God of Music – Chapter 46 : Ties Bring with it a Fraud (2)

Now that HeeYoon’s dialysis was done, KangYoon and HeeYoon headed towards the pension house they reserved in Tongyeong. As there was no congestion on the highway, they could have a relaxing journey.

“Oppa, ahn~”

HeeYoon even put boiled potatoes that they bought at the highway service area into KangYoon’s mouth while he was driving, and talked about her school life. The sibling’s car journey was very lively.

“Recently, JooAh keeps calling me.”

“JooAh does? Why?”

“She said she will release an album soon. Maybe due to that, she keeps asking me if you’re free. Even if I ask her why she doesn’t say the reason too. Oppa, there isn’t anything between you two, right?”

“Stop there. I don’t wanna get cuffed.”

At the word ‘something’, KangYoon snorted as if it was absurd. No matter how early she started her job, was there any way KangYoon would see a girl who’s less than 19 years old, as a woman? Although he had no clear preferences, he didn’t want a girl much younger than him.

HeeYoon seemed to be interested in her brother’s preferences as she kept asking.

“Aren’t there any good women at your company?”

“I’m busy with work. How about you? Don’t you have a boyfriend?”

“How would I have something like that…”

“Why? How is my dear HeeYoon? She’s pretty, her body is… oh, not that.”


KangYoon slightly dissed her, but the lively car journey was lively as ever.

As KangYoon was busy with The ACE’s album, he couldn’t care for HeeYoon a lot. This always weighed on his mind. Even so, now that they were on vacation like this, and could talk to each other a lot, KangYoon thought it was fortunate.

The car they were on soon got through the toll gate, went to a normal road, and soon, they arrived at a traditional market.

“Let’s buy something to eat at the pension.”

“Oppa, I want maeuntang!”

KangYoon went on a tour through the traditional market with HeeYoon. HeeYoon seemed to be curious about the live fish as she kept screaming ‘kya kya’, and the store owners also burst out laughing when they saw her.

KangYoon bought a lot of ingredients for maeuntang, and some meat and headed towards the car.

“Are we going there right now?”

“Shall we look around for a bit before we go?”

KangYoon and HeeYoon went on a drive. Tongyeong was a place with lots of attractions. Various tour spots, islands, foods, etc – KangYoon and HeeYoon enjoyed their tour while going around various places.

When the two arrived at the pension house after they enjoyed their tour, the sun was setting. After parking the car at the parking lot, KangYoon and HeeYoon were guided by the owner of the house and they unloaded their luggage.

“Wow, this place is so good!!”

HeeYoon exclaimed while looking around the rooms. Moreover, in front of the house, the sea could be seen, and there was even grass on the yard. It also had three clean rooms, a clean sink, and a clean bathroom – overall it was a comfortable pension house. The scale was large to the point that it was spacious for just the two of them

“Then please enjoy your time here.”

The owner didn’t speak any useless words and left immediately. He seemed to have misunderstood. Both KangYoon and HeeYoon just laughed it over and started preparing dinner with the ingredients they bought at the market after they put them in the fridge.




“Ah, I’m full!!”

After eating to her heart’s content, HeeYoon tapped on her full stomach. She stretched her arms and looked at the dark sea and thought that ‘this was leisure’. As she felt that this was the first ‘leisure’, peace subconsciously overtook her heart.

‘Oppa said he will sleep…’

KangYoon seemed tired from the driving as he went to sleep right after dinner. In contrast, perhaps due to the excitement of the journey, HeeYoon was lively.

‘Should I, take a walk?’

HeeYoon, who felt good after listening to the waves, went outside. While walking the quiet seaside while getting hit by the wind, she felt that she had become a poet.

‘I’m happy.’

The cool wind scattered her long hair. She felt like even her heart was being refreshed. For some time, things that she would have never even imagined in the past were happening. Only up to a few months ago, the thought that she would walk on the beach while getting hit by the wind was another person’s story for HeeYoon. However, to think that it had become her story… HeeYoon was just happy.

HeeYoon was humming due to her happiness when she heard a guitar sound coming from far away.

‘That’s a good sound.’

The guitar sound mixed with the wave sounds flowed into HeeYoon’s ears. She could see a girl sitting on a not far away rock, playing the guitar. Was she attracted to the girl’s figure under the faint light? HeeYoon slowly headed that way.

