God of Music – Chapter 9: Sweeping Japan (5)

“What’s the reason?”

President Lee HyunJi crossed her arms and demanded answers.
It was the close minded Asai TV, and Music Station in which no foreigners ever appeared on.
On top of that, Eiden and Hydrea, from the big 3 entertainment companies were having a comeback stage. In this situation, a Korean singer will have a debut stage?
She didn’t understand the reason for Asai TV’s producers to let JooAh onto the stage.
KangYoon calmly explained the answer for her question.

“Would you see here?”

When KangYoon put the USB onto the projector, a photograph showed up.
The photo showed a man with a hat pressed on to his head, and a hooded woman was nicely holding hands while they returned a key to the reception of a hotel. And a woman who was photographing the whole thing from far away could also be seen in the photo.

“What… is this?”

President Lee HyunJi and the Directors all demanded answers from KangYoon.
They knew who the people inside the photo was without anyone having to tell them.
It was Eiden’s leader Ryuuji and  Hydrea’s leader Rita.

“Looks like they were photographed by a reporter when they were coming out of a hotel. They say Japanese reporters were awful but this…”

A middle aged Director, who was sitting next to President Lee HyunJi, realized what the photo was about right away.
The photo in which there was a woman who was using a huge telephoto lens to photograph a man and a woman made everyone shocked.

“Ayy… This is a huge scandal. What does Team Leader Lee intend to do with this photo?”

Chairman Won JinMoon asked KangYoon. He was calm on the outside but he was shocked at KangYoon who got this information from who-knows-where. He wanted to whip KangYoon to make him speak quickly about the source of the photo to how he will deal with it. However, he was the CEO, he couldn’t lose his composure.

“To start from the conclusion, we must never ‘directly’ use this photo.”
“Then what is the reason for you to show us this picture?”

President Lee HyunJi thinned her eyes and asked. She was about to go crazy thinking about what KangYoon was going to say next. But as she had the position of President, she could only tightly grip her fists.

“It’s because, even if we don’t do it ourselves, their comeback stages won’t happen.”

KangYoon proclaimed. To the Directors, his words were a continuous chain of surprise. They listened to numerous plans until now, and even did them themselves, but such an easily changeable plan like this was a first for them. Everyone was being attracted to KangYoon’s side.
KangYoon pointed at the woman with the huge telephoto lens in the photo with a laser pointer.
“There, you can see a woman who’s holding a 1000mm diameter camera lens. The angle and direction all point towards Ryuuji and Rita. Moreover, if it’s that position, she would have secured enough lighting for the two of them to be recognizable from the photo. Even if a rumor spread around, it will be fatal. The conclusion, is a scandal. The scandal, in the end, will stop their comeback stages.”

The Directors were all noisy. Each of their opinion was different. Will a scandal article really show up, won’t the comebacks happen forcefully even under the scandal, etc – they all thought about the possibilities and opinions were split.
The one who stopped all this noise was Chairman Won JinMoon.

“Seems a bit similar to ‘making two enemies fight each other’. To procure information like this, amazing. But it’s not reassuring. There are too many possibilities. Whether a scandal article will happen or not is doubtful in itself, and even if it does, whether the comeback stage will be stopped or not is even more doubtful. If they don’t do it, then that’s the same as admitting that the scandal is true, but will this really happen?”
“Yes. It will definitely happen. And they won’t have a comeback stage.”
“Your reason being?”

The reason he could procure the photo was because he knew the ‘past’ but it also had elements of luck. He knew the location of the scandal but he didn’t know the time, In the end, all he did was to wait in front of the hotel where the scandal occurs. The result – he procured a photo and could provide sufficient reason.
Now was the time to bring up the real deciding card. The ‘future’ KangYoon knew, the other didn’t. The effect of the scandal was so big that they had to postpone their comebacks by one week. To others, it may sound like a bet, but to KangYoon, it was obvious. What was left now was persuasion using evidence.

