God of Music – Chapter 39: Outside, Again!! (1)

Although there was slapstick in their first meeting, KangYoon started the first meeting with The ACE as if nothing had happened.
After a simple greeting, they talked about what kind of songs they did until now, what they wanted to do next and other things such as their preferred genre of music.
However, in less than 10 minutes, KangYoon realized that he had made a terrible mistake.(E/N: and it was at this moment, he realized he fucked up)

“They have no opinions of their own!!”

While listening to them saying that they were fine with everything, KangYoon shivered in fright. They were basically saying ‘whatever is fine’. An ordinary singer would usually have something they would want to sing, and KangYoon would see if such songs would fit that singer or not, but there weren’t much cases like The ACE.

“You’re good with ballad, and rock?”
“You’re fine with dances, and rock?”
“You’re fine with everything?”

At KangYoon’s question, Yoon HyeRin answered in a bright voice. …Is this a 3 year old?
As he couldn’t smack Yoon HyeRin who was smiling brightly, KangYoon endured and continued speaking.

“…Yes. You can like everything. But my question is, what do you want to do?”
“We’re fine with everything.”

The ‘whatever’-like answer flipped KangYoon’s insides over.
In the end, this meant that these girls didn’t have any opinions of their own. KangYoon sighed deeply.

“…Okay. Let’s rest for a bit.”

KangYoon declared rest since he had met singers who were different to those he me until now. He needed some time to rest. Positively speaking, they were obedient, negatively speaking, they had no opinions. KangYoon couldn’t find any way out of this situation.
KangYoon, who came upstairs to the resting area for a bit, slumped on the table just like that.

‘Should I download every song there is and find the most suited song for them…?’

It wasn’t a bad method. Anyway, since he had the ability to judge whether a singer matched a song or not, he didn’t worry that much. However, KangYoon shook his head.

‘Just when can I find a song that suits them with this idiotic method?’

If there wasn’t anything, then it would only be a waste of time. It would be fortunate if he found it straight away, but if he didn’t, he had to look for it until he found one. If there was a clue, then it would be better, but if there wasn’t, then it was just pure labor. It was also nonsensical to buy all those songs with the budget allocated to The ACE.

‘Dance and ballad is no g……’
“ACK! So cold!!”

While KangYoon was in deep thought, he sat up abruptly from the table due to the cold thing he could feel on his cheek. When he did, Jung MinAh was laughing with a canned drink on her hand.

“Ahjussi, hello.”
“Team Leader.”
“Tch… there’s only the two of us here though… Team Leader.”

While rebelling that there was no one around, Jung MinAh pouted.

“You’re buying?”
“It’s not good to be treated by you the whole time.”

KangYoon received the drink from Jung MinAh and popped it. The can popping sounds resounded across.

“That was a loud sound.”
“It’s just a can and… MinAh, is it your resting time right now?”
“Yes. Ah… Today’s so hard too…”

MinAh took out the chair and sat facing KangYoon. Jung MinAh was a daring trainee who unrestrainedly approached KangYoon, who was not easy to be approached to. Although he was a target of admiration and envy, he wasn’t so easily approached due to fear. However, she was unhesitant on that.

“Are you tired?”
“Practice until you’re more tired. I can see you have plenty of energy since you’re speaking here right now.”
“Whoa, so evil.”

KangYoon teased Jung MinAh and smiled. She was a cute trainee. Although she was a strict trainee, to KangYoon, she was just cute.

“But, Team Leader, are you worried about anything?”
“You were suffering on the table.”
“It’s not to the point of a ‘worry’. It’s just that I can’t understand something. Wait.”

Jung MinAh was also a trainee. She would be a singer soon. Although she wasn’t one right now, KangYoon decided to ask if here was a song she wanted to do.

“MinAh, what kind of songs do you want to do?”
“Songs? Do you mean genre?”
“Genre or whatever.”
“You know I’m weak at singing. If it’s a dance themed song, then I’m good with whatever. I don’t think a slow-beat one matches me though…”

Jung MinAh also had something she wanted to do. Every people had their own styles. At this point, KangYoon had a question.

“MinAh, most singers would have a song that they want to do, right?”
“Shouldn’t it be? Just that I heard singers matched whatever the company says. Although they do match the singers if the singer is a big shot, but the powerless ones… Team Leader?”

As if he had remembered something, KangYoon abruptly stood up so Jung MinAh panicked.

“MinAh, thanks!! I will treat you to a drink some time!!”
“Team Leader!! Where are you going? Hey, ahjussi!!”

