how did you know?”

“I work at a Chinese restaurant, and he sometimes comes by to get himself a bowl of Jajangmyun. Apparently he’s been going there for 20 years. You kind of resemble him.”
“Jajangmyun… Well, it’s not like I was trying to hide it. I’ll reintroduce myself. I am the Chief of the 2nd Advertisement Section, Jung Yuri.”

To think she was a daughter of a president of a large company. Kang Suk’s mouth opened wide in surprise.
Tae Hyuk nodded, as if he had understood everything.

‘Well, people would definitely assume that she got to where she was due to her father if she told them her position. It’s obvious she’d hide it.’

“If even Noona is getting into this, you must be related to one of Yu Chul Ho’s victims…”

“…Right. It’s my Unni. By the way, please don’t leak any of this to the press. Well, I’d stop it from happening even if you tried, anyway.”

Now she looked like a proper chief of a company.
Tae Hyuk nodded.
Kang Suk, on the other hand, spoke awkwardly, like a broken toy.

“Yes. Understood.”

“Then please sit comfortably. I’ll get right to the topic.”

When Tae Hyuk and Kang Suk sat down, Jung Yuri poured the two of them some black tea from her teapot. She then handed them a bowl of cookies she prepared beforehand.


Kang Suk immediately stuffed several cookies in his mouth, and swallowed them without even chewing them.

“The cookies are quite tasty.”
“Ahaha, I baked them myself. I have a lot, so please don’t restrain yourself.”
“Ah, alright!”
“Now, about the bounty. First off, we’ll give Suh Tae Hyuk 100,000,000 won, for being a major figure when it came to arresting the criminal. Of course, there won’t be any taxes.”

100 million won!

With that much money, it would be possible to get a pretty good house in this area.
While Tae Hyuk was sitting in his chair calmly, Kang Suk began to act excitedly in his stead.

“Woah, Tae Hyuk, this is awesome! A 100 million won! With that much money, you should be able to buy a 3LDK house!”

Tae Hyuk bowed slightly to express his thanks, and opened his mouth.
This wasn’t enough.

“Big sis, I’ll say this not to the family member of a victim, but at the chief of the 2nd advertisement section of the company.”
“Uh, ehm?”
“You should be paying 200 million won, instead of just 100 million.”
“No, it’s supposed to be 100 million per person…….”

Jung Yuri stuttered in surprise. A little high schooler who seemed like a cute younger brother suddenly asked for twice the bounty without any shame.

“Right, 100 million per person. But then we’re two people here. Was there ever a restriction that people from the police couldn’t be given the money? I don’t recall there being one.”
“Y, you’re right, but…”

Normally, police investigators aren’t given money when they capture a criminal.

“Of course, he was only able to catch the criminal thanks to my report. But then again, without big brother Kang Suk, catching the criminal shouldn’t have been possible. He went out of his way to find the criminal, by believing a high schooler like me. He even caught the criminal with his own two hands. Now, did I catch the criminal by myself?”


“Ah, I said I’d talk to the chief of a major corporation, right. Try looking at this from the viewpoint of the Sungjin group. The new business they’re trying to start up is crime prevention, right? The concept of this is justice. This was probably why you put a bounty on Yu Chul Ho in the first place.”

“So you know that much.”
“I heard your father talk in the restaurant.”
“Oh, dad…..”

“Anyway, I don’t believe that supporting an agent who caught the criminal would make the company look bad. Kang Suk-hyung is due to make an appearance on the news as the investigator who caught the criminal. Giving him the bounty should give you a rough idea on what would happen. What do you think?”

Tae Hyuk stopped talking, and paused for a bit.
Jung Yuri watched Tae Hyuk with wide eyes. Kang Suk was already half-collapsed from the shock of what was going on.

“The justice you are seeking to create, we’ll protect it.”

The investigator who caught a famous murderer, and the company who backs him.
It was a chance to be able to completely erase the negativity that surrounded the company.
The money the company uses every year to maintain a positive image was about several hundred million wons.

