God of Music – Chapter 40: Outside, Again!! (2)

It dawned on the day to record The ACE’s song.
KangYoon headed to the studio after he finished checking the budget and some other documents. In the studio, Yoon HyeRin and Kim JinGyun, who arrived first and were warming up their throats, and Director Lee HyunSang.


KangYoon made a ‘that’s unexpected’ expression when he saw the person in charge of The ACE, Director Lee HyunSang. He was a director rarely seen inside the company. He wasn’t seen even in the last Directors’ meeting.

“I think it’s the first time meeting you. I’ve just heard about you. Nice to meet you.”

Director Lee HyunSang was a man in his forties with a short stature. His gentle looking eyes made him look like an amiable ahjussi. He looked very different to the other directors who looked very strong and stubborn.

“Did you warm up yet?”
“Then let’s begin right away.”

After exchanging brief greetings with Director Lee HyunSang, KangYoon started working. Yoon HyeRin and Kim JinGyun went into the booth. The current time was 5 p.m. They said that this was the time when their conditions were at their best. This was the time they had scheduled beforehand.
As the equipment was already set, it didn’t take a long time to record. The recording started immediately.

-I like – the warm spring —

When Yoon HyeRin’s voice started resounding throughout the studio through the speaker, KangYoon also started seeing white light along with a purple musical note.

‘It’s a bit weak.’

The combination of the song and Yoon HyeRin seemed to be okay. However, it felt somewhat lacking. He wanted a stronger light.

“HeRin, shall we try again?”

The producer, who was touching the mixer, also requested for a retry as if he was unsatisfied. One couldn’t be full with just one bite. Yoon HyeRin’s singing started again.

-I like – the warm spring — the beautiful — you — come to me — (T/N: Sorry if the lyrics don’t make sense)

KangYoon shook his head while looking at the recording which progressed. It was because he saw a different colored musical note to the purple colored one from time to time.

“Let’s try again. ‘The warm spring’ this part is a bit off.”

The producer also seemed to feel something was off as he requested for a retry.

-I like – the warm spring — the beautiful — you — come to me —
“The front part is okay. Let’s try again with a little less strength in ‘beautiful’.”

The producer progressed with the recording.
Although the recording went on, KangYoon kept tilting his head. It should have become better after it became jazz, but strangely, it did not seem to get any better. The weak white light that the purple colored musical notes made kept making KangYoon wonder. Although it seemed better than The ACE’s previous songs, it wasn’t at a level he was satisfied with.
As the recording progressed little by little, it was already night when they listened to the halfway version.

“Let’s rest for a bit.”

At the producer’s declaration, the members of The ACE came out from the booth, and went outside with Director Lee HyunSang.
KangYoon had a listen to the recorded file with the producer.

“Can we use this?”

When KangYoon asked, the producer nodded.

“It isn’t bad. If we edit it, I think we will end up with an okay song.”
“An okay song…”

Although the producer said that, KangYoon was unsettled. The weak white light kept weighing on his heart. KangYoon thought about what the reason could be while listening to the recorded file again and again.

-I like – the warm spring — the beautiful — you — come to me —
-Like — a child — in magic —

The purple colored musical note, and the weak white light. These thoughts kept swirling around in KangYoon’s head. He kept wondering which part should be better in order of the light to become brighter.

“JinGyung’s voice sounds a little different. Although it’s refreshing, it sounds a little sharp.”
“It’s the characteristic of the microphone she’s using now. That microphone is weak in mid pitches and has a strong high pitch. As you said that you’re recording in jazz style this time, I have prepared that microphone.”

At the producer’s words, KangYoon paid attention to the microphones. Perhaps, wasn’t it because the microphone had a bad affinity with the singer? The microphone, which affected a singer’s voice greatly, was a very important element in recording and in performing.

“Let’s try changing the microphone.”
“What? I think the current sound is also okay.”
“Let’s just try it. Are there microphones The ACE’s girls used originally?”
The ACE don’t have their exclusive microphones. Those are for people at JooAh’s level…”

The producer complained as he didn’t like KangYoon interfering with his work. However, he couldn’t do anything to him. Although it was somewhat unsuitable to go against the person in charge, he kept complaining. Even while knowing that, KangYoon continued with his claim.

“Change it to an ordinary one. Let’s go with that”
“……I understand.”

In the end, the producer became dejected while saying that the equipment he prepared ambitiously was rejected.

“It’s just an experiment so don’t think about it that much. I know that you’ve worked hard. Shouldn’t we try everything?”

KangYoon added his last line. There was no need to kill the morale of a hardworking person. However, hardworking and producing results were a different problem altogether. Grabbing both wasn’t an easy problem.
The resting time ended, and the members of The ACE went back into the booth again. As the microphone changed, they had to go through the setting again. After they set the tone, the recording began.

-A miraculous – dream–

Although it was just one line, KangYoon’s eyes widened. The light had become stronger. Although it was the same purple musical note, the light coming from the combination of the notes had become stronger.

‘The microphone was the problem.’

