God of Music – Chapter 21: A Plan that Overcomes Blanks (1)

‘Sedy, who has a comeback stage after 2 years, splendidly ruins the comeback and disappears.’

KangYoon, who came back to the office, opened the envelope and fell into thought. Sedy, who made women’s heart flutter with his mellow voice and the emotional songs that matched it after his debut, went well for 2 year before disappearing suddenly. He came back after 2 years, but he received bad criticisms such as his voice changed or he lost the feeling, etc… and ruined every single album he released.

‘The first concert is unlucky, eh.’

This season was definitely the season when he recovers after 2 years of blanks. Meaning that his time was over. However, as he thought that it wasn’t good to reject the work without even meeting in person, KangYoon decided that he would decide after he gathered some materials.
He searched the internet and requested the reference room about the materials related to Sedy. Soon, materials about Sedy piled up on KangYoon’s desk.

‘This is enough for him to get doomed.’

After having a look at the materials, KangYoon sighed. Sedy earned too much money within a short period of time. He made a hit as soon as he debuted and the money and popularity raised his arrogance. In other words, he had star complex. The star complex made him sink rapidly and eventually, he played around too much without managing himself well and he got sick.

‘His throat was hurt. That’s why he rested for 2 years.’

While looking at the documents categorized as important, KangYoon shook his head. In any case, aftereffects of throat injuries are very serious. The possibility to recover to the former voice was very faint. Even if he could sing, there was no way he could know that the people would accept the change in the voice.
KangYoon closed the documents. The priority was to meet the singer himself. Although he knew the future of the singer known as Sedy, he had never met him.
KangYoon contacted Duka entertainment right away.

“Greetings. I’m Lee KangYoon from MG Entertainment.”

As if they had already received a call, the work progressed smoothly. Sedy’s manager, called Yu SeungCheol, was very kind and he lowered himself, saying that he would attend to KangYoon. KangYoon didn’t delay and set a schedule and set off right away. Although he could tell them to come, KangYoon set off thinking that he need to have a look at the situation himself.

‘Was Duka Entertainment so small?’

KangYoon arrived in front of Duka Entertainment. Duka Entertainment was on the second floor of a small 3 level building. He heard that they were doing well once, and they had enough money to rent the whole building, but now they only had one floor. KangYoon felt strange and went inside.

‘Geh, what is this? Smell of smoke?’

As soon as KangYoon entered, the stuffy smell of smoke stung his nose. KangYoon, who never expected to smell smoke in an entertainment company, creased his face.

“Gosh, smoke.”
“Excuse me…”

The man seemed surprised at KangYoon’s creased face as he took back his offered hand. KangYoon only looked at the man then and he became awkward.

“I’m sorry. It was a bit awkward.”
“No, It should be me who’s sorry. This is why I said to meet outside… Let me introduce myself. I’m called Yu SeungCheol and I’m in a position of a manager and the secretary of general affairs.
“Lee KangYoon.”

The person called Yu SeungCheol had a naïve expression and a chubby body. His personality looked good.
After a brief exchange of greetings, the two sat down and went into topic.

“The open broadcast, ‘FM and walking’ with the actress Jung ShinHye. It was at 6 o’clock on Saturday, right?”
“Yes. It’s in 3 weeks.”
“Did the TV station give you permission too?”
“We only received a time from the radio station. Sedy-hyung wants a lot of stage devices. Of course we know that it’s difficult, but … *Sigh*…”

Manager Yu SeungCheol also seemed fed up with Sedy as he sighed. If one used too much stage devices on an open radio broadcast, then it would be a nuisance to other singers. But Sedy was stubbornly requesting it so he was fed up. KangYoon had a look at the demands slowly and spoke.

“Then it’s better to have a showcase.”
“To do that the money…”

…And they don’t have enough budget for it. KangYoon sighed.

“Since we’re using the same stage as other singers, we need to be considerate towards them. It’s a bit of a stretch to think that it is our own stage and mobilize so many devices and boast material superiority. Then you need to go with a showcase.”
“That’s why we requested of you. It’s because we can’t think up of a good method.”

KangYoon felt his head ache. What do they want to do… This – not enough money. That – it’s difficult. He was fed up.

“Then first, let’s meet Sedy. Where is he?”
“Uh, that….”
“Where is he?”

KangYoon looked around when a door opened with squealing sounds coming out from behind the door. Then a handsome man with short hair and a woman wearing tight clothes walked out while stuck together. It was the singer Sedy, Lee JunYeol.

“Hohoho, Oppa. So cool. So? What did you do then?”
“What do you mean? With a sledgehammer, I just…”
“Whoa, darling’s so manly.”

A low quality conversation, that was uncomfortable for even men to hear, went past. KangYoon was dumbfounded. Someone was here to work for him, and that same someone was playing around with woman…

“…I’ll take my leave.”

KangYoon didn’t have anything more to say. He had a look at the reason why Sedy failed in the ‘past’ he knew. He came to discuss the plan but the singer in question didn’t even show interest and had a woman beside him. It was obvious that such a singer would fail.

