God of Music – Chapter 32: A Stage That Widens Stages (5)

‘This is it.’

Seeing the audience being attracted by the green lights and the psychedelic lights, KangYoon clenched his fists. He was looking at the atmosphere in the past stages. Ballads and dances – although there were several different singers today, this kind of atmosphere wasn’t here before. While the people’s curiosity, rejection, positive reactions, etc. were interwining with each other, the SeasonS members’ dance started.
As KangYoon had ordered, the costume wasn’t that revealing, nor was it tight fitting. The costume didn’t show the navel, but it was short, so it didn’t attract that much rejection.

‘The costume is good for sure.’

The club styled costume also played a role in catching the gazes of the people. The male audience was already completely mesmerized and the female audience too, they had different reactions – from those who said they were pretty to those who poked their boyfriends’ sides in jealousy. The passerbys were also gathering one by one.

-My heart still flutters — I get nervous — if I just see you —

The song was already completely different from the original. The white light seen by KangYoon became stronger. The fast electronic beat made people move their shoulders up and down, and the SeasonS members on stage were attracting gazes with pretty but seductive movements.

-It’s very easy – the word farewell – it doesn’t take long –

Finally, the climax dance routine of SeasonS came out. Unlike shaking their waist from side to side until now, they waved their entire bodies by moving their bodies to the side. It was a move that emphasized their waistlines. When the lighting burst out on top of the clear cut dance, a huge cheer erupted from the audience.


The cheers from the men were very big. There were some of them who were pinched on their side fro time to time. However, even the female audience focused their gazes while saying it was cool, and more and more audience was gathering.


KangYoon heaved a sigh of relief while looking at the white light exuding from SeasonS and the positive reactions of the audience.
As the SeasonS stage was reaching its climax, the cheers from the audience became bigger and when the performance was about to end, the sound from the audience had become a big wave.


“Thank you!!”

Behind the stage, KangYoon had received a big thank you from SeasonS.

“It isn’t over yet. Shh.”

When KangYoon gave a warning, as the last singer still had a stage, Kang HyeSeon finally smacked her head lightly. Even so, her eyes looking at KangYoon were glittering.

“Oppa!! Thank you so much. A stage like today, it was the first time in my life. It’s all thanks to you.”

Moon JiHye also seemed like she wouldn’t be able to forget about today. As they were knew, they didn’t have much stage experience, but such a touching stage like today’s was a first. Although it was a small stage, it was the first time they received such a cheer from the audience. Moreover, such a stage where a non-existent reaction became bigger and bigger was something that they will perhaps never experience again. They still couldn’t forget about the time where they received people’s cheers and applauses when they were exiting.

“I… wondered if this would work at the beginning. Even so, I just followed you as we already agreed that we will do as you say. But I never knew it will work to this extent. Thank you.”

Jang HanNa wasn’t that different. She was the one who hesitated as she didn’t like the club-themed dance. However, her hands were trembling even now as she couldn’t forget about the stage.
Song HaNeul also spoke, not losing to others.

“Oppa, oppa. Thank you so much. I won’t ever forget about today’s stage. Today’s stage was really…”
“Oh? HaNeul’s crying.”
“I’m not!!”

Song HaNeul even cried due to being touched and Kang HyeSeon consoled her. The two youngest girls eventually went away on their own and chatted.
KangYoon, who was looking at them while smiling, shook his head.

“You’ve done well, everyone. I wish for us to meet in a better stage next time.”
“Thank you for your work.”

KangYoon hugged and handshaked each of the members of SeasonS and walked towards President Yoon MoonSoo who was behind them. He still had some work to do.

“Did the recording go well?”
“Yes. It came out really well. It’s the best.”

KangYoon took the camcorder that President Yoon MoonSoo had recorded with and played the video. The video with suitable zoom ins and outs had even captured the members’ expressions well. Especially, the dance routine where they shook their waste was captured well. (T/N: This is 2008 I think, so camcorders, not smartphones)

“This is good. Please upload it like this. Don’t forget what I told you before too.”
“Yes. Never upload it using company IP. I remember it very well. I’m planning to upload it in a PC-bang around here somewhere.” (T/N: PC-bang is a PC cafe, students usually use it for gaming)

KangYoon gave back the camcorder to President Yoon MoonSoo. Now, all work that he had to do was over. Not only did her do the stage, he also did the after-service.
KangYoon bid farewell with President Yoon MoonSoo and got on the train home.

