God of Thunder – Book 1 Chapter 10: The Furore of Tiger Cliff Castle (2)

Baito could not help but shout, inviting the gazes of everyone, Danui pointed at XinFeng with his eyes on Baito “It was him?”

DaShan sighed, he knew why XinFeng would tell them as he also knew that Baito, like himself that helped Feng’s family and he answered “Yes, it was him.”

Hu Danui, Hu Xiaohu and Hu Yi, the three Hu brothers, Ke Dao, Ke Zizhong and Hu Baito the seven of them, none of them wanted to believe it was true but the look in their eyes proved that they are not lying.

Ke Dao laughed “Feng was so powerful, how did he kill them?”

XinFeng felt a bit of disdain, was he coaxing a child? But he did not get mad and said “With a arrow.”

In that moment, Danui’s team was shocked into silence. Was he kidding, the toughness of a bull skin was nothing to scoff at. Danui asked “What? You…how is it possible? What bow? How can you kill a bull?”

XinFeng did not explain but just reached for his black bow and passed it over to them “This one.”

Holding onto the bow, Danui’s hands almost dropped it and shouted in surprise “How heavy!”

Even though this bow did not look like much, but once it came into the hands of a professional, it would seem as it is different from the others. It’s weight and feeling proved its own ability.

Danui loaded a arrow and forcefully pulled the string but was only able to slightly move it, trying again, he used all his might but resulted in failure, with embarrassment on his face, he replied “What a powerful bow…..I, I can’t pull it!”

Xiaohu said “Bro, lemme try.” He was the famous Hercules of Tiger Cliff Castle the one that is able to raise a thousand Jin stone. (*Putty: Conversion)

Passing over the bow to Xiaohu with doubt in his heart, he had never encountered such a hard bow that even he cannot pull the bow string.

“Try pulling it.” (Danui)

Dashan held his laughter down, the three of them had already tried but was also unable to pull it, this bow was too hard.

Xiaohu took a deep breath, a hand on the string and the other on the handle shouting a single word “Open!”

Following his shout, the muscles of his body bulged and resulted his the tearing of his shirt. No matter the amount strength he put in, the most he could do was pull 1/5 of the string and relaxing in the slightest would cause it to go back to its original state. His face was as red as a tomato, shouting yet again he pulled the string but it was not better than his previous attempt, causing him to say “I, I can’t pull it….it’s too hard.” With embarrassment like Danui’s.

“Feng, you pull it for Uncle to see.” (Danui)

XinFeng smiled and nodded “Okay.” Without any delay, he grabbed the bow and using a bit of his strength, he easily pulled it. Danui and the others watched with amazement, how much strength did it take? This was too scary, they now believed that Feng was indeed the one that killed the bulls.

Hunters was a group that worshipped the strong no matter the age, if you have the ability, you would be respected.

“Baito, you should have invited him to our team.” (Danui)

“If Feng had really chosen to join, would you have accepted it? Its too late to regret seeing his worth now.” (DaShan)

Danui, being weaker than Dashan had no choice but to hold his anger down and smile bitterly “What a pity.”

Xinfeng suddenly thought of something “There’s nothing to pity, we can still find some bulls to kill and with all of you here we can bring it all back.”

DaShan nodded “It’s fine that way but this is such a good bargain, how is it fair for us Danui?”

Danui was overjoyed, this was indeed such a great advantage for them “Okay okay, we only want 1/5 of it, the rest is yours!”

“How many people do you have, 1/5 is too less how about 4/10? I’ll try to kill more.” Feng wished to hurry back so he could have more time for training.

4/10 was already about half but DaShan did not complain, as their team had 7 people while he had only 4 men, with their help they could bring back the innards and the bones.

The tree house had a big iron pot filled with charcoal, inviting everyone to sit down, DaShan lit the fire and roasted big amounts of meat.


They waited till late afternoon as the bull herds would always come at that time to drink.

The group of hunters excitedly waited for the herd’s appearance but unfortunately not even one herd appeared.

“Dammit……we should have gone to the other side, this herd of beasts actually would not come this way.” (Danui)

“I’ll head over there!” (XinFeng)

DaShan stopped him “We can wait tomorrow, no rush, don’t take risks.”

Feng laughed “No worries, I’ll be careful.” Then he speedily climbed off the tree with Shi following him who said “You’ll need someone to keep a lookout.” But what he didn’t know was that after obtaining Lunli, XinFeng was able to sense the movements within the radius of a hundred meters.

But, XinFeng did not reject him and the two of them went into the forest.

After careful inspection, XinFeng found a total of five herds, the biggest with about a few hundred and the smallest with a dozen, the small one being exactly what he wanted.

Quickly, XinFeng and Shi reached the highest point of the rocks that has about a flat space of about 7-8 meters off the ground, which was luckily in the route of the bulls, it being so high the bulls would not come up, Feng said “This place is good.”

“I’ll watch your back, you’ll shoot them.” (Shi)

XinFeng nodded and looked at the direction of the bulls and laughed “I love the bull’s meat, I was so shocked when I first ate it, it’s on a different level compared to the chickens and ducks.”

“Bulls can increase a person’s strength, if you had eaten it from young, not only will your strength be great but your body will also become especially sturdy, the only downside is that it is truly too hard to hunt.” (Shi)

After waiting for about 10 minutes, the bulls finally came close. XinFeng prepared his arrows by sticking them into the ground and prepared to kill about 2-3 bulls, anymore and it’ll be too hard to bring back.

Standing on the stone, they could clearly seeing the backs of the bulls. This was far closer when compared to the tree and Feng placed his sight on a strong looking middle aged bull.


With the sound of the string the arrow pierced the bull’s back with only half a finger’s worth of the arrow sticking out.

That bull soundlessly fell to the ground with not even a chance too cry out, this arrow was too ruthless, directly cutting into it’s heart, causing instant death.

But the sound of the bowstring alarmed the herd and the bulls in the front broke into a run. XinFeng grabbed one of the arrows on the floor and shot another, the other bulls already noticed the danger but they could not locate their attacker and could only charge onwards, within moments, they had already escaped far away, Feng shook his head “Nevermind, 2 is already enough, signal them to come here.”

Shi nodded and whistled loudly.

After a few minutes, DaShan and Danui had already arrived, seeing the kneeling bulls, Xiaohu was shocked “What a powerful arrow…….it actually pierced into the back of the bull….Feng! You….you are amazing.”

With such a strong shooting ability, Feng could live in Tiger Cliff Castle and definitely enjoy a easy life, of course all hunters wanted to live a peaceful life, but to XinFeng, it wasn’t his goal.

With so much men, they easily tied the legs of the bulls and dragged them to the treehouse.

“The wounds of these bulls are small, we’ll block it and bring it back. Splitting it here is too dangerous.” (Dashan)

Danui also agreed, with two big bulls, having 4/10 was already almost equivalent to a whole bull itself, his heart was filled with excitement.

5 men dragging a bull each, the five men happily returned.

After reaching the castle, they received huge attention, being able to hunt two bulls without casualties was already considered a miracle.

A single bull could provide big amounts of meat, even the bones and innards are also considered treasures not counting the hide and horns, the whole body was a treasure chest.

Both Danui and DaShan decided to bring along small teams to hunt more bulls, the ideal plan was to provided a bull for each household. With such a gain, every family can pass through winter safely as using the horns and hide can trade large amounts of food as well as the bull being meat itself reaching a few thousand Jin including the edible innards and bones.

At this moment, the patriarch of Tiger Cliff Castle came. [Puttty: (⌒-⌒; ) ]

Translator’s note

Translator : Puttty

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