God of Music – Chapter 43: Outside, Again!! (5)

Before every regular Directors’ meeting, Chairman Won JinMoon receives a report from the directors about the celebrities they are in charge of. Their results, their plans for the future, etc – he received reports on these kind of things and would approve or disapprove them. This was his main work.
Today also, he got angry and shouted at the directors who reported almost no achievements in the 1st quarter of the year, before meeting the next one.

“Hm? It’s President Lee, This should change my mood.”

Due to the round of being angry just now, Chairman Won JinMoon’s face had become red. President Lee HyunJi thought that she should be careful in her actions while giving the report.

“Min JinSeo? Yes, Min JinSeo can be looked forward to.”

In the end, Min JinSeo was taken by Chairman Won JinMoon. It was nonsensical to make one of the directors, who fought like crazy over her, be in charge of her. KangYoon tried to prepare for a takeover for Min JinSeo, but in the end, he couldn’t do it and eventually, it was decided that she would be taken care by the Chairman himself.

“Good. Please report. I heard the drama will end soon.”
“Yes. Currently, the average viewer ratings have calculated to be 34.2%. As the drama had a smooth sail, Min JinSeo’s acting ability also was paid attention to, and due to that, there are all sorts of calls to the liaison team.”
“That’s a superstar right there. Let’s wait a little more. Is there a commercial that came in?”
“Many kinds of things are coming in, but we’re thinking of starting from the Youth Campaign Video made by the Police.”
“I understand. Even so, do proceed if there are any cosmetics commercial. In my opinion, it will come soon.”

Hearing the report about Min JinSeo, Chairman Won JinMoon was filled with smiles. As expected of the hottest rising star recently, Chairman Won JinMoon rejoiced whenever there was any talk about her. It was a positive effect on the company shares, and she was a young star who would last long – Min JinSeo was literally a lump of fortune.

“Did you write up an official contract?”
“Yes. Team Leader Lee told me over and over again. Since there wasn’t any temporary contracts, there weren’t any complicated processes. We’ve put in good conditions to the point that she wouldn’t think of leaving even when the recontract season comes.”
“Well done. We should give out when we could.”

Chairman Won JinMoon was satisfied after looking at the copy of the contract.
Finishing a few other reports, President Lee HyunJi’s report also ended.

“Then I’ll take my leave.”
“Thanks for your work. Oh, do you use Twisser nowadays?”

At Chairman Won JinMoon’s words, President Lee HyunJi made an expression of questioning. Then, Chairman Won JinMoon smiled.

“Aiii, you’re as stiff as ever. If you have the time, install Twisser and look up The ACE.”

President Lee HyunJi bade farewell and left the Chaiman’s office. Although she did receive a report from KangYoon that they were advertising The ACE through Twisser about their street performance, she hadn’t checked it out with her own account. She didn’t like SNS that much.
Even so, it wasn’t like she couldn’t do nothing after listening to Chairman Won JinMoon’s words. She immediately turned on the computer in her office and went into Twisser. After registering, she searched ‘The ACE’ on the search bar.


President Lee HyunJi widened her eyes due to the pressure of the number of tweets made by countless people. Although they were short lines, everything was directed at the street performance by The ACE.

-How was the performance in D uni? Sho gud. Jazz-like songs ftw…
-Those two appeared in I university. So pretty, they’re goddesses.
-They also came to Y uni. The prof came out to complain since it distracts class, but he ended up singing together, lol.
-The songs are so good. I want to buy their albums but there aren’t any T^T.

All of these people were those who left a tweet after looking at the street performance in universities. Of course, there were also some bullying comments.

-The ACE? Didn’t these guy ruin themselves after releasing an album? What street performance? Lol, look at them cosplaying llololololololol.
-Does the company not give them any money? Is MG insane? Lolololoolololololol
-I fought with my BF cuz of these girls. Bitches! I’m your anti-fan starting today!!
-Didn’t these girls dance strangely? I made some memes, such a pity.