‘Fuu… It’s so tiring.’

The moon was already nigh. KangYoon, who was immersed in fatigue all day fell into sleep as soon as the train departed.


KangYoon, who still had the effect from going to Daejeon the day before, went to work with sleepy eyes. He had to report the result to the President’s office soon so KangYoon did the last check on the report. He checked the budget he used, and the work he did, and such things, and he was organizing the report for the final results when…

‘What, is this?!’

KangYoon, who opened the internet to check the result of the video that President Yoon MoonSoo had uploaded, blinked his eyes several times in astonishment. Before he even looked at the result, the real-time popular search word had caught his eyes.

-1st SeasonS
-2nd Yen Department store SeasonS
-3rd SeasonS club dance

Several familiar words could be seen on the real-time popular search word list. 1st on the real-time popular search word list? KangYoon was puzzled at the absurd result.
At that moment, the phone rang. It was from President Yoon MoonSoo. KangYoon greeted lightly and went into topic.

“So you’ve been listed in the real-time popular search word list.”
-Yes. As you said, I’ve uploaded the video onto the video website. I’ve uploaded onto 3 portal sites and on a video-specialized website for a total of 4 places but… when I woke up from sleep it was there on the list just like that. Speculative news articles keep popping up so I’m about to die from overwork.
“They must be mostly from intern reporters. Watch the situation and react if there’s anything big. The results are good though.”
-Team Leader!! I will treat you big sometime. You’re the God of Stages, no the God of Music, a God!!

KangYoon ended his call while listening to words that made him get goosebumps in the morning. It was literally an insane result. He didn’t even think about real-time popular search word. He only expected about 2 million views on the video, but a huge result came out. 1st on the popular search word list means that all citizens would at least see the word ‘SeasonS’ at least once. He did his work too well for a low cost.

‘Looks like I’ll be scolded, eh?’

While being worried about a laughable thing where he might be scolded for doing his work too well, KangYoon headed to the President’s office.
As expected. Before she even saw the report, she mentioned the real-time popular search word list.

“For us to put a singer on the list we have to use a lot of staff and a lot of part time workers on top of that, but Team Leader Lee makes it look so easy, eh?”
“We’ve received too little money. Just how can I describe this…”

President Lee HyunJi was also puzzled. KangYoon was exceptional, but he was too exceptional. As he had a lot of work to do with the girl group project, she had planned to take it easy with the work with the concert team. His main job was raising the girl group, and his sub job was the concert team but as he had done more than that, she was confused as to whether she should be happy or what.

“Team Leader Lee, you work too well. You work too well, so A, haha…”

The poker face President Lee HyunJi grabbed her head as she panicked in no small amounts this time. KangYoon’s power to put someone on the 1st on the popular search word list, and even an idol from another company at that, made her difficult as to whether to laugh or to cry.
President Lee HyunJi, in the end, burst out laughing.

“That was my mistake. I will call for a high fee from next time onwards. I’ve underevaluated Team Leader Lee too much. Thank you for your work. Oh, do you have some time today?”
“Is there something?”
“How about some drink at night? Along with the Chairman, the three of us.”
“I understand.”
“Finish your work early today and come to my office.”

KangYoon didn’t reject. He also had something to talk about anyway. KangYoon said ok and left the President’s office.


Inside his office, there weren’t many things that needed his attention. A concert had just ended and the girl group project was also going well. Just that there was something that got on his mind.

‘The teamwork is not working out too well.’

Not long before he finished work.
KangYoon shook his head after reading the report that the trainers gave him.

‘They have a trait where they want to stand out rather than to match each other. Jung MinAh, Christie An and Han JooYeon are especially serious, and Lee SamSoon and Seo HanYu are trying to get alone. Ailee Jung is well… is just no good. Should I be more strict?’