“Even — if you don’t — come to me — I’m alri…”

The girl playing the guitar seemed to have noticed HeeYoon’s presence as she stopped her hands and put down the guitar.


“Oh… It’s just… The sound was so good…”

The girl and HeeYoon seemed to be around the same age. She was on guard against HeeYoon who was in the dark. Her gaze made HeeYoon surprised. Looking up close, it was sure that they were close in age. A small face, a small stature, and the cute face shone by the moonlight. The classic guitar she was holding seemed to be bigger than her.

“Oh… Really?”


The girl seemed to be weak to praises as she smiled at HeeYoon’s words.


The girl, who just dropped the polite speech to HeeYoon, handed a cardboard box to her. When HeeYoon sat down on it, the girl started playing the guitar again.

“I’m at this place — holding a small flower –”

Unlike her small stature, her voice was very husky and had power. HeeYoon was curious as to how such a small body produced such a voice. She had exceptional guitar skills in HeeYoon’s eyes. The nimble hand movements and the melody captivated HeeYoon in one go.

“I’m — here –”


When the song ended, HeeYoon clapped her hands. The girl seemed to be embarrassed as she coughed awkwardly while looking away.

“You’re so good at singing.”

“Anybody can do this nowadays.”

“You look awesome though? It’s like you’re a singer.”


At HeeYoon’s repeated praises, the girl blushed a little. However, the words she spoke were completely opposite.

“I said I’m not. I should do something else.”

Even so, a smile never left the girl’s face. Her hand movements seem to reflect her shyness as it had become even faster. If the previous song was a ballad with a slow tempo, this song had a fast tempo.

HeeYoon clapped and went into audience mode. The moonlight stage was very romantic.



When KangYoon opened his eyes, the surroundings had already become dark. After he went outside the pension house, he realized that HeeYoon wasn’t here and called her immediately.

-Yes, oppa.

“Where are you?”

-The nearby sea.


-Yeah, if you come out for a bit…

KangYoon immediately started running after he heard where HeeYoon was. A feeble girl going out on a pitch dark night made him shocked.

However, when KangYoon went to the sea, he realized that HeeYoon wasn’t alone. There was another person next to a figure looking like HeeYoon. There was also a light that he could see.

‘A performance?’

He listened in to find that it was a guitar. Although weak, white light could be seen. KangYoon went to that place immediately.

“Lee HeeYoon!”


As KangYoon came here hurriedly, the guitar sound stopped.

“How can you come out alone? You should have come with me.”

“It’s just for a walk…”

Before HeeYoon could say anything, KangYoon poured all kinds of scolding remarks on her. Starting with ‘what are you doing when it’s so dark’ to ‘contact me next time’, KangYoon didn’t seem to see the guitar girl in front of him, as he didn’t stop speaking until HeeYoon accepted it.

In the end, when KangYoon felt that HeeYoon had accepted, and ended his scolding, HeeYoon introduced the guitar girl to him.

“Oppa, this is a friend I just met now.”

“A friend?”

“I’m Park SoYoung, hello.”

She made a friend in this short of time? KangYoon slightly panicked. However, as she was HeeYoon’s friend, it wasn’t a bad thing. A friend of the same age was, of course, a good thing for HeeYoon. KangYoon greeted straight away and heard the story of what happened until now.

“…Are you an applied music major aspirant? Composing at that?’

“Yes. It’s noisy to practice at home so I come out like this.”

Park SoYoung said the academy for music was too far away and lived apart from her family. As she couldn’t make any noise at her dorm, she was practicing out here on the beach. HeeYoon was someone who she met at that time.

“Composition eh… You’re walking on a difficult path.”

“Yes. They do say repeating 2 or 3 times was the basics so I should do my best.”

An indescribable feel of a musician could be felt from Park SoYoung. It was a similar atmosphere to the unique aura of a person who does music or arts. There was no way KangYoon would not know that indescribable feeling.

“I wish you luck.”

“Thank you.”

When KangYoon was about to turn back, HeeYoon grabbed him.

“Oppa, I want to stay a little more.”


HeeYoon seemed to like Park SoYoung’s song as she didn’t plan on standing up. There was also that she didn’t want to be apart from a friend she had just made. As KangYoon had lost to HeeYoon, he also had to sit down. Although the audience became two, Park Soyoung didn’t seem to mind and started playing again.

