God of Music – Chapter 36: The Girl who Calls Kisses (2)

“Debut? What do you mean by that?”

Diretor Moon GwangShik frowned as he couldn’t understand. However. KangYoon didn’t panic and calmly told them.

“I received a call yesterday morning. Min JinSeo was officially casted for a drama called ‘Whispers of the Stars’ of SBB TV station as the little sister of the protagonist.”

KangYoon’s words were literally a bolt out of the blue to the directors. They thought to steal Min JinSeo from KangYoon and make her debut to increase their voice within the company without spending much, but to think she would debut already wasn’t something they had thought about at all.

“Hmhm… No, but a debut already? No, did Min JinSeo show something?”

Director Moon GwangShik’s tone changed in an instant. However, KangYoon continued without a single ripple.

“It was originally a possibility, but her skills have increased to the point that she passed the audition now.”

Director Moon GwangShik was dumbfounded. He had never even thought that KangYoon’s trump card would be the debut. Debut was a huge thing within the company. It could only be proceeded with the President’s, Chairman’s, and the Directors’ approval. However, he never thought that KangYoon would proceed with it this fast.
Everybody was dumbfounded. At this moment, the insulted Director Yu GyungTae abruptly stood up from his seat.

“Team Leader!! Are you ignoring us board of directors?! What do you mean debut? To think you’ve decided on something so important by yourself!!”

Although his shout resounded across the meeting room, no one stopped him. The directors were all of one mind. Now they had found the flaw.

“You should be prepared, no matter how…”

While the director’s were growling, President Lee HyunJi stopped them. Fire burned in the director’s’ eyes, but she just gestured them to calm down and spoke.

“An audition without the approval of the directors… Team Leader Lee. This can be used as a cause for punishment.”
“Entering an audition is punishable, eh?… Then, are you saying that I should wait for the directors even though such a big opportunity had appeared?”

KangYoon clicked his tongue. The directors all shouted at him, but he was firm.
He also knew the reason why President Lee HyunJi talked to him like that. As President Lee HyunJi spoke reprimandingly to KangYoon, who the directors considered as one of hers, nobody could interfere easily.

“So you say there’s a clear reason. Please talk about it. That which you call an ‘opportunity’.”

President Lee HyunJi stopped the growling directors and asked KangYoon for the reason. It was a meticulous timing. The directors also urged KangYoon to speak. Although they found it strange that President Lee HyunJi didn’t take KangYoon’s side, when she was on the same side as he, now that they were going to listen to the so called ‘reason’, they became delighted.
KangYoon confronted the gluttons that were about to devour him whole from all sides, but he was calm.

“The audition was 2 days ago. It was a sudden audition. I judged that this drama had to be done no matter what the cost. I judged that there was no better role for Min JinSeo than this. However, as you know, the board of director’s meeting was today morning. There was too little time to report, since the audition was right in front of my nose.”

KangYoon’s words were like cogwheels. Cogwheels that matched exactly. If something became off, then the entire thing would collapse, but it was hard to find it. Director Yu GyungTae  thought for a moment before asking.

“…Let’s take 100 steps back and let’s say what you said is true. As you said, the audition itself isn’t a problem. But a debut? This is a completely different problem which needs approval. Yes, just what kind of piece is it that you’re even saying all those things? Although I know that it’s on the public TV, but not all public TV programmes guarantee viewer ratings. Even if we get viewer ratings, that doesn’t mean a specific actor will be in the spotlight either. Please speak.”

Just how important of a role is it for you to proceed even while ignoring the directors? – was what he meant. KangYoon could feel that the answer to this question would be the most important.
KangYoon calmly started speaking.

“The drama that Min JinSeo will appear on, ‘Whispers of the Stars’ was written by Writer Song TaeJin, and produced by Producer Joo SeongHwan. The combination of the two is already famous for a stable viewer rating.”

Director Yu GyungTae also knew well of Writer Song TaeJin and Producer Joo SeongHwan. Especially, Writer Song TaeJin’s dramas was a genre that people selected as one of the best amongst romantic dramas. If a rookie appeared in such a drama, then it was literally a jackpot.

“Y…yes, then what role is she?”
“She takes the role of the little sister of the male protagonist. She’s a little sister who’s weak, but strong willed and caring of her brother. I ask your forgiveness as it wasn’t because that I ignored the directors but judged that this will be the best stage for Min JinSeo’s debut and acted hurriedly on my own accord.”

KangYoon had nothing to speak anymore. No, not only that, even the directors couldn’t provoke him anymore. Such a stage, if he moved for the actress, then it was laughable to say that it was wrong to skip the director’s meeting to enter the audition and debut. To say that he ignored the process, the results were too big. Also, it wasn’t like he ignored the process entirely, so they couldn’t say anything about it. The directors only whispered to each other, but couldn’t point their arrows towards KangYoon anymore.
Originally, they had failed in their attempts to acquire a piece from Writer Song TaeJin. So instead, it was appropriate for them to praise KangYoon who acquired a role from such a piece. Even if there were low viewer ratings, just the fact that Min JinSeo acquired experience in Writer Song TaeJin’s drama would get her acknowledged. It was such a strong line in an actor/actress’s career.