As they were all stubborn, he had warned the trainers. However, the side effects of it were coming out. KangYoon thought that he should snap them off for a bit soon.
When he finished work, it was evening.
KangYoon went to the President’s office. Chairman Won JinMoon and President Lee HyunJi were already waiting for him there.

“Did you come?”
“Good evening, Chairman.”
“Good evening. I heard you made a big accident.”
“What accident.”
“Keke. If you did that much work with that much money, then it’s an accident. Kekeke.”

A giggle leaked out from Chairman Won JinMoon. Until now, there was no one who gave him the same worry as KangYoon did. The reason was so interesting the more he thought about it so he giggled continuously.
The three got on the Chairman’s car and headed to a high-class bar near the company. It was a quiet bar which only high members of society visited.

“I always wanted to treat you. Please, receive one from me.”
“Thank you.”

Chairman Won JinMoon poured a high class alcohol to KangYoon’s glass. KangYoon received the nice colored alcohol and poured one for Chairman Won JinMoon and President Lee HyunJi. After a light Geonbae (= JP kanpai = EN cheers) and they drank a little, the conversation began.
In a private place, Chairman Won JinMoon was easygoing while President Lee HyunJi was quiet.
They talked about work, but they also talked about private lives from time to time. Of course, there were high class informations about the entertainment world. Of course, the hottest topic was the real time popular searchword.
Chairman Won JinMoon spoke while filling KangYoon’s cup.

“I still find it funny. Miss HyunJi. How can one make a 1st search word with a countryside performance? Was it that easy?”
“It’s difficult. We also need to use part time workers and even make our employees go into emergency if we want to make it to the list.”
“But really… ha… KangYoon is so amazing.”

When a moderate amount of alcohol went in, Chairman Won JinMoon’s face had become red and he felt good. He didn’t stop his praise for KangYoon saying that the company had changed thanks to KangYoon nowadays.

“Good, I feel good. Do you want anything?”
“Do you mean something I want?”
“Yes. I will grant just one. If you want a raise in salary, then I’ll give you a lot. I feel good today!!”

Unlike Chairman Won JinMoon who looked like he felt good, President Lee HyunJi narrowed her eyes. She knew well of the true meaning behind those words.

‘It’s his way of seeing through a person.’

A high class move in order to see through a person. It was a method that Chairman Won JinMoon used frequently. Of course, he would grant the wish. However, sometimes, the way he treated that person would change after that. It was an important junction deciding a person’s future company life.
While President Lee HyunJi became nervous, KangYoon became serious. He thought for a moment before answering.

“Can I request one thing?”
“Talk about it. Anything. I will grant it for you.”
“Please give me trainee Min JinSeo.”

At the completely unexpected wish, both Chairman Won JinMoon and President Lee HyunJi widened their eyes.
The promise with Min JinSeo from last week had not left his mind. KangYoon was looking for a timing. He could have wished for a raise in his salary, but it was obvious that it would increase in the next salary negotiation. Instead of asking for an obvious thing like that, investing it in a work with more possibilities was more profitable in many ways. If he grabbed Min JinSeo, who was definitely going to succeed, and planned for her, it was a better profit for the future.

“I’m not her father.”

Chairman Won JinMoon panicked. A wish had just turned into a request for a trainee? Fortunately President Lee HyunJi explained from the side.

“I think he means a trainee for his work.”
“Really? I thought he was asking for marriage.”
“Of course, it’s a joke. Min JinSeo, you say, who is she that you even request me for her? You don’t seem to be planning to go outside and set up a new company.”

Chairman Won JinMoon had never heard about this trainee. He knew well about trainees who had a good future and the singers, but there was no way he would know all the trainees. President Lee HyunJi was the same.

“She’s a trainee in the Acting Practice Class. She’s currently a trainee who’s moved to the Singer Preparation Class. I want to plan for her by myself.”
“Please continue.”

Chairman Won JinMoon wanted to know about why a singer-specialized planner wanted a place in the acting side. KangYoon calmly explained.