The producer also seemed to be amazed that the controlled tone, different to the previous, sharp tone, as he looked at KangYoon. KangYoon only shrugged his shoulders. The producer started concentrating in work again with an awkward face. As he could hear the suitably adjusted voices from the machine, he could touch the sounds as his heart willed.

-The love- of spring — only deepens–

The recording progressed with lightning speed until the chorus where the two’s voices combined suitably to produce a strong white light. As the purple notes combined to make strong white light, KangYoon was also delighted.

“Is this one alright?”
“Yes, we should have changed it before. I might have ruined the song if we went along with my stubbornness. I’m sorry, Team Leader.”
“Not at all. Please produce a great song.”

At the producer’s bashful words, KangYoon didn’t drag on. His such actions seemed to look better in the producer’s eyes as his eyes shined.

“Don’t worry. I will answer you with the best song!!”

It seemed not reproaching him despite the mistake seemed to be seen well in the producer’s view as his morale rose high. KangYoon just smiled.



Lee JunYeol, who gave his signature to a female fan who ran up to him as he was about to board the van, passed the notebook back while smiling.

Kyaaak—!! I love you, oppa!!”

However, the fan seemed to be extreme as she hugged Lee JunYeol tightly. Although it was reasonable for him to panic, Lee JunYeol patted the female fan’s back with a leisurely smile.

“*Sob* *sob*… Oppa, I love you.”

Although it was reasonable for him to get upset, Lee JunYeol kept his manners to the end without losing his leisurely smile. When he got on the van after having calmed down the extreme female fan, even Manager Yu SeungCheol, who was waiting worriedly inside the van, couldn’t seem to hide his exclamation.

“Wow, hyung. You really changed a lot. The more I look at you, the more astonished I am.”
“Shut up. You can’t even block a fan like that… Oh, dammit all. Let’s just go.”

Lee JunYeol stopped when he was about to say something more. Although he would have gone on a rampage if it was before, he seemed to have become a lot softer as he just passed it off as an accident. Whether he knew or not, Manager Yu SeungCheol kept chatting.

“Hyung, really… You really changed a lot after that time.”
“What is?”
“Your attitude towards the fans changed after you’ve released this album, and even on TV… Hyung, you’re so cool. Ur da best.”(E/N: top kek)
“Shut up, you’re so disgusting, even though you’re a man…”

Although Lee JunYeol was rough to him, Manager Yu SeungCheol knew that this was his way of showing affection. As he knew, he could laugh more.”
After the debut stage on the radio broadcast stage, Lee JunYeol changed in regards to everything. There was no need to talk about his attitude in treating songs, and his attitude in confronting fans and other things all changed for the better. Thanks to that, he succeeded in having a comeback with the evaluation of his voice having changed as foothold while gathering more fans.

“You didn’t set any more schedules like I said, right?”
“Yeah, yeah. It’s the 10th time you asked me that.”
“I have a good impression of you for the first time. You should know that I will flip everything if you did, right?”
“Of course I do. Weren’t you meeting Team Leader KangYoon?”

The van Lee JunYeol was on quickly headed to the café near Shinsa station where they arranged to meet. Manager Yu SeungCheol parked the van on the space where vans could be seen parked here and there, and headed to the café. However, Lee JunYeol stopped him in front of the café.

“I’m going to go alone.”
“Just cuz I want to.”
“Ah, hyung. I know what talk will happen today, and although I also like Team Leader KangYoon, on a story that needs negotiation between the companies, I need to be there.”
“Shut up, I decide. I will tell hyung to cut your salary if you follow.”

In the end, Lee JunYeol went inside alone by force. Manager Yu SeungCheol was about to go in when he gave up while making a bitter smile.

‘Do those two want to go on a date or something? Wait, JunYeol-hyung, don’t tell me…?!’(E/N: oooooh)

After thinking about absurd things like whether he opened his eyes to a different preference than other people, Manager Yu SeungCheol eventually shook his head. When he thought about it, yesterday, Lee JunYeol played wildly in a club just yesterday.


Inside the café, KangYoon was tackling the some paperwork.
Befitting of a famous café, slim models and sometimes, celebrities, were enjoying their coffee. KangYoon’s figure of tackling paperwork really did stand out amongst them.

“You came?”

While KangYoon was biting the pen as if the work wasn’t going well, Lee JunYeol had arrived. When he raised his hand, KangYoon high-fived immediately. Now, these two had become closer.
After a brief greeting and talking about recent matters, the real topic began.

“Hyung, what’s up? You even called me all the way here.”
“I called you for work.”
“Work? Oho, an event? What should I do? I’m really busy nowadays.”

Lee JunYeol’s eyes contained a playful attitude. KangYoon shrugged his shoulders and continued on.

“If you’re busy, then forget it. I just want to use some of your fame.”
“Oho? The hyung-nim is requesting help from the little bro, right? Good, good. Speak to me about it.”

Lee JunYeol seemed to be delighted as he urged KangYoon. KangYoon could only smile at the unchanging, ever-lively Lee JunYeol.

