God of Music – Chapter 48 : Making it Work(1)

After loading the setting named ‘JooAh’ onto the digital mixer, KangYoon made JooAh enter the booth.

-Shall we start immediately?

“Is your throat alright?”

-I’m all warmed up. I’m at my best right now.

JooAh’s voice was all tensed up as though she was itching to start. When KangYoon saw that she was overflowing with energy, he quickly finished the detailed settings and played the recording.

When JooAh’s song started flowing out with the melody, a white note flowed out to make white light.

‘It’s not bad… What’s wrong with it?’

KangYoon was confused. The song he was listening to right now was the song she said was a bit off.

He thought that the light but rhythmical title song was suitable for the latest trend, and the color of the musical notes was constant so it was very suitable.

However, the problem started on the chorus of the 2nd verse.

-繰り返して — (Sourihenshite = Repeat)

This was a part where the chord became higher to heighten the atmosphere along with the change in the lyrics. However, the yellow musical note that came out was slightly off.

When that note was added to the light, the white light became a little dimmer. It was a small change.

‘So this is why she said it was strange.’

KangYoon focused more. Music was originally very delicate. That delicateness may become the reason to be rejected by the populace. KangYoon concentrated on JooAh’s singing, fearing that he may miss a single thing out.

A minute later.

JooAh finished singing the title song ‘Bluebird’s Song’ and exited the booth. She still didn’t seem to like this song as she asked KangYoon with a face full of complaint.

“How was the song?”

“Slightly strange, I guess?”

“Slightly strange? Where?”

JooAh wanted him to say ‘I don’t like it either’, but KangYoon’s answer was a bit different to what she wanted.

JooAh’s eyes cringed a little. Whether he knew that or not, KangYoon sat down in front of the big studio mixer and started saying his thoughts.

“It’s a good song. But when the tone changes in the 2nd verse, that bit is slightly strange.”

“Was it like that in your ears? Then should I ask him to leave that part out?”

“Then the song doesn’t come alive. I think the highlight of it is the complete change in the atmosphere. Hmm….”

He didn’t feel that JooAh’s song was lacking. In KangYoon’s ears, JooAh’s singing skills had no flaw.

However, it was a little mismatching with this title song. The time when the tone changes and when it gradually rose – the feeling didn’t come alive and the dimming light was proof of that.

‘The people’s expectations become higher as the tone becomes higher, if it’s like this, they will only be disappointed. Is the problem in the melody? Or what is the problem?’

Although he knew the feeling, as he didn’t know practical music theory, KangYoon also agonized. He wanted to give the right advice at moment like these.

KangYoon felt the dire need of music theory.

While KangYoon was thinking such things, JooAh dragged a chair and approached KangYoon.

“So, you will do this for me, right, oppa?”


“Ah, why!!”

At KangYoon’s firm rejection, JooAh became angry in frustration. As KangYoon knew that she was trying to drag him in, he was very firm.

“It’s not my work.”

“Ah, really!! Were we so distant to the point that we bounced each other back?”

“Work is work. It’s not even a work assigned to me. I don’t have a reason to do it. Why are you being so childish?”

“Ah, I don’t know anything!! Just help me, please?”

JooAh was very forward. Although nothing wouldn’t work with her being stubborn when inside the company, to KangYoon it only happened across the river.

“I said to you last time. Your planner is in Japan. If you want my help, then you must officially ask for permission from that person. Just this was very rude as well. Also, I have my own work as well.”

“I will take care of that. I’m the boss around here.”

“You were a delinquent?”

“Delinquent or whatever. I just need you, okay?”


KangYoon had nothing to say to JooAh, who was even asking him while holding his hand with both her hands. However, no was no. He had to start with the work with the Concert Team, now that the work with The ACE was finished, and he slowly had to start working on the girl group’s debut as well.

He couldn’t be held up by JooAh all the time.

At that moment, when JooAh was holding KangYoon’s hand, the door quietly opened. However, the person was completely unrelated to the studio.



