God of Music – Chapter 38: The Girl who Calls Kisses (4)

“Haiz(E/N: a sigh), really… What is it that he called us at 10 o’clock at night?”

Director Moon GwangShik grumbled as he entered the lobby hurriedly. Today, he planned to eat out and chat with the directors at a restaurant. There was no way he would feel good being called to work when he was about to drink.

“That’s what I want to say. Ayy, to think we would get called to work just because a single trainee is debuting…”

Director Kim JinHo also didn’t seem to feel any different. Especially since, he had planned to speak about a lot of things today so it was more unsettling.
However, their complaints only lasted until the lobby. They all knew that it was the punishment for their actions in the director’s meeting. Chairman Won JinMoon’s vicious side was already well known amongst the directors.
The directors who arrived at the chairman’s office all bowed to Chairman Won JinMoon politely.

“Welcome. Sorry for calling you despite the fact that you were eating outside.”
“Not at all, Chairman.”

Director Jung HyunTae shook his head strongly. He couldn’t say ‘Why did you call us if you know it?’ or something like that. All the directors shook their heads while saying it was alright and Chairman Won JinMoon smiled in satisfaction as he turned on the TV.

“Right on time.”

Just in time, the commercial ended, and ‘Whispers of the Stars’ began. It started slowly with the male protagonist’s, Joo HyunJin’s soliloquy. As a stereotypical love square romance (T/N: love triangle = 2 girls in love with 1 male/ love square = 3 girls in love with 1 male) following the latest trend, the female protagonist, the male protagonist and the antagonists were all following their own stories.
Of course, it seemed there was too little stimulation for the directors as they found no fun.

‘Morning dramas are way more interesting.’

Rather than a mini-series where there was no ‘rough’ and ‘refreshing’ scenes, the head-clearing fighting scenes in morning dramas were much more to their taste. Their views were completely different when watching as a hobby and when watching for work.

“So she comes out now.”

While the directors were yawning secretly, Chairman Won JinMoon pointed towards the TV. Min JinSeo was finally appearing. It was the scene where the male protagonist ran towards Min JinSeo’s ward. This was 40 minutes into the drama.

‘Fuck, so late.’
‘Should I fucking kill him… Who’s the director, Ahh shit.’

The directors all grumbled at Min JinSeo’s late appearance. The purpose of this gathering was for Min JinSeo lying down right there, but as she only appeared after ⅔ of the drama, it was reasonable.
Whether it knew the directors’ feelings or not, the TV kept playing the drama.

-Oppa… You can’t run inside… hospitals…
-Oppa, what is it? Did someone die? Don’t make that face.

Min JinSeo’s figure, smiling bravely in order to not worry her ‘brother’, really seemed like a feeble little sister. Although it was through an cathode TV, it kept making the directors fall into the drama.

-What about me? It’s just because it’s funny to see you in a place like this.
-Hey? Look at you.

The big brother who tried to hide his sad emotions to the little sister collapsed in the ward, and the little sister who acted brave – Joo HyunJin and Min JinSeo were inviting all the watchers into the drama as if they were real siblings.
Although their scene passed by quickly and the drama progressed, the two’s acting left a lasting impression.

‘Ah, To think I let go of that!!’
‘Lee KangYoon, to think he will catch something like that.’

The directors all shivered when they thought that they let go of the golden egg-laying duck. They all felt like going crazy no matter how they thought about it. Just why did I not find a jewel like that until now – They all banged their chests in such emotion.
The drama, ‘Whispers of the Stars’ ended when Joo HyunJin ran into the female protagonist and something was about to happen. This was a cliffhanger to make the viewers watch the next episode.
After the drama ended, Chairman Won JinMoon finally spoke about the reason why he called them.

“I need to look at the media to be sure, but I’m very sure that Min JinSeo will become a hit. What about you guys?”
“My thoughts are the same, Chairman. Looking at her acting skills, I cannot think how it will fail.”

Director Lee HanSeo followed quickly. Befitting of the most quick-witted director, he scratched Chairman Won JinMoon’s back quickly.

‘Ah, fuck… that fox.’

There was a fight of wits even between the directors. The colleague directors all gritted their teeth at Director Lee HanSeo’s cunningness.
Whether he knew or not, Chairman Won JinMoon continued.

“Although we were raising trainee actors until now, we didn’t do for real. The reason was the lack of infrastructure and knowhow. However, we got our first actress, and a promising rising star. The Board of Directors should support Min JinSeo with all its strength, and also, strengthen the support to actor trainees in the future.”
“I understand, Chairman.”
“I will listen to the results of the support in the Director’s meeting.”

As soon as the conversation ended, Chairman Won JinMoon let them go. In the end, what he wanted to say was just that one line, and although the grumbling directors made him mind, he didn’t do anything.
When the directors went away like the tide, Chairman Won JinMoon stood by the window.

‘His skills in placing an item like Min JinSeo into the right place… Just who here has that ability? Lee KangYoon. No matter how I think about it, he’s amazing. If it wasn’t for him, then that child would have wandered to another place.’

When KangYoon first spoke to give him Min Jinseo, he even thought that KangYoon had ‘another’ feeling for a trainee. However, KangYoon’s eyes were accurate. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he had made the foothold for actors and actresses for MG Entertainment, which was unimaginable before.

‘It isn’t just that. To let go of what he achieved. This is also amazing.’

KangYoon reported that he will prepare for a takeover after the debut finishes successfully and the viewer ratings stabilize. Nobody would say anything even if he got some more achievements in his pocket with the excuse of stabilization, but he clearly kept his word. He didn’t even vaguely mention the time. He nailed the time, the 7th or 8th episode when the viewer ratings would stabilize.

