God of Music – Chapter 37: The Girl who Calls Kisses (3)

“You want me to go together with you for the recording?”

At KangYoon’s return question, Min JinSeo lowered her head in embarrassment. As her face was flushed, she was wrapping her face with her hands.

“Are you too nervous because it’s your first recording?”

In truth, it was half right and half wrong. It was half excitement, and half nervousness. Although she could go alone, this was her first recording in her life. She wanted to show KangYoon no matter what. Of course, although she knew that KangYoon was very busy, she wanted to be selfish at this moment.

“What scene is it?”
“It’s a hospital scene. Two of them.”

Min JinSeo found the scenes in which she appeared in and showed them to Kangyoon. It was a scene where she was on a ringer’s solution on the hospital bed, receiving the male protagonist’s worry; and another scene where she screamed while running towards her brother after finding that he was getting beaten up by loan sharks because of the debt due to her hospital fees.
After reading the script, KangYoon handed it back to Min JinSeo.

“When did they say they needed you?”
“It’s at night. The hospital where the recording happens said that they could only allow a recording after the hospital finishes all its treatments for the day, so they told me to come at 8 o’clock.”
“8 o’clock, you say… That time will be doable. Okay, let’s go together.”
“Thank you.”

When KangYoon’s permission came, Min JinSeo smiled brightly. It was a beautiful smile that any passersby would look back at her at least once. However, as he had seen such expressions all day, KangYoon wasn’t moved much.

“Let’s depart at 6 tomorrow. We’re rookies so we need to arrive early, greet the staff and hand out drinks.”
“Yes. Sir is different as always. The manager oppas that were allocated to me never said such things.”

Min JinSeo’s eyes were shining. KangYoon didn’t hesitate when doing something. Her eyes looking at KangYoon were like the eyes looking at a venerable teacher.

“They didn’t speak about it, but they should all know about it. The managers will all be in one team with you, JinSeo, so you have to treat them well. Don’t bully them just because you’re well-off, okay?”
“Yes. I understand.”

KangYoon and Min JinSeo’s way home were the same. Thanks to that, the two walked together towards the bus stop together. Passing by the city noises and the bright neon signs, the two arrived at the bus stop.

“I won’t be able to get on the bus easily from now on.”
“That’s true. Will you miss it?”
“Yes. I might long for a full bus, maybe?”
“That’s… not true.”

Min JinSeo kept chatting. Although she didn’t speak a lot normally, currently, she kept expressing her excitement. She seemed to want to share her joy in debuting as she never stopped speaking. The time to prepare for her dreams had ended and now was the time to jump in for real. Now her second life would start. In her expectation, her heart was pounding.

‘Debut, eh? It’s no wonder she’s so excited…’

KangYoon smiled while listening to her words. The 7 years as a manager before he became a planner, and the 10 years of failure of his ‘past life’ had made him watch many debuts of celebrities. This kind of excitement from Min JinSeo was natural to KangYoon and also, he was used to it.
While Min JinSeo kept expressing her excitement, the bus arrived. Min JinSeo got on while expressing her pity.

“Thank you, sir.”
“Be careful on your way home.”

Min JinSeo sat next to the window and waved towards KangYoon. When KangYoon waved, the bus started accelerating. At that moment, Min JinSeo opened the window and shouted towards KangYoon.

“Sir!! I, like #@%$#^@^@%^#^@#%#$”

However, Min JinSeo’s voice was buried under the loud bus engine noises. KangYoon wanted to ask again, but he couldn’t ask as the bus was already far away.

‘Good times.’

In the end, KangYoon just thought that it would be something like ‘cheers!’ and headed to the train station. (T/N: MC, you… baka!)


A day without concert team work was a peaceful day for KangYoon. If there was any concert team related work, then work will overwhelm him like a tide and KangYoon’s desk will be full of work. Today, when he had no work related to the concert team and the work with SeasonS had ended, KangYoon’s desk was very clean.

“I’m so free.”

KangYoon, who finished all his work in the morning, was spending his time surfing the internet leisurely. However, as if someone knew that he was spending his time leisurely, KangYoon’s phone rang loudly. It was a call from the President’s Secretary office.

