God of Music – Chapter 12: Sweeping Japan (8)

“I’m sorry.”
-I’m alright, oppa. It’s just your work, isn’t it?
“Thank you for understanding. Anyway, sorry. I should’ve gone back on Saturday…”

While KangYoon was talking to HeeYoon on the phone, he couldn’t help but feel sorry.
He thought that when the Music Station stage was over, he could quickly pack up and go back home, but there were a lot more work left than he thought.
Fortunately, HeeYoon understood his circumstances and encouraged KangYoon.

-I’ve seen the article, JooAh-unni hit a jackpot. It’s all the rage now.
“It indeed was a jackpot. Thanks to that, there is a shortage of hands so I’m not able to go… You’ve received the regular dialysis, right?”
-Hey, don’t start this again. That’s the problem with you, oppa. Don’t worry about it. Did you eat your meals regularly too?”
“Of course. It’s too early for you to worry about me, HeeYoon.”
-Hey? You’re coming like this?”

While talking to HeeYoon over the phone, KangYoon could rest for a while.
However, even that was brief.
Finally, a someone knocked on the door and opened it.
KangYoon sighed at his disappointment.

“I’ll call you back later.”
-Eat your meals regularly, and watch out for cars.

After the call ended, KangYoon received some paperwork from chief Han JungSuk.

“It’s a request for order from XX distribution company.”
“That’s a huge lot.”
“I think the effect from Music Station was quite big…”

As chief Han JungSuk said, the effect of the debut stage, that is, the Music Station stage, was huge.
A Korean singer called JooAh beautifully showed herself in Japan, and her albums were selling out with sparks.
Thanks to that, the albums that were piled up in the branch office were drying up and the newly produced albums were ordered out as soon as they were produced. They were short on hands so people all went to support and so, KangYoon was in a situation where he couldn’t go back.

“What’s JooAh doing?”
“There seems to be an interview with Sakeu Celebrities Magazine right now. After that, it’s a photo shoot for Yoriura Magazine. Then…”
“That’s a huge lot, especially when she just came here. However, there doesn’t seem to be much of music related schedules.”

When KangYoon found it strange, Chief Han JungSuk said it wasn’t his decision and pulled out.
He couldn’t say anything about other department’s way of work.
KangYoon said he understood and made him leave.

‘Phew. This should be about alright.’

KangYoon was about to call for the request of order, but he stopped.
In fact, his work was over with the stage and the few days of debut season after that.
He did the start beautifully, so it was time for someone else to take over.
To do more than that, was overstepping on other’s rights.
After having finished working, KangYoon headed to the rooftop.


On the rooftop, KangYoon spit out a long breath of smoke.
Smoking was something he didn’t do usually since it may affect the health of the singers.
Especially today, the scattering smoke made him feel satisfied for some reason.

‘Haha. Me? On JooAh? And a success at that?’

KangYoon was still not calm.
The album sales weren’t calculated yet but it seemed that they were nearing 500,000. He could say it was a success.
They said it might become a million-seller soon, so this was not just a success, but a big one. In the ‘past’, he was called the minus’s hand for his repeated failure but to think he made a singer succeed on a foreign stage… This feeling of achievement was indescribable by words.
It wasn’t a high building, but the scenery down was unspeakably beautiful. The feeling of success made everything seem more beautiful.

‘The light…’

This ability to see singing and dancing as light. This ability, that sometimes, when other people didn’t catch it, he could catch it like a computer. This ability flipped the unfortunate ‘past’.
The changed future. The ‘past’ he changed will have changed the future. Now, he had to be prepared for the unknown future. And to do that, he had to be come strong.
KangYoon, who was thinking stiffly while looking down at the scenery of the city, laughed. Today was too good of a day to be thinking about complicated things. When he thought about how he was so stiff on himself, he rubbed the cigarette off. To think of heavy stuff on a day like today was just a waste.
When he came back to his office, a guest was waiting.

“Oh~! Team Leader Lee. How’s it going?”

The guest, Chairman Won JinMoon, hugged KangYoon as soon as he saw him.
On his face was a bright smile. He didn’t even imagine that JooAh’s Japanese album would hit off like this, and he felt that he dug out a diamond from mud. Perhaps hugging once was not enough, there was a lot of strength in his hands.
KangYoon brought some coffee to Chairman Won JinMoon, who was sitting on the sofa of the office. There weren’t any staff so he had to make the coffee himself.

“It’s been a long time since I came, but there’s not a single person around here.”
“Everyone’s out on support. Currently, we’re short on even cat’s hands.”
“That’s reasonable. They said the sales went over 500,000 right?”
“Yes, sir.”

A smile never disappeared on Chairman Won JinMoon’s lips. That was reasonable. When JooAh topped Japan and the album sales rose exponentially, the company’s stocks rose madly. That meant that his own assets were increasing. KangYoon couldn’t be any more handsome in his eyes.