“…Let me sum it up.”

The one to break the silence was Chairman Won JinMoon.

“The fact that Team Leader KangYoon hurried isn’t a good thing. Please take care from now on.”
“I understand, I will take care from now on.”

At Chairman Won JinMoon’s words, the directors inwardly sung in delight. His words contained weight. Since it was no different from saying that KangYoon had made a mistake. However, words had to be listened to the end.

“And Team Leader Lee will take care of Min JinSeo for a while.”

Director Yu GyungTae shouted but when Chairman Won JinMoon gave him a stare, he lowered his head.

“Is there anyone in this place who can give me results like Team Leader Lee? If you do, please step up. I will leave Min JinSeo to that person.”

Nobody could say anything. There was no one who, like KangYoon, dug up Min JinSeo, make her appear on a big stage, and even debut. Although MG Entertainment was an exceptional company in raising singers, they were no different from newbies in regards to actors and actresses. In fact, although a debut could be said to be the start for an actor, for MG Entertainment it was a big achievement.

“Team Leader Lee. Thank you for your work. And sorry to call you when you were so busy.”
“Not at all, Chairman.”
“In the future, I will try not to call you as much as possible unless we need you. The issues you bring up will be processed by me and President Lee HyunJi directly. As I saw it today, it seemed there were quite a few which needs urgent approval, and the directors won’t be suspicious anymore, isn’t that right, you guys?”

The directors all became honey-drunk mutes (T/N: A saying in Korean, basically they were speechless). As of now, none of them could say anything. They were embarrassed and insulted. Today was a bad day for the directors.

“Then please go quickly, Team Leader Lee. I held up a busy person for too long.”
“Then I’ll take my leave.”

KangYoon bid farewell to Chairman Won JinMoon and the directors and left right away. The directors all trembled in anger while looking at his back, but they couldn’t take anymore action.
After KangYoon left, Chairman Won JinMoon stood up and took off his suit jacket.

“GungTae, HyunShik, GwangShik. Why don’t you guys come talk with me for a bit? The meeting today will end here.”

Other than the 3 directors who were called, the other directors all left the meeting room like tide.
Then a moment later…

“Hey, you *******!! Didn’t I say so much to not hurry… *Piiiiiiiii*, you *Piiiiiiiiii* *Piiiiiiii*”
“””…I’m sorry!!””” (T/N: The *Pi*s and ******* were in the original)

Chairman Won JinMoon’s refreshing words resounded across the corridor, passing through the gaps in the meeting room.


“Th… this is…!!”

Min JinSeo’s arms shivered while receiving the script from KangYoon. On the front page of the script, ‘Whispers of the stars, episode 1 & 2.’ was written in big letters. She seemed unbelieving as she rubbed her eyes again and again; and picked up and put down the script again and again.

“This is not a dream right? I won’t wake up suddenly, right?”
“I’ll tell you beforehand that this is no dream. Next week’s the recording so learn it by heart by then, okay?”

It’s not a dream, it’s not!!
Min JinSeo’s eyes quivered. KangYoon grinned looking at Min JinSeo being so touched by the word ‘debut’. Feeling such full emotions like this was a good point for an actress.
KangYoon was about to leave to give her more time to practice. But then…

“Sir, thank you, thank… Thank you so much, than… Thank you… *Hic*…”

Min JinSeo suddenly embraced KangYoon from the back. KangYoon panicked when he felt her body temperature from his back. However, without even being able to stop her, Min JinSeo buried her face in KangYoon’s wide back.

“I thought it was a lie. The words that you said that you would make me an actress, the debut as well. However, sir has done them all. Really… sir is my savior. Thank you, thank you so much…” (T/N: Min JinSeo calls KangYoon ‘SeonSaeng’ (=sensei in JP), the closest translation would be ‘sir’)
“This is just the beginning.”

KangYoon teared off Min JinSeo’s hands wrapping him and turned back. Then, he stroked her now messy hair lightly.

“Let’s do this.”
“Yes!! It’s the first time I’ve seen someone like sir. I will definitely…”
“…I’m not going to say it.”
“Hey, so cold now?”

KangYoon shrugged his shoulders, pat her shoulders, and left the practice room. He meant for her to practice hard.

‘So cool… Oh, what am I…’

Min JinSeo absentmindedly looked at KangYoon’s back for a while and she shook her head and started reading the script. From now on, she had to practice harder.


An ordinary afternoon.
President Lee HyunJi headed to the Chairman’s office with the papers that KangYoon gave her.

“…Such detailed data. He’s an amazing guy, isn’t he?”
“I agree.”