“Yes, Lee KangYoon.”
-It’s the President’s Secretary office. There are some papers from the President’s office. Please check.

When KangYoon confirmed, a male secretary came down soon and placed the papers on KangYoon’s desk. On the title of the thick papers, ‘The ACE album planning (working title)’ was written.

The ACE? It’s that group pronounced not ‘ace’ but ‘Dee-Ess’ right? It’s MG’s…’

KangYoon typed it on the internet right away. Then, the results came up on the first result along with the members’ names.

‘Oh, I remember. HyeRin and Iris.’

As singers under MG Entertainment, they were singers who even did a 2nd album and a digital single. From what he knew, they transferred to acting. However, they never got into singing again. In KangYoon’s memory, this was the only thing about The ACE.

‘They went thinly, and long. As celebrities too. However, as singers, they didn’t last long.’

KangYoon looked at the papers. This meant that the project of the 2nd Planning Team under Director Lee HyunSang will be passed over to him, the Planning Team Leader.
And also, there was something about stopping the work with the concert team.

‘The team from Director Lee HyunSang… It seems something happened in the company.’

If even the 2nd album didn’t go well, the company had to look for other paths. It seemed that the ‘path’ they found was KangYoon. Of course, he predicted that there was a fight between the directors and President lee HyunJi, but KangYoon ignored these facts. Being a puppet between them was something he would hate to be.

‘When will I be able to do my own work. I wish that time came quickly.’

KangYoon closed the papers. He decided to check it thoroughly later. It was because the time to meet up with Min JinSeo had come.
KangYoon wore his jacket and went down to the underground parking lot.

“Good afternoon, sir.”
“Are you ready?”

Min JinSeo had already finished preparing for departure along with the managers. The coordinator had selected the necessary costumes and put them inside the van, and the road manager had also finished checking the vehicle. Everyone was tense as they knew that KangYoon would go with them today.

“Yes. Oh, boy. I’m nervous.”
“You will do well, I know it. Let’s go.”

KangYoon patted Min JinSeo’s back once and departed to the hospital with everyone where the recording will occur.
Min JinSeo became more and more silent as they neared the hospital. Her nervousness seemed to be increasing as she was shivering slightly. The staff that she will meet for the first time, and then her seniors in acting – how would they be? As she was young, and as this was her first time, this was natural. KangYoon planned to open up her path for her in order for her to do well.

“Good evening, I’m from MG Entertainment.”

As soon as they arrived, KangYoon started handing out drinks and simple snacks along with the managers. The world of broadcasting seemed to be small as there were some who seemed delighted to see KangYoon.

“Huh? Mr. Lee KangYoon?”
“Han-seonbae!!” (T/N: Seonbae = Senpai)
“Wow, just how long has it been? I heard you gave up being a manager and started doing something else?”

While KangYoon was handing out drinks, he met one of his previous colleagues who was still working as a manager in another company. Most of the people here greeted KangYoon delightfully. Min JinSeo, who was with KangYoon was shocked that KangYoon was so friendly with them.
After handing out drinks to Joo HyunJin’s van, who would work with the producer today, KangYoon finally came back to the rest area.

“There’s no seat for you yet, I see. Well, that’s obvious.”

KangYoon pointed towards the seats installed on one side of the hospital. Although there must be seats as it was a hospital, they had set a different set of seats due to the recording.

“Yes, seats. The main actors and actresses have their own seats. Look.”

Min JinSeo turned her gaze towards the seats which KangYoon pointed towards. On the back of the seat was a name tag with ‘Joo HyunJin-nim’ written on it. Although there was no other lead actors who were in today’s recording, there were no other seats.

“I’m alright.”

Min JinSeo wasn’t down only because there wasn’t a seat with her name on it. However, KangYoon shook his head strongly at her words.

“You can’t be alright with it. You need to make that seat yours.”
“..Make it mine?”
“Of course. That seat represents the lead actor or actress. That seat will follow every recording scene where the lead actor would appear in. From now on, you need to put in effort so that that seat will be your aim. Everyone, not just me, will help you in doing that. Your next aim is that seat. You understand?”

