God of Music – Chapter 42: Outside, Again!! (4)

All team members, including the planning team in charge of The ACE’s album this time had gathered in the 2nd floor meeting room.
However, all of them were flabbergasted at KangYoon’s unexpected first line.

“Team Leader, did I hear right? You will go to the scene yourself?”
“You did hear it correctly. For this one month, I will directly look after the girls of The ACE on the scene.”

The Chief Kim JoonSeon of the planning team and the liaison team all expressed their awkwardness. No, it wasn’t just that. The managers who had to go to the scene became especially pale.

“If Team Leader goes, then we…”

Jung ChanHyung, who had managed The ACE until now, mumbled the end of his line. If KangYoon, the topmost person in charge, went together, then as on-the-scene personnel, they were no different from being monitored. It was natural that they would be tense.

“Manager Jung, you just have to do what you’ve been doing until now. Just think that there’s an extra manager.”

Words were easy, but it didn’t sound so easy to the people who would go to the scene. It wasn’t easy to work together with the person in charge of them. Of course, KangYoon wasn’t a superior who put his subordinates in difficult positions, however, his weight was uncomfortable to all of them.

“Then we just have to focus on Twisser?”(E/N: twisser lol)

Chief Han JungSeok of the promotion team asked. KangYoon nodded his head.

“Yes. For a while, the promotion team will work under a state of emergency. Please be careful on the monitoring and watch out for the movements of the media. Also, please check if there are any strange rumors going around.”
“I understand.”
“Has the session to accompany the performance been selected?”

At KangYoon’s question, Chief Kwon JiYoon of the liaison team answered.

“Yes, Team Leader. As you said, we had chose two people who can use the djembe and the synthesizer each. They also agreed to the condition that they will accompany us for all the performances for one month.”
“Thank you for your work.”

As there was no comeback stage, there were no work relating to TV stations. However, there was an enormous amount of university performances which substituted for that. Moreover, there was also the real-time monitoring. The album team of The ACE had met a new way of work, different to the work they did until now, so they had gone over the work several times.

“We’re looking at 2 months until the end of the project. It will take 3 months for it to stabilize. At that time, would be in the middle of summer. Let’s succeed and receive a huge bonus and go overseas for holiday.”

The meeting ended with KangYoon’s last words. The meeting room had become empty when all the teams left like tide.

‘So it starts tomorrow.’

The new approach made KangYoon resolve his heart again. While looking outside the window, KangYoon resolved that he will do well.


“Eh? Where’s our van?”

Kim JinGyung couldn’t hide her surprise when she saw the tattered green bongo, and not the van they used until now. However, the managers, including KangYoon, were only quietly moving the equipments such as the mixer. Manager Jung ChanHyung answered to her question.

“There won’t be a van for a while. The Team Leader said that we also have to manage our image so for a while, we will use this vehicle.”
“What? What’s this bongo got to do with image?”

Kim JinGyung seemed to be surprised a lot as her voice had also become big. Then, Manager Jung ChanHyung hurriedly stopped her.

“Hey, be careful, we’re in front of the Team Leader.”
“No, but this is no good. No matter how bad-off we are…”
“It’s not that. Even the Team Leader will take the same car as us. You can’t speak like that.”

Kim JinGyung was confused. However, she couldn’t say anything as KangYoon loaded the equipment and sat on the front seat without saying anything. Looking at such a figure, she couldn’t say anything and got on the vehicle. As it was full of equipment and the seats were uncomfortable, she wondered what happened in just one day.
At that moment, KangYoon spoke.

“The audience will look at everything that we do. Not only the songs, the process of setting the stage, movement, and actions. It will be bad for our image if we go around in vans when we’re doing street performances, right? Think that you’re cosplaying realistically and please endure.”
“Oh… Yes.”

Finally, Kim JinGyung seemed to have understood as she exclaimed. Although she was very picky with vehicles, if this was the reason, then she had no choice but to accept.

“We’ll suffer altogether. Let’s do our best. If you adapt well like HyeRin, then you will be able to endure.”