“Min JinSEo is a trainee who has more potential for acting rather than singing. Although, she isn’t within my jurisdiction, I had watched for all this time. However, as she was moved from the acting class to the trainee class I watched her trembling.”
“Is that so?”

Chairman Won JinMoon drank the strong alcohol. KangYoon was a man who was unpredictable as always. He became interested.

“I’ve judged that throwing away a trainee with potential is a loss for the company. So I request you now. Please make me in charge of trainee Min JinSeo.”
“So, you saw potential and talent for acting in that trainee? So you want to raise her by yourself, is this what you’re saying?”

KangYoon, who emptied his glass, received a glass from Chairman Won JinMoon again. He was starting to get drunk.

“Do you have any proof that she’ll succeed?”
“I apologize, but I don’t have any data yet. The only thing I can show you is myself.”
“Oho, so you yourself guarantee it, yes?”
“That is so.”

KangYoon already knew that Min JinSeo will succeed. Although he knew that the future was changing, Min JinSeo was still MIn JinSeo. The people who will look at her talent and use her in TV broadcasts were still there. In other words, she was a blank cheque. Although he thought that it would disappoint him if Min JinSeo went to another company, above all, it was a judgement that he made weighing on her possibilities.

“I’ll go to the bathroom for a bit.”

Chairman Won JinMoon left the place for a bit. He meant that he would think about it.
Now the two people left, KangYoon and President Lee HyunJi, lifted their glasses. KangYoon hit lightly with her glass and put it on his mouth.

“I always think, but Mr. KangYoon always says interesting things.”
“Is that so? But It’s a possible story.”
“How high?”
“Above 80%.”
“I don’t like that.”

Although he mentioned a very high probability, President Lee HyunJi shook her head while saying she didn’t like it. She seemed to have become a little bit drunk as she smiled and said to KangYoon.

“Please use a little more. What’s the ‘possibility’ that Team Leader KangYoon thinks of?”

While President Lee HyunJi was giving signs with her eyes as if she knew KangYoon’s thoughts, Chairman Won JinMoon came in. He looked drunk as his face was bright red.

“Good, KangYoon. I permit it.”
“Chairman. Why don’t you lis..”
“Miss HyunJi. It’s alright, alright. It’s KangYoon who’s doing it, right?”
“You’ve become drunk.”
“No no.”

Chairman Won JinMoon shook his head. Although he was very drunk, it wasn’t to the point that he couldn’t control his body. He smiled and aproached KangYoon.

“You’re trying to show me something again this time as well, right? Can i look forward to it?”

While placing his arms on KangYoon’s shoulders, Chairman Won JinMoon lifted his glass. KangYoon also naturally clang the glass with him. Then Chairman Won JinMoon said in a low voice.

“I will grant your wish.”
“Thank you.”

Chairman Won JInMoon interrupted KangYoon’s words.

“I have expectations. Remember that.”
“I understand.”

Chairman Won JinMoon lifted his arm and went back to his seat. Then, he laughed as if all of it had never happened.
KangYoon was requesting this to show him something.
Chairman Won JinMoon was thinking like that


‘So today’s the last day.”

Min JinSeo headed towards the practice room powerlessly. The last day of the promise with KangYoon was today. As she thought that today would be the last time she would practice thoughtless singing, she also thought that it was kind of disappointing.
While preparing and stretching her body, the trainer came inside. However, before the roll call.

“Min JinSeo.”
“Go to the Planning Team Leader’s office on the 5th floor right now.”

At that moment, the trainees all whispered to each other. They all shot gazes mixed with envy, jealousy and a variety of other emotions.
The Planning Team Leader on the 5th floor was famous in many ways. As they also heard that the main character behind pushing an unknown group, SeasonS, on top of the real-time search word list, the trainees were trying their best to catch his eyes.
When Min JinSeo entered the Planning Team Leader’s office on the 5th floor, KangYoon was waiting for her.

“Good day to you, sir.”

After exchanging light greetings, the talk began while drinking the tea that KangYoon brought.