KangYoon instantly disappeared. Although Jung MinAh called him, he had already left.

“So fast. Ayy. I should go back to practice.”

Jung MinAh shrugged her shoulders and headed to the practice room.

When KangYoon hurriedly ran towards them, Yoon HyeRin and Kim JinGyung were confused.

“Team Leader, where did you go?”

However, KangYoon didn’t reply and went into topic.

“HyeRin, JinGyun!! Do you girls really don’t have anything you want to do?”
“Something we really want to… do?”

At KangYoon’s question, HyeRin seemed to hesitate as she stuttered. JinGyung only kept her silence.

“I will ask you one last time. A song you really want to do, is there one or is there not? This might be your last album. Shouldn’t you do something you want for your last one?”

KangYoon came out strong. It was literally an ultimatum. KangYoon seemed to have decided to not open his mouth anymore as he kept his silence and waited for their answers. They spoke to themselves while whispering.
Finally, Kim JinGyung carefully spoke.

“…For me, jazz…”

It was a mosquito-like voice. However, KangYoon heard it clearly.

“No, it’s nothing. Please take it as if you didn’t hear anthing.”

Although Kim JinGyung followed up quickly, it was left clearly on KangYoon.

“Jazz, Jazz, you say. You sure?”

Kim JinGyung shook her head, but that didn’t work on KangYoon. While making a suspicious smile, KangYoon turned his head towards Yoon HyeRin. It was a silent signal  – ‘You speak too’.

“For me… al, also jazz.”

Yoon HyeRin also replied in a small voice. However, KangYoon could hear it clearly.

‘So this is the reason why they didn’t say it. Who would listen to them if they said they want to do jazz? They will scold them first.’

KangYoon finally knew why they said they were good with everything. It wouldn’t work even if I say it – this was what they were thinking.

‘Jazz… Will jazz really work? I also need to see if it fits them…’

If it was 2017 when KangYoon originally was in, jazz would have worked. It was because jazz bands had come to Korea frequently and it became more and more public. However, this was the year 2008. Although jazz was known, it wouldn’t be said to be liked by the public.

‘No, it might work because that’s the case.’

KangYoon thought differently. Although traditional jazz wouldn’t be easy, the music of The ACE was popular music. The song would be composed with jazz in mind, but it wouldn’t be traditional jazz. Although new music brings risks, if it works, it would make a rise of a new trend. If a good music was approached with jazz in mind, then it was very possible.

“Jazz, let’s try it.”

KangYoon decided on the direction. He decided that they would go big anyway since they were doing it. Then, the already smiling expressions of Yoon HyeRin and Kim JInGyung became even more brighter. Now they were starting to smile from the bottom of their hearts.

“Are we really doing jazz?”

Kim JinGyung asked in disbelief but KangYoon gave her a clear answer.

“Let’s try it first. If it’s good, then we’re doing it.”

Kim JinGyung and Yoon HyeRin, who were smiling like ‘good people’, now made true smiles. There wasn’t a person like KangYoon until now. They had a good premonition.


“Thank you for your work.”

As the trainer left, the harsh group singing practice ended. The girls all slumped on the ground. Although not as much as dancing, singing was also physically draining. Thanks to that, they also received a lot of stress.

“Jung MinAh, wait.”
“Get out before I get angry.”

When Christie An jumped on the exposed Jung MinAh’s belly, Jung MinAh growled. However, Christie An didn’t bat an eyelid and stayed still. Although Jung MinAh moved around violently, she didn’t hit her.

“Where did Ailee-unni go?”

When Seo HanYu asked for the disappeared Ailee Jun, Han JooYeon replied simply.

“Did this girl have constipation? Why isn’t she coming?”
“It mus’ be ‘that day’. She was also all ov’r the place saying her stomach hurt, ‘esterday.”

Lee SamSoon answered Jung MinAh’s question. Jung MinAh asked her ‘do you even know your friend’s period?’ but Lee SamSoon only shrugged her shoulders.
After a long time did Ailee came back to the practice room holding her stomach. He face didn’t look that good.

“Ailee, you al’ight?”

When Lee SamSoon carefully asked, Ailee Jung shook her head. She didn’t even seem to have any power to speak. Lee SamSoon silently helped her lie down and massaged her stomach.

‘SamSoon’s so caring.’

Jung MinAh was slowly starting to learn the ‘leisure to look around’ from Lee SamSoon’s caring figure.


KangYoon requested a jazz themed song from the composers. It was to first see if the members of The ACE fit the mood. Thanks to that, he could receive 2 songs in just a few days.
When the song flowed out, KangYoon called for the members of The ACE.