“Sorry? No, team leader. Wait, please hear…”
“If it’s such a person, he would fail in whatever he does. There’s nothing more to speak about.”

Manager Yu SeungCheol grabbed KangYoon in panic, but KangYoon returned. In his ‘past’ life, he had seen singers in his 10 years of continuous failure. No, he rolled around at the bottom of the industry in his 7 years as a manager before he went into planning. The people he saw from then failed, not from effort, but from talent. However, that man called Sedy had the talent but no effort and he was rotting his own time. The thought that he should waste time on such a man didn’t exist.

“Y, you’re the concert planner that said you’ll come today? Nice to meet you. I’m Sedy.”

However, as if ignoring KangYoon’s words, Lee JunYeol offered a handshake as if nothing had happened. The smirk on the corner of his lips said ‘That’s cute, do some more’.

“Hyung!! This person is…”

Manager Yu SeungCheol was shocked and blocked Sedy. However, KangYoon’s anger was already at the limit. He stiffened his face and took a deep breath and met his eyes and spoke with a low voice.

“You’re pathetic.”
“You should be in the middle of practicing to warm up your voice now, but with a woman… I can estimate why this company became like this.”
“Team Leader!!”

When KangYoon provoked Sedy, Manager Yu SeungCheol was shocked and tried to hold KangYoon back. However, KangYoon, who was now angry, didn’t intend to stop there.

“If it’s the current Sedy, he will fail no matter what he does. I can declare that. I don’t want to see him again.”

KangYoon then turned back. Fire was raging inside his heart. He didn’t even want to think about that singer who smoked and played around with a woman,

“Team Leader. Please listen to my story.”
“I don’t think there is a need to listen anymore. I’m sorry.”

Manager Yu SeungCheol clung desperately, but KangYoon left the place just like that.
However, even when KangYoon went back like that after insulting him, Sedy only smirked.

“What the hell is that guy? Ah, my luck must be bad. Isn’t it right, oppa”?
“What is it, oppa?”
“You go too.”

However, Lee JunYeol pushed away the woman he was playing around with for a long time. The woman complained as she didn’t know the reason before swearing at Sedy and leaving.

“Ah, hyung!! Do you even know who that person is!!? Ah, f*ck!!”

Manager Yu SeungCheol felt like he was about to go crazy. They had persuaded MG Entertainment after a long time. President Kim TaeHoon begged until his knees gave out to move the concert team. Of course, the distribution contract was also important. Now that they kicked away the hope they just begged for, he wanted to XX that problem child.

“That person just now, it’s that person, right?”

Manager Yu SeungCheol was on his edge. However, Lee JunYeol ignored that and continued speaking.

“The one who said that he will make my comeback stage.”
“Yes. And you chased him away. Ah, really. That’s the guy who put JooAh on top of Japan. The one you talked about last time.”
“Oh, really?”

However, he didn’t seem to care. But then he thought again for a moment before speaking.

“Hey, SeungCheol.”
“Ah really. Why do you keep calling me?”
“Was there anyone who insulted me right in my face like that until now?”
“I don’t know, You went well before.”
“But he directly rejected, eh? That’s interesting.”


“What? Rejected?”

The next day.
President Lee HyunJi widened her eyes after she heard that KangYoon rejected the work with Sedy.

“What’s the reason for your rejection?”
“We don’t have anything to profit from this. Even though it’s the first work, it isn’t that good…”
“And what is your reason for your judgement?”

First work was very important. This was the first work that the concert team of MG Entertainment had received. They could only receive other work if this work went well. KangYoon wanted to say that Sedy’s ‘mentality is completely rotten’, but he held back since it wasn’t an objective material.
And so, KangYoon prepared a document and held it out towards President Lee HyunJi.

“His voice changed too much in his 2 years of rest. Even if we plan a stage for them and pull out, if words that the planned comeback singer failed comes out, then it may negatively affect us.”
“Sedy contains a risk – this is what you want to say, right?”
“That is so.”
“But a risk contains a return. Didn’t you succeed with JooAh last time even with a risk?”

At that time, KangYoon had a clear proof. However, there was no proof of success now. Most of all, Sedy’s mentality was done for. KangYoon could still see the Sedy who came out with a woman in his arms.

“JooAh had the ability to take on the risks. Ability and support – both of these were in place. However, Sedy’s different. The company’s small, and his personal ability is also doubtful. I judged liked that.”
“I understand. If Team Leader Lee judged like that then…”

President Lee HyunJi nodded her head. She had trust in KangYoon. She knew that he had good eyes for people.
KangYoon headed to his office after reporting to the president’s office. The concert work ended without him even trying, but the rookie work was still underway. He turned on the computer to work on that.
However, the phone in his office started ringing. It was a call from the lobby.

“What is it?”
-Singer, Sedy, says he’s looking for you.
“Sedy is? I don’t have anything to speak to him so turn him back.”
-He says he will wait until you finish work.

Suddenly Lee JunYeol invaded and said he would wait. KangYoon was dumbfounded at the unpredicted incident, but he snorted.

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