“I called for you directly as I thought it will be good to tell you myself.”
“Is something up?”
“From today onwards, you will be moved from the Singer Preparation Class to the Acting Debut Preparation Class.”

Min JinSeo ended up burning her tongue on the tea. It was because a bomb dropped from KangYoons mouth. It wasn’t the Singer Debut Preparation Class and it’s the Acting Debut Preparation Class!! She was so shocked that her heart was pouding.

“A…A…De…Debut Preparation Class?”
“Yes. Debut Preparation Class. You’ll debut soon, so you’ll have to resolve yourself very well.”
“What?! Sir. I can’t even act well right now, but a debut so soon…”

She was dumbfounded. Min JinSeo thought that she wasn’t prepared yet. Debut was something that she didn’t even talk about yet… and yet, she couldn’t differentiate if this was a dream or not.
However, KangYoon reminded her.

“I told you. To wait one week. You waited one week, and I fulfilled your expectations. Ok, now?”

Expectations, he had surpassed it by a large amount. She had just talked with him a few times about her dreams but he knew her more than anyone else.
Min JinSeo was now resolved to listen to anything that KangYoon may say.

“Originally, we are supposed to do a provisional contract, but the debut will be soon. So, let’s skip the provisional contract and do a formal one later. It’s a loss for you as well.”
“Please do as you will, sir.”

From Min JinSeo, the words that she will believe in whatever KangYoon will do, had come out. Debut was still unrealistic to her. Min JinSeo could feel her heart trembling.
Whether KangYoon knew that or not, he kept talking.

“Today, you will have an orientation about the Acting Debut Preparation Class with me. Although it’s called an Acting Debut Preparation Class, it’s just you alone, so it might be a bit lonely. It won’t be a lot different from normal, but the amount of practice will increase. If you need anything then tell me. I will support you with a teacher or anything you need.”
“……Yes. Thank you.”

Tears could be seen on Min JinSeo’s big eyes. She still couldn’t believed the joy that she could stay at the company and keep acting, and at the same time she couldn’t believe the fact that she will have her debut here. With a resolve to do her best in whatever acting she will do in the future, she kept each and every word that came out of KangYoon’s mouth.


After talking win Min JinSeo, KangYoon immediately headed towards the 4th floor meeting room. Today, there was a meeting regarding the girl group project. KangYoon, who thought up of topics that might be mentioned today while organizing some data, also thought about the plans for the future.
The meeting wasn’t that different from always. From the talk that it will be better to do it like this in the future to the talks about budget, and a variety of talks were exchanged. KangYoon didn’t interrupt and let the employees freely and actively talk to each other. He tried to talk as little as possible inside the meeting room, and he induced the employees to talk more and more.
When the topics were settled and the meeting was about to end, KangYoon asked the employees as a side note.

“Has the relationship between Jung MinAh and Lee SamSoon become better?”

The active people all became silent. Jung MinAh and Lee SamSoon were members that KangYoon had put a lot of thoughts into. As he had put the two members who were completely different to each other, there was no choice but to put more thoughts into them. However, as everyone was silent, KangYoon’s expression became cold.

“How about Han JooYeon and Ailee Jung?”
“Those two don’t have a problem. They’re getting along well.”

Fortunately these two didn’t have a problem. KangYoon’s cold eyes returned. Relationship between the members was something that KangYoon was sensitive about. It was no wonder that everyone had become nervous.

“As far as I know, Seo HanYu and Christie An don’t have a problem either. In the end, it’s a problem with Jung MinAh and Lee SamSoon. Well, it might be fortunate that they didn’t cause any problems.”
“Team Leader.”
“Manager Team Leader, please speak.”

Manager Team Leader Han TaeHyung spoke carefully while reading KangYoon’s mood. He was the person in charge of the managers who were managing the members of the girl group project.

“In regards to Lee SamSoon and Jung MinAh, they can be said to have a bad affinity to the point that we can describe them as water and oil. Unlike Jung MinAh who likes sophisticated things, as far as I know, Lee SamSoon likes more practical things rather than fashion. I think that there’s a problem there.”
“Team Leader. How about you change their room mates? I really agree with your words, Team Leader, however, Jung MinAh’s stubbornness is very considerable. Lee SamSoon will die out with a word from you but Jung MinAh’s personality isn’t like that. We should conso…”

KangYoon shook his head.

