God of Music – Chapter 17: Blowing Suspicions Away (1)

“Have a safe trip.”

KangYoon went out while receiving HeeYoon’s farewell. After joining the army of men in suits in the bus and train, he arrived at the company when he received a call to the President’s office. It was due to the report he gave yesterday.
KangYoon took some papers and headed to the President’s office.


President Lee HyunJi repeated flipping and flipping back one page after flipping it for a while. Normally, she would refreshingly approve, but today was different. She repeated flipping and flipping back and in the end, signed with difficulty.

“Today it was quite difficult to sign. Please take it to the Chairman’s office yourself.”
“I understand. May I inquire the reason?”
“I’m good with everything, but I don’t understand why you picked this member.”

President Lee HyunJi pointed to Lee SamSoon at the very back of the report. She did sign but she couldn’t be satisfied with this member – this was her meaning.
KangYoon spoke confidently in order to quench her worry.

“President. The current Lee SamSoon is a top tier member. Her individuality doesn’t even need to be spoken about, and she can also satisfy the star quality element.”
“It’s not like I can’t believe you, Team Leader KangYoon. However, this member iss a little too different to our concept. Exceptional is good, but it’s hard to be assured. First, go to the Chairman’s office.”

KangYoon bade farewell and left the president’s office. Usually, President Lee HyunJi would go submit the report to the Chairman herself, but this time she said to give it to the Chairman himself. Her intention was for him to convince the Chairman himself. Of course, KangYoon had the confidence to do that.
KangYoon was about to step onto the elevator to go to the Chairman’s office when someone stood in front of him. It was a female secretary clad in a white suit.

“Good morning, Team Leader Lee.”
“Yes. Hello.”
“Director Jung HyunTae wishes to see you.”

A call from a Director – KangYoon wondered what it was. KangYoon temporarily postponed going to the Chairman’s office and turned back and followed the secretary.

“Welcome. Nice to meet you.”

Director Jung HyunTae was a middle aged man with a bulging belly and strands of white hair in his 50s. He stood up and offered his right hand as soon as he saw KangYoon. They shook hands and sat down straight away.

“Would you like tea?”
“May I have a cup of coffee?”
“Yes, of course. Are you fine with Luwak coffee?”

Director Jung HyunTae ordered for a high class coffee. He looked kind on the outside but his atmosphere gave off a feeling that he was plotting something. KangYoon was on his guard.
As he thought.

“The girl group selection this time. I called you here to give a little help.”

He said ‘help’. ‘Help’ when all the rights were with KangYoon? This meant that he would interfere. KangYoon thought it was absurd but he replied calmly.

“Help? I’m very thankful with just your words.”
“No, no. You worked in Japan so long, so I thought you might have a little trouble while working in Korea. I thought you would need my help. And so I called you here to know you more and to talk about that. Thanks for your time.”
“Not at all, sir. I’m very thankful with just those words of help.”

This was not a good intention. KangYoon accurately saw through Director Jung HyunTae’s intention. Moreover, the timing was like this too. To think a situation like this would happen just when President Lee HyunJi was suspicious about Lee SamSoon’s qualifications… KangYoon was on his edge.

“I want to recommend a child to you. There’s a girl called Kang JiHee. Do you know?”
“JiHee. Yes. I do.”
“I think you overlooked that child. I thought you might want to take another look at her. She has skills and she’s a good kid.”

KangYoon subconsciously gripped his fists tightly. In the end, he meant that he would put a hand. His intention was to grow his strength by putting a hand on a large scale project like this.
Disregarding that, it wasn’t like KangYoon didn’t have a look at Kang JiHee. She definitely had not so bad skills. However, KangYoon pondered deeply before choosing another person than her. This was also an insult to KangYoon.

“Ah ah. I already know. You must have had a hard time selecting. But you know? I want you to take another look. Who was it again… The kid who has accent like a country bumpkin. I wonder if she really can become a star.”

He referred to Lee SamSoon. How did this Director know that Lee SamSoon was selected? KangYoon was about to speak when he decided not to. Disregarding that, he didn’t see the value in speaking anymore. This was a clear abuse of authority and a breach of rights. Moreover, KangYoon had already promised them. To go with them until the end.

“Hahaha. I can make a country bumpkin into a star, alright.”

At KangYoon’s words, Director Jung HyunTae’s face slightly twisted.

“Fufu… Is that so? But since we’re doing it. Isn’t Seoul better than some country bumpkin?”
“Seoul’s not the only part of Korea, is it? I’m thinking of embracing the whole country. I’m sorry but I have a lot of work piled up so I will take my leave.”

KangYoon stood up just like that and left the Director’s office. Director Jung HyunTae called him but KangYoon didn’t even look back.