JooAh didn’t seem to be embarrassed at all even with Min JinSeo in front of her as she didn’t let go of KangYoon’s hand. However, such a scene was completely differently taken by Min JinSeo.

“…It was just the two of you here?”

“Oooh. It was to listen to the song. What are you doing here, JinSeo?”

“…Hello, sir.”

Min JinSeo’s eyes seemed a little strange. She ignored JooAh and turned her gaze towards KangYoon straight away. KangYoon lightly shook JooAh’s hands off and greeted Min JinSeo.

“JinSeo, how were you doing?”

“I was doing well. Although I’m a little busy, I’m still fine.”

“It’s good that you’re doing well. Do you have any business here?”

“It’s just…”

At KangYoon’s question, Min JinSeo only vaguely muttered. When she did, JooAh’s eyes flashed strangely.

‘Look at that… *giggle*.’

Seeing Min JinSeo so helpless in front of KangYoon, the quick-witted JooAh noticed Min JinSeo’s feelings right away. Just from a glance, she could tell that she was a girl in love.

When an interesting spectacle appeared, she could even forgive KangYoon ignoring her. No, she was about to burst in laughter.

“Oppa, I will go rest a bit.”

“Let’s end it here.”

“No, never. Stay here.”

“I’m going to my office.”

“No, just one hour, please?”

JooAh asked KangYoon again and again and acquired a little bit of time. Then she left the studio with Min JinSeo with arms around each other’s shoulders.

“When were they so close to each other?”

KangYoon was slightly worried that the picky JooAh may bully the kind Min JinSeo. However, he soon started controlling the machine and listened to JooAh’s recorded song.


“JinSeo, do you like KangYoon-oppa?”


In the empty rest area, JooAh giggled. Min JinSeo widened her eyes as she was shocked by her words.

JooAh was only trying to lightly poke her, but her expression became strange after she saw Min JinSeo’s reaction.

“Huh? This girl, for real?”


“Stopp there. Sto, well, KangYoon-oppa is cool alright. He’s tall, has long
legs, has wide shoulders, has the skills… oh, just the age is a problem.”

“…Something like that doesn’t matter.”

Now that she was found out, anything went. Min JinSeo was angry that JooAh was taking lightly of her feelings, so she looked at her with a serious expression.

“Hey, don’t be so scary. I’m you senior here, you know?”


However, Min JinSeo didn’t back down at all. The effect of being found out was very big. When a light joke came back heavily, JooAh also seemed to find it absurd as she snorted and looked back at her.

“You, are quite cocky, aren’t ya?”


Min JinSeo didn’t back down even though the person she was facing was a big seonbae of hers. Her eyes instead tensed.
The two had a staring competition for a moment. Then…


Suddenly, JooAh burst out laughing. While Min JinSeo tilted her head as she didn’t understand, JooAh walked a big step towards her.

“Yeah, yeah. If you want to become the top, then you must have at least that amount of personality. I thought you were a pushover girl. Good, good. KangYoon-oppa’s eyes are quite scary too. He didn’t just choose a pushover girl. I never knew there would be anyone in this company who would come at me up front.”


“Well, I’m sorry if I was rude. It was just lightly provoking you but I didn’t know it was for real. Well, it’s just youth.”

……JooAh and Min JinSeo are 3 years apart.

“…I’m not playing around.”

“Ok ok. I get it. I get it already. I understand you. I will keep this to myself so don’t worry about it. Even so, be careful. This area is where a lot of rumors go to and forth. You know that, right?”

“Yes. Thank you for the advice.”

What would happen if a rising star had a scandalous element? That would become a big bomb.

JooAh also didn’t want that. Of course, they could wrap it up as admiration but media was where small things became puffed up and were the voice of the populace.

“This unni will go back to recording. Also, don’t worry. I will only like someone much better than KangYoon-oppa.”


“Time will solve everything.”

JooAh said her point then left the resting area.

“You’re right. Time… will solve everything.”

Looking at JooAh’s back, Min JinSeo quietly muttered.


Today his work was a personal interview with Christie An.
Before practice, KangYoon called Christie An to his office.