“First, I will tell you the reason why a scandal article will appear. The newspaper in which the scandal article will be published is Sakeda Shinbun.[1] It is reputed as the newspaper agency with the most public trust. The scary thing about this agency is that although they are late in publishing scoops, they bring out reliable information. In other words, they don’t negotiate.”
“You mean that even for the 2 big companies to suppress them will be difficult.”
“It will be hard to suppress the article from going public. If the article is made public, the ‘pure’ image Eiden and Hydrea built up until now will need time to get it under control. If, they forcefully do a comeback stage, there’s a high chance that it will have an adverse effect. There’s less damage if they postpone the comebacks.”

Chairman Won JinMoon fell into thought. No, it was the same for everybody else who heard KangYoon’s words. KangYoon was speaking with clear evidence. And in the end, everybody was persuaded. Of course, they had worries.
As their representative, President Lee HyunJi asked.

“To sum up, the scandal will happen, and due to that there will be a blank on the 2nd week of December, which is, according to our schedule, should be our time. But currently, it’s the beginning of December. Considering the characteristics of reporters, they should be releasing the article as soon as possible. Will it be able to affect the comeback on the 2nd week?”
“No matter how much a new paper is resolute, if the entertainment companies pressure them, they need to reveal that they are going to release the article. Considering that time, the release date of the article is around… the 2nd week of December.”

KangYoon’s explanation ended. The Directors had their own opinions. The core part was the comeback stages. The risk was high but the merits were huge too. However, preparing for risks was necessary so Chairman Won JinMoon asked.

“What happens if the Music Station stage fails?”
“At that time, we will delay the debut. We are hurrying to match our schedule with Music Station but if we are given one more month, we can prepare more meticulously. It’s just that we won’t be able to expect the impact Christmas and New Year’s would give.”

The impact that New Year’s and Christmas give is very big. It’s because it leaves a strong impression on the people. KangYoon was planning to use all of these.
After that, KangYoon explained the plan B (when Music Station fails), and the presentation was over. The Directors applauded towards KangYoon who just ended the presentation. After exchanging words of well wishing, the directors left the conference venue, one by one.

“That was a great presentation.”

Chairman Won JinMoon clapped at KangYoon who was cleaning up afterwards. It seemed as if the impression from the presentation still remained in his head, as he was smiling the entire time.

“Thank you for your work, sir.”
“You did the work. That was a great presentation. Especially, the Music Station strategy was dangerous, and at the same time, fresh. To think to use a scandal… You… were a scary guy, huh.”
“I just acted according to the situation.”

He didn’t directly reported the scandal to the new agency or any other underhanded tricks like those. However, he used the seeds he sowed. He made an opportunity to become big without making enemies. Chairman Won JinMoon was sure of the fact that should this strategy succeed, it will bring about a huge effect.
Of course, the risks were as big as the effect so being excited was forbidden.

“You know HyunJi.”
“I mean President Lee.”

When he heard just the name, KangYoon was confused for a moment. When Chairman Won JinMoon explained, he understood then and he shrugged his shoulders.

“HyunJi is marking you.”
“The president is?”
“HyunJi is picky with people. She prioritizes work over people, so there’s not much people around her. But she would cover anyone she deems is on her side. President Lee seems to have marked you. Whether it was the reports you submitted or the broadcasting materials, she is looking over every one of them carefully. While there is the fact that we’re advancing overseas, she is paying attention to you for more than just that.”

Should he be happy or not… KangYoon did an empty laugh. To be marked by the president, he didn’t know what expression he should have.

“The presentation is over so, there’s only the rehearsal before going to Japan, huh.”
“That is so.”
“How is it? Is the preparation going well?”
“Yes. It’s all working out smoothly.”

Perhaps KangYoon’s answer satisfied him, but Chairman Won JInMoon laughed without restraint.

“Kuhaha. Then I look forward to next week. The JooAh you procreate, I’m looking forward to it.”

