God of Music – Chapter 25: A Plan that Overcomes Blanks (5)

-I’m still – – In that place — As I always am – –

Lee JunYeol’s, aka singer Sedy’s, song, ‘Still’ was ringing out the crowd who were immersed in excitement.
The heavy and savory low tone digged into the audience.
The faint lights became brighter and the stage started going in the main orbit.
KangYoon watched that breathlessly.

‘From now on is the real thing.’

The change in key. At this part, KangYoon paid attention to the light emitted from Lee JunYeol.
The lights that the singers emit didn’t get hidden by the lighting. Instead, it stood out even more.
The stage effects were important components that made the singer’s light become brighter.
KangYoon kept paying attention to whether these effects mixed well with Lee JunYeol.

-While looking at the blurry you — I – –

The low tone was becoming higher and higher.
KangYoon paid attention to the audience.
This was the showdown whether the people would accept the change in Sedy’s voice or not.
On the stage, a white smoke, made by liquid nitrogen, produced an effect of wonder, and as the lights reflected, the picture of the stage became more beautiful.

‘It’s here.’
I think about you when I live – – –

The changed key dug KangYoon.
This was the most nervous part.
KangYoon constantly watched the audience’s reactions as to whether they received it well or not. The audience that waved, and the audience who listened to the music quietly all came inside his eyes.

-I will think about – – you for – ever – –

The first verse ended. Amidst the accompaniment, KangYoon’s eyes became busier. This was an open broadcast. If people didn’t like it, it was that harsh.
However, an amazing scene reflected in KangYoon’s eyes.

“Sedy!! Sedy!! Sedy Sedy!!”
“I love you, Sedy!!”

Instead, aren’t the people rejoicing at the changed voice? Whether it was Lee JunYeol or KangYoon, they became more cheerful due to the passionate reaction from the audience. Especially, Lee JunYeol’s vice became more powerful as if he received strength.

-I don’t always think about you when I live- – –

At the even more powerful chorus, the audience stood up. No, they rushed out to the front of the stage. At the sudden incident, a situation where the stage management team urgently sent some personnel, happened. However, Sedy lightly waved his hand and became one with everyone. This was stage manners that came from experience.

-I will think about – – you for – ever – –
“I will think about you forever – -”

Even though it was a song the audience heard for the first time, they started singing along. Sedy’s absorption ability was amazing. However, the song hadn’t finished yet.

-What do I do — This heart —

I will show you more. – Lee JunYeol’s voiced exploded out more and more. As the pitch became higher and the atmosphere became more tense, the people’s reactions exploded out more. And the confetti cannons exploded and gold flakes started fluttering throughout the air. Those flakes produced an even more beautiful wonder along with the lighting.

-I will love you – – – forever – – –

The beautiful stage became calmer before it ended with Lee JunYeol’s voice alone.

“Thank you.”
“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa—–!! Sedy, Sedy, Sedy!!”

The song faded out but the people’s voice calling Lee JunYeol only became bigger. While feeling touched, Lee JunYeol did a thumbs up towards KangYoon at the back of the stage. KangYoon also silently nodded. You did well, you worked hard – these were his meanings.
Lee JunYeol successfully made a comeback splendidly.
Grandly and beautifully amidst the crowd’s cheering after his 2 years of blank.


“Thank you for your hard work!! Everybody cheers!!’

After the open broadcast had ended, Lee JunYeol said he would treat the people who worked hard and held a get-together. Perhaps due to the successful stage, Lee JunYeol seemed delighted as he shouted ‘cheers’ while going around. His wholehearted feelings could be felt from the way he poured the alcohol to everyone.
Leaving the loud table, KangYoon quietly tilted his beer glass. In his front was President Kim TaeHoon.

“Team Leader, thank you for your work. Please, have a cup.”
“Thank you.”

The two poured alcohol into each other’s glasses and started talking after clashing their cups. Of course, the topic was the comeback stage that happened today.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen such an amazing stage like today’s. It wasn’t his exclusive concert or anything, but everybody shouting out Sedy’s name and… I was just moved. I still can’t forget the people’s figures shouting Sedy even though it had been 2 years. Team Leader, I thank you again.”

President Kim TaeHoon even teared up. He put all his effort into returning Lee JunYeol back to being a singer after he had to stop due to his throat. However, the path was long and distant. Lee JunYeol kept straying and the company became harder to manage. In the end, they recorded as a last time, but the comeback stage was no good. KangYoon was the one who appeared then.

