God of Music – Chapter 45 : Ties Bring with it a Fraud (1)

Although KangYoon would usually never go to somewhere like a Director’s office, today, he had a reason to. It was because Director Lee HanSeo (T/N: Author’s being inconsistent again… He was originally called Lee HyunSang in the previous chapters.). Unlike usual, KangYoon headed there with empty hands.

At Director Lee HanSeo’s office, KangYoon tasted a high-class tea that Director Lee HanSeo himself had brewed.

“The fragrance of the tea is good.”

“It’s Junshan Yinzhen I bought when I went to China last time. Please.”

Director Lee HanSeo was a tea maniac. The yellow colored tea had a deep fragrance and it was faint. Even KangYoon, who had no interest in teas, became emotional due to the deep, fragrant tea he had never even smelled before. He could instantly realize that it was very precious.

“To receive such tea… Thank you.”

“To boast, it’s a precious tea with the only 300kg produced per year. Of course, it’s nothing compared to what Team Leader Lee had done… The fact that you made the girls of The ACE stars, I won’t be able to forget.”

“Oh no. I didn’t know this was such a precious tea. Thank you.”

When KangYoon thanked, Director Lee HanSeo smiled slightly.

Director Lee HanSeo brewed a tea he acquired with difficulty and had only one packet of, to KangYoon. This meant that he had truly received a lot from KangYoon. Chairman Won JinMoon, no, even when higher people than him came, he wouldn’t put out such a treasure, but he didn’t feel any loss.

Perhaps due to the good fragrance, KangYoon emptied it in an instant. Director Lee HanSeo filled the empty cup again and calmly spoke.

“After they appeared on Canvas, I didn’t think Team Leader Lee will prepare for a takeover that fast. Looking at the achievements now, they were mostly supposed to go to you…… I was honestly surprised.”

“My work has ended. Even if I keep them, I would only repeat the things I have done until now. If they stabilized, it’s natural to send them back to where they were.”

Director Lee HanSeo honestly exclaimed in his heart. Also, he had a question. The heart to inquire and the heart to appreciate were in one place. As a person with such a style couldn’t be seen in the company until now, he was surprised the more he found about this person called Lee KangYoon.

Whether he knew this or not, KangYoon just continued on with his words.

“As far as I know, Director also cared a lot about The ACE. However, your voice within the company is quite weak… Oh, I’m sorry. I said such…”

“It’s alright.”

Director Lee HanSeo didn’t deny KangYoon’s direct words. KangYoon made an awkward smile and continued.

“Honestly, as far as I know, you have less authority compared to other directors. I don’t know what the reason is… Anyway, I think the lack of power and the lack of support from the company affected the planning for The ACE.

“I should have looked after the weak points and pushed through with the strong points, but I didn’t – This is what you mean, isn’t it? Team Leader Lee’s words are right. I understand now.”

“Now the foothold was made. The other directors now won’t be able to do anything to you anymore. Please lead The ACE well for them to sing good songs.”

KangYoon had no more words to say. He felt like he was letting go of the kids that he had raised. However, he thought that Director Lee HanSeo would do well and left no attachments.

Director Lee HanSeo waited just in case KangYoon had any more words left, but KangYoon only enjoyed the fragrant tea. The clean fragrance and the refreshing taste that the Junshan Yinzhen gave him made him feel that this was the best tea he had ever drank. While looking at KangYoon immersed in the taste of tea, Director Lee HanSeo confidently spoke.

“Next time.”

Director Lee HanSeo declared while pouring the tea into his empty cup.

“I will become your help, Team Leader.”

“I will wait for such a day.”

“Of course, it’s different with President Lee.”

“Hahaha, okay.”

While the clean fragrance of the Junshan Yinzhen was filling the office, the two enjoyed their leisure.


Kim JinGyung and Yoon HyeRin were going through a busy summer.

After the duet performance with Lee, JunYeol was broadcasted on TV, not to mention music broadcasts, appearance requests for entertainment programs, and even cameos in dramas overloaded them. A commercial was, of course, there too.

It was a miracle that KangYoon had made not even 3 months after he started working with them.

“Ah… I’m so tired.”

Kim JinGyung was now resting her body on the travel pillow inside a van, not a bongo, which they both got attached to.

“JinGyung, your hair will become messy.”

“Ah, dammit all. JunHee-unni. Do my hair later.”

Kim JinGyung who ignored Yoon HyeRin’s advice fell into sleep just like that. The forced march of 2 hours of sleep every day was not easy for them as they had nothing to do for a long while.