“You overconfident bastard! Let’s see how your I-can-do-everything attitude lasts. Secretary Lee!! Secretary Lee!! Bring me water!!”

As soon as KangYoon left, Director Jung HyunTae’s face twisted fiercely. The pretty secretary who entered with a cup of water on a tray, couldn’t help but shiver in fear when she looked at such a figure.


“It’s novel. Good. But why did you come yourself this time?”

Chairman Won JinMoon seemed satisfied with the report and immediately signed in approval.

“The President said for me to go myself.”
“Really? But why?”

Chairman Won JinMoon was curious. To think President Lee HyunJi didn’t sign a report like this… KangYoon’s report was literally perfect. When he flipped the pages in suspicion, there was indeed an element of doubt at the back.

‘It’s because of Lee SamSoon.’

Chairman Won JinMoon knew straight away. Lee SamSoon that KangYoon selected – it was due to the worry about her. Of course, there was a clear reason behind KangYoon’s selection of Lee SamSoon. It was approvable. The problem was that she was too different to the singers of MG Entertainment until now. A new approach would always bring pain. In another point of view, the fact that President Lee HyunJi, who pursued safety, decliend this was quite obvious. It was a difference in thinking.

“I mentioned last time, but President Lee HyunJi doesn’t approve unless there is a clear, logical reason. But if she signed despite that, then it’s quite clear that she recognizes you.”
“Is that so?”
“JooAh is still on the hots due to the momentum. Isn’t there a saying that ‘results are the best proof’?”

Chairman Won JinMoon didn’t speak anymore. He thought that KangYoon would understand with just this.

“I understand. I will take my leave.”
“I look forward to it this time too.”

KangYoon headed to his office after leaving the Chairman’s office.

‘In the end. Lee SamSoon is the problem… Lee SamSoon is… Lee SamSoon…’

It was Lee SamSoon that president Lee HyunJi was worried about and also the reason why a Director tried to interfere in this. He obtained the signatures but he needed to solve their worry over Lee SamSoon. This kind of thing must not happen in the next Director’s meeting. KangYoon realized.
KangYoon headed straight to the practice room where Lee SamSoon was.

“Mornin’, sir?”
“Yeah. Hello.”

Lee SamSoon, who greeted him with a savory accent, would usually make him smile but to the current KangYoon, he had no such leisure.

“See me for a sec?”

Lee SamSoon followed behind KangYoon with the worry – ‘why so suddenly’.
In the resting area, KangYoon offered Lee SamSoon a bottle of water. Other drinks were unsuitable for trainees.

“Thank you.”
“SamSoon, is practice going well?”
“Yes. It’s goin’ fine. The teach’s are all teachin’ us fine and I’m also tryin’ my best.”

Lee SamSoon’s accent was savory and leisure could be felt from it. It was a thin sound like a girl but when an accent came out, a special attractiveness could be felt from hehr.
KangYoon asked her about her current situation for a brief time before going into topic.

“Why don’t we do a performance?”
“A perf’mance? Why so suddenly?”
“It’s too much to think of it as a performance, so… just think of it as a presentation. We will just lightly put on the music in the street and sing. How about it?”
“I’m good.”

Lee SamSoon was refreshing. Her voice was also bright as if she wasn’t nervous.

“Good. Then shall we go?”
“Ya mean now?”

KangYoon’s decision was very quick. He immediately got the key to the storage room and packed the equipments before going to Hongdae where street performances were everywhere.
Befitting its name of ‘The Walk of Youth’, Hongdae had a lot of people. The street filled with people was bustling with activity.

“Sir, there’s sure a lotta people.”

While moving the various equipments like the mixer, Lee SamSoon was busying herself with looking around the place as if she was curious about everything. Company, dorm, Company, dorm – to her who had repeated such a life, this street was wonder itself.

“There are. There seems good.”

KangYoon pointed towards a square.
When they finished setting the mixer, the amplifier, the camera, and the microphone, etc… People started gathering while wondering what was going on.

“Ah. Ah. I’m doin’ a mic’ test. Tester~.”
“Kukukuk.” (Muffled laughter)

When Lee SamSoon’s savory voice was projected through the microphone, some people muffled their laughters. However, Lee SamSoon didn’t feel down and smiled. Instead, she smiled more brightly and waved her hands to the people. Very naturally.

‘As expected.’

When he looked at that figure, KangYoon was reassured of his previous thoughts. The people were all laughing but they couldn’t take their eyes off her. A cute girl who uses accent, and even someone who doesn’t feel down at that. Lee SamSoon had a natal star quality. Rather than feeling down, her mood became even more lively and she was about to have a talk show with the people if someone didn’t stop her.
When preparations ended, Lee SamSoon officially greeted the people.

