God of Music – Chapter 19: Unintended School Conquest (1)

Jung MinAh, who lived at home usually, was slightly dissatisfied with the forceful cohabitation due to the girl group project. She didn’t want to miss the food her parents made for her, but it wasn’t like she could miss this opportunity. In the end, she packed up her belongings on the verge of tears and came to the dorms.
However, the true suffering just began.

“Nice ta meet ya. Lee SamSoon.”
“Y… yeah. I’m Jung MinAh.”

Lee SamSoon, the person who shared the room with her, and is the same as age as her.
To Jung MinAh, she, who used a savory Chungcheong province accent, was a big trouble.

“I use this bed and you use this bed, kay?”
“Y… yeah. But SamSoon.”
“And I sleep at 11. And ya?”
“Ahaha. I…”
“You gotta sleep early and wake early. That’s how your breasts get bigger.”

SamSoon’s slow pace of words was a first for Jung MinAh. Moreover, she was cool with everything. A slow pace on top of being a tomboy when she didn’t even get used to the accent… Jung MinAh felt that her neck became stiff.

“Please ta’care of me from now. Oh yeah, MinAh. You, are you close with ol’man KangYoon?”
“O, ol’man?”

MinAh didn’t like accents that much. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She only heard rumors about Lee SamSoon, but when she met her for real, she couldn’t laugh. Their affinity was bad.

“Ye? Or nay? Why so silent? Such a shame.”
“Oh, it’s nothing. Rather than close…”
“Ayy, wha. You ain’t close?”

Someone might say it’s savory accent, but Jung MinAh didn’t want to accept Lee SamSoon, who was far from being refined.

‘What the hell is up with this girl?! You want me to live with her from now?!’

When she thought that she would have to live with this countryside tomboy from now on, Jung MinAh’s mentality collapsed. She felt her future becoming dark


Everything was approved and the girl group project began
An exclusive planning team and a training team was created and KangYoon distributed them work. A large scale project since the JooAh project had began.
Everyone was busy. The selected girls were busy moving into their dorms and practicing after their personal schedule was made, and the employees felt their bodies aching due to all the overtime work. The girls were also looked after carefully starting with the diet. Unlike with JooAh, who could look after herself, KangYoon was tight with managing those candidates.

“…They are practicing well.”

One week later, in a meeting.
KangYoon was holding the report from each teams and was speaking.

“I told you at the beginning but we will train them with teamwork as the focus for a while. They might not know anything but they have strong prides so they will fight a lot. You may not be able to stop the fighting but please manage them well so that they can properly get over it afterwards.”
“Any other opinions?”

There wasn’t anything big. KangYoon ordered them but he didn’t go into detail. Raise their teamwork, do a lot of group practice. I won’t get involved with the method. He used the method which respected the way the employees work, but at the same time, achieved the goal.

“We will end the meeting here.”

KangYoon ended the meeting quickly. There wasn’t much group data about the trainees so there wasn’t much to discuss about teamwork, which was a very important element in the beginning. However, even this would be discussed starting next week.
After the meeting ended, the people left KangYoon’s office like a tide. After that, KangYoon wrote a report and headed to the president’s office directly.

“Welcome, Team Leader KangYoon.”

President Lee HyunJi greeted KangYoon. It was the first report after the project was decided, so she seemed to expect a lot as it could be seen that she was slightly excited. While drinking the coffee her secretary brought her, she started reading the report.
After reading KangYoon’s report, she signed in approval, satisfied.

“It’s good. Thanks for your work.”
“Thank you.”

KangYoon briefly reported about the progress. Training would be carried like this in the future, and they will focus on teamwork – these kind of things.

“When can we see the final result?”
“I’m expecting 1 year.”
“Isn’t that to tight?”

President Lee HyunJi tilted her head in confusion as she expected 2 or 3 years. If it’s the KangYoon now, it was better for him to have a safe and steady result even if it took long rather than a fast result. President Lee HyunJi wanted to know the reason why KangYoon said 1 year even though he didn’t need to be so pressed about results.

“Solo singers had strength until the early 2000s but the stage is changing gradually. Group singers, especially in their teens and 20s are surpassing their position. Of course, solo singers are better now but that will break soon. To do that, we need to prepare quickly.”

President Lee HyunJi enjoyed these kind of talks with KangYoon. In her opinion, KangYoon had the eyes to read the era. President Lee HyunJi was also thinking something similar. However, she didn’t show it on the surface.

“Then I’ll take my leave.”
“Please work hard.”

KangYoon headed towards his own office after finishing the tea-time like report in the president’s office.


However, there was a person in his office, when he thought there weren’t any. It was Jung MinAh.

“MinAh? Is something up?”
“Team Leader. I came since I have something to say.”

KangYoon was curious. The current Jung MinAh looked like she had a lot to say. She felt like a person with many things piled up. KangYoon told her to sit and started listening.

“I think I don’t fit with SamSoon. I can’t live in the same room as her.”
“From the way of living, or her accent… I don’t like anything about her. Team Leader. Can’t you change?”

It had only been one day since they started living together. However, Jung MinAh already came looking for him. KangYoon thought it was absurd but he pressed his urges down and spoke.