“Oppa. Didn’t you see Team Leader Lee yesterday?”

Yoon HyeRin asked the road manager who was with them. He was the road manager who worked with them all the way from the time they performed in university, and he drove the bongo.

“You haven’t heard yet? From today onwards, we’re under Team 2 instead of Team Leader Lee.”


Yoon HyeRin’s voice became higher, and due to the lightning out of the blue – like sounds, Kim JinGyung, who was sleeping on the back also woke up.

“What do you mean, oppa? The team what?”

Even at the slightly rude words, the road manager spoke without much reaction.

“Now we’re back to where we were. I also knew because I was notified yesterday. We’re returning to the 2nd planning team.”


Yoon HyeRin was dumbfounded. Kim JinGyung also thought it was absurd as her body was trembling. They had a feeling of assurance when KangYoon was around them that they would be fine with anything. However, now they won’t be able to enjoy such assurance… From the two people, disappointment, and complex feelings could be seen as they sighed.

“Then will we become as we were before?”

When Yoon HyeRin asked again with a slightly higher tone, the road manager shook his head.

“No way. The schedule is no different than the past. It’s just the person in charge changing. For details go to the Team Leader.”

“Ah… what the hell is this.”

From Yoon HyeRin, the normal smiling face disappeared, and an expressionless face colored her expression. She wanted to fly higher now that they became popular, but now, she was just fed up. Kim JinGyung wasn’t that much different.

Since even murderous intent was flowing inside the van, until the van arrived at the destination for the next schedule, no one could talk to those two girls.


President Lee HyunJi called KangYoon to her office after a long time. It was the first time since KangYoon had started working with The ACE so that was 3 months.

“It’s been a while since we met here, right?”

“I never knew the presidential office would look new to me.”

“It’s even more now that your hands are empty, Team Leader Lee.”

As there were no papers waiting for approval, KangYoon’s hands were empty. The two exchanged brief words and sat down

“I heard the achievements related to The ACE. You also prepared the takeover quite fast. Rather, it’s the directors who are being surprised. They are all saying whether you have ulterior motives.”

“People act according to their values.”

KangYoon only prepared the takeover at the time he thought was right. Just that was enough to make the directors be noisy… They were strange creatures.

“Before Team Leader Lee came, Director Lee HanSeo came. He left after promising to support whatever Team Leader Lee does in the future.”

“That’s thankful.”

“He said that he did say that he will help, but it didn’t seem to get across, so he came back. He was embarrassed to say it himself so he came to me. Middle-aged men were all shy people, eh? Was the teatime between men good?”

“Yes. I received some precious tea.”

“Director Lee HanSeo’s tea love is quite famous. Even the Chairman goes and robs them some time.”

At the indirect confession just now, President Lee HyunJi giggled. KangYoon only shrugged his shoulders.

When the mood became light, President Lee HyunJi coughed awkwardly and switched topics.

“The work with The ACE you did will give you wings in whatever you do in the future, Team Leader Lee. Not to mention intra-company career, it will even have an advantage when you work outside. The company also now acquired an advantage that we have a planner with good ability. We might even send you alone for exterior work, Team Leader.”

“Yes, President.”

“Do you want anything? Not some reward money naturally prepared by the company, if you have anything else, speak about it to me. Money is of course, okay.”

At the wish, KangYoon fell into thought for a little. Now, the method to dig him deeper was out of date to be used on him. In other words, this meant for him to say his true wish.

“May I think for a little bit?”

“Please do.”

After receiving some time from President Lee HyunJi, KangYoon fell into thought.

‘I want to use the power to see musical notes more properly… but I can’t say this…’

KangYoon thought of the weapons he had in his arsenal. Those were that he knew the future; and that he had the power to ‘see’ music from a singer or instruments, and how they become when they combine. The experience he piled up until now and the fact that he knew the future, and the power to see musical notes – he used these until now, but it was unsure if it would work in the future as well.

‘The future I know and the future to come will be different by a large margin. Min JinSeo and The ACE, and singer or celebrity I will meet in the future have their future changed again.’

He had no guilt that he was changing the future. He thought that the future was something to be made with one’s own hands anyway. He only thought that he was in a slightly advantageous situation. The important thing now was to prepare for the different future than the one he knew. In the end, the conclusion was that he had to use the ‘power to see’, but KangYoon thought over and over about what the method would be.

