God of Music – Chapter 51: Girl Group Start (1)

Min JinSeo was currently on Namiseon(Island). She was taking a photo shoot in a forest within Namiseom that would go on a women’s magazine.

“Yes, that’s it!! Can you smile a little?”

Amongst the continuous camera shutter sounds, Min JinSeo was displaying various expressions; sometimes it was bewitching; sometimes vivacious.

“JoonSoo, tilt the reflecting disc a little.”

The man moving the reflecting disc covered with foil kept moving locations to erase the shadow from Min JinSeo’s face while the photographer kept pressing the shutter.

Although it was a windy forest, the weather was still hot so it was a difficult photo shoot.

Wearing a pink dress, the photo shoot kept on for a long time. After sending the results through the laptop, the photographer and the staff’s expressions became bright while they were looking at the results with the magazine company’s personnel.

“Her expression is so… Is dear JinSeo really 3rd-year middle schooler?”

“She is quite the item. I feel that everything that needs to be there is there on her face.”

“She might capture many a suitor when she grows up, eh?”

While everyone was voicing their opinions while looking at the result, Min JinSeo approached. She wasn’t that satisfied with the results, but as the people were full of praises, she instead became embarrassed.

They decided to have a resting time before going to the next location after changing clothes. While the staff were resting in their respective teams, her manager, Kim JooHwan, handed her a bottle of water and a towel.

“Thank you, oppa.”

“Not at all. It’s my job.”

During the resting time, Min JinSeo conversed with other people and asked about the equipment. As she was a teenager who still had a lot of curiosity, the people were happy to answer her questions.

Moreover, her appearance played a big role as well. It wasn’t exaggerated to say that the venue was centered around her.


“Thank you!!”

“You don’t have to be that formal…”

Min JinSeo was also embarrassed when a staff from the lightings team was jumping around in happiness with her signature.

Although a lot of things happened that day, the photo shoot in Namiseom ended successfully. The photographer wasn’t stingy with his praises while saying that it would be a masterpiece, and the magazine company also did a thumbs-up.

When the photo shoot ended, the sun was already setting. Min JinSeo got on the van while dragging her exhausted body along.

The road to home from Namiseom was quite far. Due to her fatigue, Min JinSeo fell asleep mid way. Although she wasn’t fully used to sleeping in in the van, she felt relaxed and a tinge of happiness when she thought that other people needed her.

“JooHwan-seonbae-nim. Did you hear about Team Leader?”

“Which one? Our Team Leader?”

“No, I mean Team Leader Lee KangYoon.”

However, just as she was about to fall asleep, she could hear a strange thing. It was the conversation between Manager Kim JooHwan and the road manager.

“Team Leader Lee? Why? Did he start another concert? Ayy… those people will be dying right now.”

“It’s not that. Well… Even if I have to suffer, I want to go to that team. Even though work is hard on that team, isn’t the bonus very generous?”

“You’re right… The ACE team from last time apparently went overseas. They got a paid holiday on top of a bonus. Ah… so envious. So, what is it?”

“He did another one yet again. With JooAh’s mini album.”

“Oooh, that? The one where he fought it out with the Japanese Producer? I heard it hit a jackpot?”

Min JinSeo was listening to see if they were insulting KangYoon, but there was nothing like that. They were envious of KangYoon and were admiring him. Saying that the Japanese Producer even treated him to a meal in a hotel, they were expressing their envy.

“So envious, alright. But is that Team Leader not planning to marry?”

“No way. Why are you worried about that, seonbae? Team Leader Lee is the best husband material so the women in Cheongdam will be all over him.” (T/N: You can think that Cheongdam is a rich district.)

“Cheongdam? No way, that’s being too generous. Well… you’re right. He’s tall, has a high salary, oh, I don’t know about his household. But who cares, the person himself is the best. Right?”

“That’s what I mean. Ah, I’ll lose if I get envious. I should do well myself.”

While driving at full speed on the highway, the talk show of the two men continued.

‘Husband material? What’s that and what?’

However, as Min JinSeo was listening to it, her arms trembled a little. As her sleepiness flew away in an instant, she couldn’t fall asleep until they arrived.


As the first lecture was the orientation, it ended quite soon. KangYoon went to the front of the lecture room to greet Professor Choi ChanYang.


“Oh, Mr. Lee KangYoon.”

Professor Choi ChanYang realized who KangYoon was right away.

As President Lee HyunJi’s senior, he was requested to take care of KangYoon. After a brief exchange of greetings, they headed to a nearby café.

“Thank you for letting me listen in on the class.”

“Not at all. I should have given you a private study really… I can only say sorry to do things like this. If you can’t come to lecture in the future, then please come to my office.”

“Thank you for your consideration. I really might feel like I’m going to school.”

Although a private study was preferable, listening to lecture in a university was also a refreshing experience. KangYoon found it new to listen to lectures along with students.