“You really don’t change. Anyway, a singer under us releases a digital single this time.”
The ACE, do you know them?”

Lee JunYeol was honest. He was as always – he didn’t know non-famous people.

“…That’s so like you. Anyway, there is a duet singer who didn’t go well even after releasing their second album. We’re releasing a digital single this time, and I want to request featuring from you.”

At the word ‘featuring’, Lee JunYeol’s eyes glistened.

“Wow, featuring? Those The ACE kids, what are they like? Are they girls? Are they pretty?”
“…Let’s take it as nothing happened here.”

KangYoon shook his head and stood up. Then, Lee JunYeol grabbed his arm.

“Ayy, hyung. It was just a joke. But what kind of song is it that you even need a featuring?”
“It’s a slow jazz. The singers are a female duet. I need a male voice with a solid, plentiful voice range, and so, I was planning to get your help.”
“You came to the right man.”

Lee JunYeol poked his own chest with his thumb while saying ‘leave it to me.’

“I will pay you properly so you don’t need to worry about that.”
“Hey, don’t be like that between us. You can just make another stage for me another time.”
“…That’s a loss for me though.”

Lee JunYeol laughed heartily. KangYoon gave him the USB with the song, and told him the recording schedule.

“So I just need to be there at that time, right?”
“You came to the right man. I won’t make you regret it.”

Lee JunYeol stood up while saying that there was a schedule. He also paid on his way out. KangYoon also laughed heartily while looking at the brash Lee JunYeol.

‘That’s the featuring taken care of, and now, it’s time to strategize the promotion.’

If it was difficult to go on a broadcast, then he needed another strategy. KangYoon headed to his office to work.


Unlike her friends who remained at school for self-study, HeeYoon, who went home early, met an unexpected person in front of the school gates. (T/N: Students usually have self-study after school ends, and this is 2008, so going to school on a Saturday was the norm in Korea around this time)


It was her brother, Kangyoon. As she saw KangYoon, who could only be seen late at night nowadays, she ran up to him and embraced him in delight.

“There, there. Is it fine for a fully grown girl to do this?”
“What’s wrong? I don’t have an owner yet.”(E/N: a husband? A spouse?)

After hugging HeeYoon’s thin body once, KangYoon got on the car with HeeYoon.

“Huh? A car?”
“It’s a company car. I came out because of work. Since I’m going to universities, I should show you around.”

When HeeYoon fastened her seatbelt on the passenger’s seat, KangYoon started driving slowly. Befitting of a veteran driver, who never got into an accident in his 7 years as a manager, the car KangYoon drove had little shaking.

“I think it’s the first time I got onto a car you drove.”
“We will buy a car soon. At that time, let’s go to many places.”
“You don’t have to go overboard. I’m alright.”

HeeYoon always felt sorry for his brother who always tried to do something for her. She kept thinking that she wanted to do something for him too.
The place KangYoon and HeeYoon headed to was a university in Dongjak district. (T/N: Hey, my uni is in Dongjak district) KangYoon, who paid expensive parking fees for the university parking lot, started looking around various places.

“Oppa, why did we come here?”

Was there a need for KangYoon to come to a university? KangYoon said he came here for work, but since he kept looking around the place slowly, HeeYoon was curious about his reason.

“I want to see where the students gather. But since it’s a Saturday, it’s hard to find. Oh, it’s that place.”

KangYoon pointed to a fountain which could be spotted easily from the shops inside the campus and had shades around it. (T/N: Wait, fountain? Isn’t that my uni?). With the fountain at the center, a lot of the people went around, on the shades, people, who looked like campus couples, were chatting with liveliness.

“Oppa. I think it will be fun to perform at that place.”
“Yeah, quiet music can be heard, and lovers would kiss… Kyak!!”

KangYoon lightly smacked HeeYoon on the forehead as she was drift to a mountain.
However, the place HeeYoon mentioned was a good place to perform. KangYoon picked up the camera and took a photo immediately. It was the so called ‘ideal spot marking’

“Oppa, what are you planning to do there?”

KangYoon only smiled at HeeYoon’s question.

“Wow… Is that the library? Look at those people. They must study really hard.”

Eventually, HeeYoon became absorbed in the large facilities of the university and its people. While looking at HeeYoon who was looking at the people with eyes full of envy, KangYoon asked.

“Don’t you want to go to a university?”
“University? Of course I want to go. But you know I’m not good with studying. I don’t even know what I want to do.”
“It doesn’t matter how long it takes you, so try studying. Of course, you know that your health is the priority right?”

Although she was becoming healthier, she was far from being completely cured. HeeYoon wanted to become healthy as soon as possible and wanted to have an ordinary life the students there. She also wanted to stop being a baggage for his brother and wanted to share his burdens.

“Let’s go.”

Whether he knew of HeeYoon’s thoughts or not, KangYoon grabbed HeeYoon’s hand and lead her to the car. While going to the next university, HeeYoon fell into thought.
While imagining her own figure, spreading her dreams in a university campus.


Translator’s note

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