On the place KangYoon pointed towards, Yoon HyeRin had fallen asleep with a travel pillow. Kim JinGyung laughed awkwardly and opened the window. She started putting in effort to adapt to the smell which was coming off the car.


The first place KangYoon and company arrived at was D university in Seongbuk district. KangYoon and company who parked the car inside the university with an expensive fee, got off the car while carrying all the equipments. Moving around a little, there was the spot that Kangyoon and HeeYoon had found together.

“Are we performing there?”

Yoon HyeRin pointed towards a plaza where a garden was formed with big trees. KangYoon nodded his head.

“Yes. Let’s start setting.”

With KangYoon’s orders, the girls started setting the equipment. The djembe and synthesizer session who had followed them, also got into position with their instruments.

“Wow, is there a performance today?”
“Who are they?”
“I dunno, but they are pretty.”

The people seem to take interest in the plaza performance which they hadn’t seen before, and said a line each. The students who were resting not far away also seemed to be curious seeing the setting, as they didn’t go away.

“Wow, people are looking at us!” (T/N: Duhh.)

While handing the microphone wire to KangYoon, she turned her head towards the people. She was curious of the people looking at her. Nobody recognized her even when she went around the streets after releasing her 2nd album. However, as people’s gazes were gathering on them unexpectedly, she found it new.

KangYoon didn’t make the volume too large. Since even though it was the festival period, there were plenty of people who were in lectures. He set the volume of the recording, and after he set the microphone on the djembe, he set the synthesizer sounds. Quite a lot of time had passed when the entire sounds were set.

“Huh? Is that a performance?”

When the recording, the djembe, and the synthesizer jammed in accompaniment, people started gathering to watch. Especially, people’s gazes were gathered a lot on the djembe which made a refreshing resounding sounds. Following that, when a clear sound came out of the synthesizer, more people gathered. The university was noisy due to it being festival period, but the live music sounds seemed to be attractive.

‘The djembe sounds are a little bit rough.’

Including the black musical note from the djembe, and the pink musical notes of the synthesizer, a different colored note was being made when the sounds were changed. This sound was making white light after being combined with the recording. KangYoon controlled the mixer. He increased the low pitch sounds on the microphone installed on the djembe and he decreased the mid-pitches of the synthesizer to make useless noises disappear. Then, he increased the overall volume to produce a plentiful sound. Then…

‘This will do.’

The musical notes coming out of the instruments combined to make a strong white light. Now was the vocals’ turn.

“Aaah — Into the sky —–”

A small cheer erupted while they were setting the microphone. Yoon HyeRin and Kim JinGyun started becoming excited when they heard the cheers they hadn’t heard even on stages.

“Ah, I…”

Kim JinGyung, who grabbed the microphone to answer to the cheers, was about to say something to the audience. At that moment, KangYoon spoke.

“JinGyung, let’s finish this off first.”
“Let’s set the microphone first.”

The singer on the stage had to lead the mood and not be swayed by it. KangYoon suitably held back her excited emotions. Kim JinGyung remembered the line she had heard until she was fed up, while training, then she paid attention to KangYOon.

“Into the sky—– My heart—–”

Kim JinGyung’s strong acapella melody resounded across the plaza. The violet musical note was making a strong white light. Following that, Yoon HyeRin also set the microphone with the same part. KangYoon controlled the machine after looking at the weak light from the musical note.

“Into the sky—-”
“Waaaa.”(T/N: Cheering)

When the two’s voice resounded across. The gathered people showed a bigger reaction than before. Although the cheers became bigger, this time, Kim JinGyung and Yoon HyeRin didn’t get swept by it. While looking at them, KangYoon focused in setting the sounds.

“They’re not bad. Wooow.”
“Unnis, you’re pretty!!”

Although some of the audience joked around, Kim JinGyung and Yoon HyeRin’s concentration didn’t sway. KangYoon also focused on them while looking at the situation.
The only thing after setting all the sounds was a jam. At KangYoon’s signal, they started playing.

