God of Music – Chapter 3: To Ten Years in the Past…(3)

The dress code for the planning team was casual clothes, but it was laughable to go casual on the first day.
KangYoon wore a suit that fit him perfectly, and he checked various parts while looking at the mirror.

“Is it strange?”
“No, not a bit. My oppa is the best.”

HeeYoon did a thumbs up from behind KangYoon while looking delighted. The long legs and wide shoulders accentuated KangYoon in the suit.

“I’ll go first today. Be careful on your way to school. Today is dialysis day right? Don’t forget.”
“Yeah. Oppa, do your best at work.”

It took a long time for KangYoon, who lived in a poor district on the northern side of the river, to go to a well-known street on the southern side of the river.[1] With him having to ride the bus and the train, commuting to work was difficult.
Using the temporary card key he received, he entered the company and headed straight to the chairman’s office.

“Welcome. I was waiting for you.”
“Good morning, sir.”

Chairman Won JinMoon greeted him nicely. Drinking the tea brought by the secretary, Chairman Won JinMoon spoke.

“So today’s your first day. JooAh will be here in the afternoon so look around the company until then.”
“I understand.”
“I never touch anything after I give someone a task. Instead, if the result is bad…”

Chairman Won JinMoon sliced across his neck.

“Haha. Of course, it’s not like I’m going to kill you for real, so don’t worry.”
“I’ll do my best.”

Looking at Chairman Won JinMoon, who was laughing without restraint, KangYoon thought of his personality.

‘He really doesn’t touch anything after he gives someone work. However, if the result doesn’t satisfy him, there would be severe consequences. Likewise, a good reward would follow from a good result. This was the secret to how Chairman Won JinMoon survived in this industry.’

He always had capable people nearby him. They never felt the need to leave him because they received what they deserved. KangYoon thought that he should learn this point from him. The tea time ended and KangYoon was lead to his office by the secretary. The office was on the 5th floor.

“It’s here.”

At the place where the secretary opened the door was a name tag with the words ‘Team Leader of the Planning and Management Team, Lee KangYoon’. And he had his own room. He was satisfied with the neat table, the resources on the bookshelf, the TV, the computer, and everything else.

“Look around the room until lunch. I will contact you if Miss JooAh comes.”

The secretary went back up to the chairman’s office. KangYoon, who earned free time until lunch, started looking around his office. From the programs in the computer to the album resources, he found the videos of the training room, and snacks too. There was not a single thing missing. He could feel with his skin the position of Planning and Management Team Leader of MG Entertainment.
Looking through some resources, KangYoon opened the video where the trainees were practicing. The video, which was recorded by CCTV, showed trainees undergoing various training, including dance training and vocal training. Looking at those scenes, KangYoon became curious.

‘Shall I have a look?’

They say, ‘strike the iron while it’s hot’, so KangYoon went straight to the training room. It was a training lecture room on the 3rd floor where vocal training was currently being held. KangYoon lightly opened the door and went inside. He saw that there were many youths, in their early teens to the late teens, who were in the middle of listening to the lecture.

“MinSung. I think you are lacking a bit of abdominal strength in that part. Let’s tense up a little bit more.”
“The reason why you can’t help but leave me—”

A male trainee was tensing his abdominal muscles while singing, however…

‘Huh? This time it’s grey.’

From the male trainee, a dull grey was permeating. The dull color made KangYoon crease his eyebrows. It was a color which had a bad feeling to it.

“Han MinSung. That’s not it. You’re too tense. Again!!”
“The reason why you can’t help but leave me—

Light came out from the trainee again. However, it was still grey. Still, it wasn’t as dull as the previous time.

“MinSung. It’s getting better. Again!!”
“The reason why you can’t help but leave me—”

The grey light became thinner and thinner. KangYoon was curious about this phenomenon. The dull grey thinned out and eventually became white, and the white spread out gently.

“Good!! Just like that. Let’s go to the next part.”
“I love you but—”

Perhaps he grasped onto that feeling, the white light from the male trainee filled the surroundings more and more. When it became white, a good song resounded. The gentle sound, which was spreading to its surrounding, sounded alright.

“Good. Let’s rest for a bit.”

When the resting time came, KangYoon quietly left. This ability to see light, he seems to have grasped it.

‘Good singing spreads white light. The dull grey light, it would be safe to assume that it comes out if the singing is horrible. When the light spreads to others, that person would get affected and react. In the end, what kind of light one produces, or what influence it gives to others – I need to find how this works.’

To see the effects of singing – this was an amazing ability. Good singing and influential singing had differences.

‘Ahh… Dear God…’

KangYoon, for the first time in his life, looked for God and thanked him. He never looked for God in his despair, but now, when he had received the thing he needed the most, he automatically looked for God.
In his new life, God gave him a present which he needed the most.
*Viiiin–* *Viiiiin–*
At that moment, his phone started ringing.

“Yes. I will be back right away.”

KangYoon went to the chaiman’s office after being contacted to come to the chairman’s office since JooAh came.


JooAh, was a singer who had a short height – not even reaching 160 cm – but had long legs and a thin waist – a good body ratio. It was the result of harsh maintenance in her ordinary life. She was still 19. She, who hid her childishness with makeup, suspiciously looked towards KangYoon.

“This is my planning producer?”
“Nice to meet you. My name is Lee KangYoon.”

JooAh met KangYoon for the first time, but she didn’t hide her suspicions. She scanned him from top down, and looked towards to the chairman again.

“Chairman. Can’t I just do it with JiWan-oppa?”
“You know me. If I do it with a new person, it takes a lot of time. You said that this album will go to Japan. It’s such an important album, but if I need to match with a new person, then how much time would it take? The result is uncertain too.”

It was JooAh’s declaration of I-can’t-do-it-with-this-person. However, Chairman Won JinMoon shook his head.

“JooAh, we decided on this after careful considerations. We chose the person we thought was the most suited to this album, so…”
“Chairman. You know that I never went against you in the past, right? But I don’t understand you this time. You’re tell me to work with a new, unverified person. Did I do something wrong?”

JooAh was really stubborn herself. The album which will be printed in Japan decided her very existence as a singer. But to work with an unverified newbie… She worked for 5 years as a singer, and she was one of the best, so JooAh couldn’t accept it.

However, Chairman Won JinMoon drew the line.

“JooAh. You believe my eyes, right?”
“This is the most suitable person for this album. Trust this uncle once and do it.”[2]
“But, uncle…”
“Stop there. I won’t allow any more objections.”

In the end, JooAh could only smack her lips, open the door, and run away. KangYoon bitterly said while looking at the door.

“She doesn’t seem to like me.”
“Hahaha. How is it, Team Leader Lee? JooAh has a stubborn personality. She’s pretty strong to her opinions. Can you topple that stubbornness?”

KangYoon was having fun. A top class singer must have a side like that. He replied without hesitation:

“It’s interesting. A singer must have stubbornness. Please leave it to me.”
“Good, I will trust you. From this moment on, you’re the top person regarding JooAh’s debut in Japan. I will not allow anyone to touch anything. Then, please work hard.”

Chairman Won JinMoon stood up from his seat and patted KangYoon’s shoulder while ordering the stop of all interference. KangYoon said goodbye and left.

‘It’s starting for real now.’

While walking towards the office, inside KangYoon’s head, various future plans were taking form.

Translator’s note

[1] More commonly known as Gangnam
[2] Uncle here doesn’t mean they’re blood related

Chapters will be out until 8

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Translator: Chamber
Editors: Nahct (from Path of Translations, thank you, and sorry T-T)

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