President Lee HyunJi didn’t know that time was flowing quickly due to reading all those reactions from the people. Was there any time that The ACE had attracted so much attention from the people? They released 2 albums, appeared on TV, appeared on news articles, and all sorts of media, but there wasn’t even a dot in the comments, or even cyber bullying comments, not to mention good comments. However, now that so many people showed a reaction, she was interested.

‘Pfft, split up with your girlfriend just because you want to see The ACE? Aren’t you insane?’

While looking at Twisser where nonsensical comments were flying around, President Lee HyunJi kept being absorbed into it.



Kim JinGyung couldn’t hide her surprise while looking at the people who were gathering to watcher while she was carrying the microphones.

“Don’t you think there are more than last time?”

When Yoon HyeRin whispered to her while looking at the people following them, Kim JinGyung nodded in agreement.

“That’s what I mean. I think there are more as time goes.”

Even while setting up, people took pictures with their phones, shouted, and even urged them to start quickly. As the number of people increased, the reaction became explosive. It was a massive change that occurred in 3 weeks.

“Give me the line.”
“Oh, yes.”

However, KangYoon didn’t flinch even though they had received such an attention from the people. He ignorantly received the lines from the girls and only did his work. It was because when even the sessions were being excited, if he also got excited the performance might go to a mountain. As the one who has to lead the team, he had to be cool headed at all times.
S university’s plaza was a large opening with a bronze statue. As this was the junction between many different departments, many people could see the girls of The ACE.

“When does it start?”
“I want to to watch quickly!!”

Even while setting the sounds, there were some short-fused people who were urging. The girls smiled while consoling the audience while setting. When the first such reaction came out, Both Yoon HyeRin and Kim JinGyung panicked, but now, they could ask for patience while smiling.
Sometimes, there was a case where an audience stepped onto the stage, but at those times, KangYoon stepped in. He lead the excited audience well. Thanks to that, Whether it was The ACE or the sessions, they could all focus on their performance.
This street performance team had already made a massive wave.


When KangYoon signalled, Yoon HyeRin excitedly waved her hand towards the audience. The performance had begun. The plaza was already full with the people who gathered while they were setting up.

‘The sound may be too small.’

KangYoon was worried whether the performance of the speaker would be able to keep up or not. The sound will definitely be small at the back, and loud at the front. The plaza was already full with people. KangYoon focused on setting the balance delicately.
The members of The ACE didn’t say much. They went into singing not even 1 minute after they started – This also came up as ‘their characteristic’ on Twisser. They were known as being sincere to performing.

-The winter came out a sound — but I want the spring to —

As Kim JinGyung’s and Yoon HyeRin’s performance ripened. The light that could be seen in KangYoon’s eyes also became brighter. The musical notes from them and the instruments were making a harmony. However…

‘I knew it. It doesn’t spread that much into the back.’

When KangYoon looked, the light couldn’t spread to the audience at the very back. The output of the speaker was already at the limit. If it became any louder, it was sure that a howling would occur, and people would cover up their ears. However, the people at the back who could neither see nor hear The ACE’s singing, kept trying to leave.
KangYoon wanted them to stay. He wanted more people to enjoy the performance.

‘Let’s decreased the middle register and…’

First, he decreased the overall middle register. Then, the musical notes coming from everyone became slightly weaker. At that time, KangYoon increased the volume.


When he did, the light started reaching further. The light had acquired strength. Even the people who were about to leave, when they could hear the sound properly, they all turned their gazes to the front and raised their phones. Taking pictures or going on Twisser, people were trying to enjoy this moment in their own ways.

“Thank you.”

A massive cheer reverberated across. At those sounds, Kim JinGyung and Yoon HyeRin’s could feel joy welling up in their hearts. The other sessions, too, seemed to have become slightly excited as they enjoyed this moment while bumping their fists.

“Then the next song…”

When Yoon HyeRin was about to signal KangYoon, a man wearing a pair of horn-rimmed glasses walked through the crowd and walked on the stage.