“And how many days has it been since you started living in the dorm?”
“…One day.”
“You can’t say you want to change rooms after just one day. Moreover, SamSoon didn’t do anything wrong. If you don’t have anything more to say, then please leave.”

KangYoon cut it clearly. Jung MInAh was a rare talent. But listening to a selfish request like this was not possible. KangYoon thought of these as training.

“Team Leader.”
“Go to practice.”

KangYoon didn’t speak anymore. He didn’t console her either. In these situations, he needed to come out strong. He thought like that. Although he knew that Jung MinAh felt sad, but for now, he needed to look at a bigger picture.
In the end, Jung MinAh left the office dejected. Of course, KangYoon also didn’t feel good. However, he needed to be clear cut about things like this unless he wanted problems popping up later. It was the lesson he learnt in his time as a manager for 7 years.
It was when KangYoon was about to finish the report.
The door suddenly opened.

“Tada!! Oppa, I have returned!!”

When KangYoon lifted his head in surprise, a girl with small stature loudly appeared with spread arms. It was JooAh. KangYoon sighed as if all energy left him.

“At least knock. Will you…”
“What is that reaction? You aren’t delighted to see me after such a long time?”
“Yeah, whatever. Good to see you.”
“Ah~. What the hell is this feeling like I’m being bowed to. I’m delighted to see you after such a long time.”

When JooAh expressed her disappointment, KangYoon laughed with a ‘pfft’. JooAh acted however she wanted in private places.
KangYoon, after finishing the little work he had, brewed tea right away.

“Thanks. But you’re horrible at brewing tea.”
“Just drink whatever you’re give, will you?”
“Hahaha, you know your sins, right?”
“Sins? What sins?”
“Eat and run with the Japan case. I will use this excuse until I die.”

JooAh wanted to keep working with KangYoon. Even though she created that much chaos in front of Chairman Won JinMoon, she didn’t get KangYoon back. JooAh, who had experienced a damage like this for the first time, had no choice but to give up, but she put it somewhere in her heart.

“That’s my fault?”
“I don’t know anything about that. My resentment is like the sea.”
“So audacious? Do whatever you want. First, forgetting that, give me a signed CD.”
“Signed CD? Why?”

The topic changed and JooAh was curious about KangYoon’s request. She heard that KangYoon requested for her sign last time too. Of course, she put more effort into that sign than when she did it for other people. She signed on a photo – which there was only one of – so there was nothing more to speak about.

“I’m giving it to my little sister. She’s your fan.”
“Little sister? You had a little sister?”
“She’s the same age as you.”
“Oh, really? You’re quite far apart.”
“We are. Please.”
“I will, I will. But you know? I can’t give it to you now even if I wanted to. The 3rd batch was sold out so we’re onto the 4th.”

It was a problem even if the album sold too well. Well, although, thanks to that, the company was all smiles at the sales.

“Well then. Please.”
“Yeah, yeah. It’s your request.”
“Then I’ll believe you.”

After that JOoAh listened to KangYoon’s advice on what to do in the future. KangYoon talked to her about her attitude or the people she need to get along with. JooAh was naughty most of the time, but she did engrave what KangYoon said to the point that she wrote them all down.
After they talked for a long time, JooAh stood up after looking at the clock.

“Then I’ll take my leave. I need to get on the plane.”
“You’re busy, huh.”
“See you later. Don’t worry about that CD.”

When JooAh left, KangYoon was devoid of any strength as he just experienced a storm.

“Haa.. She is as lively as ever…”

JooAh left and KangYoon laughed.


Her grade changed and when the new semester started, HeeYoon felt good to go to school nowadays.
She made friends, and the number of people she talked to increased. She didn’t talk a lot, but it was a massive change compared to the pas when she was quiet and felt like she didn’t exist. Perhaps due to this kind of change, liveliness filled HeeYoon’s face more than ever.

“Limit N to 10…”

Maths. A time of horror when everybody sleeps due to the sleeping drugs known as numbers and polygons.
HeeYoon resisted the urge and focused on the class.

‘It’s not easy.’

Of course, no matter how she looked at it, Maths wasn’t easy. The teacher solved all the questions but HeeYoon was stuck. HeeYoon raised her hand after trying numerous times.

“Excuse me, tea…”

It was the moment HeeYoon raised her hand to ask.
From the window, a loud engine sound could be heard.

“Huh? What is that car?!”
“Where, where?”

The students all ran to the window at the loud engine sound ringing out through the whole school. The surprised teacher also ran to the window as if he just got hit with a missile.
However, outside the window, a red car that could only be seen on TVs was running through the school sports ground.

“That’s a Borsche!”
“For real? I’ll beat you up if it isn’t.”
“F*ck you. I bet my entire fortune on it.”

Car otakus were all excited. Why was an expensive car like that here, is there some rich tycoon in our school, etc. Various predictions started spreading.
And finally, the car stopped and a man and a woman stepped out.

“Hey, hey, hey!! That’s JooAh, JooAh!!”
“It’s JooAh!!”
“Sh*t!! F*ck!! It’s the real JooAh!!”

The hottest celebrity nowadays. The first celebrity who the students admired the most and was jealous of the most – JooAh – was slowly walking towards the school.

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