“You know? I still can’t believe it. That JooAh had her debut stage on Music Station. There’s nothing to say about the album sales. You tried to convince me using facts and logic, but to be honest, I can’t believe it even now.”
“I’m quite out of it too.”
“Don’t underestimate yourself. You did it. You didn’t use underhanded methods and brought JooAh up there. JooAh said on the phone. That this time was the first time since her debut stage that she was so comfortable preparing for a stage. She requested that she wanted to work with you in the future.”
“Is that so…”

If it was JooAh, KangYoon was all for it. She looked after herself well, she listened to requests well, doesn’t have a bad personality…wait, not that, and anyway, she had the perfect characteristics of a singer. Moreover, there was the built up trust. To think a singer like that wanted him… He was delighted and happy. Of course, he didn’t show it on the surface though.

“But you know…?”

However, one had to listen to the end.

“JooAh will be fine on her own. There is an even more urgent work. I want you to do something bigger in Korea. And so, I came here personally.”
“Something bigger… Sir?”
“Yes. Something bigger.”

Chairman Won JinMoon took out some paperwork from an envelope and held it out towards KangYoon.

“Report on Candidates for the Next Generation Girl Group? Turned down? What is this?”
“Let’s talk after you’ve read through it.”

KangYoon flipped it over. However, KangYoon’s eyes widened when he did so.

“Jung MinAh. 18 years old. Dance: A, Singing: C, Star Quality: B. Overall evaluation: C+. Has excellent dancing ability but she does not get along well with her team members and her tendency to stand out is strong, so… Eh?”
“Someone you know?”
“Oh, no, not at all.”

KangYoon flipped on to the next page.

“Han JooYeon. Dance: C, Singing: A, Star Quality: C? Han JooYeon is?”
“Hey, did you meet with the trainees?”
“No, not at all, sir. I will say it after reading a little bit more.”
“Please do.”

KangYoon couldn’t understand. On the evaluation it was written ‘has talent for singing but is weak at dancing due to her fragile body. She’s shy and does not get along with the rest of the team so it would be hard to make her grow into a star’.

‘Who the hell did this evaluation? Han JooYeon is? Han JooYeon will be the core of popularity, and it says she’ll be hard to grow into a star? Does this person have eyes on his/her ass?’

KangYoon was speechless. He wanted to meet whoever did this kind of evaluation. KangYoon was dumbfounded at this evaluation so he closed the report before finishing it.

“May I ask who did this evaluation?”
“Why? Is it strange?”

Chairman Won JinMoon asked. He was curious of what KangYoon was thinking. KangYoon also, in his own way, thought about how to put his thoughts into words. Then answered.

“I’m not sure about the dance or singing, but on ‘star quality’ I think the evaluations are wrong.”
“On star quality? What’s the reason?”
“Star quality, that is, qualities of a star, is the appeal that attracts the populace, and is undefinable. Jung MinAh has the appeal that bewitches the people. There are many people that can dance well but people who can dance attractively like Jung MinAh are rare. Especially a girl’s dance that can bewitch the female populace.
“Oho, really?”
“Yes. And Han JooYeon has an image that strongly provokes the protective hearts of men. However, she has her own ambitious side. This will instead bewitch the male populace. If it was up to me, I will take advantage of this point. To say they don’t have any qualities of a star is a bit of a stretch.”

Chairman Won JinMoon seemed convinced as he slowly clapped his hands.

“As expected. You always give an answer that’s out of my expectations. I didn’t even think you saw through the trainees too. The reason why I brought this material here is because I don’t like the evaluations given by the trainers and the Planning Team Leader for the next generation girl group. President Lee HyunJi said she wanted to come herself, but I insisted that I come myself. As expected, I like you since you bring different answers to others.”

It was an embarrassing praise but Chairman Won JinMoon didn’t hesitate. He was really astonished. KangYoon wasn’t just a comet. He thought that it wasn’t a coincidence that KangYoon succeeded JooAh’s album. He was sure that KangYoon had special eyes.

“Now, you will take over as the Planning Team Leader of the next generation girl group. From the selection of the trainees to training, etc – I will leave all of it to you. Just doing that is a waste of time for you, so I want you to also work on some concerts and other things.”
“New recruits… Sir? I thought JooAh requested something to you.”
“JooAh’s alright. She can do well with anyone, I will take care of that. You did the groundwork so well so it will be alright here.”

There was a problem even with working too well – this. He thought that he would get to rest for some time, but KangYoon could only sigh. Of course, it was a sigh mixed with delight, disappointment and many ohter things.

“Prepare for takeover until tomorrow and go back to Korea. Thanks for your work.”

With Chairman Won JinMoon’s declaration, his project with JooAh had come to an end.
KangYoon’s first project ended with a big success.
Rumors – that he succeeded with putting JooAh as a Japanese star, and laying the groundwork for MG Entertainment’s other singers to go to Japan, and even network of people – spread around like wildfire.
And like that, planner Lee KangYoon showed himself in the entertainment industry.

Translator’s note

Regular Chapter 1/3

As I said in the latest Coder chapter, Chairman here is the owner of the company, while there are two factions below him. The president and the board of directors. These two (should) have equal authority in the company.

If anyone doesn’t understand what’s going on. Then please leave it in the comments! Since this series does not have an editor/proofreader, it may be a bit difficult to understand. (I will try my best to improve my translation quality.)

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