Professor Choi ChanYang asked KangYoon various things about on-the-scene work. Meeting someone like KangYoon was very important for him since he could not feel the ‘atmosphere’ of a real job at the school.

KangYoon was especially becoming a hot icon nowadays. He asked various things related to the trend of the songs.

“…I knew it. The trend is starting to change. A light song which is comfortable on the ears, you say…”

“Visual music will become very important. However, that doesn’t mean that audio music is not important. ‘Light’ means that we need to satisfy the populace faster. The composition will become very difficult, not to mention the skills of the singers.”

Professor Choi ChanYang agreed to KangYoon’s words.

“You’re right. I should also emphasize this point a bit while teaching the students. Trend… trend you say… I’ve learned a lot today.”

“I will also learn a lot from you, professor, from now on.”

The time became 11 o’clock at night while they were conversing. All the customers in the café had left, and they were the only ones left. The employee was starting to give them eye signals.

“If you read the book I gave you before coming to class, then it will help you a lot.”

“Thank you for your consideration. Please take care of me in the future.”

The two shook hands politely. Then they separated like that.
When he went home on a late train, HeeYoon’s room was still bright.

“You came?”

“You aren’t sleeping yet?”

“You weren’t here, oppa. Oh? What book is that?”

HeeYoon seemed to become curious about the book that KangYoon had brought as she took it and flipped several pages over. However, she eventually closed the book and gave it back after seeing so many tadpoles.

“Eh? It’s a music book. So difficult.”

“Music is originally hard.”

“You’re learning music now? Amazing.”

“Well, this oppa is quite amazing.”

“…Don’t make me stop praising you.”

KangYoon laughed at HeeYoon’s light criticisms, changed his clothes, and went to the bathroom. The fatigue of the day was best solved with a shower. (T/N: Yes. He changed his clothes, then went into the shower… what’s the point…)(E/N: don’t you normally shower and then change)

“Basic harmonics eh… Will I be of help to my brother if I study this?”

HeeYoon started flipping through the pages on the sofa. 1st and 5th and such incomprehensible terms about harmonics were written down, but she kept on reading.

When KangYoon came out after a shower, he could see her absorbed in the book.

‘since when was HeeYoon so interested in music?’

KangYoon planned to sleep after reading the book a little, but he had no plans in doing so while interrupting her. He just quietly entered his room.


Recently, President Lee HyunJi was not in a good mood since the large-scale concert planning was nullified. Of course, she didn’t do something like being bossy to her subordinate, but she was sensitive due to having no work.

‘Ahh… This is no good…’

President Lee HyunJi just finished a call and was shaking her head. It was a request of a comeback of a 5-man male idol group. However, they had no popularity to speak of, and the company behind their back was quite small, so she just said she would think about it and ended the call.

It was obvious that they were aiming for an effect that KangYoon had made with SeasonS.

‘It’s this kind of calls mostly…’

Most of the calls were from singers who wanted to become big with a single big impact. However, President Lee HyunJi wanted a long-term profitable work rather than those short-term ones. She didn’t want to hear from Chairman Won JinMoon that she brought work with no substance, again.

While President Lee HyunJi was thinking about various things, the secretarial office contacted her that KangYoon had come. She pushed the paperwork aside and met KangYoon.

“Welcome. Did you have a good lecture?”

“Thanks to you. The professor seemed to be nice.”

A coffee time talking about Professor Choi ChanYang and various other things started.

“There aren’t any good work coming in nowadays. They’re all like SeasonS.”

“Is that so? I’m fine with it, though…”

“If we keep doing those sort of work, then our image will be solidified. We now have to take charge of a big project and leap high. Ah, concert…”

She sighed, disappointed that they had missed the work with the large-scale concert due to JooAh. KangYoon also understood how she felt and didn’t say anymore.

“I will mind about the kids only for a while.”

“Please do. Oh, I’ve seen an interesting report. Promoting each member separately, eh…”


President Lee HyunJi looked for the report that KangYoon had submitted yesterday.

“Promoting each member first and not as a team… the directors are all looking for something they could use with their eyes wide open, saying that the amount of money used is already too much… they will become even more chaotic.”

“They will try to eat me alive.”


President Lee HyunJi found it hard to stifle her laughter.

“That’s interesting. The promotion team will be busy. How are you planning to advertise them?”

“First, I’m planning to go for a noise marketing. In Han JooYeon’s case, I’m planning to send out a UCC video of her singing. Also, it’s planned for her to appear in the ‘Thanksgiving Country-wide Song Mimic Festival’.”

“A broadcast and a UCC. That sure has an impact. However, she will need a lot of practice if it’s a song mimic. There might also be some anti-fans appearing saying that a trainee appeared on TV.”

“I already told her to practice since 1 month ago. Anti-fans, well… I’m considering it as a type of interest. That amount of risk should be undertaken.”