Thinking about it that way, a hundred million won was not a big sum of money to the company.

Tae Hyuk’s words carried a strange power of persuasion in it.

“Please wait, I’ll contact my father about this.”

Jung Yuri’s hands were trembling.
She pressed on the interphone on the table, and spoke to someone.

“Ah, dad? It’s Yuri. About the bounty we put on that bastard…….”

Yuri talked with her father for almost 10 whole minutes.

“Understood. I’ll bring this in as a report. Right. The person himself is a high schooler……. Yes. It’s definite.”

Jung Yuri breathed slowly after ending the conversation.
She then grinned delightedly, and made a victory sign with her fingers.


Kang Suk looked like he was about to cry.

He managed to earn a 100 million won when he least expected it.

Tae Hyuk smiled in his mind.

He could only get up to a hundred million won anyway. It would be good if he made the most of this chance. Now, Kang Suk would most definitely be his guardian.

He managed to get himself a trusted person using someone else’s money.

“It’s all thanks to the vice-president.”

What he said about vice-president Jung Gwang Mok was only half-true.
Of course, he saw the man’s face when he worked as a guard here in the past.

And about eating Jajangmyun. It was something that happened 20 years ago. Tae Hyuk could still see the chef who had been boasting about a major figure from a big company being his regular.

What he said about hearing about a new business was a lie.

He only knew about this because of his knowledge of the future.
Jung Yuri didn’t seem like a person who’d talk about her father’s mistakes.
Her status as the chief was probably only a title as well.

The vice-president probably gave her the position to protect her.
This was probably why he never saw her for 2 years as he worked as a guard.


“Tae Hyuk!”

Kang Suk hugged Tae Hyuk with extreme force.

“Hyung, it hurts…….”
“You’re really trying to make all this emotion run away from me, aren’t you kid. Anyway, thanks a lot. 100 million won, it’s a hundred million won! I think I can even marry with that much money!”

Don’t you have to find a lover first, though?
Tae Hyuk looked at Kang Suk with such an expression, but didn’t say anything.

“We’ll contact you through the police station. Ah, we might ask you to participate in interviews, or come in to shoot an advertisement.”
“You’ll probably have to ask the chief that, but he’ll probably be fine with it.”
“Anyway, congratulations, investigator. You managed to get yourself a 100 million won.”
“It’s all thanks to having a good brother. Haha, Tae Hyuk!”

Kang Suk hugged Tae Hyuk once again, and slapped Tae Hyuk’s back this time.

[You used Robbery.]

– You have successfully stolen one of the target’s belongings!

“N, no!”

Tae Hyuk screamed out in surprise.

“…….D, do you hate it that much?”

‘It’s not that! The crime skills are going to activate!’

And this time, the skill activated in first try, without fail.

Tae Hyuk quickly put his hands in his pockets.
He could feel a somewhat wet piece of cloth.
He carefully took out the object, careful not to have it be discovered by either Kang Suk or Yuri.
His face immediately deteriorated into one of disgust.

‘Fuck, it’s underwear!’

To think he’d manage to steal someone’s clothing.

How scary!

Kang Suk, unaware that his underwear was gone, began to dance in joy.
It was almost as if he won a big raffle.
To be honest, Tae Hyuk felt the same way.

‘100 million won, awesome! Yeah, I should buy myself a house as soon as possible, so that I can surprise Noona.’

Of course, Kang Suk would most likely help him do this.


Noona – “Big Sister” in Korean, from a male’s perspective. Doesn’t have to be related by blood, can just express familiarity.
Unni – “Big Sister” in Korean, from a female’s perspective. Doesn’t have to be related by blood, can just express familiarity.

Proofreader’s note

At last! God of Crime is released after some time. This chapter was a good chapter. Though that ending, where the ability was activated and Kang Suk’s underwear was stolen. Ah, it would’ve been better if it was a girl pantsu stolen.

Translator : Ensj

Translation Check: Kirito0017

Proofreader : Kuhaku (formerly known as Zenneth)

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