“Look at that sheet music… So complex…”

Yoon HyeRin rejoiced while looking at the characteristic complex musical notes of jazz. Of course, although it wasn’t the sheet music with all the instruments included, as a characteristic of jazz, the five lines were more decorated than other genres.

“But how do I read this?”

To Kim JinGyung, who didn’t know harmonics, sheet music were just tadpoles. It was just that there were more #s attached and looked more cool. Seeing that Kim JinGyung kep tilting he head while looking at the sheet music, KangYoon just giggled.

“You just have to follow the voice so you don’t need to worry that much. The voice guide is there so you just need to look at the lyrics.”

In the last few days, Yoon HyeRin and Kim JinGyung seemed to have gotten close to KangYoon as they were unrestrained in their talking.

“Let’s listen to it first.”

KangYoon played the guided version of the song.

-I gave — you — the beautiful — me — without any reason —

The two girls sang along the guided version while shaking their shoulders. Perhaps due to it being a jazz piece they were interested until now, they were delighted. They found fun in singing such lyrics.
KangYoon quietly watched the two singing.

‘Jazz are purple notes.’

Purple musical notes were flowing out from the two. The purple notes were producing a small white light.

‘It isn’t weak.’

White was positive. This meant that the affinity between the members of The ACE and the song wasn’t bad. Of course, he wasn’t sure of the result if they really got into the harmonics.

“Shall we listen to the next one?”

KangYoon played the next song.

-Tomorrow will be fine– if I — can — love –with hope — alone

If the previous song was a bouncy, rhythmic jazz, then this piece emphasized the melody. The two girls focused on the melody while humming.

‘It’s about the same.’

Perhaps due to it being jazz, it was similar to the previous one. Purple colored musical notes and white light – It wasn’t that different.
After the song ended, KangYoon asked for their opinions of the songs.

“I like both.”

Completely different to how she was a few days ago, Kim JinGyung expressed her opinions clearly. Yoon HyeRin also seemed to be of the same opinion as she stuck to her.

“Both of them?”

It was natural for a singer to be greedy about a song. Now that they had become more active from their passive first impressions, KangYoon finally could be relieved.

“Okay, let’s do both.”
“Let’s decide the cover song as the better one we get after recording.”

At KangYoon’s words, the two girls exclaimed in delight.
After that, the two girls went into practice. They decided on 2 days later as the recording day. It was thanks to KangYoon’s homework for them to research into their own voice to match jazz.


One day before The ACE’s recording.
KangYoon was grabbing his head in his office.

‘The recording itself isn’t the problem. How can I plan the advertising?’

Duet singer, The ACE.
Although they had 2 albums, they didn’t have anything special nor did they have any achievements. Although he grabbed on to the thread to produce a digital single with the concept of jazz, KangYoon was agonized over how to advertise the album.
The promotion team also didn’t produce a clear answer. It was a showcase at best, but KangYoon rejected this answer. Although they did their 1st album and 2nd album on a showcase, they didn’t produce clear results. Moreover, a showcase for a digital single was a waste of budget.


How about advertising the album on an entertainment programme on TV, which was getting famous nowadays? However, KangYoon eventually shook his head.

‘These girls don’t have any sense for entertainment. It’ll be the same whether they do it or not.’

It was obvious that they would receive the humiliation of being edited out. These girls didn’t have that much presence in the first place. Befitting of singers from MG Entertainment, other than their appearances, they were literally just ordinary girls. They didn’t have the ability to digest the rough jokes that flew at them.

The era where album sales are directly proportional to sales are gone. In the end, profits are from events. Events, events, is it? To advertise, there must be a lot of people so… universities? Shall we go to universities? University festivals are soon too…’

KangYoon took out the calendar where university festival dates were written. The season was about the same as when they should be finished with recording and about to go into promoting. The season wasn’t bad.

‘Let’s use the festivals.’

University festivals were open to everyone. From the people around that area, students from other schools, and even employees. Many people would come to university festivals to watch youth. It was just that, nowadays, as which celebrity decorates the highlight of the festivals became important, it was increasingly becoming more important whether a famous celebrity came or not. Although, due to this, they were criticized as monsters that ate up tuition fees.
While thinking various things related to the university festivals, one thought came up in KangYoon’s mind.

‘Can’t we perform on a street inside the campus during the festival? Not just once… The advertising would be..’

Even while thinking it wouldn’t work, KangYoon’s hand was on the keyboard in order to write the plan proposal.

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