God of Music – Chapter 34: Awakening of Silver Light (2)

‘No way… Musical notes!!’

It wasn’t just musical notes that KangYoon could see. The musical notes coming out of the two fused and harmonized and finally became white light. A faint white light enveloped the entire stage. Perhaps it was even influenced by the small spotlight installed on the stage as the white light became stronger as well when the spotlight’s light became stronger.

‘Huh… when was this ability so well defined…?’

Even amidst being puzzled, KangYoon calmly recorded the situation. The musical notes that came out of the singers, the influence of the stage devices, and the reaction of the audience, etc. – He needed to know all these. He was confused, but he had to cool-headedly judge the things that happened to him.
Although KangYoon was confused, he didn’t avert his gaze from the girls. The girls on the stage already seemed to have gotten it on as the musical notes they produced was producing even stronger white light. The blue musical notes flowed out like fuel for the white light and as it did, the audience’s reaction became better as well.

‘They will become a good combination.’

Putting aside his confusion, KangYoon wrote down the girls’ performance.

‘Han JooYeon was stubborn-minded so she didn’t even try to do the duet at all. However, now, we have another weapon in our arsenal.’

In KangYoon’s ‘past’, Han JooYeon didn’t try to mix her voice with anyone other than when she sang as a group. She didn’t even allow an intra-group duet. Because of that, rumors such as her being a perfectionist and whatnot were endless. However, now, with this stage, KangYoon had given her a weapon that she didn’t have in his ‘past.’

“I — love you – – – – -”

The performance ended with Han JooYeon’s high pitch and Ailee Jung’s low pitch. Perhaps due to the lingering white light, the people all applauded loudly.

“Thank you!!”

Han JooYeon didn’t even think that she would be cheered so loudly even though they did the same song as last time. Ailee Jung was already tearing up and sobbing.

“There, there.”

Even though only one song had finished, Han JooYeon had to let go of her emotions quickly due to Ailee Jung. Han JooYeon hugged her and immediately left the stage through the back. Ailee Jung was too cute to hate.

“Well done, you did great!!”

The 4 girls, including Jung MinAh welcomed Han JooYeon and Ailee Jung. When they had a peek at the two’s stage from time to time, it was incomparably better than the stage 3 days ago. It was a huge amount progress.

“Next!! Do your best!!”

Next was Christie An’s solo stage. She elegantly smiled to the people who patted her back, and immediately stepped on stage.


‘A blue musical note for slow songs, and yellow for fast ones. It’s not red paper blue paper… Just how can I use this?’ (T/N: Red paper blue paper is a ghost story about haunted public toilet ghosts asking if someone wanted red or blue paper if there’s no tissue left. Google ‘red paper blue paper’)

KangYoon thought that it might become different if he knew harmonics or musical theory. The only thing he could figure out now was that a song with a fast tempo, yellow notes would come out, and a song with a slow tempo, blue notes would come out, and that the density of the light that the musical notes would produce are different. Fortunately, he could see which part went well and which part didn’t according to the density of the light.

‘The density of the light was always constant. A good performance might appear if I touch the parts with weak light and other bits.’

KangYoon also organized the things about light on a different note while looking at the girls’ stage.

On his note, he was writing down today’s stage. Today, he couldn’t find any grey in the stages. In both duets and solo stages, white light pervaded the stage.

“Teacher, I wanna be a trainee.”
“You won’t do. Cuz you’re ugly.”
“Wow, that’s… blunt….”

Although there was a pitiful case where someone decided on their dream and got put down mercilessly, but the majority of the audience was immersed deeply in the performance.

‘So this is the last one. This is the most important one though.’

Group performance. ‘Sun Shine.’
No matter how well they did their previous stages, if they screw up this stage, KangYoon thought that it would be ruining the entire performance. The weight of the last stage, the teamwork of the 6 girls, etc. – There were a lot of things hanging on this stage.
With the presenter’s last introduction, the girls stood on stage nervously. The stage costume which stuck on to their bodies attracted the people’s gazes instantly.
Soon, the AR played and the performance started.

‘How would the lip-sync stage come out?’

There were a lot of lip-sync stages in TV broadcast stages. There were cases where some singers, who showed lively performances on stage, gave up singing live and put all their efforts into performing. Of course, there were also cases where they did that because their singing was not good enough.
KangYoon looked at the stage nervously, while wondering how the stage would look like in this case.
When Jung MinAh, who was in the center position, started moving slowly while waving her body, the other girls also started moving with her as the center. Then, light started being emitted from the girls. A red light was coming out from everyone.
Half a beat. When Jung MinAh turned to the left, Ailee Jung always strangely became a bit late by half a beat. At this moment, from Ailee, a violet light came out and not red. However, eventually, Ailee looked at her side and matched their movements. Then, the light changed to red.


The light became one, and they were of one beat. No one showed any signs of being off time Jung MinAh signalled Ailee before she did a turn, and she purposefully slowed down her turning speed. Although it was a miniscule difference, this difference had produced the effect of matching everyone’s dance routine into one. KangYoon clenched his fists.
The light pervading the entire venue was a bright white light.