Min JinSeo kept in mind the lead actor’s seat. It was a portable seat commonly seen in beaches. However, sitting on such seats had become her dream.
As the hospital stage wasn’t set yet, the props team were moving busily. The props team, who covered the hospital logo with the hospital logo from the drama, and the camera team which checked the movement paths of the actors. The producer, and the simultaneous recording team, who tried to record sounds effectively. – All these were new to her. She was a teen. The recording scene she had only heard about was very novel to her.

“Is it new to you?”
“H… hello!! I’m…”
“I know, I know. You’re Min JinSeo, right?”

The one to speak to Min JinSeo suddenly, when she was exclaiming while looking around, was Writer Song TaeJin. She approached Min JinSeo without hesitation when she was on her guard.
Although writers didn’t usually appear on the recording scene, she had come since this was the first recording. Of course, there was something else she was curious about.

“Yes. Excuse me but…”
“So you don’t know me. I’m KangYoon’s friend.”

There was a person who called KangYoon so rudely? Min JinSeo didn’t like this person. Moreover, the chubby body, as if she didn’t manage her body, was even more of a minus. However, she felt that she couldn’t take her lightly as she felt a strange charisma from her.

“Hahaha!! You don’t have to be so nervous. I only came here directly since I want to see what kind of person you are.”
“Of course. Hm, as expected. It’s as KangYoon said. The image fits completely, if it wasn’t I was going to snap him in half.”

Min JinSeo didn’t like this woman who spoke of doing frightening things to KangYoon. However, she didn’t show it on the outside. Although she was still young, she had naturally learned endurance from her long time as a trainee.

“You came?”
“Yes, I did. I should at least check if the thing I put in is the real thing.”
“No matter how cruel you are, how can you speak such things in front of the person herself…”

This blatant noo-nim was as always. KangYoon criticized her for speaking whatever she wanted in front of a child.

“What about it? This field is all like that. Hey, pretty girl. This field is all about front deals and back deals. Isn’t it right, KangYoon?”
“That is true but… If you have no skills then front or back, neither will work.”
“Of course. KangYoon, good. I heard she caught the eyes of the producer? I look forward to it.”
“You will be satisfied.”
“Then I’m leaving.”

Song TaeJin waved her thick hands as she left. Min JinSeo was confused as she didn’t understand any of the conversation.

“Sir, what happened just now?”

However, KangYoon just said that he will talk about it later and didn’t reply to her. Along with the words that this wasn’t the important thing.



With the producer’s signal, the recording started for real.

“SuJin, SuJin!!”

The recording started with the male protagonist running towards the hospital ward where Min JinSeo was lying with difficulty.

“Oppa… You can’t run inside… hospitals…”

The male protagonist who has to show no sadness despite being sad, Min JinSeo who had to act well despite being not well – this was a scene where they had to show the affections of siblings that didn’t want to inconvenience each other.
Min JinSeo’s teary eyes and her smile at the mouth was close-up’d. The producer seemed to be satisfied after looking at the monitor as he shouted.


There was not even a single NG (T/N: NG = no good, recording screw ups). The producer laughed heartily as the first, second and third tries were all good. Just in case, they did one more, but whether it was Min JinSeo or the male protagonist, Joo HyunJin, they showed perfect sync.

“She’s a jackpot. Her immersion into the role is no joke.”
“Mr. Joo HyunJin was also amazing in his immersion as well. They looked like real siblings.”

The audio directors also spoke one line each while monitoring with the producers. In their heads, they were drawing how to edit this scene. This was the first episode, which would decide the viewer ratings, and as an exceptional video came out, the directors all inwardly exclaimed in delight.
Min JinSeo also seemed to be curious as she went to the monitoring area along with Joo HyunJin after the recording.

“Kya, so amazing, my little sister, ain’t ya?”
“Thank you, seonbae-nim.”

Joo HyunJin praised Min JinSeo in satisfaction while monitoring. He was a young actor well known for his acting. However, as he was acting with Min JinSeo, a teen, he really felt like his sister was ill. He even felt like hugging her due to being immersed so much.

“Let’s go with the next scene.”

The producer said there was nothing to see anymore and coolly hurried with setting the next scene.
While the staff were busily moving around, in one corner of the recording venue, KangYoon and Song TaeJin was looking at Min JinSeo’s recording together.