‘In the end, songs are about sound. Wait, musical notes are just music. Then, if I learn music… Ah!!’

At that moment, there was a streak of lightning that flashed in his head. He subconsciously clapped his hands.

“It seems you thought of something good.”

President Lee HyunJi urged him to answer while smiling. Then, KangYoon calmly spoke of his wish.

“Music, in other words, harmonics. I want to learn harmonics.”

“What? Harmonics?”

At the completely unexpected answer, President Lee HyunJi was absent-minded for a bit before she burst out laughing.

“Hahahahaha!! Hamo, harmonics? Hahahahaha!!”


“Hahahaha!! I, I’m sorry. But, my stomach hurts, hahaha!!’

Perhaps she was stupefied by KangYoon’s words, President Lee HyunJi laughed for quite a while. Her laughing-chord was quite strange. Like that, she laughed for a long while before stopping. After returning to her calm self, she coughed awkwardly and spoke.

“Harmonics, it’s too unexpected. Oh, sorry for my rudeness. It wasn’t like I was making fun of you.”

“Not at all.”

“It’s not a difficult request. There is a professor at an arts university that I know. It will be September soon so the term will begin. How about sitting in or a private lecture?”

“Sitting in, you say?”

KangYoon, who thought it would be video lectures at best, was surprised at President Lee HyunJi’s scale when she said university. He also wondered if he could catch up university lectures. Moreover, even though it was sitting in, he also doubted that he would be able to attend the class frequently due to him being busy. President Lee HyunJi spoke first as though she knew his worries.

“A good seonbae of mine is a professor at Hallyeo arts university. He holds a harmonics basics class this semester, so it would be good if you listen to that. I will tell him beforehand so just sit in, and you can go to him privately if you miss any. Building up relations with the students in an arts university, and personally, it will be a good experience for you. For the fees, I will take care of it so you don’t have to worry.”

“Thank you, President.”

“This investment is a sure thing for someone like Team Leader Lee.”

President Lee HyunJi called straight away and asked that person to accept a sit-in student starting September. The person over the phone seemed to have okayed straight away as the phone call wasn’t long.

Like that, KangYoon would commute to the university, which he had no relations at all with in the past.


“HeeYoon!! Why do you have so much luggage?!”

KangYoon was stupefied at the number of luggage that HeeYoon brought. His sister packed various things while saying ‘it’s necessary’ so now the amount was well over 2 travel cases and a full backpack.

“We’re going for 2 days and 3 nights. I only put the ones absolutely necessary as you said.”

“…Just the necessary stuff was enough to fill 3 bags?” (T/N: And she was stingy with spending money… or is it different? Female readers, what’s your answer?)

Just how much stuff do women need… KangYoon was dumbfounded. The only thing KangYoon had was a single backpack. Three sets of clothes, three pairs of underwear. Skin lotion and such basic cosmetics and medical products. That was it.

“I still have a lot that I’ve left out. I didn’t bring any book to read in the car and…”


He wanted to ask her if she was moving houses, but he couldn’t go there.

“We’re going to a pension house. A pension! There’s also a car. You just need clothes or cosmetics and such personal items. Of course, medical products too.”

“Whew… I really did pack only the necessary things…”

“HeeYoon. Are you going to wear this dress at the sea?”


When KangYoon took out a dress full of lace, HeeYoon looked away.

“What, you brought an entire bottle of shampoo? I already said that there are such things over there too. Also, how many hats is this? One, two… 10?! Are you planning to wear all of these?!”


KangYoon picked out the useless luggage from the travel case that looked like HeeYoon brought her entire room over. Starting with the clothes that looked like she had emptied her closet, to other products, he left 3 days amount and took out everything.

Of course, HeeYoon was all over the place saying it won’t do.

“Oppa, this will be insufficient…”

“There’s everything there. There’s even the market.”


In the end, KangYoon, who successfully reduced 3 bags into one, left the dejected HeeYoon and loaded the luggage into the car. HeeYoon, who was dejected for a moment, also got in the car.

“Are we going for real?”

“Then are we going for fake?”

“It’s like a dream. A travel… If it’s TongYoung, that’s where Hallyeo’s capital was right? I heard it was really pretty there.” (T/N: TongYoung is on the south coast of Korea, 376km from Seoul.)

Sick, no money, and such reasons – these made the two not be able to travel. However, today, they would solve such a wish.

“Let’s depart!!

With HeeYoon’s excited voice, the car that KangYoon drove headed to TongYoung.

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