God of Music – Chapter 1: To Ten Years in the Past…(1)

“Oppa, oppa.”
“Oppa, oppa!!”
“…Ahh… Just a little more…”

KangYoon was tired. The hand which was shaking him was getting stronger, but his heavy eyelids showed no signs of opening.

“Ah, geez!! Oppa!!”

In the end, after a shout, he barely opened his eyes.

“*Yawn*… Oh… So noisy. I said just a little more…”
“Oh geez. You said you had an interview, and you told me to wake you up early.”
“Yeah whatever… Interview… Interview… What? Interview??”

After hearing an important word, KangYoon felt his head go blank. After kicking the thick blanket covering him, KangYoon stood up abruptly and looked around.

“This is… my room.”
“Where else is it if it’s not your room? Wake up. You gotta eat breakfast.”
“You… HeeYoon? You’re HeeYoon?”

KangYoon finally saw the apron-wearing lady who was looking at him. With a tall height and a paler face than others around the same age, it was his little sister, HeeYoon.

“HeeYoon!! You are alive!!”
“Huh? Oppa, why are you like this?!”

KangYoon hugged HeeYoon strongly after thinking that she was safe. HeeYoon tried to shake him off in confusion; however, she found her brother, who was even crying, a bit strange, and she left him to his own vice.
After a long while, KangYoon calmed down, and he let go of HeeYoon.

“Oppa, why are you like this? You seem like you’ve seen a dead person?”
“The hospital! Weren’t you in the hospital?”
“I was discharged yesterday. You were even with me. You said let’s change to the regular treatment.”

What does this mean? KangYoon didn’t even begin to understand. The hospital clearly said that she was in a serious condition. After being contacted, he hurried to the hospital. He tried crossing the wide Mapo bridge, and then he was hit by a truck…

‘What happened?’

KangYoon finally felt that something was off. He first stared at his own sister’s face. The paler face, compared to others around her age, was still there, but her age seemed a little too young.

“There, there, my dear brother. Stop looking at my face. I cooked breakfast for you, so you gotta eat it deliciously right?”
“Y-yeah. I will be there after I wash up.”

KangYoon headed to the toilet right after he let HeeYoon go. Even pouring cold water onto his face, he didn’t grasp what was happening. Healthy, no. His little sister becoming younger and an interview… He didn’t know what was what.
After washing his face, he went to the living room. The first thing he saw was the calendar hanging on the wall.

‘July 2007? Not 2017?! Is the calendar wrong?’

KangYoon rubbed his eyes, and he looked again; however, it wasn’t wrong. He lived and died with the entertainment world. He was meticulous in organizing calendars. The calendar was packed full of the schedule he wrote there.

‘MG Planning Team interview. 11 AM? Wait, I had this interview 10 years ago, though?’

KangYoon finally felt that something big was happening. He got through the MG Entertainment interview, and he entered the company; however, the singer he planned for failed miserably,  and he even got his hands on marijuana. He had to take responsibility and leave the company; his memory of that was very clear in his mind.

He became bitter when he thought of that failure.

“Oppa, come and eat!!”

While he was in thought, he heard HeeYoon calling him from the kitchen.

“I’m coming!”

KangYoon changed his clothes, and he walked towards the living room.

“In the– beautiful world–”

HeeYoon was singing while she boiled the soup. The sound of the soup boiling and the cutting sounds on the cutting board was filling the room. But…

‘Wh… What is this? This light?’

In front of him, an amazing scene was taking place. HeeYoon was surrounded by light. The hazy white light came out of HeeYoon, and it filled the kitchen. KangYoon was scared out of his wits, seeing this sight that was like magic.

‘What is this!! Th… This is?!’

Perhaps it was a halo. KangYoon doubted his own eyes. He rubbed his eyes, and he looked again. However, the white light from HeeYoon didn’t disappear at all, and it was filling the kitchen with faint light.

“Oppa, let’s eat.”

Then, something even more amazing happened. The light disappeared instantly when the singing ended.

“Yeah… What?”
“Oppa? What is it?”
“N-No. I seem to be seeing things.”
“Oppa, you’re being strange today. Did you have a nightmare or something?”

Normally, he would sit and lift his spoon; however, today he was staring at her, so it was no wonder that she felt it was strange.

“No. Let’s eat!”

However, instead of telling her his thoughts, KangYoon lifted his spoon. Speaking to HeeYoon about it would make her treat him like a freak. Of course, the inside of his head was chaos itself.


‘This is 10 years in the past. I died, I returned to the past, and now I’m seeing strange things.’

After his sister went to school, KangYoon sorted the situation in his room. His mind could not comprehend this situation at all. To think that he had returned to 10 years in the past. It was hard to accept. However, he could only accept that it was 10 years in the past after looking at the president’s policies, entertainment stories, and internet articles.

‘Then, what is it that I’m seeing?’

The light that HeeYoon was giving off. He couldn’t begin to understand what it was. To think that a person would give off light. It was something that he should report to the ‘Wonders of the World’ TV programme.
However, worrying about it wouldn’t lead him to a solution, and so he didn’t look for any answers.

‘Oh, the interview!’