“I’m sorry in the middle of your performance. Please give me a little, just a little bit of your time.”
“What is it?”

Yoon HyeRin first calmly replied back. Even though the audience was jeering at him, he calmly approached them. He didn’t seem like an ordinary trespasser. KangYoon also stood up just in case something happened.

“I’m Jung GwanSeok, the student council president of S university. I came here since one of the singers for tonight, had punked out, and I urgently needed to invite another one.”

The audience who jeered at him, thinking he was a trespasser, started cheering him, who showed a reversal.

“Festival!! Festival!! Festival!!”

The member of The ACE didn’t know what to do. In fact, although they did hear about it from KangYoon, they felt unrealistic now that it came down to it.
When they looked towards KangYoon for help, he raised one finger. This meant to bounce back once. The girls who realized straight away, held up the microphone.

“Ah… I don’t think we have the qualifications to stand on a festival in S university.”

At Kim JinGyung’s words, the audience became chaotic.

“What do you mean!! Qualifications!!”
“It’s sufficient!!”
“Sufficient!! Sufficient!!”

It was instead, the audience, who were leading the atmosphere in excitement. Yoon HyeRin spoke while looking at Kim JinGyung. No, to be exact, she ‘pretended’ to speak to her.

‘Is this enough?’
‘I don’t think we should bounce them back anymore.’

After negotiating, Yoon HyeRin held up the microphone.

“Then, please take care of us.”

An enormous cheer reverberated around the audience. Matching the performance, Kim JinGyung spoke.

“Then we have to end it here so we can meet later, though.”
“Booo… such a pity.”
“We can do just one more.”

From some time, the girls were playing around with the audience’s hearts.


“Please take care of us.”

The student council president, Jung GwanSeok finished the conversation about the night performance in the festival and left.

“Team Leader, how did it go?”

When Kim JinGyung asked in curiosity, KangYoon answered.

“We settled for a total of 4 songs. However, I think we need to do one more. No, think of it as 6 songs. Ok?”
“Yes. I should manage my voice properly…”

While saying praiseworthy words, Yoon HyeRin put the equipments inside the bongo. Today, they had no need for these equipments again. The djembe and the synthesizer was already on the stage, so they had nothing to do with these equipments anymore.
They had some time until the rehearsal, so they rested when KangYoon’s phone started ringing loudly. It was a call from Chief Han from the promotion team.

“Yes, Mr. Han. What is it?”
-On Twisser, it says that The ACE is participating in S uni’s festival.
“You’re correct. Is there a problem?”
-I called you since there were some strange words about the event costs. It’s becoming a hot topic how The ACE will use their event costs.
“The event costs? Well, all sorts of things happen in Twisser. We were going to give it out as scholarship anyway. Please spread it around on Twisser immediately.”
-Then does that mean there is no profit for the company? People will say that you have made no achievements.
“We will be in the red for a while anyway. The time we make profit will be when The ACE goes on TV, and when various events would start coming in, so it’s alright.”

KangYoon gave out the order and ended the call.

‘I heard people turn green in envy when the neighbor succeeds. The event costs aren’t much anyway…’

Looking at those people who get fussed up over just 1 million won event money…(≈870 USD) KangYoon shrugged his shoulders.


Befitting of a ranked festival in the country, S university’s singer lineup was quite magnificent. However, there was a problem.

‘They are all on the first day and the last day?’

In the waiting room behind the stage, KangYoon shrugged his shoulders while looking at the order of sequence. Today was the third day. For some reason, due to a punk, The ACE, took that place.

“Ah, I’m so nervous. University, eh.”

Yoon HyeRin couldn’t take her hand off her pounding chest. She felt more nervous about this stage than the TV stages. The light clothing from their street performances were all but gone. She changed completely into stage costumes. The tight and short one piece which exuded a sexy beauty was enough to attract people’s gazes at once.