“I’m Lee SamSoon. I’m a trainee if MG Entertainment, and I came’ere to perform.”

Although it was small, cheers started erupting from the crowd. A cute girl was speaking confidently with an accent. An accent that didn’t match her appearance was giving off attractiveness. KangYoon was also holding back his laughter.

“I’m thinkin’ of doin’ a performance’ere. Is it alright?”
“Oooh!! Pull off an ‘Ummunna’!!” (T/N : This song here)
“That will be difficult since I’m weak at trot.” (T/N :Trot , Old style Korean Music)

Lee SamSoon laughed off the half-jokes that the audience said. The setting ended soon, and KangYoon gave a signal.

‘Let’s start.’

KangYoon started the music. Then, Lee SamSoon’s voice started ringing throughout the square through the microphone.

  • It’s strange ㅡ I can’t hide it this heart ㅡ What should I do ㅡㅡ

The lively and light singing of a girl spread out through the square. The feeling or the tone ot the accent was all gone.

‘Yes. It’s this!!’

KangYoon rejoiced in his heart. People started clapping when they were surprised at Lee SamSoon’s complete change in image. The people who thought that they were here for a comedy also became absorbed.

‘It’s this!!’

KangYoon turned the camera through the remote control and didn’t forget to capture the reactions of the audience. The usual accent are gone without a trace when she sings. It was thanks to Lee SamSoon’s hard effort. This was the reason he picked Lee SamSoon. White light emitted from her already and made the people dance.
KangYoon smiled when he saw her having a high-five with the people he saw for the first time.


The next day.
It was the usual planning conference but today, the characteristics were different. Usually, the planning team and the stage production team and the other staff would gather and have a meeting, but today, an order came from above for even the Directors to gather. It was because KangYoon had asked Chairman Won JinMoon.

“Hmm, to think you want the Directors here too… It seems there’s something interesting, Team Leader Lee.”

Chairman Won JinMoon asked KangYoon while entering the wide conference room.

“I called them here since I have something to show to them.”
“I look forward to it.”

Chairman Won JinMoon lightly placed his hand on KangYoon shoulders when entering. He was having a better impression of KangYoon as time went past. His work was very clear, and more importantly, unpredictable so it was quite interesting.
After the Chairman, the President, followed by the Directors all entered. When they all came in, this planning conference produced a heavy atmosphere that wouldn’t lose out to a usual Director’s meeting. When everybody was here, KangYoon pointed the screen with a laser pointer and started the meeting.

“Directors, President, Chairman. Thank you for your attendance today. The reason I gathered you here today is to talk about the finalization of the next generation girl group members.”

At KangYoon’s words, the Directors started whispering to each other. President Lee HyunJi spoke amidst of that.

“Interesting. Please begin.”

President Lee HyunJi urged KangYoon. The next generation girl group project was an important business that would decide the company’s future. This needed approval from the Chairman, the President, the board of Directors. Moreover, this was a planning conference. But when KangYoon said he had something to show them, they were all interested.

“Then let me begin.”

KangYoon started showing the materials he prepared one by one. This member was chosen for this reason and there is such data and I plan to go with this concept in the future – He added some additional materials to support them. Due to being a meeting, the Directors would usually interfere a lot, but due to the well prepared materials, there were no such things
However, the problem began at the end.

“Finally, it’s Lee SamSoon. To briefly summarize, Lee SamSoon is an inferior student in MG Entertainment. The problem was her accent and her appearance. However, there are no problems with her skills. Appearance would be solved in due time with management….”

Director Jung HyunTae raised his hand. He showed a completely different side to him from just until now, when he kept silent.

“You said there was no problem with her skills. However, everyone here knows the problem with her stubborn accent. When I looked into it, not only the trainers, but even the President mentioned it during the audition but it seems she still haven’t fixed it. Wouldn’t this be interpreted as that she might be going against the company in the future? Is there a reason to select a trainee that might bring up problems even though there are other good alternatives?”
“I already said that there’s no problem with her performance. And also, to say that she will go against the company in the future just because she hasn’t fixed her accent is too big of a conjecture. Trainee Lee SamSoon never brought trouble during her 3 years as a trainee. I think the reason of ‘she might rebel against the company’ is insufficient.”

Director Jung HyunTae gritted his teeth. Team Leader Lee KangYoon didn’t tremble or lower his head when he was in front of the directors. He spoke what he needed to and they were clearly backed up by evidence. Director Jung HyunTae could feel that his face was hot when his own words collapsed. An insult like this in an official place like this…

“It seems the Directors are doubting about trainee Lee SamSoon. I have something to show you. Would you have a look at this?”

KangYoon played the video he recorded last night.

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