“I will confess — to the you — in my — heart —”

When the exciting jazz-like melody resounded across the plaza, the people around started gathering for real. An exciting music, and the beautiful voice – these weren’t things that could be seen easily in universities.

‘The light is strong. It’s good but I should…’

When he decreased the volume of the instruments, the light became stronger. The overall balance had matched. When the sound matched, KangYoon was satisfied.


The setting was finally over. KangYoon, who looked around to signal that the performance can begin, widened his eyes in shock.

‘What the hell? Why are there so many people?!’

He expected that there would be about 100 people at best. However, a huge circle was formed with KangYoon and company as the center to the point that the streets couldn’t be seen. There were at least 200.

‘Team Leader…’

Yoon HyeRin and Kim JinGyung also seemed panicked at the number of people which were above their expectations. Although they weren’t a lot compared to a big stage, this was the first time they had met an audience this close. It was natural that they felt that it was more.
Seeing that the two women were panicking, KangYoon stood up and approached them. Then, he quietly whispered.

‘HyeRin, JinGyung.’
‘Yes, Team Leader.’
‘I will take responsibility for the aftermath no matter what happens. So go and sing to your hearts’ content.’

Was there some kind of magic in those words? Yoon HyeRin’s and Kim JinGyung’s hearts calmed down like a lie. KangYoon had calmed them down whenever they were about to waver. His words contained power.
The ACE, the girls heaved a deep breath and started doing what they prepared.

“Hello. I’m Kim JinGyung.”
“I’m Yoon HyeRin. Nice to meet you.”
“Waaaaaaaa—-!!!! Hello!!”

The reactions of the audience which erupted along with the greeting was very passionate. A moment ago, when they heard the band and the girls’ voices, they were both exceptional. The gazes of the people who gathered in expectations were all shooting ‘sing quickly’ rapidly.

“We’re not good with words. So we’ll just start singing.”

Kim JinGyung’s honest words without any decoration made the people laugh. Honesty seemed to be more charming to them than useless comments as the people opened their ears were giggling.
KangYoon saw that the girls were ready and played the recording.
This was the beginning.


While KangYoon and The ACE should be in the middle of their street performance in D university.
MG Entertainment promotion team was under an emergency.

“Are you tweeting?” (T/N: Should this be tweecing…?)

Chief Kwon JiYoon of the liaison team were putting all their connections into use along with the employees, tweeting. From their juniors in D university to their parents-in-law and even 8th-in-kin, they used all their connections – this much was obvious. They also tweeted using their main and sub accounts that there was a street performance in D university.

“Chief, a photo came up. Huh? This is our performance.”

Employee Lee ARa showed everyone the photo one of her followers had posted. In the photo was the rehearsal of The ACE and below them were many people.

“Wow, Twisser sure is good for advertising.”

Chief Kwon JiYoon muttered while looking at the photo that one of his followers posted. Her follower seemed to be interested in the djembe as the photo was mostly about djembes and the tweet asked what this instrument was. The followers all replied to her question.

“This is quite effective, isn’t it?”

Vice-chief Yu MinSeon seemed surprised while looking at the number of followers. There was no need to mention the number of comments, and even the shares of the tweet were increaing rapidly in number.

“Share it too. Vice-chief Yu, don’t forget to write a report to give to the higher-ups.”

The promotion team was watching the situation while tweeting.
Although they were full of praises until now, Twisser was a place where something unexpected could fly in their face, anytime, anywhere. They didn’t let go of their tension and watched the situation.


“Thank you.”

The 4 songs that The ACE had sung had gone by in a flash.
The cheers from the people who watched were huge. A performance unseen in schools was jumping in on the bandwagon created by the festival to produce a synergy effect. Moreover, their pretty appearances also played a crucial role. The people gathering increased by the moment and the cheers also became bigger.

‘It seems it’s in the middle of spreading around.’