While looking at the report, which was organized neatly in graphs in order to show visually about the trainees’ data, Chairman Won JinMoon seemed satisfied and signed in approval straight away. Although there was a video attached, he put it on the side while saying he would look at it later. It was possible only because he believed in KangYoon.

“Then I’ll take…”
“Wait, President Lee. Why don’t you have some tea?”

President Lee HyunJi stiffened. This was a signal that there was something important to talk about. She sat on the sofa where guests would usually sit and soon, a cup of tea with a faint fragrance was given to her.

“I’m delighted that the concert team is going better than I thought.”
“Thank you, Chairman.”
“But you know? Although the achievements are high, there’s no substance. I find that a pity.”

President Lee HyunJi couldn’t answer straight away. The Chairman had indirectly spoken that KangYoon hadn’t received his worth even though he had done exceptionally. While she was in a difficult position, Chairman Won JinMoon continued speaking.

“After the director’s meeting last time, someone brought this up. It was about the compensation being too low even though we had done a lot for Sedy and SeasonS. You do know that saying you didn’t know KangYoon’s ability would be so good will just be an excuse, right?”
“…Of course, Chairman.”

President Lee HyunJi deeply sighed. This was a topic that she expected to come up sooner or later. Since although they had made a huge foothold with Sedy and SeasonS, MG Entertainment received so little reward compared to that. In the end, money was the problem. Good outside evaluations on KangYoon was an element that wouldn’t be included in evaluations. In the end, they were just appearances.

“Director Yu GyungTae said this – It’s a waste to lend Team Leader Lee’s abilities to outside, even though there are singers who don’t see light within the company, and we’re making others feel good – Isn’t it reasonable?”
“Chairman, Mr. KangYoon, no, Team Leader Lee has too much work. Recently, as he even took Min JinSeo, his work…”
“Oh, oh. Don’t worry about that. The concert team will take a rest. We can’t push around precious resources so mindlessly. While resting, can’t you raise Team Leader Lee’s price? You can just weed out cheap works while mediating suitable expensive works to raise the price of the concert team.”

President Lee HyunJi couldn’t say anything. There was nothing for her to use as an excuse. The works that came to the concert team until now were all those that made little money.
She was frightened at the Chairman’s ability in mediating between the board and her.

“Haha. Don’t worry. I won’t steal Team Leader Lee and give him to someone else. It’s just that we need Team Leader Lee’s ability he showed in the Japan project.”
“…I understand. Then what work will Team Leader Lee work on?”
The ACE album.” (T/N: This is pronounced ‘Dee-Ess/Thee-Ess’ apparently, like DS)
The ACE? HyeRin and Iris, are you talking about them?”

President Lee HyunJi groaned. Chairman Won JinMoon asked again while sipping his tea slowly.

“What is it? Is it a problem since they failed even though they brought out 2 albums?”
“It isn’t easy. Even on Team Leader Lee’s career…”
“We’re not selecting work for him to pile up his career.”
“I already decided. If even Team Leader Lee can’t do anything about those kids, then everyone inside the company has no choice but to pull out from them. To them, and to Team Leader Lee, this can be an opportunity. It isn’t all bad.”

President Lee HyunJi couldn’t retort to Chairman Won JinMoon’s’ firm decision anymore.

‘No one in the Planning Team could find a color to plan them. Can Team Leader Lee do this…?’

While thinking about the duo girl group, who nobody could do anything about, President Lee HyunJi fell into worry.


KangYoon turned off the computer and left the office. As he had finished his work early, he had left right at leaving time. KangYoon was immersed in happiness that he could leave work before sunset today, when he couldn’t do so until now because he was busy, and headed towards the lobby.
As he was about to leave the lobby, there was someone who urgently called him from the elevator.


When KangYoon turned back, he saw it was Min JinSeo. She hurriedly exited the elevator and stood in front of him.

“JinSeo, is there anything urgent?”
“Hek…hek. Sir, you’re going home really early today.”
“I should have a day like this once in awhile.”

As Min JinSeo knew it, KangYoon was the person who always left the latest. The KangYoon she knew left after all employees had left and even after most trainees left after practice. However, today, as he left before sunset, it was reasonable for her to think it was strange.

“I…I have something to ask of you.”
“Ask me?”
“Yes, although I know it’s rude… I want you to listen to me…”

Min JinSeo hesitated her words. She originally hated to cause inconvenience towards others. So, she usually tried to do everything alone no matter what, but today, she was a bit different.

“What is it?”
“Yeah, tomorrow’s the recording, right?”
“Yes, you remember it?”
“Of course I do, it’s about you.”

While giving meaning to KangYoon’s nonchalant words, Min JinSeo blushed a little. However, soon, she knew that this wasn’t the important thing as she went into topic.

“Tomorrow…can you go with me? I… in truth… am a bit nervous…’

Min JinSeo fidgeted nervously while waiting for an answer from KangYoon.
Unlike the mature her, and like a girl in puberty…

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