After bringing out a cup of coffee for her, KangYoon started the interview while looking at the papers that the trainers gave him.

“Your dance is becoming better.”


“Your singing too….”


“Is there any other problem?”


Christie An was very stiff. No, she only spoke what was necessary. KangYoon found it difficult to have an interview with this uninteresting girl.

Along with Ailee Jung, who was always depressed whenever she came up, she was one of the top two who he had difficulties in having an interview with.

“Are you getting along well with HanYu?”


“Well, HanYu isn’t picky.”

“If you exclude that she cleans up too often, then it’s alright.”

Today’s interview was no different from usual. As there was nothing to notify them, KangYoon only checked the necessary things and ended the interview.

“Then may I leave?”

“You may.”


Just as when Christie An was about to stand up after the interview, the shut door slammed open. It was JooAh.

“You, I said to knock you…”

“Oppa!! That’s not the problem right now!!”

However, JooAh cut off his words and spoke her point.

“What is it?”

“I was given permission, the permission!!”

“What permission?”

“The song!! You said the title song was strange last time. That one!!”

“Oh, really?”

KangYoon looked very uninterested. She originally said that 2 songs were strange, but he had only listened to the title song and didn’t even listen to the others. He had just lightly listened to it, but JooAh was all over the place with it.
“Yes. It’s good. Now you need to come too, oppa.”

“Why me?”

“The composer will come later. You said that I needed to ask for permission from the producer on the Japanese side and the composer as well, right? I did all of them~.”

KangYoon was honestly stunned. What was this? KangYoon was in disbelief so he called Chairman Won JinMoon who was in charge of JooAh.

-JooAh is right. I’m sorry, but please take care of her.

“Chairman. How could you do this?”

-…I’m sorry, but I will make it up to you with money this time.


KangYoon had nothing to say. Money – he couldn’t say anything now that Chairman Won JinMoon said that he would give him a bonus.

In other words, this also meant that this work would be evaluated for the special bonus, and he had to take up this work officially.

“Fufu, please take care of me.”


KangYoon lost his words at JooAh who was dragging him in.


Even Christie An, who watched the situation, opened her mouth wide in shock after seeing JooAh’s aggressiveness.


President Lee HyunJi was annoyed from the bottom of her heart. KangYoon was necessary for the Concert Team to start its work, but JooAh had fished him away.

So she went to the Chairman’s office in anger.

“*Sigh*… I’m sorry.”

However, Chairman Won JinMoon started off by apologizing. As Chairman Won JInMoon rarely apologized, President Lee HyunJi was very confused about this.

“Don’t you know that JooAh’s mini album, this time, is very important? So, we left it to a well-known Japanese planner, but he couldn’t earn JooAh’s trust so… This isn’t good.”

“Even so, how can you take Team Leader Lee away? We already have stopped the Concert Team’s work for 3 months and now the achievements we piled up are about to become useless.”

“Even so, shouldn’t we protect the immediate cash cow? Please take a step back this time. It won’t take long.”


Now that Chairman Won JinMoon was firm in his decisions, President Lee HyunJi couldn’t say anything. With his words, the work with the Concert Team ended up being delayed.

She couldn’t even show him the documents she brought and had to leave the Chairman’s office.

‘If we keep doing this, this will be taken by another company. This is a huge work so the competition won’t be small…’

In her hands was a document titled ‘Lee MinSoo’s 25-year anniversary concert’.


In fact, KangYoon didn’t like being dragged around like this. Although he knew that it was inevitable as an employee, he denied being pushed around here and there.


“What is it?”

She seemed to be delighted to work with KangYoon again. However, KangYoon’s words were bitter to JooAh.

“I will overlook it this time, but don’t do this next time.”

“……Tch, so expensive eh. Okay, I’m sorry.”

JooAh pouted. There was no one within MG Entertainment who treated her like this. At most, it was just Chairman Won JinMoon.
However, another person was added to the mix. As she had a good synergy with KangYoon, she could only be obedient.

“Good, that’s that. Let’s go.”