“This is the beginning. The marketing from now on, and managing that bomb is in your hands, President.”
“Hahaha, A bomb, you say. You’re right. He’s a bomb.”
“Today will just become the foothold. The event in the future or TV programs – all of them is in your hands, President. You will have to work hard.”
“I know. I won’t get pushed around by JunYeol like I did in the past. I learnt a lot from you, Team Leader. Such as that you have to speak what you have to.”

Going with whatever the singer says, just because that person was a superstar, made Duka Entertainment arrive at a crisis. President Kim TaeHoon resolved again and again that it wouldn’t happen again in the future.

“I would like to see you for an exclusive concert next time.”
“Hahaha, If you do, then we’re the ones who are thankful. An exclusive concert, eh.”
“It will definitely become like that. This time, we will make it happen.”

KangYoon laughed. An exclusive concert was a glory for a singer, and a cash cow for a company. There were many singers who failed after doing exclusive concerts and gathering 50 to 100 audiences and made a massive amount of losses, but an exclusive concert was also something that could make huge amounts of profit and tell the world about the singer’s position. Of course, it was also an enormous business with an enormous initial budget, and a plan that could match the popularity of the singer.
While the two were talking about their dreams and hopes for the future, an uninvited guest chimed in.

“What’s up with the two of you? Are you talking about boring stuff again? KangYoon-hyung. You didn’t even receive one from me.”
“Gimme one here.”
“Oh? It’s a glass poured by Sedy and you’re receiving with just one hand?”
“Just do it.”

Along with KangYoon’s chic words, the happy eating atmosphere continued throughout the night.


“No, why did you have a drinking bet with JunYeol-Hyung…”

In some alley.
Manager Yu SeungCheol complained a lot while tapping KangYoon’s back. However, it wasn’t the normal KangYoon, so he couldn’t say anything. KangYoon, who was vomiting assiduously, was currently…
…A pizza factory.


“Seo HanYu, Seo HanYu!!”

The trainer called Seo HanYu who was absent. It was the 4th day already.

“Christie, you use the same room as HanYu, right?”
“Isn’t there anything strange about her?”

The trainer asked seriously. However, Christie said ‘don’t know’ and shook her head.

“If it’s lates for 4 days, then it’s even punishable. *Sigh*, it became bi…”

At that moment, the door opened and someone entered. It was KangYoon.

“Did Seo HanYu come?”

When KangYoon directly asked, the trainer also avoided answering. The fact that the utmost person in charge was asking himself meant that it was very serious. The other girls, too, couldn’t flinch due to the nervousness.

“I understand. Please continue.”

KangYoon placed himself in one corner and sat. At that, the other girls whispered to each other.

‘Hey, is HanYu getting cut?’
‘Then we’re becoming a team of 5?’
‘Dunno, Oh, why is this happening so soon?’
‘She will work something out by herself..’

From complaining girl to worrying girl to uninterested girl, they were all different.
The practice started regardless of what they thought.
It was a training to match each other’s movement following the fast music, However, it didn’t seem easy, as their timings were all over the place.

“MinAh is too fast and Ailee is too slow. How many times do I have to say this to you? You need to see each other’s rhythms.”

They heard ‘to match each other’s rhythms’ countless time but, everyone’s expressions were ones that didn’t understand. The trainer seemed stifled as he smacked his chest.

“Your beats are strangely off. You need to match that. In the future, you will proceed together, won’t you? Ok, again.”

A fast beat music flowed out again. However…

“Jung MinAh. You’re too fast. Are you dancing alone? Han JooYeon, it’s not that way.”

The trainer’s words continued. As their timings were off, the girls were on different waved. However, it wasn’t so easily fixed.

‘I don’t think they have the intention to match each other.’

As KangYoon saw it, Jung MinAh was too stubborn. Definitely, Jung MinAh’s dancing was the best. It was as if she spoke ‘you girls follow me’ when she danced. In contrast, Ailee was lacking the most in regards to dancing. As she always was half a beat late, in the end, she became one beat off from Jung MinAh.
Of course, the lights that KangYoon saw was all over the place as well.

‘Did I pick the wrong people?’

It was to the point that when he saw the practice, he even thought of this. However, he just thought of it as because it was in they were in the initial stages so KangYoon calmly watched. These were the trainees he selected. He had to believe them.
While they were absorbed in training, the door carefully opened and Seo HanYu came in. She repeatedly said sorry and stood in front of the trainer. However, the trainer who would’ve scolded her a lot normally, pointed towards KangYoon expressionlessly.

“Go there.”

The moment she saw KangYoon, Seo HanYu almost suffocated. Why was KangYoon, who was supposed to be at his office, here… KangYoon was the highest person in charge of her. And at this timing…
Seo HanYu closed her eyes and went in front of KangYoon.