‘With this, Team Leader Lee will earn trust whether he knows or not. At least, the trust that he will be true to his words. Also, there will be an amazing amount of under-the-surface works in order to get Min JinSeo.’

There was a possibility of fighting between the directors because of Min JinSeo. If this became worse, then it might even cause some harm to the company. Chairman Won JinMoon was planning to manage Min JinSeo himself along with JooAh. He had no pressure about achievements anyway so nobody would say anything about it. He was planning to make her first-rate by expanding the foothold that KangYoon had made.
While looking at the beautiful night scenery of Seoul, Chairman Won JinMoon kept drawing how to lead MG Entertainment in the future.


KangYoon, who received new work, headed towards the President’s office to consult about the project.
When he arrived, President Lee HyunJi was already waiting with coffee.
The two started analyzing The ACE, who will make an album this time, while sipping coffee.

“Their dance isn’t bad. But their expressions aren’t that good.”

KangYoon paid attention to their expressions while looking at the video of The ACE. The dance wasn’t bad. However, there was an extremely small change in their expression. It was the same with another video.

“So they all have similar problems.”

President Lee HyunJi agreed to KangYoon’s opinion. The members of The ACE, HyeRin and Iris were bad with their expression while moving around the stage with a sexy dance. Even their smiles looked somewhat lacking. Expressions were a must in TV programme dances where they need to seduce the audience, but the two lacked such appeal.


KangYoon shook his head while looking at the video. He also considered the memorable music. However, there was a lot of problem with their expressions as they danced. To say it badly, it was a style that would make people fed up quickly

“To say it badly, they can be considered as having no star quality.”
“No star quality… Is it such in your eyes, Team Leader Lee?”
“…Strictly speaking, yes.”

KangYoon honestly voiced his current opinions. The two in the video had no charm that attracted the people as KangYoon said. The two women inside the video were mostly ignored by the audience. It was fortunate that they didn’t receive jeers from the audience. If they had any star quality at all then the audience might have looked at the two.
While quickly running through the videos of their performances and their practices, the two spoke a lot about the singers.

“This part is good.”

However, KangYoon, who only said bad things until now, paid attention to one of the videos. It was the video where HyeRin and Iris were singing in a radio.

“It’s ‘Fly to’. I like this song…”

President Lee HyunJi closed her eyes while listening to HyeRin’s and Iris’ singing. Although it was an acappella, their matching harmonies were producing beautiful sounds.

‘Jazz? It’s not easy to sing this kind of songs. If there was an accompaniment, then it might have been better, such a pity.’

KangYoon thought a bit differently. However, without even being given time to feel any pity, the video ended.

“Well, then. Shall we put away the videos and talk about work?”

President Lee HyunJi turned the video off while saying it was enough. KangYoon also thought it was enough and brought out the papers that he brought. He had to think about what concept he would go with for the album while thinking about the current The ACE and the latest trend.

“How do you think this will go?”
“It won’t be easy.”
“That same comment as always.”

President Lee HyunJi lightly teased him. KangYoon became a little embarrassed and coughed. Then, President Lee HyunJi smiled.

“President, that’s…”
“Heh, sorry. Please continue.”

As she believed completely in KangYoon now, President Lee HyunJi also had some leisure. She and KangYoon were colleagues on the same path. While showing her rare leisurely appearance, the two started talking again.

“Even though they had released their 2nd album, the recognition is very lacking. Fortunately, they have a fan club, albeit small. As far as I know, they are around 300.”
“They completely failed. Director Lee HyunSang can’t raise his head after his work with The ACE.”

The directors had their own problems. They had to take responsibility for their plans. Like President Lee HyunJi had to take responsibility for the results of what KangYoon had planned, the directors also had to take responsibility for the results of the planners and celebrities under them. Their position in the company changed according to the success or failure of the plans under their name. This was the culture of MG Entertainment.

“Whether it will go well or not, isn’t it up to the God of Music?”
“I should at least do my best to catch the eyes of that God, right?”

KangYoon could only laugh at President Lee HyunJi’s words.


In the underground studio of MG Entertainment, Yoon HyeRin was restlessly walking around the spot. Kim JinGyung asked her when she saw that she was restlessly moving around as if waiting for someone.

“HyeRin, are you that excited?”

Although she didn’t look that happy, as they were friends who were together for a long time, she knew very well that HyeRin was excited.

“Of course. Lee KangYoon, it’s Team Leader Lee KangYoon!! It’s the person who planned for JooAh-seonbae!! I’m really that excited!!”
“Actually, I still think it’s a dream. I thought that I would’ve had to wash dishes in restaurants after the contract ended…”

The two still felt as if they were dreaming. The company had already half-given up with Yoon HyeRin and Kim JinGyung(Iris). After their 2nd album failed miserably, they had no schedules coming in and they had nothing to do even after coming to work. To a celebrity, the insult of eating the gazes of disdain from others was like hell.

“HyeRin, JinGyung, get ready. Team Leader has come.”

At manager Jung ChanHyung’s words, the two started moving around quickly. They cleaned the already clean table, and they organized the magazines again.
Soon, the door opened and KangYoon came in.

“Good day to you sir!! We’re The ACE!!”

The two women wanted to show a good image in their first meeting with KangYoon, so they greeted in a loud voice. However, it seemed their voice was too big as KangYoon became surprised, stepped back a few steps and fell down on his butt.

“Team Leader!! Are you alright?”

Kim JinGyung and Yoon HyeRin became shocked and they pulled KangYoon up.

“Oh…Yes. I’m alright. I’m, Lee KangYoon.”

KangYoon stood up while grabbing their hands. Due to embarrassment, it was hard for him to meet their eyes.
Starting from their first meeting, the three ended up doing an unintentional, not funny slapstick.

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