KangYoon also started seeing the musical notes and the lights.

‘It doesn’t harmonize that well.’

HeeYoon was clapping in excitement, but KangYoon couldn’t think of it as that good. It seemed like an original composition, but the musical note coming out from Park SoYoung and the one from the guitar didn’t mix well. Due to that, the light was very weak. However, it wasn’t gray.

‘Well, I don’t need to say it to her.’

KangYoon wasn’t that generous. It wasn’t work, so he didn’t want to overdrive his brain on vacation. KangYoon also lightly clapped along with HeeYoon and enjoyed Park SoYoung’s singing.

‘Why do the musical notes not harmonize well? Is there a problem in the song? Or is the problem in another place?’

Of course, work disease couldn’t be helped.


“Thank you for your teachings.”

“Let’s see in 2 days.”

Park SoYoung hurriedly left the academy. It was to take the bus home. Although she received a lesson and practiced right after school, but time has always been insufficient. Although she wanted to practice more, to take the bus home, she had to leave at this time.

She bid farewell to the teachers and left the academy.

She was waiting at the bus stop in front of the academy when a handsome man wearing a suit approached her.

“Miss Park SoYoung?”

“Who is it?”

Park SoYoung was on guard against the stranger since it was in the middle of the night. As she heard that there were violent crimes against women on the rise nowadays she even had some defense items on her.

“Sorry for meeting you late at night. If it isn’t now, I couldn’t meet miss SoYoung so I inevitably surprised you. I saw you from when you were in the academy, and I think you have talent…… I’m this kind of person.”

The man was very smooth. He skillfully dispelled Park SoYoung’s guard and gave her his business card.

[MG Entertainment Liaison Team Chief Oh ChiSung]

Park SoYoung received the business card and carefully looked at it. The logo of MG Entertainment came to her eyes. The high-class and clean business card mesmerized her eyes.

‘No, no, why me?!’

However, she couldn’t dispel her guard completely. She knew very well that there were all sorts of strange people nowadays.

“I’m sorry, but I cannot believe you just from the business card.”

“You’re right. Should I show you my employee card then?”

The man presented her with his employee card. After she saw ‘MG Entertainment Oh ChiSung’, she couldn’t believe it anymore. Employee cards in the form of cards were made so that it was hung over one’s neck. There was even a photo in the middle,

Park SoYoung seemed to have accepted as she gave the card back. As he had earned her trust, he smoothly continued speaking.

“I’ve seen your practice in the academy. Your voice was very good. I think you have the talent so I’m approaching you like this. Oh, you know The ACE? Those girls were also scouted from academies like this.”

“Oh… really?”

Park SoYoung was becoming seduced by the man’s talk. The hottest celebrities nowadays were obviously the girls of The ACE. Those two girls who transformed from dance to jazz, brought with them a massive wave in street performances, university festivals and such.

“Originally, we also select our trainees through the regular audition, but we also move around the Liaison Team to recruit talented people and make them debut. People who are selected through this have a higher chance to rise up than the trainees selected through auditions.”


“Yes, and in my opinion, you, miss Park SoYoung, has that possibility. A high one at that.”

“I’m… like that?”

“Although I can’t say it with 100% certainty, it’s above 70%. Small height but an unexpected voice and a guitar to boot. If we wrap those up properly, then you will become a great star.”

Park SoYoung was subconsciously being dragged by the words of this man called Oh ChiSung.


KangYoon woke up late, which was rare, and he had nothing to do.

He ate brunch and walked around the beach, watched TV and slept – this was his day.

‘So happy…’

However, KangYoon was very happy with this day. As this was the ideal vacation of a company employee, he had no regrets. There weren’t any calls from the company, and there was no paperwork for him to check over, so this was heaven. This was a thankful vacation which made him realize why resting was important.

HeeYoon said she wanted to watch Park SoYoung’s playing and left the house after breakfast. They seemed to be getting along well as she didn’t come back that often. Thanks to that, KangYoon could spend the day leisurely while rolling around on the bed.

HeeYoon came back late in the afternoon.

“You’re back?”

“Yes, oppa. Something amazing happened.”

“Amazing? Did something happen?”

When KangYoon sat up, HeeYoon still looked excited.

“You know? SoYoung got scouted.”

“Scouted? Good for her.”

KangYoon wasn’t that related to this. Only a few words were enough. However, one had to listen to the end.