KangYoon felt the power of social networking while seeing that more people were gathering. From far away, he could see that a person holding a phone was running this way with a phone in hand. It was obvious that that person had come here after looking at Twisser.
The white light coming from The ACE’s performance was affecting the audience positively. The strong white light gave the people joy, and they grabbed on to the people tightly.

“This will be our last song.”

Yoon HyeRin’s words made the audience truly disappointed. Kim JinGyung, who felt pity in that, looked towards KangYoon while hoping that they could do more, but he shook his head. Then, she also nodded her head in understanding.

“Instead, we’ll sing something we haven’t sung before. Although, it’s a bit embarrassing.”

This was the signal that they will sing the title song, ‘The Love of a Spring Day’. KangYoon nodded in understanding and prepared. The sessions also started preparing. The djembe player fixed position and the synthesizer player set the sound.

“Although it might be a little unfamiliar to you, please take it well.”

When Kim JinGyung politely bowed down, the accompaniment began along with the applause from the people.
The djembe produced a clear atmosphere with its sounds, and the bouncy piano sounds from the synthesizer resounded out in all directions.

-I like the warm – spring day — the beautiful — you — come —

Kim JinGyung started singing first. The calm jazz, but rhythmical song made the people wave subconsciously. KangYoon was nervous while looking at the white light that the musical notes were making.

-The love — of spring — only deepens —

And the following part by Yoon HyeRin, the white light was becoming deeper and stronger. The light permeated through the people and made their expressions happy.

-The miraculous – dream–

The two made harmony, and the rhythm gathered more joy. With that, the light from the stage became stronger. When KangYoon slightly reverbed the sound, the light gathered more power and gave more effect to the people.

“Whoa, this song is so good…”
“Who are they? They’re so good.”

Starting with the people who photographed them with their cameras, there were some who were searching, people who were cheering – people had different ways of enjoying the performance. However, they were all the same in the fact that they enjoyed it. Unlike until now, this was something they had heard for the first time, but the cheers of the people didn’t know how to die down.

‘So this is singing!!’

And Kim Jingyung’s and Yoon HyeRin’s heart became full of emotion while being contact with such an audience’s cheerful smiles up close.


Defeating the demon known as the ‘encore of the people’, KangYoon and company barely escaped D university. They put away the equipment in 10 minutes and were coming back to the car when they saw a parade of people lining up to receive a signature.

“Ah… Team Leader. What do we do?”
“Give them.”

KangYoon even held onto Kim JinGyung’s stuff now. Perhaps they were charmed by her feeble appearance and powerful voice as male fans lined up in front of Kim JinGyung.

“Ex… excuse me. Can I have your phone number…?”

Of course, there were such fans. While Kim JinGyung was laughing awkwardly, Yoon HyeRin stepped in.

“Sorry, this girl has a boyfriend.”
“Oh, okay…”

When they set off after defeating the sudden ‘hunt’ and the signature parade and got on the van, the girls felt that their bodies were exhausted. Although the performance was fun, they felt that energy was being drained from their bodies.

“Well done.”
“Thank you for your work…”

In the front seat, KangYoon was looking at the performance list.

“Let’s go to Seongdong district.”
“Are we going to K university?”

At the road manager’s words, KangYoon spoke of the next destination. Then, the road manager started driving quickly on a fast road.

“Eh? There’s another one?”

At those words, Yoon HyeRin got surprised and abruptly stood up.

“I said, didn’t I? That we need to go around at least 2 places per day.”

Perhaps because the reactions of the people were good, Yoon HyeRin had expended all her strength. She was already so tired, but there was another one… However, she didn’t have the guts to retort to KangYoon.

“Team Leader, I’ll sleep for a bit…”
“I will wake you up when we arrive.”

In the end, Yoon HyeRin chose sleep. Kim JinGyung seemed to have already fallen asleep as she didn’t budge a little bit.

‘At this rate, it won’t take as long as I expected. We got off with a good start.’

After looking at Kim JinGyung and Yoon HyeRin sleeping at the back once, KangYoon directed his gaze to the papers in front of him.


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