“Team Leader…”

Kim JinGyung wasn’t that different either. She couldn’t take her hands off her phone. It seems she was consoling herself with Twisser. Twisser was full of people making cheerful comments such as ‘I will definitely go and watch’ and the like.
KangYoon calmly spoke to the two nervous women.

“It’s not that different from the audience from a while ago. It’s just that the stage is a little bigger.”
“You will do well.”

KangYoon’s words contained strange power. His words instantly calmed down their nervous hearts. This power came out from the trust that he had showed them by supporting them wordlessly and protecting them. Whether it was Yoon HyeRin or Kim JinGyung, they were thankful for KangYoon’s such actions.

“It’s time.”

With his words, the girls left the waiting room and went to the back of the stage. On the stage, was a band performance by the university club.

‘The musical notes don’t combine completely.’

KangYoon sat on his seat which was prepared. Looking at the bad, he could see musical notes inside the white light. The brightness of the light was weak, although there wasn’t any grey, it was very different to the fusion that he had saw from stages done by professionals.
The audience too, only the ones at the front were cheering with their hands raised. The reaction became sparse as the distance increase. There were some who blatantly did something else. It was an effect due to the light not reaching there. KangYoon also, found it very boring.

“Thank you.”

Although the band club bade farewell and left, KangYoon couldn’t clap. No, he did, forcefully. He resolved himself that he wouldn’t show such a performance to his audience.

“…Next stage. We had a hard time bringing these people.”

A short comment, then was the girls’ turn.

“I introduce to you. They’re the goddesses on Twisser. The ACE!!”
“Waaaaah—-!! The ACE!! The ACE!!”

Along with the deep voice from the presenter, The ACE showed themselves on stage with their slim legs. They had always worn jeans in street performances, so this kind of change made the audience fall into a pit of passion.

-You above — all are my precious — happiness —

With a simple greeting, when The ACE’s song began, the audience’s hands automatically rose into the air. The slow tempo jazz song resounded across the venue and KangYoon could also see purple musical notes dancing around.

‘The sound is too sharp.’

KangYoon headed to the engineer’s seat immediately.

“I’m sorry but can you decrease the high tone for Iris’s microphone?”
“Is this fine?”

The engineer started controlling the mixer on KangYoon’s request. As they didn’t rehearse beforehand, they couldn’t set it to match the singers. It wasn’t easy to set while listening to the song itself.

“Please add a little bit of low tones for HyeRin. A little more, that’s too much. Just a little…”

When the musical notes from the two people became clearer, KangYoon gave an ok. The engineer also seemed surprised when he heard the sound coming from the speaker, which satisfied him.

“That’s a good sound. You have good ears. Are you perhaps an engineer?”

The engineer seemed to have a lively personality as he actively spoke to KangYoon. KangYoon comfortably received him.

“No, I’m just an ordinary employee.”
“It’s not easy to set it like this on scene… I thought you were an employee from an auditorial company.”

The engineer knew instantly after seeing that the singers were comfortably focusing in singing on the stage. That this setting was the optimal. He saw KangYoon in a new light.
KangYoon, who came back to his seat, focused on their stage again. They became better in their street performances and now, they were completely in hold of the stage.

-Your — heart — is my —

The light in the venue became stronger. Going past KangYoon to the end of the audience seats, the light was spreading. As their harmony became better, the light became stronger and the musical notes also became stronger as well.
And at the peak.

-Ahh— I love you– forever — forever —

The light peaked. The harmony of Kim JinGyung’s high voice, and Yoon HyeRin’s low voice made a magnificent sound. The slow, but rhythmical djembe and the piano which added to the jazz mood, made splendid sounds and decorated the voice.

“Hey, hey… This is a concert…”
“*sob* *sob*… Fan day one for me.”

The audience was about to explode. KangYoon, who looked at the responses of the people nervously at the front, heaved a sigh of relief.

‘Phew. We are over one hurdle.’

KangYoon was relieved.
The white light permeated through the people and The ACE’s singing met its end along with the cheers of the audience.

“Thank you.”

Incomparable to the street performance they did until now, a huge cheer reverberated S university.


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