“How is it?”
“…KangYoon, you really…”

Song TaeJin hugged KangYoon with her thick arms. KangYoon struggled in shock, but she didn’t let go easily.

Uk… Noonim, the people are looking.”
“*Sob* *sob*. She’s a definite in my future works, definite!! It’s the first time I saw a girl like that, she’s cider to my heart!!” (T/N: Cider = refreshing, this kinda became a thing in Korea, E/N: cider is also basically korean sprite)

Song TaeJin seemed touched as she didn’t hide her strong emotions. Looking at Min JinSeo acting, Song TaeJin felt like her heart had become refreshed. Until now, she was unsatisfied with the little sister role and boiled inside, but as she solved it in one go, it was kinda reasonable.

‘There’s no music so I can’t see the light, eh.’

KangYoon felt it was a pity. As there was no music, there was no light. So, he had to judge purely by her acting ability. He thought about becoming greedy and going into the acting side of the entertainment industry but perhaps was as expected. (T/N: Perhaps was as expected – what he feared was true). He became firm in his thought in digging a well in just the music side. Even so, KangYoon was satisfied while looking at Min JinSeo who attracted attention from other people.

‘It has become time to let her go from my hands.’

KangYoon resolved. He didn’t know much about acting. He had to start learning from the beginning if he wanted to know about planning actors or actresses. Although he made Min JinSeo debut as he knew her future and possibilities, in the future, it was a different problem. KangYoon resolved that he should prepare for a takeover if there was a person who would raise Min JinSeo and make her play in bigger waters.

“We’re moving!!”

With the words from the audio director, who finished preparing for moving, the entire staff started moving. KangYoon also took Min JinSeo and headed towards the next place.


“Thank you for your work.”

Min JinSeo and KangYoon who separated from the actors and the staff who had further recordings, got on the van. Today, there were only two scenes in which she appeared. However, the impactful recording left a strong impression on everyone. Moreover, KangYoon assured himself that today’s recording would leave a deep impression as today’s recording would be the first episode.

“Well done.”
“Thank you for your work.”

As soon as she got on the van, Min JinSeo’s strength left her body and she slumped down. Looking at that, KangYoon subconsciously laughed. A star’s figure after a schedule was the same no matter who. Such a slumped figure would only be seen inside the van. KangYoon laughed at Min JinSeo who acted like the van was her home.

“What is it?”
“It’s nothing. It’s just that you seem to have adapted well.”
“No, I’m still far from it.”

Unlike her words, Min JinSeo rested in the most comfortable position in the world inside the van. Min JinSeo’s coordinator and managers were also organizing her schedule and doing their work.

‘It seems there’s no need to worry about the on-site team members.’

If they were people who found work of their own accord, he didn’t need to worry much. In recordings, the coordinator also helped in progressing the recording without hitches with things like costumes and makeups. The manager also didn’t only just rest at the scene and guarded next to Min JinSeo in case something came up. KangYoon checked all these things.

‘Such a pity.’

KangYoon smiled bitterly. As he thought about how he would let go of one, he felt strange. Of course, he would feel that the official debut will be the production announcement, or when she appeared on TV, KangYoon felt like he was letting go of his child.

“What is it? Rest a little more.”
“I, will become the best actress.”
“Please do.”
“I’m not joking. It’s for real.”

As if she had read KangYoon’s mood, Min JinSeo, who was lying down consoled him. KangYoon just thought she was saying the obvious and he just pretended to listen. KangYoon already knew that the future Min JinSeo would be in a very high position. To him, such words from her didn’t sound that new. However, Min JinSeo was thinking more than just what KangYoon knew.

“And I’ll, to you…” (T/N: Everyone gets what she’s trying to say, right?,E/N: MC baka-desu)

Although he found it strange that she whispered the end of her words, KangYoon didn’t mind it much. He just thought that she was dreaming of the highest position and just passed it off.
However, KangYoon didn’t know that the hidden words would bring about a huge typhoon in the future.
Of course, the time for the typhoon will be far into the future.
Quite far…


Translator’s note

Regular Chapter 1/3

Min JinSeo is so cute. (I swear I will repeat this line every time Min JinSeo appear in a chapter, really, she’s so cute)

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