“Oh, Oppa, keep listening. The place she was scouted from seems to be MG. MG Entertainment.”

“What? MG? Did the Liaison Team come all the way to Tongyeong? Wow, they’re busy.”

However, it still wasn’t that new for KangYoon. MG Entertainment was managing a special Liaison Team who traveled across the country looking for new talent. As Lee SamSoon was such a case, there was nothing new for KangYoon.

“Oppa, isn’t it amazing? Someone we knew got scouted, so amazing.”


At HeeYoon’s words, KangYoon thought about the light that Park SoYoung showed him. Although it was an original composition, the light was very weak. He thought about whether she had some hidden talent or other elements, but he found it hard to think that it was to the point she would be scouted. However, a scout… KangYoon was confused.

‘Who is it?’

In the end, KangYoon stood up. He wanted to check which employee it was. Although it wasn’t his business, it was to ask him what element he bought her so high in to see if it could help him or not.

“Oppa!! Wait for me!!”

HeeYoon followed KangYoon, who walked quickly even with flip-flops.

Park SoYoung’s house’s door was open. KangYoon excused himself and entered when he saw that two men in suits were talking with Park SoYoung and her parents.

“…What? 20 million won?!” (≈ 17,400USD)

However, just as KangYoon came inside, a loud voice could be heard. KangYoon wondered what’s up and hurried inside.

Park SoYoung’s father’s expression was cringing while he was holding his head. He looked at the paperwork that the man in a suit gave him, and looked at it again to see if his eyes were deceiving him.

“The amount we’re providing for support is 30 million won (≈26,000USD). It’s also an amount which would be earned back after 2 months of her debut.”

“Khm… Can I smoke for a bit?”

However, the paperwork wasn’t wrong. 20 million won. It was in no way, a small amount. The man in the suit said it was alright for him to slowly think it over and smiled.

In the end, after smoking an entire cigarette did Park SoYoung’s father speak with difficulty.

“…Very well. Let’s do this contract.”

“You’ve made a good decision. We will make miss Park SoYoung a great…”

While looking at the conversation involving money, KangYoon held out his phone towards HeeYoon.

“Call the police.”

“Eh? Why?”

“Say that there’s a thief, and tell them to quickly via location tracking. Say that something might happen.”

HeeYoon didn’t ask why. There was definitely a reason if KangYoon was saying this. She accepted and left straight away.


Just as when Park SoYoung’s father was about to sign, KangYoon stepped in.

“Hey, you guys. Are you really from MG Entertainment?”

When KangYoon suddenly intruded, both Park SoYoung’s parents and the two men in suits couldn’t hide their confusion. Park SoYoung also thought ‘what’s this guy doing?’ and made an absurd expression. Especially Park SoYoung was looking at KangYoon as if she was treating KangYoon as a stranger as though she completely believed in the two men.

“Of course we are. Excuse me, I apologize but this is an important conversation so if you have anything to say please leave it for…”

“Is that so?”

KangYoon smirked. This wasn’t the leisurely ‘smile’ that he always showed to others. Whether they knew it or not, the two men in suits ignored him and turned their gazes to Park SoYoung’s parents. Park SoYoung also stood up and headed towards KangYoon. She was planning to send him outside.

“Then who are you and from which department?”


“If you came from MG, shouldn’t you have a department?”

‘What the hell is he?’ – the two men were looking at KangYoon with such expressions and Park SoYoung came to him instead of them.

“HeeYoon’s brother, I’m sorry, but they’re my guests. Although you’re one too, but I don’t think this is right.”


However, KangYoon instead stopped Park SoYoung, although he wouldn’t normally step in, this was different. While KangYoon was making a fuss with Park SoYoung, one of the men in suits approached him and presented him his business card.

“So you’re Chief Oh ChiSung of the Liaison Team.”

“Yes. Is your misunderstanding solved now?”

The men in suits made leisurely smiles as ever. Park SoYoung’s parents were also looking at how the situation was unfolding with Kangyoon and the two men in suits.

“Oooh. It’s Chief Oh ChiSung. Sorry for that.”

“That can happen. I’m sorry but this is an important contract so can we talk later…”

“Fuu, Chief Oh ChiSung, then do you know who I am?”

While watching the incomprehensible situation unfolding between KangYoon and the two men, Park SoYoung, and her parents gulped.

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