“Good, good. This is why I like you, oppa.”

She seemed to have a good impression of KangYoon who was very clear cut, as she even locked arms with him and headed to the studio.

Inside the studio was a man with stuffy hair and the other employees, waiting for the two of them

“I… I Im Kita… Kitawa Shu… Shunji.”(E/N: Japanese guy is bad at Korean)

“You can speak Korean?”

This man was the composer. KangYoon was surprised at this man who introduced himself in poor Korean. He made a smile and spoke.

“I..im JooAh’s fan.”

“…You can speak in Japanese.”

[You know how to speak Japanese?]

[If it’s just simple communication. I’m Lee KangYoon.]

He seemed to be surprised at KangYoon as he looked at him with an honestly surprised expression. However, that was just for a brief time. He eventually looked towards JooAh and smiled.


[JooAh-san!!] (T/N: Actually says -ssi (Korean word for -san) but they’re speaking in JP, hence ‘san’)

The two seemed to have become close while working together as they even grabbed each other’s hands.

As composer Kitawa Shunji was only biting his thumb while he was waiting with the employees, the employees were all stunned.

After a brief tea time with the introductions ended, they went into talking about the song.

[So, you mean you want to change the 2nd verse.]

[Yes. How should I say this… It feels a little off.]


Composer Kitawa Shunji went into depression mode after getting hit by JooAh’s direct shot. KangYoon softened the words down.

[It’s not that we hate it. We just want you to change it. We want some change in the part where the chord changes, like adding instruments for example.]

[You don’t… hate it?]


KangYoon inwardly laughed thinking – ‘are all Japanese composers like this?’. He felt like he was confronting a little child.

At that moment, Composer Shunji controlled the 48 channel mixer, which KangYoon had difficulties controlling, and connected it to his laptop and finished the setting instantly.

While KangYoon was blinking in surprise, Composer Shunji smoothly spoke.

[Okay, let’s do this.]

His childish side instantly disappeared and he transformed into a composer. The change was instant. Whether it was KangYoon, JooAh, or the employees, they only blinked their eyes several times, stunned.

‘Are the Japanese all eccentric like that?’

The both unknowingly thought together.

JooAh entered the booth, and the song started to see which part there was a problem with. At the same time the song started, KangYoon could see lights along with the musical notes.

‘I think the 1st verse is fine.’

There was no problem with the 1st verse as it had strong light. However, the problem was the 2nd verse. The chorus where the chord changes. The problem started.

‘It’s dimming.’

The shape of the musical note became strange and the light also dimmed. The white light dimmed and even gray color could be seen from time to time.

KangYoon thought this was no good and turned his gaze to Composer Shunji. The small eyes behind his thick glasses looked sharp.

The song ended, and JooAh came out of the booth.

[How was it?]

JooAh immediately asked.

[Is this strange?]

However, the composer said something completely different. JooAh panicked.

[In the 2nd verse where the key changes, the feeling changes too much. I feel the latter parts are getting ruined.]

[That’s strange. It sounds alright for me, though…]


JooAh thought it was absurd. She kept appealing her thoughts but Composer Shunji only tilted his head.

‘Well, the composer should have given the song since he thought it was 100% complete.’

KangYoon thought from the composer’s view. There was no way they would give out what they thought was unfinished. Seeing that JooAh and Composer Shunji were going at teach other, KangYoon thought up of a solution.

‘First, let’s try everything.’

[First, let’s keep the original and edit on a copy. The feelings of the singer who sings it is important as well.]

[Right, right. JooAh’s feelings are especially important.]


JooAh couldn’t understand this character called Shunji. However, she didn’t show it on the surface. This was a scene where pros worked.

[What number sound does this part have?]

[The sounds are…]

They decided to substitute each and every sound in the computer. They changed the accompaniment, changed the melody, and they even planned to start from scratch if even that didn’t work. There was no way they could give out a song with gray light.

After Composer Shunji finished the work, JooAh entered the booth again.

[Let’s start.]

With KangYoon’s words, the song started again with the edited version.

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Proofreader: Illidan

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