“Let’s go.”

KangYoon indifferently spoke and took Seo HanYu outside.

‘Whoa. I think something big will happen today.’

Ailee whispered in worry. However, Jung MinAh nailed it.

‘She brought it on herself, what can we do?’
‘Even so…’
“There!! Stop chatting and practice!!”

Of course, the girls who whispered to each other only received an earful from the trainer.


2nd floor rest area.
KangYoon and Seo HanYu were silent for 10 minutes.


KangYoon didn’t say anything. There was no way that Seo HanYu didn’t know. She was late for 4 days. She wouldn’t be able to say anything even if she was according to MG Entertainment’s rules and regulations. Due to the characteristics of the entertainment industry of having to be on time, rules on absences and being late were very strict.
However, KangYoon waited. Until she spoke.

“…Team Leader.”

KangYoon didn’t say anything. Seo HanYu always spoke vaguely. Her open mouth indicated that she was hesitating. However, KangYoon chose waiting rather than scolding.

“I was late due to… a part time job.”
“A part time job?”

Trainees were realistically forbidden from part time jobs. Of course, the rules were different according to the company, but MG Entertainment strictly forbade it. It was because of the reason that a trainee had school as his/her part time job. However, KangYoon didn’t talk about the rules.

“My household became difficult… So…”
“Is it for living expenses?”
“Why were you late.”

Seo HanYu said that to not be late, she had to take the bus on time. However, when she missed the bus, she was 30 minutes late and it piled up to become 4 days.

“…I’m sorry.”
“Did something happen suddenly? What do you mean your household became difficult?”
“The reason for your part time job. What part time job is it? Tell me.”

KangYoon spoke calmly. However, to Seo HanYu, who was listening, it came to her scarily. ‘You’re doing a part time job? Let me hear the reason. What are you doing?’(T/N: Say it condescendingly). To Seo HanYu, it sounded like that.

“…Fastfood. The reason is… well…”
“I’m not trying to scold you. You have to tell me about your situation for me to think up of a solution.”
“A… solution? Will I be kicked out?”

Seo HanYu’s head dropped down. It was the 4th time late. She had no excuses no matter what punishment she received. Of course, being late wasn’t a reason to be kicked out. However, Seo HanYu was scared.
However, what KangYoon was thinking was largely different to what she was thinking.

“You will have to pay the price for going against the rules.”

Seo HanYu’s expression became even darker. She came here after practicing so much, she expected that she would be scolded, but it was more strict than she thought.
However, KangYoon’s words didn’t end there.

“Why did your household become difficult?”
“The reason.”

Seo HanYu hesitated for a bit before speaking with difficulty.

“My mother… was diagnosed with cancer.”

KangYoon realized why he saw Seo HanYu at the hospital. It was to visit her mother.
Seo HanYu’s household was an ordinary 4-person household. Her father commuted to a big company, and her mother was a housewife. Seo HanYu ordinarily went to school before following her friend to an audition before getting accepted, and after that, her life as a trainee began.
The problem occurred recently. After her mother was diagnosed and hospitalized with cancer, a huge amount of money was spent. Even with her father’s salary from going to a big company, it wasn’t easy to afford. While looking at her household becoming more and more difficult, Seo HanYu eventually decided to work a part time job.

“…I’m sorry.”

After finishing her story, Seo HanYu drooped her head. Her feeble shoulders were trembling and tears were dropping on the floor.
KangYoon pitied her such figure. However, he calmly, but cool-headedly spoke.

“So you had that kind of reason. However, HanYu. While I do understand that you did a part time job with difficulty, being late is being late. You understand that, right?”
“You will have to prepare yourself for a punishment. It’s a late so I plan to do it myself.”

KangYoon calmed himself down for a brief moment before speaking.

“A warning, and 3 days of suspension. This will be officialized tomorrow.”
“…Yes. I’m sorry.”
“And stop the part time job immediately.”

KangYoon’s judgement was cool-headed. No, it was strictly brutal. For a trainee, a suspension was very heavy. A trainee with a record of suspension, would be recorded by the company. That record would follow the trainee everywhere and hinder his/her path. Whether it was the singer audition, or even while moving to another company. It was in a sense, the Scarlet Letter.
Seo HanYu went back to practice and KangYoon was left alone in the rest area.

‘I should look up the personnel record card. That was in HeeYoon’s hospital right?’

KangYoon planned to meet Seo HanYu’s mother. He had to strike the iron while he was hot. So after confirming HanYu’s mother’s name, he headed for the hospital straight away.

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