‘It might take some time to adapt to this.’

The color of singing, the color of dancing, the color when everything harmonized into one. The light that KangYoon could see had been subdivided. Although he now had more things to mind about, he also now had more things he could know. It seemed time was needed for him to get used to it.

‘Let’s quickly get used to it.’

KangYoon resolved while looking at the girls finishing their performance.


Today, Mr. Choi headed to PC-bang as soon as school ended. His grades were average, his looks were ordinary, and everything about him was ordinary, but in this PC bang, he was a man who could be ahead of anyone. He was the best in computer games, searching and other things that had things to do with the computer.

“F*ck, do you know about SeasonS?”
“You idiot. Of course I do. They became big. HaNeul’s short hair… Oh, she can own me.”
“Damn you. A girl’s all about the body. HanNa da best.”

SeasonS, who became famous instantly with the department store performance video which was released through the internet, now were at the point where even TV stations had contacted them. The first on the popular search word list didn’t end prematurely and through the rumors on the internet, they became even more popular. They literally reverse-travelled. Thanks to that, whether it was President Yoon MoonSoo or SeasonS, they seemed like they would throw themselves into a pit of fire if KangYoon said so.
Of course, whether or not it was true, Mr. Choi topped up using a crumpled 1000 won note, and turned on the game. However, today, there was a lot of updates, and the monitor didn’t listen to him.

“This shitty monitor…”

While refreshingly swearing at the guiltless monitor, Mr. Choi opened the internet. Mr. Choi, who went to a portal site by directly skipping the PC-bang’s ad page, was about to put a word into the search bar when he found a video at the bottom. It was a video about a game which was said to be highly looked forward to.

‘Shit, that looks so cool.’

After watching the game promotional video, he turned to look at the update, but it was still far from done. He got on the waves of videos and looked around various places. However, there was something which strangely caught his eyes.

-The girls who calls kisses.

Mr. Choi, who had the right(?) curiosity, and was full of vitality, immediately played the video. It was a click without hesitation.
The girl in the video was on a small stage. The camera slowly approached her and eventually closed up on her. However…

‘Fuck, so pretty.’

The girl’s face inside the video was flawless. The flawless skin and high nose, and big eyes to boot. She was giving off an aura of a goddess. Moreover, as she was around the same age as him, Mr. Choi felt his heart pounding the moment he saw her.

-And kiss his mouth
To heart’s desire,
And on his kisses
At last expire!!

The lips which called kisses, the girl was literally calling kisses. Unlike the provocative video title, the force that could be seen in the video was great. The girl in a fluttering white one piece was looking at him with pitiable eyes.


Although it was only on the monitor, Mr. Choi was already blank minded from some time. When he was about to drool and his heart beat too loud…

-If you need a loan? The Gimme Money’s team leader Kim MiYoung…
“Aaaaaaack!!!” (T/N: If you didn’t get it, that was an ad)

Fortunately, team leader Kim MiYoung had saved Mr. Choi. The shattering of fantasy was done in but an instant. Mr. Choi abruptly stood up due to the beautiful voice of team leader Kim MiYoung and received the gazes of the people around him. Mr. Choi tried his best to ignore the embarrassment, sat down, and played the video again.

-And kiss his mouth
To heart’s desire,
And on his kisses
At las…

Without even making him forget about the embarrassment, Mr. Choi had spent all the topped up time in the PC-bang without even getting to play anything.(E/N: this guy is gonna go build a shrine now)


“Thank you for your work!!”

KangYoon received a lively call from the girls in front of Evergreen Orphanage. It was because KangYoon didn’t look for them after the programme ended for them to feel the emotions they felt from the stage.

“You did well.”

KangYoon spoke shortly. There was nothing to say about today’s performance. Of course, they would have to show him better in the future, but today, it was enough. KangYoon didn’t speak long, and took out a card from his wallet.

“What is that?”
“That is … the… the… company card?!”

When Han JooYeon asked, Jung MinAh shivered. Jung MinAh requested KangYoon and held it for a brief moment, and it was a company card, which had a luxurious gold colored edge. She could tell that it was an expensive-looking card at a glance.

“Let’s go eat some beef.”

The girls all shouted in surprise. They all knew that beef was expensive. When they seldomly had a get-together with the company people, the singers had beef, and the trainees often had pork. The quantity of pork they got was also small. It was because a singer and a trainee was clearly differentiated.
However, KangYoon was different. He was meticulously looking after his own people. KangYoon, who seduced all the girls with beef, headed towards a beef barbeque shop which used top quality beef, which was outside the city.
As he had already reserved beforehand, KangYoon and company had spacious seats. When they arrived, meat arrived, and with a grilling sound, the meat started getting grilled.

“Uaa… I can’t hold it anymore!!”