It was good etiquette to arrive 10 minutes earlier to an interview. For an 11 AM interview, he had to leave now. KangYoon neatly wore his suit, sorted his figure, and he left the house.
The MG Entertainment office building was located in something like the silicon valley for entertainment companies. Due to it being located in the most famous street of Gangnam, there were models along with celebrities walking on the streets; street performances were common.

“Lie– Lie– Look back at me—”

KangYoon was walking past the street when he found a lady who was performing on the street. The figure of her focusing on singing with a guitar strapped around her made the passersby gather around her. He was curious as to what the people were looking at, so he went to take a look.

‘Huh… What is this? This light is…?’

In front of him, the light appeared again. Faint white light was spreading out from the singing lady. From the guitar also came out blue light, it melded into the white light, and the white light grew stronger.

“The song’s good.”
“She’s performing well.”

The reactions of the public was also alright. Tens of people gathered around her, and they praised her singing. From time to time, people put a 1000 Won note and, sometimes, even a 10000 Won note. As the singing reached its climax, the light grew even stronger. The light, in the end, engulfed the crowd that was listening.

‘What is this? Don’t tell me, it’s caused by singing?’

HeeYoon gave off light in the morning when she was singing. The singing lady in front of him, right now, was also giving off light. KangYoon grew absent minded after seeing the white light growing stronger as it melded into the peoples’ bodies.

“Thank you!!”

After the song ended, the light given off by the lady disappeared; it was as if it was a mirage, disappearing just as his focus neared. However, the light from the singing still shone on the people who were listening. The light disappeared slowly after some time.
KangYoon now understood what the identity of that light was, to an extent.

‘This is singing! Singing!! The light is something like the influence that people get from music.’

KangYoon tapped his knee without realizing it. He didn’t know why he could see singing as light. However, he no longer feared this strange phenomenon.

‘I will be late to the interview. Let’s go.’

Because he was listening to the singing, he was running out of time.
KangYoon hurried towards MG Entertainment.


“Mr. Lee KangYoon. Born in 1978; that means you’re 30 this year. In the previous company,  you were the chief planner for the singer, Julia.”
“That is right.”

MG Entertainment office, 7th floor conference room. There, KangYoon was interviewed by four interviewers. They were facing each other, and tension flowed in the room.

“Julia was prepared ambitiously by GTH Entertainment, but you barely crossed the break-even point. There was no news of her since then.”

The one speaking was the one in the middle wearing a hat. He kept poking where it hurt.

“In this field, career experience directly relates to ability. If you come to us with those failing experiences, then would we be able to trust you in planning?”

The questions were sharp, but KangYoon was calm.

‘Producer Oh JiWan. As expected, he’s asking the same questions.’

The current questioner was Producer Oh JiWan, MG Entertainment’s representing producer.

He was known for being picky, but his producing was great; even between singers, he was known for being a producer that’s worthy of trust. The only downside was that he was not affectionate to anyone.
“You are right. From the company’s perspective, Julia was a failure. However, she was also the singer who provided the opportunity to plan for other singers by crossing the break-even point in just one year. She didn’t rise high, but she provided us with an opportunity. If you trust me and give me work, then, even if I fail, there would be no loss in any way.”

Companies are sensitive to money. If the planned singer rose high, that was alright; however, to do that, they needed to break through countless variables. Crossing the break-even point was not easy. KangYoon appealed this point.

“No losses. Stability-wise, it’s alright. Then, let’s move on to the next question. I believe that you know of our situation in the company very well. Our main male singer group, Epis, is borderline disbanding while our female group, Sereny, disbanded; also, our solo singer, Yeon JooAh, is experiencing difficulties due to the confusion in the Planner Team. Mr. KangYoon, if you were the supervisor, then how would you overcome this crisis?”

From the woman in a suit from the furthest right, a long and difficult question flew at him.

“May I have some time to think?”
“Yes. Is one minute alright with you?”
“Of course.”

For a brief moment, silence flowed in the interview room.

‘In the end, Epis was disbanded because the members had different thoughts; the members went solo, but the reaction wasn’t that good. The members of Sereny all contracted with other companies. Amongst them, the least famous of them all, Herry, hit it big doing musicals; she  exceeded all the other members. I heard MG Entertainment was stabbed in the back. Yeon JooAh, as an active singer for 10 years, she intended to debut in Japan first, then go to America; however, the company wanted her to step on to America directly and confusion ensued. In the end, JooAh went to Japan and hit it big, but there was not much of a reaction in America.’

Sorting out the past, he now knew how to answer this question.

“First, I will start with the problem with Epis.”
“Go on.”

The woman in the suit crossed her arms. She had a ‘I’ll listen to your answer for a bit’ reaction. It was an attitude that only appeared in people with high positions.

“There is a lot of friction in between the members of Epis. Everyone has their own musical ambition. The company misses the fandom and synergy effect when they get together; thus, they are unable to let go. However, in my opinion, we should let them go.”
“What’s your reason?”
“Of course, there will be profit even if the re-contract is done. However, the re-contract money will be high, so, even if you re-contract all the members, the profit will be small. The members of Epis all want to work solo, and they don’t have much interest in working as a group. The company re-contracting them will only bring losses.”
“Hmm… Even so, can’t we force them to work as a group in the contract?”
“Not at all.”