“If we don’t do it now, then opportunity will disappear forever. Whether it’s Lee SamSoon or Jung MinAh, they’re both people who will play a crucial role in the team in the future. Training to match each other is obvious, they also have things to learn from each other. If we suppress them now, then the opportunity will disappear forever. I cannot approve of that.”

There was persuasive power in KangYoon’s words. The mangers also knew the meaning behind KangYoon’s words. MG Entertainment group singers were all stubborn. The discord between the members also happened frequently because they didn’t give way to each other. KangYoon wanted to prevent this beforehand.
As everyone agreed, they nodded their heads.

“Did we plan for a volunteer activity in one month?”
“Yes. Team Leader.”

Planning Team Vice-Head Jeong SeokHo spoke. He participated in place of the Team Head who was away for work.

“Let’s pull it by 2 weeks. Is that possible?”

At the following words from KangYoon, everyone’s eyes widened.


Resting time.
The 6 girls who were immersed in practicing were lying down while producing steam from their bodies. They didn’t even have the strength to lift anything due to the powerful practice.
However, suddenly, the door opened and KangYoon came in. As he was busy from the recent concert and whatnot, he wasn’t seen too often, but now that he showed up, the girls all stood up.

“You can all relax and lie down.”

At KangYoon’s words, the girls nervously sat down. KangYoon gathered their attention and went into topic.

“In 2 weeks, we will go to WonJu in KangWon province for a volunteer activity.”
“What?! Volunteer activity?”

All of them spoke at the same time in a loud voice. Why so suddenly? Not minding that, KangYoon was still calm.

“At that time, we’ll go through the first general evaluation. Look forward to it. For details, you can just look at this. You can ask the questions to the trainers.”

KangYoon left the paperwork envelope and left the place. After he left, the practice room was in a mess.

“What is this? Orphanage? Charity performance? Does he mean for us to prepare starting now?”

Jung MinAh, who read the contents fell into panic. 2 weeks was a short period of time. Moreover, KangYoon didn’t say anything. This was just pure nonsense.

“MinAh, calm down. First…”
“SamSoon, you stay still. This won’t do. I will go talk to him.”

“Lee SamSoon tried to hold Jung MinAh back, but Jung MinAh seemed as if she couldn’t hold back as she stood up abruptly and tried to follow KangYoon. However, Lee SamSoon grabbed her hand tightly.

“Endure it. If the Team Leader says so, then we have to do it. Team Leader’s words are always correct.”
“Ah, really… get out.”
“Jung MinAh, SamSoon’s right.”

When Jung MinAh was about to push Lee SamSoon, Han JooYeon stpped in.

“You stay out of it.”
“It’s our problem so why should I stay out of it? Jung MinAh, stay still.”
“Argh really!”

In the end, Jung MinAh couldn’t hold back her anger and ended up erupting. However, she seemed to have given up when everyone gave the ‘don’t do it’ gaze as she sat on the ground. A fire-like personality was a problem in a variety of ways.
Han JooYeon consoled her from the side and Jung MinAh tried to hold back while taking deep breaths. When she calmed down, she could see the contents again.

“But is the stage time 50 minutes?”
“No way.”

At Ailee Jung’s question, Christie An replied. A 50-minute performance was in no way, easy for a trainee. However, there was a document about the contents. Everyone gathered and looked at the contents.

“The song isn’t that hard.”
“The dance looks hard though…”

Ailee Jung and Han JooYeon spoke different things while looking at the list. The song was not difficult. It was one foreign song plus 2 duet songs that they sang a lot in practice. However, the dance song was the problem. There was a list of legendary foreign singer’s textbook song.

“Ha… Haha…”

Jung MinAh laughed emptily while looking at Ailee Jung. The other girls seemed to be of the same mind as they al sighed.

‘Do what with that slow poke here?’

Whether she knew or not, Ailee Jung only tilted her head.


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