Ailee Jung was restless with her chopsticks as she kept picking it up and putting it down repeatedly and also tried to take the meat, but Jung MinAh did her best to hold her back. It was because KangYoon was there. The adult hadn’t even lifted his spoon, so it was rude to start eating. (T/N: …uhh yeah. Asians… It’s rude to eat before your elderly) With her gaze, everybody had let go of their cutlery.

“Eat quickly. You must be hungry.”

Frighteningly, as KangYoon spoke that, the meat started disappearing fast. The staff became busy to procure the meat to replace the ones that disappeared. KangYoon had already requested them to refill as the meat ran out. The appetites of girls of age were frightening.
When the girls started eating, KangYoon also picked up his chopsticks. However, his phone started dancing. (T/N: That’s what it literally says, means vibrating)

“Hello? Yes, President.”

However, as it was a not-so-welcome call, his hand that held the chopsticks stopped. It was a call from President Lee HyunJi.

-Team Leader Lee, where are you right now?
“We’re eating. Is there anything?”
-Is that so. I’m sorry for interrupting you, but can you please come back to the office as soon as possible?
“So it’s difficult over the phone. I understand.”

After ending the call, KangYoon stood up from his seat. The girls were alright as there were other employees and managers could take them back.

“Team Leader, are you going already?”

KangYoon was about to pay and leave quietly when Jung MinAh followed him.

“The company called me. Go and eat.”
“Is something up? You didn’t even eat properly.”
“MinAh can eat my share.”
“Of course I will. Here, say ‘ah’.”

KangYoon opened his mouth without thinking when Jung MinAh shoved something inside his mouth. It was a lettuce wrap with a lot of meat.(E/N: 😉 )

“De’ishus.” (Delicious)
“Of course, who do you think made it?”
“En’oy yer mea’.” (Enjoy your meal)
“Speak after you’re done chewing.”

KangYoon shrugged his shoulders and patted Jung MinAh’s shoulders. Then, he headed to the parking area.

‘The wrap is good.’

Inside KangYoon’s mouth, the suitable amount of garlic, sauce, and meat was mixed with a suitable ratio and they added to the savoriness of the meat. KangYoon smiled when he thought about Jung MinAh who thought about him.
By car, it didn’t take that long for him to arrive at the company. KangYoon had experience being a manager so he was good at driving as well. KangYoon neatly parked the car inside the parking area and immediately headed to the President’s office.


Although it was already late, President Lee HyunJi hadn’t left work and was waiting for KangYoon. The outside was already dark and the moon was rising.

“Is there something important?”
“One good thing, one bad thing. Now, which one do you want to listen to first?”
“I will start from the bad one.”

KangYoon wanted to enjoy the good thing after quickly passing the bad thing. President Lee HyunJi calmly spoke after hearing him saying that.

“Team Leader Lee has too much work. Transfer Min JinSeo to our department. A lot of the directors are requesting this. Laughable people, aren’t they? They are all asking if Team Leader KangYoon is the only one who’s a planner inside MG Entertainment.”
“Min JinSeo was an actress aspirant who everyone had left behind. I only let her spread her talent.”
“You’re right. Let me first talk about the good thing before going into that. The good thing is that the internet video, ‘The girl who calls kisses’, that you uploaded onto the internet is receiving an amazing reaction from the internet. No, it can’t just be called amazing. It has gotten over 2 million views in just one day. The reporters keep contacting us as well. The article is not out yet. She didn’t even have her debut, but she has already spread her name around, eh.”

After listening to one good thing and one bad thing from President Lee HyunJi, KangYoon fell into thought. She meant that flies were gathering since Min JinSeo showed potential for becoming big, and that Min JinSeo’s foundation for debut was properly set in stone.

“So, the reason you’ve called me must be due to the time.”
“Yes. If we drag it anymore, the directors will devise strategies to whisk Min JinSeo away from you, Team Leader KangYoon. Especially, director Jung HyunTae is looking for an opportunity with all his might. Of course, I will stop him, but Team Leader Lee interfering with the acting department is controversial and can be said to be an invasion of rights. Team Leader Lee had excavated Min JinSeo and until now, you’ve shown great achievements in the company, so they can’t  say anything now but… Later, Team Leader Lee’s voice in the company may decrease. Personally, I don’t want that to happen when I consider the future.”

President Lee HyunJi’s words sounded difficult, but in the end, she meant KangYoon to show results as soon as possible and tell the directors bluntly – ‘I achieved this since I’m so capable’. Because then, there won’t be anyone who could touch him.
KangYoon smiled after he heard President Lee HyunJi’s story to the end.

“You don’t have to worry about it, President.”
“What do you mean?”
“All of the preparations are ready. I will make it so that you don’t have to worry about the things related to Min JinSeo from now on.”

President Lee HyunJi tilted her head when she saw KangYoon’s confidence, but she soon nodded her head. KangYoon has always exceeded above her expectations until now, and he made her look forward to it even more. She firmly believed that KangYoon was trying to show her something this time as well.
(E/N: this chapter felt like nothing compared to the previous one lol)

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