KangYoon strongly refuted the words of the woman in the suit.

“They already achieved success once. That won’t work even if we provide them with a lot of money. If we force them to do what they don’t want, then they won’t do it. It’s better to let them go or contract them one by one.”
“Good, next.”
“The next is Sereny. As far as I know, Juri of Sereny already has more interest in marriage rather than the entertainment industry. It would be hard to hold onto her as she dreams of having a stable family.”
“Hami, she has interest in acting. However, as you know, she is already known for her terrible acting. To straighten it out, a lot of time will be necessary. Finally…”

KangYoon was speaking when a casual clothed man on the far left interrupted him.

“What is the reason for your confidence in saying this?”

At that moment, KangYoon panicked. All of this, he knew because it already happened in the future; however, that person was asking for the source of information. It was a sharp question. However, in the end, KangYoon calmly resumed his answer.

“I was in this field for a long time. It was a prediction based on rumors.”
“…Is that so. Continue.”

It should have made him panic, but, seeing KangYoon reply so calmly, the man didn’t speak anymore.

“I think JooAh should start being active in Japan first. First, JooAh’s style is one that gets through in Japan. Her age is 18. However, her skills are already top-tier. In Japan, idols around her age have a showdown in looks. If it is JooAh, someone who has both looks and ability, it will definitely work. My answer concludes here.”

KangYoon’s answer ended. The interviewers gathered and spoke to each other. KangYoon calmly waited for new questions.

In the end. The casual clothed man spoke.

“You said that the things you spoke now were based on rumors, right?”
“…Hm. You have good skills. I think we under-evaluated this man called Lee KangYoon.”

KangYoon rejoiced in his heart. He answered differently than last time. However, the reactions were great.

“This level of information network and adaptability, and if you really have the skills in planning like you said, then I think you would definitely be able to use your ability to the fullest here. Good. Then the last question.”
“Please speak.”
“Suppose you’re a team leader, and you make a plan for JooAh.”
“Where’s the stage?”

A question that he never heard ten years ago came at him. KangYoon needed to think this over calmly.

‘JooAh had no relations to me in any way…’

She was a famous star. However, in KangYoon’s past, he didn’t even see her properly once. To plan for a top star 10 years ago, KangYoon’s heart thumped just thinking about it.

“Please give me time to think.”
“I will wait.”

KangYoon pondered for a bit. If he was going to do it, then do it big, on a big, wide stage;  he should make her have fun. After confirming his thoughts, he calmly started replying.

“The dance that JooAh has the most confidence in is popping. Popping for the dance, and  little to no electronic sound for the song… Music Station for the debut stage would be great. I’ll know better if I receive the songs, but currently, this is all I can think of.”

As a music broadcast by the Japanese Asai TV, Music Station was one of the biggest music broadcasters in Japan. The problem was that they never allowed foreign singers to stand on it.

“Oh. Music Station, you say. Was there a precedence where they allowed a foreign singer to stand on it?”
“I think that’s why we should try it. ‘Our singer is worthy to stand on that stage. Let her try’. Then we prove it to them. My view is that Planners should be responsible to create that opportunity.”

The man smashed on the desk hard.

“Good. I’ll be honest with you. There was no-one who answered as refreshingly as you. Last question. If I let you run that plan for JooAh, will you be able to bring to me that refreshing answer again?”

Chaos ensued amongst the interviewers. His straight-ball reaction made many people stand up abruptly.

‘Plan for the singer, JooAh?’

If it went as it did in the past, he would be assigned the four man singer group who were trying to do their 5th album, fail, and then leave the company.
KangYoon could hear his heart thumping at the amazing opportunity he made for himself.

‘JooAh’s Japan stage? This…’

Even imagining it made his heart thump. He was also worried about the risk of failure. However, the risk of failure was incomparable to the one in his past. However, all of this fear…

‘I will absolutely succeed!!’

KangYoon’s fear couldn’t win over his own eagerness.

Fail, fail, FAIL!! For KangYoon, who was sick and tired of the countless failures in his past, this was an opportunity to leap. He decided.

“Yes. It’s possible.”

KangYoon grabbed onto that opportunity.

“Chairman!! This won’t do. How can…”

Of course there will be chaos since he let a newbie take charge of a huge project. However, the chairman waved all the complaints, and he held his hand out to KangYoon.

“Please take care of me from now on. Team Leader Lee KangYoon.”
“Please take care of me too. Chairman.”

The casual clothed man, Chairman of MG Entertainment, Won JinMoon and KangYoon,  grabbed each other’s hands.
And that’s how KangYoon’s first planning project started.
It was the start of the first planning project by KangYoon, who would later be hailed as the Midas’s hand… no, the God of Music.

Translator’s note

Chapters will be out until 8

Yes, the author has changed POV to third person. And it will be this way in the future.

Thank you for reading!

Translator: Chamber
Editors: Nerebear, Nahct (from Path of Translations, thank you, and sorry T-T)

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