“Well… Even so, to think there will be anti-fans starting from her trainee days… quite a pity.”

President Lee HyunJi signed in approval right away.

“I’ll take this to the Chairman myself.”

“I understand.”

“Then please work hard.”

KangYoon bade farewell and left the President’s office.


KangYoon was having an interview with Han JooYeon in his office.

“Did you practice a lot?”


Han JooYeon nodded strongly. After she had her holiday, Han JooYeon was notified by KangYoon that she would go on TV. After that, she practiced ‘To You’ by Kang MinJoo, again and again. It wasn’t a simple practice. She copied her voice and even her breathing ‘exactly’.

“Was there anything difficult?”

“Everything is difficult. The pitch is high, and the breathing is also very
long. Even so, our styles are similar so I think I managed to do it somehow.”

“That’s good.”

It was KangYoon who had recommended ‘To You’ to Han JooYeon. It was because he had judged that the singer Kang MinJoo’s song would go well with Han JooYeon. In the ‘past’, Han JooYeon also sang Kang MinJoo’s song after a remake. However she didn’t copy her exactly like this.

“Then let’s have a listen to it.”

When she heard that, Han JooYeon stood up and went to a wide place. After positioning herself, she warmed up her voice and started singing.

“You are— a good – person– But — you don’t know –”

Blue musical notes started flowing out from Han JooYeon. However, perhaps due to there being no microphones or accompaniment, there was no light. KangYoon observed the blue musical notes closely.

“Sometimes — the tears well up in me–”

It sounded the same as Kang MinJoo’s song. The musical notes were also constant. There were no flaws as to her mimic. However, to KangYoon, it was strangely not satisfying.

‘What’s the problem?’

From a glance, it sounded like Kang MinJoo’s voice. However, the feeling that KangYoon had wasn’t that good. Something lacking, it felt like a donut without the jam filling.


In the end, KangYoon stopped the song.

“Yes? Was it no good?”

“It’s not that. Did you try singing along with the accompaniment?”


“Did you use a microphone as well?”

“Not yet…”

“Let’s do that now.”


KangYoon headed to the underground studio with the dumbfounded Han JooYeon. To grab at a thread that he could not yet grab, he wanted to see what the problem was. He led Han JooYeon thinking that he would be able to see it, if the proper conditions are set.

“Wow… So this is…”

As she had no experience in coming to the underground studio yet, Han JooYeon couldn’t hide her exclamations after seeing the clean and wide studio. However, KangYoon had no leisure to listen to such words. He pushed her inside the booth and made her grab the microphone.

“Say, ah ah.”

-Ah ah.

“You know how to set the sounds right?”


KangYoon quickly set the sounds. After setting the voice to match Han JooYeon, he found the music recording of the song and signaled the start immediately.

-Should I do it straight away?

“Yes. Let’s begin.”

Han JooYeon didn’t know why KangYoon was hurrying so much, but still followed his orders. The song started.

-You are— a good – person– But — you don’t know —

The light that the musical notes were making were white. Although it wasn’t strong, it wasn’t weak either. KangYoon was confused.

‘What’s the problem?’

Although the singing continued, there was no big change in the light. It was ordinary. Until the 4-minute long song ended, the brightness of the light didn’t change that much.

The song ended, and Han JooYeon left the booth, but KangYoon wasn’t aware of her due to thinking.

‘…It wasn’t that bad. But I think there’s something missing. If we can fill that piece, then it will become a perfect song mimic…’

“Team Leader.”

Whilst he was absorbed in thinking, when Han JooYeon called out to him, KangYoon woke up from his thoughts.

“Oh, sorry.”

“How was my singing? It might have been no good since I was nervous…”

“You were good. I think you’ve practiced a lot.”

“Really? That’s good. I really put a lot of effort to mimic miss Kang MinJoo. I even worked hard to follow the breathing exactly as well. That was good.”

At that moment, something flashed in KangYoon’s head.


Singers had their unique breathing patterns. It was a difference in the timing of the breath.

“JooYeon, when you sing the third verse, when do you breathe?”

“You mean the ‘You are’ part, right? I need to breath once before ‘person’. It becomes difficult for me if I don’t”

KangYoon played the audio recording immediately after he heard that.

-You are— a good – person– But — you don’t know —-

Han JooYeon was right. However, there was a difference in the length of the breath. And the song should have burst out a little more at the end. It was a minute difference.


“It’s hard……”

The other parts were the same.

He thought ‘maybe’, and it was really a problem with breathing.
KangYoon wrote the things on the sheet music that Han JooYeon had brought and she also learned attentively.

After making her go inside the booth again, he stood in front of the mixer.

“Let’s do this.”

With KangYoon’s words, the music recording flowed out and Han JooYeon’s song started flowing out as well.

(T/N: Music recording(MR) – just the accompaniments. Audio recording (AR) – MR + voice)


Translator: Chamber

Proofreader: 高校生です

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