When even Chairman Won JinMoon left, KangYoon was left alone in the conference room.

“Fuu… It’s over.”

Finally, the tension in his body all left.
A presentation in front of the directors was, in no way, easy. Going against the directors who poured out sharp questions, he had to softly console them while clearing their doubts and he needed to reassure them. I’m this kind of person, and I am preparing these kind of things. Look forward to it. All the strength left his body as he delivered speeches of persuasion and passion. But he was satisfied as there was a good result.
After clearing up the conference room, KangYoon was headed to his office when he passed by a training room with wide doors.


However, inside the room was a sole girl trainee who was engrossed in practicing. A short trainee wearing tight-fitting training clothes was sweating with the fast tempo. And, a familiar thing came into KangYoon’s eyes.


It was light. When the trainee extended her arms and did her steps, white light filled the training room.

‘There’s light from dancing too? Ayy…’

He thought that only singing emitted light, but to think dancing emitted light too… KangYoon was delighted at this ability, but at the same time, it didn’t feel real to him. He quietly entered the training room and started watching the trainee’s training.

The trainee turned her body, made a wave with her arms and made the dancing while matching the fast tempo of the music. Beads of sweat fell onto the floor and friction sounds rung out.
However, something unusual shined from the trainee who was engrossed in practicing.


The light from the left foot, it was a dull grey. When the left foot stepped out, the angle became off and the whole choreography was ruined by it. And when one thing went wrong, she became out of tempo.

“It’s not going that well… Ah!!”

In the end, the trainee sighed and stopped the music. However, she met her gaze with KangYoon’s, who was watching her.

“Oh, I apologize for that. I came in without asking. Sorry.”
“…No, it’s alright.”

But the trainee didn’t show any rude reactions. She turned away her gaze from KangYoon and started practicing the part where she went wrong. However, the left foot was off again and she went out of beat.

“Why can’t I do it. MinAh did it easily.”

Jung MinAh, who practice the same dance, digested the same move in one try. However, she didn’t know how many times she made the same mistake in this move. The mistake wasn’t solved even after numerous tries.
At that moment, KangYoon interfered.

“You know, that left step. I think the reason is because it tilts away from the original angle.”
“Mind that left foot and do it again.”

As soon as she heard KangYoon’s advice, the trainee went back to training. Then, as if everything was a lie, she succeeded the move in one try, and she succeeded straight away with music too. She felt so empty now it succeeded so easily.

“Thank you. I was able to do it easily thanks to you.”
“Don’t mention it. Then do your best practicing.”
“Yes. Oh, and may I know your name?”

KangYoon was about to leave when the trainee asked for his name.

“I’m called Lee KangYoon, and you?”
“My name is Han JooYeon. Thank you for the help today.”

At the trainee’s polite self-introduction, KangYoon looked back straight away in surprise.

“Yes? What is it?”
“Oh, no, it’s nothing. Then see you later.”
“Yes. Good bye.”

The trainee called JooYeon pondered why KangYoon acted like that while tilting her head but in the end she forgot about it. However, KangYoon was surprised because of her.

‘Isn’t she the main vocal of EDDIOS, JooYeon? Ha… To think to see her here. No, but why couldn’t I recognize such a famous person?’

Han JooYeon was a singer who provoked a man’s protective heart.
With a small face, she had a strong image of a ‘little sister’. To think he couldn’t recognize her due to something like rimmed glasses… KangYoon made a bitter smile.
KangYoon, who spent a satisfying day in various meanings, went back to his office, cleared up and left for home.

Translator’s note

[1] Newspaper agency, Shinbun means newspaper in JP.

New chapter! Early because of boss’s orders…

I’m not a big fan of K-pop (and I still enjoy this novel anyway), but according to the comments on Munpia, MG Ent is a parody of SM Ent, and JooAh a parody of BoA.

Oh, and also, enjoy the new theme of Kobatochandaisuki.

Thank you for reading!

Translator: Chamber

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